Stuck In A K-Pop World: Hitting With A Big Bang (A Black Kitty Series, Book 1) - Chapter 17: Suit | Penana

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Stuck In A K-Pop World: Hitting With A Big Bang (A Black Kitty Series, Book 1)
Writer Namwezi
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Stuck In A K-Pop World: Hitting With A Big Bang (A Black Kitty Series, Book 1)
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Chapter 17: Suit
Feb 20, 2018
51 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cN1v9zm8rnF8F9ADput1posted on PENANA

My watch said 10:31 and I hissed in frustration. I was getting really impatient and I felt like I was about to blow a fuse.copyright protection41PENANACAqQEykNSY45Please respect copyright.PENANAK4t9j09RPN

I had never been this 45Please respect copyright.PENANAZEiawWukez
late in my entire life. Not even when I had my own personal 45Please respect copyright.PENANAjeO8Fi75xf
appointments. The others would be wondering why I was so late. And 45Please respect copyright.PENANA4hkxqDxzvn
trying to explain the reason why, would have them blown away.copyright protection41PENANAS5LUBVtX3U45Please respect copyright.PENANAnv2GFyCaTQ

"Sam, are you still there?" Zoey called out to me from our room.copyright protection41PENANAlI30SDEh7845Please respect copyright.PENANAJc5xlKQsQn

I didn't want to answer. I was quite irritated. But if I didn't, she would start to freak out.copyright protection41PENANAjKIKAmiUaa45Please respect copyright.PENANAHUF2s6F0Gb

"Sam!"copyright protection41PENANAT2gEXRzqOD45Please respect copyright.PENANAo3GqKlYnvR

I rolled my eyes. "I'm still here, Zoey," I answered.copyright protection41PENANAkamnbe1Pw945Please respect copyright.PENANAdf3iMp3DRT

Zoey came out of the 45Please respect copyright.PENANA0zOGBgMhhs
room and came to the lounge where I was seated waiting for her. I was on45Please respect copyright.PENANAsFw85gu4D0
the couch and I looked at her, then back at my watch.copyright protection41PENANAYPTGzt3Rod45Please respect copyright.PENANAVRgZa3odGf

"Did you find what you're looking for?" I asked.copyright protection41PENANA2hgiWdawDZ45Please respect copyright.PENANA7GOVmqc9Ht

"No, I haven't," said Zoey.copyright protection41PENANA9Y9wmkKnah45Please respect copyright.PENANAB997ieoNj2

"You've been searching 45Please respect copyright.PENANANeT4e47CiN
for it the whole morning," I said as I stood up. "Can we please just go 45Please respect copyright.PENANASpuHkR7w0O
to the studio? We're already late."copyright protection41PENANAx86qPGUSxi45Please respect copyright.PENANA0BX9Jgo83H

"No, let me go and check again," Zoey turned around to head back to the room and I groaned so loudly to grab her attention.copyright protection41PENANA6AAnTxB33f45Please respect copyright.PENANAaRW4Va82Mq

"Zoey, it's just a stud and you have plenty of those like it in your jewellery box."copyright protection41PENANA2ddcJzwuXH45Please respect copyright.PENANAPFQjmaatHb

"But those are my favourite studs," said Zoey. "You know they are diamond, right?"copyright protection41PENANALuPSVEyPx645Please respect copyright.PENANAiIMgRwwgEz

"I know because I bought you those studs for your birthday a year ago."copyright protection41PENANA8EHJ1AgCEk45Please respect copyright.PENANAYPrUTm42oR

"Oh. Ya, I know." Zoey had a look on her face that told me she forgot about that.copyright protection41PENANARHy4TiEqMC45Please respect copyright.PENANAtewjySuJmc

I ignored her and said, 45Please respect copyright.PENANAUEUHVMer2S
"just get another pair of studs or don't put on any at all. For my sake.45Please respect copyright.PENANA10IsVBOZEd
And Collins' too. We were supposed to be at the studio at 10."copyright protection41PENANA7y7Xr2C0R945Please respect copyright.PENANAQ7snr0gVKC

"What time is it?"copyright protection41PENANA70NOJPo0r345Please respect copyright.PENANA7Eh2mcOAER

"10:35."copyright protection41PENANAkjKSoEa34X45Please respect copyright.PENANAtFSb7NNWNr

