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Beautiful Oblivion
Co-Writer Jennie Camacho*
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Beautiful Oblivion
Chapter 3
Jennie Camacho
Nov 17, 2016
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!mnNnVuG2GrrHgmYyAWAZposted on PENANA

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copyright protection76PENANAMWkUqLeANh

The next morning Noah woke up exhausted. Every part of his body that could hurt did hurt. A groan escaped his mouth as he attempted to sit up. Noah couldn't understand how he could feel so tired still. He had gone to sleep not even an hour after he had gotten home and according to his clock, he had slept over twelve hours.copyright protection76PENANAQ9FExA8eCO

"Darn it." He was supposed to meet Glenn in less than forty-five minutes, and the hospital was at least twenty minutes away. Forcing himself out of bed, Noah quickly, well as fast as he could manage, got ready to leave.copyright protection76PENANAF3vVquu0q4

"Mom!" He yelled shoving his feet into his shoes. "Mom!"copyright protection76PENANA0c1l7r6l2U

"What?! What's wrong?!" His mother came running into the kitchen. Her eyes were wide with panic. Immediately he felt horrible for scaring her.copyright protection76PENANADS3iwBSEPu

"Uh...Nothing I was just hoping you could give me a ride to the hospital," he mumbled embarrassed. Her eyes skimmed over him searching for any indication that something was wrong.copyright protection76PENANAtuyZqYtVZU

"Why? Are you feeling sick?" Worry still evident in her voice.copyright protection76PENANA0061messAv

"No, not any more than usual. Actually, I am supposed to meet a friend," he said with a shrug.His mother smiled from ear to ear. It wasn't often Noah mentioned friends or wanted to go out.copyright protection76PENANAmdnqwU1ozR

"The one you were hanging out with yesterday?" she asked sounding like a giddy school girl. Noah's mom had been really upset yesterday when she couldn't find him at the hospital, but the moment he mentioned that he had been out with a friend, she seemed to forget her anger completely. The entire car ride home she had grilled him for details.copyright protection76PENANAT2lr1MqvHq

"Yeah. You don't mind do you?" He already knew she wouldn't, but felt the need to ask anyway.copyright protection76PENANApHrwINKbfk

Glenn was already sitting outside in the hospital courtyard when Noah and his mother pulled up. His camera was sitting on the table next to him.copyright protection76PENANAGCy424Y4sx

"Thanks, Mom," Noah said getting out of the car. But instead of driving off, she looked out the open passenger window.copyright protection76PENANAVmzhOB3f7K

"Glenn is it?"copyright protection76PENANAFwr72aUNla

"Yes ma'am," Glenn politely responded. Trying to hide his embarrassment for what he knew was coming next, Noah suddenly became very interested in his shoes.copyright protection76PENANA81MG5PK4Td

"Call me, Carol. Ma'am makes me feel so old." That's because you are old, Noah thought, rolling his eyes. "Anyway, my Noah has a tendency to over exert himself. So if you wouldn't mind keeping the physical activity to a minimum, I would really appreciate it." Even though he knew she meant well, Noah couldn't prevent the blush that crept up on his face.copyright protection76PENANABPAb6oMaDT

"Of course. I couldn't manage too much even if I wanted to," he said pointing to a nearby oxygen tank resting in a nifty little cart.copyright protection76PENANAUjqmqtwkhS

"Oh. Okay, well you boys have fun and take care," she said before driving off.copyright protection76PENANAvpTh5Z7Q31

"I am so sorry," Noah told Glenn once his mother's car was out of sight.copyright protection76PENANA4EREQX3C8G

"For what? Your mom seems cool." Was he serious? His mom was nowhere near cool. She was way too overprotective. Even before he had gotten sick, she had been like that. Now it was just that much worse.copyright protection76PENANAw20XpqqWLH

"Yeah, okay," Noah said, his words dripping with sarcasm. "What's with the tank?"copyright protection76PENANAOg7IydHG4L

"Oh, that. Well, apparently my useless lungs have decided to become even more useless." Again Glenn's calm demeanor had Noah wondering where this guy came from.copyright protection76PENANAH8qyNgwRTE

