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For Grace
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Writer Rosemary Dawson
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For Grace
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Rosemary Dawson
No Plagiarism!4jJdGX8W5OjvwSuHi0Dyposted on PENANA

This story is dedicated to my late grandfather (dad's side), whom recently passed away in his sleep due to short of breath while fighting against Lung Carcinoma (Lung Cancer) Stage Four. [Non-Fiction story about him will be coming soon!]193Please respect copyright.PENANA4xprzp6z8v
copyright protection189PENANApTQytPT7N8

I still believed that time, when he was seeing the other light.copyright protection189PENANAxRrg58de5i

193Please respect copyright.PENANALJoOMS7jfS
copyright protection189PENANA3oNzhigAjT

"Do you still believe in magic?" Grandfather said.193Please respect copyright.PENANAvwkZHGDgW3
copyright protection189PENANA9INZhgOanB

"Yeah, I still do." I cried.copyright protection189PENANAjUtLbzToNY

"That's my girl." He smiled weakly.copyright protection189PENANAHQnvpFOGf7

"N-No, please don't go. Stay here just a little longer!" I grabbed his fragile hand with my both hands, weeping in tears.copyright protection189PENANAzoPmo7Dch0

"Dumb child, you're too selfish." He patted my hair.copyright protection189PENANAOBVim7RgvF

"What do you mean..?" copyright protection189PENANAfdwDJVixCy

"There are people getting born as others pass away." He spoke slowly, trembling.copyright protection189PENANAEbXuylBbyT

"Then if you're going to go, leave something for me to remember you!" 193Please respect copyright.PENANA21AssaRyJ0
copyright protection189PENANAcmu7ERev7K

"You have the same nose shape as mine. But still, I will pass down my ability to you." He slowly raised his arm, forming a small glowing light on his palm and places it to my forehead, the light slowly fades away as he withdrew his arm back.193Please respect copyright.PENANA4vJsjwlrPA
copyright protection189PENANAbnYH0HDjff

"Thank you." I said silently.copyright protection189PENANARUqOoYa09I

"A part of me will always be with you, child." He patted my head.copyright protection189PENANATl4otJfIfn

We spent the rest of his time by staring into each other's eyes, as we both know he doesn't have the strength to speak anymore. Before we know it, the time is up.copyright protection189PENANAtqLr7L9K5p

193Please respect copyright.PENANAkl7EkPkX5h
copyright protection189PENANAZWjqLHpVIz

193Please respect copyright.PENANA07iBALLrjv
copyright protection189PENANAEBVJ0osg7I

*BEEP------------------*193Please respect copyright.PENANAsn0bQkIbMx
copyright protection189PENANAEA8p2gbb1g

193Please respect copyright.PENANAM6STKdI5bO
copyright protection189PENANAA1dTrYBQUk

193Please respect copyright.PENANAncWGNwrzYK
copyright protection189PENANAqyWlhWKKcR

193Please respect copyright.PENANA4q85CYpkac
copyright protection189PENANAsQrBguSrFT

193Please respect copyright.PENANARWiKQ3Yz89
copyright protection189PENANAHgVUamTMdO

193Please respect copyright.PENANAnvljb8PDIN
copyright protection189PENANA6Dm2ZEZJpc

193Please respect copyright.PENANAoMewRQvhbF
copyright protection189PENANAAS32ujwmKc

193Please respect copyright.PENANAt3CMNtPL2Y
copyright protection189PENANAgrtbmDygqM

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