"Wow, time really passes by."copyright protection41PENANAFcwMaXOMYG45Please respect copyright.PENANA9EzB10ChWm

"When it comes to you, it does. Come on, let's go."copyright protection41PENANAW5GJTqyiq045Please respect copyright.PENANAU40c6npVX3

"Let me go get my phone."copyright protection41PENANAlKj6DIKNLP45Please respect copyright.PENANANrIFDQtqMg

Zoey rushed back to the 45Please respect copyright.PENANASWVrxXr9fn
room and I hoped she wasn't going to get back to looking for her missing45Please respect copyright.PENANAv9rwmyTLuR
stud. She sometimes did the opposite of what she wanted to do. But 45Please respect copyright.PENANAPhjyXWoqmb
anyway, that was Zoey.copyright protection41PENANALq2hdcf1Ze45Please respect copyright.PENANAHe7CFEA7OP

I soon received a 45Please respect copyright.PENANAvkZXQlwK70
message from Collins threatening me to get to the studio as soon as 45Please respect copyright.PENANACWhVveSTFe
possible. In no less than five minutes. I moaned. He knew we couldn't 45Please respect copyright.PENANA4mtbZ9QzhF
get there in five minutes. That's if we were superheros.copyright protection41PENANAIVjpEcPdvf45Please respect copyright.PENANAoMZnKQJgBQ

"Zoey, come on, we better go!"copyright protection41PENANAeR0yXDgIr145Please respect copyright.PENANAgdNy9iM2cr

"I'm coming."copyright protection41PENANAxcsAuFMKHL45Please respect copyright.PENANAhgOKsNUjnb

I started heading 45Please respect copyright.PENANAYLYY9JOSZq
towards the elevator and my phone beeped again. Another message. 45Please respect copyright.PENANAJgExONQBQ2
Hopefully it wasn't Collins again telling us he would hang us to death 45Please respect copyright.PENANA37jRRMFM52
if we didn't make it in time. But I was surprised to see an unknown 45Please respect copyright.PENANAX4OW3XFRQF
number. A number coming from another country.copyright protection41PENANAYqHhPluEzZ45Please respect copyright.PENANAiAWW7LKYmA

"Oh, who is this?"copyright protection41PENANATOQTmOxCwY45Please respect copyright.PENANA0pHkhy6Wlc

Before I could open the message icon, Zoey came rushing from behind and bumped into my back. That almost made me drop my phone.copyright protection41PENANAE4a7EFNrpu45Please respect copyright.PENANAZjhNfkLVcB

"My goodness, Zoey!" I said as I looked at her. "You should look where you're going. I almost dropped my phone."copyright protection41PENANAdnUUFKg9oP45Please respect copyright.PENANABucxqkibiF

"Sorry," said Zoey as she also looked at me.copyright protection41PENANA9iD0c0PJDl45Please respect copyright.PENANALj4sDm1Kjm

"Come on, we're already late."copyright protection41PENANAHipSp4xcvW45Please respect copyright.PENANAXiFf5VzQRM

We went into the 45Please respect copyright.PENANAsshEZIYiTg
elevator and I put my phone away in my jeans jacket pocket. A black 45Please respect copyright.PENANAXEA27do8YH
Chevrolet SUV was waiting for us outside. The others had already left 45Please respect copyright.PENANAuWZab55LVX
for the studio and I had stayed behind because of Zoey's missing stud.copyright protection41PENANAHJkCDZmT9L45Please respect copyright.PENANAxopP2px1Hq

When we got to YG, 45Please respect copyright.PENANAiE5SGc65k5
Collins stood there by the entrance, obviously waiting for us. He looked45Please respect copyright.PENANAMP1M0cR6XN
like an angry father ready to scold at his kids for coming home late.copyright protection41PENANAJj3njgo80145Please respect copyright.PENANA3vbskeRSfz

"Don't tell me all this is your doing, Zoey," said Collins as we approached him.copyright protection41PENANAuIjUAIY8Vu45Please respect copyright.PENANAiydoqUAxZV

"No, no, it's not," said Zoey as she shook her head.copyright protection41PENANA5CepfRpBLz45Please respect copyright.PENANACMKDyKQpQO

"Says the person who isn't wearing her studs today."copyright protection41PENANAnvSrTcHhlH45Please respect copyright.PENANAdTjomEDexS

