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    D. Strasse
    D. Strasse
    Author of Cross Conviction and all related material.

    New chapters will be posted every Saturday night at 7:00 PM CST, starting 4/27/2024.

    I hope you enjoy my work!

    Twitter/X: https://twitter.com/CrossConviction

    *AI Statement: Aside from checking spelling and grammar, I do not use AI for any part of my work. That includes every aspect of my writing, from ideas to final drafts. My book covers are drawn by a talented artist who, like myself, makes no use of AI in her creative process.

    While I do not have any inherent objections to AI being used in the creative process of others, I simply choose not to utilize it in mine.
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Cross Conviction

In late 1916, fueled by wartime desperation and a zealous belief in the heroic epics of old, Imperial German archeologist Emil Gliese founded a program to locate, train, and weaponize individuals with diverse supernatural powers. Christened as "Iron Knights", these super-soldiers cut a swath of devastation through enemy forces until the opposing powers mirrored the program. By the time the armistice was signed, nearly all of Europe's "exceptionals" were dead. 

The year is now 1937 and tensions are once again on the rise. In defiance of the restrictions placed on it by the treaty which ended the Great War, Germany has once again started to covertly train legions of exceptionals. However, due to the near eradication of such superhumans in the war, the government is forced to scrape the bottom of the proverbial barrel in hopes of turning less-than-impressive abilities into lethal weapons.

Arthur Sturm is the teenage son of one of the few surviving Iron Knights; a famous war hero known as "The Hurricane". Despite a serious heart condition that threatens his life, Arthur goes against his father's wishes in an attempt to follow in The Hurricane's footsteps. Together with his closest allies; a mysterious swordswoman from the Far East and a Jewish "calciumancer" hiding right under the Nazis' noses, Arthur Sturm charges headlong to prove himself worthy of taking up his father's mantle.

Along the way these young heroes face off against rebels, supernatural forces, and foreign powers, all while struggling with the reality that the very government which holds their allegiance might be the most wicked foe of all.

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