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    Ruza Dragic
    Ruza Dragic
    Hey guys! Ruza here and I would like to direct you to my most recent work, Piper Plucked a Petal. It follows a young girl named Piper, who is a child of the winter. In Pipers world, Pykimsklymikkey (children of the winter) are the dominant species of most of the known world. They posses supernatural powers and are all born under snowfall. The book starts with you knowing little to nothing about piper other than her appearance. Throughout the rest of the book details about her and her surrounding world are slowly revealed among attacks, hunts, friends and foes. This book is not for the light hearted and contains a medieval feel that touches on the lack of clear cut good and bad that can sometimes plague the world.
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Entry Level Insane

It's 55555 AD, and Canidice Pint is one of the few young adults left in the compound. The Human Race's numbers have gone down to shocking numbers due to radiation poisoning and warfare, and Canidice's generation has the lowest count yet. There are 151 of them, and she's one of them. One of 151, 1 of 22 young women. Her 22nd birthday is approaching, and with it, an onslaught of attention from most of the 129 young male adults, and some of the girls too. There's no law saying she has to marry, and in fact she doesn't even want kids, but the pressure of society forces her to do something no one has done in centuries. She leaves the compound, and something even worse happens. The rest of the 151 start to follow her once they realize it's safe on the outside after over 2000 years. Some of them leave in search of their friend who's been spiraling into the abyss of insanity for years, some in search of the girl they might marry, some in search of a new chance at life. With only a week's head start and a single message in the sky as warning, Canidice must evade her soon to be captors while figuring out how to survive in a hostile environment to gain what no one has had for so long. Freedom.

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