Zoey held her earlobes 45Please respect copyright.PENANANQr0eRVOpU
and looked at me with a surprised look on her face. I shrugged. I had to45Please respect copyright.PENANAJ1HuEffvF5
tell Collins why we delayed over the phone. At least he believed me, 45Please respect copyright.PENANAjTZDhmiVAP
knowing that he already knew what was Zoey was like.copyright protection41PENANAjPpCK0lJ8h45Please respect copyright.PENANAOnFfoT7kIw

"Come on, the others are waiting and they didn't want to start without you," said Collins.copyright protection41PENANAdeUrE9j3L545Please respect copyright.PENANAfsxWWccbHR

"They had to wait," said Zoey, flipping her hair. "I'm singing the first verse alongside G-Dragon."copyright protection41PENANAC9AvAuHhM345Please respect copyright.PENANAh0KhD2DWXe

"Remind me whenever you're deciding who sings which part of a song to let me be there," said Collins as he turned to look at me.copyright protection41PENANAZ5TpIDp4my45Please respect copyright.PENANALLCq00k8k3

"I'll try." I smiled. Zoey stuck out her tongue at Collins.copyright protection41PENANAmAMg2qqmuc45Please respect copyright.PENANAEzvbwsoIE5

We got to the studio and we found everyone else waiting for us, lazing around on the couch.copyright protection41PENANAr7l2DVwldi45Please respect copyright.PENANAAV6lcKnQGl

"Hey, you're finally here," said Seungri.copyright protection41PENANAocohB7U1bh45Please respect copyright.PENANA4s7GT8Hdg2

"Sorry, we had an issue back at the hotel," said Zoey.copyright protection41PENANAAxSnOUOegi45Please respect copyright.PENANAhUCN68fuQT

"Ya. A 'serious' one." I said as I rolled my eyes.copyright protection41PENANArHqMK3HgoV45Please respect copyright.PENANAArPHM1raS8

"I can't wait to get started," said Daniel excitedly as he stood up from the couch.copyright protection41PENANAzN7Y4J5ZKh45Please respect copyright.PENANAwXADDtMlH3

"Then let's do so," said45Please respect copyright.PENANAnZXZM481zZ
Collins as he joined the music producer by the console. "Zoey, Taeyang,45Please respect copyright.PENANAVaqKRcMjnE
Christine, Sam and G-Dragon, we will start with you guys."copyright protection41PENANAhlP9ID3wSk45Please respect copyright.PENANArTC2xfvjBd

I had completely forgot 45Please respect copyright.PENANAmYckYYp60Y
that G-Dragon was even in the room. I hadn't noticed him at all when he 45Please respect copyright.PENANA5W9wG0Jtj6
stood up from the couch and came towards Zoey and I.copyright protection41PENANAPj1f6LjO2I45Please respect copyright.PENANA7L0JNxZjRA

"Hi, Zoey," G-Dragon greeted Zoey.copyright protection41PENANAJCvQAAAGzl45Please respect copyright.PENANAxezKzxJYEJ

"Hi," said Zoey with a wide smile on her face.copyright protection41PENANAXQGM0oq3Uj45Please respect copyright.PENANAXKF6gm7ZPr

"Ahem," Christine came from behind as she cleared her throat. "Let's go. You two can talk later."copyright protection41PENANAnJCpZJbjxe45Please respect copyright.PENANA6Xc6H0EHkw

I rolled my eyes and together with Taeyang and Christine, we went into the live room together, followed by the two love birds.copyright protection41PENANA1gQx6q7H6H45Please respect copyright.PENANAhRKRCkplj3

In the live room, there 45Please respect copyright.PENANA4hNKo46v3W
stood five microphones and with each mic had a pair of headphones around45Please respect copyright.PENANAW9T9gA9Vhu
it. We each stood in front of a microphone and put on the headphones.copyright protection41PENANA24yIRy6hB145Please respect copyright.PENANArzmcrYwQjQ

Ahead of us was a window where we could see the others from the other side.copyright protection41PENANAAZLdoLWA4t45Please respect copyright.PENANATo7H8vLf0P

"Are you guys ready?" Collins asked as his voice was heard through the speaker in the live room.copyright protection41PENANAO6JEDQ5Kxc45Please respect copyright.PENANAbXZ56fGgbX