"Is that all? Are you sure you're up for this?" Even as he spoke the words, he felt disappointment well up inside of him. "I mean we could al--"copyright protection76PENANAyqHyn6ZO3K

"Uh-uh, you are not getting out of this. I'm fine. Now, let's go."copyright protection76PENANAwR1DzARhgV

"The park really?" Noah asked in disbelief as they both exited the bus. Seriously neither of them were in any shape to play at the park.copyright protection76PENANA3Y4txSK3JD

"Yeah, it's one of the best places for people watching."copyright protection76PENANAIh4qQsxPgA

"You do realize that sounds like something a stalker might say?" Noah pointed out grinning. Glenn chuckled before sitting on a nearby bench.copyright protection76PENANAANrBr1cijs

"Hardy, har, har. Aren't you a barrel of laughs?" For the fourth time today he put the oxygen mask to his nose and inhaled a couple of times deeply before hanging it back on the tank.copyright protection76PENANAemriPYaA2U

"Why don't you just wear it, if it makes it easier for you to breath?" Was he worried what people would think? He didn't seem like the type that would. Not that Noah had known him for very long.copyright protection76PENANAeLbib2KIR1

"Cause it's flavorless." Noah burst out laughing.copyright protection76PENANAjsPL3gMfz5

"Since when does air have flavor?" he managed to ask between fits of laughter.copyright protection76PENANAINs96h7gSa

"Since always. Now, look around and tell me is there anything here that catches your eye?" Noah glanced around the park. Nothing seemed very special or super meaningful. The swing set wasn't very old but had the definite sign of wear and tear, and the playground itself looked pretty much like every other playground he had seen. There were no kids at the park, but it was a school day so no big surprise there.copyright protection76PENANAa6Vmo6o9Pg

"The only thing that stands out is those two over there sucking face," he said pointing to a young couple on the other side of the park partaking in some serious PDA.copyright protection76PENANAa8IZTMgG2Q

"See you getting it. That right there is an amazing part of living life." Glenn picked up his camera and took a picture of the couple, who had finally come up for air.copyright protection76PENANAMLEeUKw21o

"I didn't mean it like that, and playing spit-swap with someone is not what I call amazingcopyright protection76PENANAccu8zTeY24

"I didn't mean it like that, and playing spit-swap with someone is not what I call amazing. More like disgusting," He scoffed. Glenn chuckled and shook his head.copyright protection76PENANAeccXc6JtNM

"It's young love at its finest. Well maybe not its finest, but you get what I mean. Have you ever even kissed a girl?" he questioned the younger boy, who was still making faces. Noah blushed but didn't answer. "You haven't, have you?"copyright protection76PENANAjzxYOsJkuK

"Well, not exactly," Noah replied. "Have you?" Glenn leaned back against the bench.copyright protection76PENANAJHXePw74u9

"Once, but it didn't really count. I am pretty sure it was a pity kiss." For the first time, Glenn appeared to be sad. "You know it's getting pretty late, and I have an appointment with my pulmonologist in the morning." Unsure of what else to say, Noah quietly agreed with him.copyright protection76PENANA8JmlGzsq2f

The bus ride home was depressing, and it didn't seem right to Noah, to see Glenn so unhappy. Nothing seemed to ever get him down. It made Noah realize, no matter how determined Glenn was to live his life the grief of everything he would never experience was still there. He wasn't ready to die any more than Noah was.copyright protection76PENANAdmPKlDc4YH

"I have been meaning to ask you," he started. "What's with the old Polaroid camera? You know there is this new fangled invention called a cell phone," he said pulling out his phone and showing it to his friend. "It takes pictures, and even lets you edit them." This earned him a smile.copyright protection76PENANAOHoLVei3iM

"Yeah, I have one of those too, but nothing beats the nostalgia of a good old Polaroid picture. Plus, editing is like saving a fake memory, and then what's the point in saving it?" copyright protection76PENANAcrvzNc9fDc

80Please respect copyright.PENANADQS9qGmzVZ
copyright protection76PENANAvQykATYNYW

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