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Beautiful Oblivion
Co-Writer Jennie Camacho*
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Beautiful Oblivion
Chapter 1
Jennie Camacho
Nov 17, 2016
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ZPo6yGqktxEi3kQdN8jNposted on PENANA

Noah sat somberly looking around the hospital recreation room, waiting, as usual, for his mother to finish discussing his future, or lack thereof, with yet another team of doctors. The room was empty of course. The rec room always was, as far as he could tell. For a place that was meant to cheer up the sick and dying, it seemed ironically depressing. Toys and game systems laid unplayed with, and the dreary beige walls weren't helping any. But what bothered Noah the most was the unwatched TV, playing yet another happily ever after fairy tale movie.copyright protection138PENANAPY2xo7WJ73

"Like that'd ever happen," Noah scoffed as the prince magically spotted the beautiful young maiden in a crowded room, the people all stepping aside to make a path for him. He watched as the couple stared lovingly into each other's eyes, bile suddenly rising in his throat. Noah couldn't be sure if it was from the new medication they had him on or the disgust the teen felt towards the scene playing out before him, but either way, Noah forced himself to swallow it back down. As he continued watching, the sickening feeling in his gut slowly turned to anger.copyright protection138PENANAV6Sjcr0DMt

"Where the hell is my happy ending?!" he yelled at the characters on the tv screen, throwing a nearby game controller at them. It didn't even make it halfway to its intended target, though, thanks to the disease that was robbing him of his strength and soon, he just found out, his life too. He wanted to cry, to scream, to break everything in sight, but he didn't. Noah didn't have the energy to do any of that. Instead, he only sat there, bitterly watching others get their happily ever after.copyright protection138PENANAaqLeLBryJK

"Maybe it'd be better if I just died now, save everyone the trouble," he grumbled, letting out a deep sigh and sinking deeper into the sofa.copyright protection138PENANAmzJp68w2SD

"No."copyright protection138PENANA6NJZ7Wq7Ad

Surprised, Noah twisted around in his seat trying to find the owner of the unfamiliar voice. Behind him, leaning against the doorway, was a tall unhealthily slim boy, one maybe two years older than he was. Everything about this boy screamed illness, everything that was but his eyes. His eyes were bright, so full of life.copyright protection138PENANABLDmZoYrXI

"No what?" Noah finally asked, realizing how weird he must have seemed just gawking at the other boy. The young man pushed off the wall with some effort and slowly walked towards Noah.copyright protection138PENANAckiVJo4frX

"No, it wouldn't be better if you just died," the boy clarified, a grin spreading across his face. His hollow cheeks made his smile appear painful, and the dark circles surrounding his eyes were a stark contrast to their sparkling green color. copyright protection138PENANATyKDxSzY09

Noah, thrown off by the boy's response, turned away muttering, "Whatever. How'd you even know?"copyright protection138PENANAbBUPYUeXlb

"Cause, I lost my older brother three years ago, and I cherished every moment I had with him up till the very end. Your family will feel the same way, and you wouldn't want to rob them of that, trust me. I'm Glenn by the way," he said, extending his hand to Noah.copyright protection138PENANAFxvXtfmyuO

Noah, not in the mood for company, only stared at the offering grunting, "Noah." in response. copyright protection138PENANAvomg1U9AT9

Normally, he wasn't this rude, but he justified his behavior on the account that he just found out he was going to die in the very near future. What did the doctor say? Five months, seven, if he was lucky. Lucky? What a joke. Noah had almost lost it when the man had used that word. So maybe he was a little moody, impending death tended to have that effect on people.copyright protection138PENANAK5LFUKz8HV

After first being diagnosed the doctors were confident that with the right attitude, and of course treatment, Noah would beat cancer. Noah himself regarded his cancer with annoyance. It wasn't something that worried the young teen. It was something that got in his was. The medication made him sick and the doctor appointments well those got in the way of playing video games or hanging out with his former friends, not to mention how tediously long and boring the appointments were. Having cancer sucked but on the bright side, it did get him out of things like turning in homework on time and gym when he was feeling lazy.copyright protection138PENANAkntQkW5HvA