I looked at the others 45Please respect copyright.PENANAKCx6OY4lOn
to see if they were settled and gave Collins a thumbs up and the music 45Please respect copyright.PENANAbILjqUObaP
producer started to play the tune for the song.copyright protection41PENANArzhZi8xpp945Please respect copyright.PENANA1mM0rTg79r

G-Dragon started to sing45Please respect copyright.PENANA5T3CZSA4dp
and then afterwards, Zoey followed. Their voices blended so well with 45Please respect copyright.PENANArp8dIy8xJi
the music, they made a perfect harmony. Looked like I did a good thing 45Please respect copyright.PENANAmLE9L522db
to let them sing the first verse together.copyright protection41PENANAr08cdxYa7245Please respect copyright.PENANAti4xV4qw8E

Collins, the music 45Please respect copyright.PENANAVA33NMBWjl
producer and the others outside the live room had smiles on their faces.45Please respect copyright.PENANAeF6TOSZRUc
They were loving it alright. Collins gave them a thumbs up.copyright protection41PENANADW8nALdGwL45Please respect copyright.PENANA2ou7WpbmVk

Christine then sang the 45Please respect copyright.PENANA0RU4VIQxE9
bridge and as she came came closer to the chorus, I joined in. Then 45Please respect copyright.PENANASTOZMDSLuM
Taeyang and I sang the chorus together.copyright protection41PENANATXlaWEiu3H45Please respect copyright.PENANAXxbsE7SQtO

When we were done, the music producer stopped playing the track.copyright protection41PENANADuILHViF5q45Please respect copyright.PENANAauG5yBNo8s

"That was awesome, guys," said Collins as his voice came out through the speaker. "The song is so incredible."copyright protection41PENANAIJmR6XDkE945Please respect copyright.PENANAx1lm17ZTSu

"Ya, thank Sam," said Taeyang. "She is the one who came out with all of this."copyright protection41PENANA6x6rH350x945Please respect copyright.PENANAGQ1RjFYcvs

I smiled at Taeyang who stood beside me and I nudged him on the shoulder. "Stop it, Tae," I said. "Don't make me blush."copyright protection41PENANAIbDqWllf0r45Please respect copyright.PENANA0GWGLuizSr

"Okay, Sam and Taeyang, I45Please respect copyright.PENANA1ptmMuuLon
want you two to go through the chorus again, this time with a little 45Please respect copyright.PENANAg4dhVxXUJt
more high tempo and see how it sounds," said the music producer.copyright protection41PENANAGJa2Ah0dBE45Please respect copyright.PENANAmK9irVMJuF

"Okay," Taeyang and I said at the same time.copyright protection41PENANAmHbt9TxfT545Please respect copyright.PENANAbv4ESR9mDx

"Shall GD and I leave then?" Zoey asked.copyright protection41PENANAoBg21dnntn45Please respect copyright.PENANAJTBXaxv8sf

"You may," said Collins,45Please respect copyright.PENANABOZK7qGTaa
looking a little irritated on his face. "But don't leave the studio. 45Please respect copyright.PENANAymGD0zu9V7
You have to work on the backup vocals."copyright protection41PENANAO96ZcHgcUR45Please respect copyright.PENANAGF1iDbQ9ki

"Alright, we will be here," said Zoey, with a grin on her face.copyright protection41PENANAQhz2LIViYP45Please respect copyright.PENANAoV6nGdOm7Z

If I hadn't known 45Please respect copyright.PENANAxGldkmMOwI
better, something told me Zoey and G-Dragon were up to something. They 45Please respect copyright.PENANAWdnXw19mat
looked like little mischievous children as they smiled at each other and45Please respect copyright.PENANAEyoLW5ZLr6
they walked out of the live room. I couldn't help but feel a little 45Please respect copyright.PENANAKYN6b7tYWZ
hollow inside.copyright protection41PENANAnmqEosSMPl45Please respect copyright.PENANAGSd4QJ605h

"So, we will start from Christine's part," said the music producer.copyright protection41PENANA9EugDHYTTS45Please respect copyright.PENANAtKQSvMXvxp

We continued recording 45Please respect copyright.PENANACinppzwTys
the song and later on, TOP, Mike, Daesung, Seungri and Daniel also came 45Please respect copyright.PENANATfl6kcPqcV
into the live room. It took us a while to record the whole song, trying 45Please respect copyright.PENANAHGFxzbkwGS
to make our vocals blend in with the song but we were done.copyright protection41PENANALKakMV3Ie145Please respect copyright.PENANAWiakHATets

