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Perplexing Mystic
Writer Zehelex
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Perplexing Mystic
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Apr 29, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!bhRnTyAakFfIYLIT5QyEposted on PENANA

“But Mother, I did!” “HUSH!” “Don’t you speak another word. Eat, so you can be full.” Zehelex, put her head down and began to eat her food in silence. Father became very concerned, but didn’t speak a word against Mother’s orders. Time passed on and Zehelex finished and excused herself from the table. As soon as she disappeared, Father spoke. “Zehelex has a serious condition darling.” “I know and I am trying to be patient with her.” “But, darling she is still finding herself.” “Silence! She is a woman and must find a mate! No one is going to want a girl with Psychosis.” “Silence!”, Father screamed in an uproar.copyright protection83PENANAPJmsiB1uQ0

Reaching for Mother’s throat before he knew it. Father had a good grip on Mother’s throat as he spoke angrily. “You will not speak of my miracle child in that manner!” Mother pushed him away, holding her neck. “So, you’re willing to kill me over a child?! When, we can have more!” “You act as if, you have sexual relations with her. Do you love her more than me? Can she please you better than I do?” “Shut your fucking trap woman! You know I don’t look at my daughter in that way!”copyright protection83PENANA42iVpcu0mO

“Are you that jealous of your daughter, you throw a low blow like that at me?” Mother looked at Father in surprise and stormed off. Meanwhile, Zehelex is missing from her room. Father sat back down, thinking was he wrong for defending Zeh? “No, she is my child and I have to defend her. I’m not in love with her. I just want to protect her. I love her, not in love with her,” he kept repeating to himself. Father rose and made his way to Zeh’s room. Zeh was nowhere to be found and Father went ballistic. He saw her window open and without thinking jumped out of it, running full speed into the woods.copyright protection83PENANAGCxEofyt56

Father’s heart raced a hundred miles an hour. His feet just carried his body, with no sense of direction. Farther into the forest he ran, with only one thing on his mind, to find his daughter. Back at the castle, it was noisy as ever. Mother was breaking vases and tearing her room apart. She picked up the picture of Zeh. “Why do you love her more than me? Am I not special to you anymore? She looks just like me, so why don’t you love me?copyright protection83PENANA7VPun85oCV

She throws the picture against the wall and falls back on her bed. Tears falling down her face. “I am your mate, not her. What do I have to do, to make you take your eyes off her?” Mother falls into a deep sleep. The wind blows fiercely as Zehelex looks at the water. Zehelex sees a different person in the water then herself. A woman with long black and red hair, is dancing with the man she seen the night before. Zehelex is in a trance and has no clue how hard the wind is blowing. The world around her has become dark and silent.copyright protection83PENANApGXICnV7oi

She unknowingly, starts to reach her hands into the water. When her fingers touch the water, the image disappears and the outside world returns. Confused she gets up and starts walking home. “It feels so peaceful in the woods; I could stay here forever. Waiting on that man to return to me. I can always smell his scent, but never have any luck finding him.” Zehelex returns to the castle and closes the big steel doors behind her. Teddie quickly greets Zehelex at the door.copyright protection83PENANAV4VsJjIhNO

“Hello master, where have you been? I couldn’t smell your scent anymore. Did you shut me out again?” Teddie, was in his human-like form now. “What are you talking about? I can’t cut my scent off to you, you’re attached to me.” “Well for some reason, at certain times, I can’t smell you to find you. Also, you have the scent of another on you.” “Don’t be silly Teddie, no one else has touched me. I was at the lake alone.” Teddie walked up to Zehelex and grabbed her face. “Look me in my eyes and promise me no one has touched you!”copyright protection83PENANAoUKeo7muwY

Zehelex became frightened. “I promise no one has touched me tonight Teddie.” Teddie pulled her by her arm to her room, located in the east section of the castle. Zehelex had the whole east section of the castle to herself. No one else wanted a room in the dark gloomy part of the castle, but Zeh.copyright protection83PENANAqWFoEiLzp9

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