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Perplexing Mystic
Writer Zehelex
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Perplexing Mystic
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The Union
Nov 16, 2016
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!2zFRejyPooaF5LjuTlnHposted on PENANA

As Zehelex, lay in wonder, she grew impatient. “I need your energy to restore these decaying bones.” “I want to hear your voice and smell your scent again. Be held in those muscular arms, as I am rocked to sleep. Bringing fourth the heat in me.” Zehelex heard footsteps approaching. “Master!” Zehelex, turned to see Teddie standing close to her. “It’s already the night of the hour? This night seems so lonely.”copyright protection161PENANAANO9Jk5brD

A gold feather, stands out from among his beautifully laid black feathers. His eyes are the color of a green emerald. At times, Teddies eyes seem transparent. Zehelex, rubbed him to acknowledge his presence. A chilly breeze sweeps through Zeh’s open window and she began to shake. Zeh, quickly closed the window. Teddie purrs as if, to laugh at her. Zeh turns and gives Teddie a dirty look. Teddie turns his head away from her.copyright protection161PENANAHucmmrGUh5

“Zehelex, come now for the ceremony.” *Sigh* “I should get changed and hurry down.” Zeh thinks out loud. “Yes, Mother,” Zeh replies, while rushing to get changed.” Zeh chose a black silhouette dress, with a black bow for the ceremony.  Her cross earrings twist around her ear like a snake. She simply couldn’t forget her sword through the heart necklace. Zeh, heard knocks at the door. “Zehelex, what’s taking you so long? Do, you not know you’re late?” “Sorry Father,” she replied and opened the door.copyright protection161PENANAisKod4S6qf

Zehelex is greeted by a tall muscular man with red eyes. He towers over her with his long flowing hair. Father, wore a black and white kimono, which symbolized a new. “Zehelex,” he softly calls while grabbing her hand. “Yes, Father?” “This is a special day and all of us has to be present and on time.” He starts to pull her downstairs while lecturing her. She silently rolled her eyes. She was quickly met by a hand to the face. Mother caught her rolling her eyes.copyright protection161PENANAN03BaMWfYn

“Zehelex, I will not take any lip from you today. We are here to support your sister Zoey and that’s that.” She quickly became angry, but she knew better then, to challenge Mother.  Her bright red and gold kimono, complimented her rosy cheeks and gold hair. Mother, was beautiful in every way and Zehelex could see why Father fell for her. Their love was inseparable. Mother told Zehelex, father and her were together years before the children were born. Zehelex wondered how peaceful their life was then? While deep in thought, she heard footsteps approaching her.copyright protection161PENANATFS62exJ8O

Zeh turned to see Zoey, slowly making her way towards her with open arms. Now, is that how you’re going to treat your big sister, Zehelex? Zeh smiled and hugged Zoey back. Zoey holds her for a while. “I promise if, you mess this up for me Zehelex, I will kill you”, she whispers in her ear. Zeh used her nail to poke Zoey in the side. “You might want to release me, before your pretty little dress gets ripped to shreds.” Zoey quickly let go and backed away. Zoey returned to Jonathan’s side, smiling big. “Ugh!” “Zoey fills me with disgust sometimes.” How can Zoey and Jonathan’s union, be real love when, it was picked by their parents?”165Please respect copyright.PENANAP1Z5AOyew8
copyright protection161PENANAOrgzPtDHz4

The clock strikes 12:01 a.m. and Father begins the ceremony. We all walk down to the basement, where the hollow’s lay. The whole way there, Father, is reciting our families thirty-thousand-year-old chant. Mother at his side the whole time, not missing one beat. We arrive to a muggy, dimly lit room. The aroma of roses quickly hit my nose, but something sour follows. Zehelex looks around the room to see where the smell comes from. She locks eyes with a caged droid. His skin looks blue with a glossy slime look to it. His teeth look grinded down and nails chipped away. She could tell from looking at him, that he has been there a long time. Chewing away at his chains, trying to get away.copyright protection161PENANAXm51YfNVuL

Jonathan steps forward first and Zoey follows. They both take a seat as Father, prays over them. As soon as Father finishes, Shamoe, rises and walks towards the droid.  The droid becomes very hostile. Shamoe grabs a rope and enters the cage, his zeneath, in hand. The droid backs away and begins hissing.165Please respect copyright.PENANAiuvovuDjp7
copyright protection161PENANAjnrbtup0dy

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