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Entry Level Insane
Co-Writer Ruza Dragic*
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Entry Level Insane
Chapter 2- I'm Picky, Sue Me.
Ruza Dragic
Nov 18, 2016
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!9Z5ax8xyw6tB9xrri0inposted on PENANA

This is so not good. I know it's been an entire day, but I didn't think they'd come this fast. Luckily, I covered up the blood to deter predators, but what if someone falls off the ledge and the see the rock? It's not obvious there's anything behind it, but thanks to the fact that it was buried underground, it's covered in dirt which is just a little suspicious. I'll have to fix that tomorrow. I should probably stay inside for the next few days, but I need water. I'm covered for food, thanks to the advanced technology of The Compound. I just need to take a pill a day and I'll be fine. I'm stocked for a good few years, but not forever. I'll have to figure out how to fend for myself, or I'll be eaten by bunnies. Which is highly ironic considering I loved them as a kid, but I'd rather not be eaten alive by a fluffy menace thank you very much.copyright protection93PENANAxdqvxI3wJ7

I need to find a source of water, and based on the fact that that rabbit was still alive and kicking,- enough so to take a chunk out of my leg, thanks for that- there's water somewhere close by. I can't go find it now, not with my leg injured and my ankle swollen, but I can sure as hell try to make this healing go faster so I can. I never really got hurt in The Compound, but I was smart enough to take a few first aid kits I don't know why they had them if no one ever went outside, but they disappeared a lot, so I figured a few more would probably go unnoticed. I pull one of them out and find the healing gel. I take it out, slathering it on my wound. I hiss, the pain of cleaning out a wound made by a savage rabbit. It should be healed by morning. Or, at least, enough that it won't be bleeding unless I itch at it.copyright protection93PENANAjS7p3ExBc3

I try to sit up straight, but apparently I didn't dig deep enough, because I hit the ceiling. I'm so glad the soil is densely packed, otherwise this would cave in in seconds. I walked right over it and it was fine, so it must be at least remotely safe to walk on. I claw at the ground, digging deeper. I press my ear against the rock, and listen. It's quite. I cautiously roll the rock to the side and start shoving out dirt, and then I roll it back into place. I continue this for a while until I'm too exhausted to move the rock away again. I curl up around my backpack, and my exhaustion hits me like a rover. I fall asleep almost immediately. copyright protection93PENANAIGESd6jw7C

______copyright protection93PENANATEPjan2dTL

I wake up, and blink. It's dark, but a sliver of light comes through the cracks of the door. What time is it? Where's the clock and why am I on the floor? I try to stand up, but I hit my head, and immediately lay back down, clutching it. Ugh. Why. Oh, ya, I'm here. Outside of the compound. The door isn't really a door, it's a rock, and the light is the very thing I thought would kill me. Sunlight. It'll probably take them a while to figure out that it won't kill them, so for now I'll stick to the day, when they're trapped inside. Afraid. They don't know the things I know, at least, to my knowledge. I know that some of my friends took an interest in the outside world, but I don't think anyone else ever actually wanted to leave.copyright protection93PENANAldEsCI6akj

I roll the rock the side and squint through my eyelids at the space outside. I check my leg, and true to rumor, the bite is scabbed over, but mostly healed. I poke at my ankle, and it only gives me a little bit of a problem. It probably wasn't that bad, then. I try standing, and find that I limp a bit, but I can walk. I roll the rock back in place, leaving my backpack there. I find the tracks left by the rabbit, and follow them. After about 15 minutes I hear it. Running water. I limp faster, and I suddenly regret not bringing my water jug. According to The Compound, the water is at least safe because we haven't been around to pollute it for so long. I kneel down and take a sip. It tastes amazing. It's cold and fresh, like mint, and I gulp it down fast. I stop when I see movement under the water. Fish. Of course! Fish! I grab for one, and miraculously, I get it. I yank it out of the water and grab a rock. I hit it and it stops moving. Ya, this is a lot better than hunting killer rabbits. I pick it up and start walking back in the direction I came. This time I travel more in a straight line. Once I get back to my little hole, I get a rock and dig it a little into the ground in front of a tree that, from my place, points to the river. You'd never know unless you know it's there. copyright protection93PENANAd2ZSUdYeJ5

I slide the rock to the side and grab the rabbit.  I travel about a mile away from my hole and find a little ditch. I set up a fire, and by now, the sun is almost down. I wait for complete darkness before I cook the fish and rabbit as fast as possible. Then, I leave the coals and cover the ditch in dirt, placing another rock on top of the spot so I know it's there. I travel back to my spot and set up a rock at a tree pointing in the direction of the ditch. I head to the river and take a knife I had packed and skin and gut the rabbit and fish. I'm glad I chose foraging as my extra curricular, otherwise I'd be screwed right about now. I let the guts and skin drift down stream and head back to camp. Once I'm inside my hole, I eat some of the fish and some of the rabbit. Then, I put the rest in an airtight container and I lay my head back down to go to sleep. copyright protection93PENANAQCKGWU3Z7W

A/N: Don't worry, things get interesting next chapter, I just had to give the others some time to catch up. I was thinking of doing a chapter or two in the point of view of some of the othercopyright protection93PENANAKtapVM72Xr

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