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    Rosemary Dawson
    Rosemary Dawson
    Hello! Rosemary here, this account will no longer be active anymore as I've grown up and have bigger responsibilities like pursuing my further studies and work. Thank you so much for the continuous support, and I will try to write again someday when I have time. Thank you so much for the Penana community as it has encouraged me to write and have a place to show my enthusiasm with as a child but its time we all grow up now. :) But dont worry, I'll still be able to reply if anyone leaves me a notification. Please visit back as I will create a Wattpad account and link it here as if im going to write again, I shall write it there. Thank you! For further inquiries or if you want to contact me, feel free to leave an email at: audreyfluffles@gmail.com Love you all ❤️, 18 Year Old Rosemary.
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Capturing The Moment

Life is all about capturing the best moments you've ever had before it's all over. Artemis Blue is a well-known photographer for her photos that could tell a thousand words, and each photo has a meaningful story behind it. Yet, there's still a lurking hint of emotionless in every photo she ever taken. And with this, Artemis gets unexpectedly sent to America for a good two years to fix this issue or else she loses her job. And one day, she bumps into a tall mysterious man while she was crossing the road. The next thing she knew was, she's falling in love.