Then reality started to sinking in. The treatment wasn't shrinking the melanoma and after the biopsy, his cancer returned. Still, the doctors said they remained optimistic, but the 'would' suddenly turned into a 'could.' It was at that moment that Noah became unsure, and the fear started to sink in. The appointments were scheduled more frequently, and the way people from the hospital looked at him, even his mother, changed. They were worried too.copyright protection138PENANAv0YSh0MqAF

Though, for Noah, it wasn't until his doctors seemed to give up all hope, that he knew how royally screwed he was. Maybe, had his doctor said something like, 'Right now things aren't looking so good, but I think we a can keep fighting and extend those five months to a year maybe even two,' then Noah could have handled that. He would have had something to fight for, but what was the point of fighting, if even the people who are supposed to save his life had given up?copyright protection138PENANAAlLm0F6AOO

"So, what's killing you?" Glenn joked trying to keep the conversation going. Seriously?! Noah thought. Couldn't this guy see he just wanted to be left alone to wallow in his own personal pity party?copyright protection138PENANAv9bZZwW5dr

"Cancer. Melanoma, if you want to get all fancy about it."copyright protection138PENANAGJsFBJFnaf

Glenn burst out laughing which quickly turned into a coughing fit.copyright protection138PENANA3LBO7Buecj

"Are you okay?" Noah inquired, feeling stupid for asking as soon as the words left his mouth. Glenn only waved him off as he struggled to get his coughing under control.copyright protection138PENANA2IseHsLDyZ

"Yeah, I'm all right," he answered wiping the blood from his bottom lip.copyright protection138PENANA4eIwUkgzHr

"Are you sure?" Noah asked skeptically. Coughing up blood definitely didn't sound all right in his book. Glenn peered down at the crimson stain now on his sleeve.copyright protection138PENANAPLcqAj25ye

"Oh, this? It's no big deal. Just one of the many perks of having Cystic Fibrosis," he said nonchalantly. "Sorry, I laughed by the way. It's just that, well, isn't Melanoma caused by getting too much sun?"copyright protection138PENANAoAWRPDjBhS

Noah knew exactly what Glenn was thinking, because when he had first learned of his diagnoses, he had thought the same thing.copyright protection138PENANAAl7jS1D9Al

"Pretty much."copyright protection138PENANAAp6NQH6SME

"But you're so pale, even compared to me, and I'm rarely ever out in the sun." Glenn put his arm next to Noah's for emphasis. It was true. Noah was about as pale as they came. No matter how much time he spent outside, he never seemed to get any darker, redder yes but never tan.copyright protection138PENANA6af315HlGY

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean anything. Actually, being pale put me at greater risk of getting it, well at least according to my doctor. I guess, I got one too many sunburns when I was younger," he clarified for Glenn just as the doctors had explained to him.copyright protection138PENANAegjlzcmclW

"Well, that sucks. So much for parents telling kids that playing outside is good for them. Apparently it is hazardous to your health." His joke was terrible and should have pissed off Noah, but instead, for the first time in what seemed like forever, Noah smiled.copyright protection138PENANAxWmEJclQ48

"Cystic Fibrosis is that...?" Noah trailed off unsure if his question was inappropriate.copyright protection138PENANAvbjKelQVGw

"A death sentence?" Glenn guessed. Noah nodded avoiding the older boy's stare. "More or less."copyright protection138PENANAUVNdgmqCzL

Noah looked up at him, eyebrows furrowed. How could he have such a casual attitude towards dying? Here Noah was filled with so many mixed emotions, and this boy talked of death as if they were discussing the latest homework assignment.copyright protection138PENANAz7IVMr88hd

"And knowing you're going to die, doesn't bother you?" Noah asked not being able to keep the shock from his voice. Glenn smirked shaking his head.copyright protection138PENANAgMozxDUnzB

"Well yeah, it bothers me, but I can't let dying, keep me from living."copyright protection138PENANAUtwHHN47pE

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