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Entry Level Insane
Co-Writer Ruza Dragic*
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Entry Level Insane
Chapter 3- A Knockin' We Come
Ruza Dragic
Nov 19, 2016
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!c1zelfWje5YfC887eH6Bposted on PENANA

Chapter 3- A Knockin' We Comecopyright protection98PENANAJrGEJVKHtV

Canidice:copyright protection98PENANAhGWRUi7QBm

"SHIT!" I jerk awake, alarmed. I peek out the crack, only to see one of the other 151 collapsed on the ground. He grimaces in pain, and I grasp my ankle, remembering the pain I felt just a day or two ago. A girl who looks to be around 19 comes into my line of sight. She has blond hair and blue eyes, popping in the green lush habitat that is the world outside of The Compound. The boy has white hair, and pink eyes. One of the last albinos. Considering the years, it's amazing that even now we incorporate albinos in the GMO babies. Which he obviously is. I am too, most of the 151 are, but they don't have enough electricity or resources to make enough to sustain the future generations. I have black hair, light skin with freckles and ice blue eyes. The pupils are slits, perfect for seeing in the dark. She crouches down and gives him a concerned look. The sun shines bright, even though it's almost down, which means they figured out pretty quickly that it won't hurt them. Good for them, not so good for me. I wonder if they have radio. I wonder if they're the only search party.copyright protection98PENANAVAByIKFXrM

"What happened?" She pushes her hair behind one ear and places her hand on the ground to steady herself. The girl's genetic modification is probably her voice. It's smooth as melted chocolate as it glides across her tongue and bounces through the forest. The boys' seems to be not only his pigment, but his extreme clumsiness (Note my sarcasm).copyright protection98PENANAzbefPXaAFE

"I didn't see the ledge. I knew this wasn't a good idea. My ankle, I think it's broken." Well, he obviously didn't take foraging. Or the med course that accompanied it. copyright protection98PENANAvXkrOfJV6l

"No, silly, it's not broken, just sprained."copyright protection98PENANAh2WSAFDgC4

"What's that?" His eyes widen and he looks alarmed, as if she's just told him he has a fatal disease or something.copyright protection98PENANA3cfhr5fCFU

"It just means you pulled a muscle basically. You probably shouldn't walk on that for a while. We'll just have to make camp here. I mean, it's not that bad. Nice clearing, and the ledge'll alert us to anyone coming from behind." She takes off her bag and sits down.copyright protection98PENANAgaRBCGQmBX

"Well shit." I cover my mouth. Whoops. I've gotten so used to there not being anyone to hear me that I forgot to think, not say. I grab hand fulls of dirt and shove them in the hole.copyright protection98PENANAITZEMzjpQW

"Did you hear that?" The boy says, and the girl laughs.copyright protection98PENANAtT8JaAOpcu

"It's probably just the wind. Or maybe it's the killer bunnies out to get you."copyright protection98PENANAktEb4hSVDt

"Ha ha very funny. Ya know, Conner was being serious about that. Speaking of him, how far behind is he?" Another one!? What the hell? How did they even let this many of the 151 out? Why? Are they insane? Do they want the human race to go extinct?!copyright protection98PENANASlmS08skyi

"Right here, Buddy." The guy, Buddy, apparently, grimaces. I can't see whoever this Conner guy is, he sounds like he's above me. copyright protection98PENANAh2cpLm0AMc

"You know I don't like my name. Buddel is bad enough. You really have to call me that?"copyright protection98PENANA47GJjL0bGE

What do you suggest. Ella? Maybe that old computer thing we were learning about in history? Dell? Or Adell? Maybe Deli?" copyright protection98PENANAEz01r0aUkI

"Ladies ladies, let's not fight. We'll be here for at least a day or two more thanks to that ledge." Someone groans, and I internally curse. I start digging at the back, pilling the dirt at the entrance. I leave a tiny portion of the once decent sized crack open to see, but I'm careful to be quiet and discreet. I've been digging down too lately, so I can kneel with an inch or two more space above my head.copyright protection98PENANAcBKo1wL26y

"You guys have anything to sit on?" Oh no. Please no. Not the rock. I quickly start piling more and more dirt.copyright protection98PENANAfaFVTZGUan

"No, we can find a branch or something though." copyright protection98PENANAyPXyQoz1jT

"Hey, what about that rock?" I lean back, pressing my back into the ground.copyright protection98PENANAKvvvUx2Gz8

"Maybe later. Too much effort to move that big ol' thing." I sigh in relief.copyright protection98PENANAfOjVKcUq64

"Ok. So what are we gonna do? We have to have watches, right?" The girl's voice.copyright protection98PENANAOFTLdKaMMt

"Ya. I guess. I'll take first shift." I think it's that Conner guy's voice. Can't quite tell. I lay down and take a swig of water from my jug.copyright protection98PENANAGxZc2UJ4Aj

"I could have sworn I heard something when we first got here though."copyright protection98PENANAdP8wLTJFkP

"Leave it alone, bud."copyright protection98PENANAK8uETIp4ub

"You can't call me that either, Quincey!"copyright protection98PENANAxbIxnLr7Q2

"What did you hear?"copyright protection98PENANAq4SzADsjiN

"A voice! A human voice! I swear! I think it was a girl!"copyright protection98PENANA92VEGPm6TR

"But nobody else it out here." Um, what? They're not here for me?copyright protection98PENANAhr20YqMqxD

"But-"copyright protection98PENANAsYHkyiX1Cg

"No one is here. It was probably just the wind."copyright protection98PENANAOLjJq0zN6s

"Go to sleep. The sun's almost down. You should catch some z's so I can hit the metaphorical lights sooner. I'm taking the first shift."copyright protection98PENANAFnUHoT8bjF

"Ok, Conner. Wake me up when it's time. I'll take second." I'm so screwed. How long are they going to stay? I can't stay in here forever. I mean, it's not as cramped as before, but it's not exactly amazing either. FUCK.copyright protection98PENANAOMDw6bO4cq

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