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    Greetings my friends and fellow creators, my name's Sky and this is my profile. I'm a young up and coming writer and I'm learning new things every day some significant others not so much, so what better way to channel that than writing? There's no equal.
    So look out world, I'm up and coming and there's nothing to do to stop me so you may as well enjoy me. Furthermore, I STRONGLY recommend that you read and enjoy my content.
    And if you like it please remember to hit the like button and leave your comments, criticisms, and praise in the comments and don't be afraid to privately send me messages if you have any ideas or anything else you'd like to discuss with me privately. And please do follow me if you enjoy my work, I'm constantly creating and posting on this site. You should also go follow me on Instagram to see the man behind the fiction. Instagram: SoFly_SkyGuy
    Thank you!
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"Do it because I said so, Gary."

       After Gary, an estranged and grizzled grandfather to fifteen grandchildren (possibly more), is pressured onto various social media sites by his daughter, Cindy, in order to keep him from "becoming too... disassociated". A few pictures of scenic Floridian beaches and posts complaining about the absurdity of modern day "Feminazis" later, he'd become very adjusted to the new social climate. In fact, he'd become quite passionate, taking photography  and writing mini essays and rants as a hobby and a part of daily life. Just as he'd become accustomed to his new hobby, he'd become very familiar with internet hate. Gary was constantly being bombarded with resentful direct messages touching on, no, pounding on the old man's posts for his very harsh and old fashioned perception of the world. It was only by his nature, while he wasn't blatantly racist (abandoning that brand of thinking when his only daughter married a young Black man, and his second oldest son married a Chinese woman while overseas with the Army. Then, after discovering that they were just as competent and human as any other white man, he grew to love them as he would love anyone of his own race.), he did practice a certain degree of "practical sexism", classism, a proneness to hypocrisy ( a byproduct of his old age),and a certain degree of derision for the youth, making him into a magnet for hate. But he didn't mind, he found a sort of comfort in his waning years to share his experiences and thoughts with his followers. The way he saw it, for every hater he had, there was five people who genuinely found his content insightful. But when a mysterious internet personality direct messages Gary, bringing up a long since forgotten secret of Gary's, the mystery sender puts Gary to the test to see how truly desperate he is to keep his secret under wraps.