"Great job guys," said Collins. "Let's break up for lunch and then we can come back and work on the backup vocals."copyright protection41PENANAxCoYhNq9zg45Please respect copyright.PENANAHnH2t1fjrr

"Alright," said Mike as he took out his headphones. "I'm pretty hungry now."copyright protection41PENANAuJUZ0yGYrA45Please respect copyright.PENANAe97UHG51dM

"The song is amazing," said Christine. "And it's catchy that you can sing it the whole day."copyright protection41PENANARdk1x7XBPc45Please respect copyright.PENANATa44uMFn09

"Ya," said TOP. "Why don't we all go somewhere special for lunch?"copyright protection41PENANADnO1l6PLfp45Please respect copyright.PENANAPIwxLZy0j0

"Like where?" I asked as I put the headphones on the mic.copyright protection41PENANA2J8WJ8uq7W45Please respect copyright.PENANArx9zsQgxSu

"Some restaurant I think we will like," said TOP as he looked at me with a killer smile.copyright protection41PENANA0Y9l0HtXii45Please respect copyright.PENANAjLEoQ8avwb

"That sounds great." I turned to the window to look at Collins who obviously heard everything. "Can we go, Collins?"copyright protection41PENANAaWGZY15NNk45Please respect copyright.PENANAEmTaTEarFt

"Ya, you can go," said Collins waving his hand irritatingly in the air.copyright protection41PENANAcP4lMNtheA45Please respect copyright.PENANAs71BGtsX1k

"Yes!" Daniel punched the air with his fist.copyright protection41PENANAefznAz44wn45Please respect copyright.PENANArk65JWeUsK

"But be back within an hour."copyright protection41PENANAnHj3Gi4L5S45Please respect copyright.PENANA6660hZEsrk

I raised an eyebrow at Collins who then rolled his eyes at me and groaned.copyright protection41PENANA5iHaDuY7Lc45Please respect copyright.PENANAVTrWv8qY5r

"Fine, an hour and a half."copyright protection41PENANAIZrhn2Qs6n45Please respect copyright.PENANAjxMpDvmRpO

I did a little victory dance in my heart and I smiled in triumph. Collins and the music producer soon left the studio room.copyright protection41PENANAQu4axKsCwx45Please respect copyright.PENANACwVIwcIbEa

"How did you do that?" Daesung asked as we all walked out of the live room.copyright protection41PENANAuBQcMtGKBs45Please respect copyright.PENANAvA4WxA4Xya

"Do what?" I asked with a smile on my face as Daesung was right behind me.copyright protection41PENANAXjsoAPrriy45Please respect copyright.PENANAoRHaglFDc5

"How did you convince Collins to give us an hour and thirty minutes?"copyright protection41PENANAO82TizDKb945Please respect copyright.PENANArOCmx8zgjd

"That, my friend," said 45Please respect copyright.PENANAqOOuLl4QiD
Mike behind me, "is the way my sister does her thing. Just by a look in 45Please respect copyright.PENANA0HuIRL3xog
her eyes and you will have to do whatever she wants."copyright protection41PENANAiGL8SyCyid45Please respect copyright.PENANADQ5fcCnLTG

"That's not true," I said as I turned around to look at Mike who had his hand on Daesung's shoulder.copyright protection41PENANA0fwtE7j6yB45Please respect copyright.PENANAZjvOOg9T6s

"Really? I beg to differ," said TOP as he winked at me.copyright protection41PENANAEnJHg2hUMt45Please respect copyright.PENANAw791Q0NUyc

"No one does what I want them to do just by looking at them in the eye," I said, looking away from TOP, blushing.copyright protection41PENANA459Qd1oPAG45Please respect copyright.PENANAbc2greTP0M

"Well, it does work, most of the time," said Christine nodding her head.copyright protection41PENANA3BWA4BHnHg45Please respect copyright.PENANAw061OUiXOp

"Oh, ya? Like when?" I folded my arms.copyright protection41PENANAYmDI3TKkOx45Please respect copyright.PENANAplwzmnAah8

"Whenever you want us to45Please respect copyright.PENANAmskoJMDCBD
tell you the truth about something and we refuse, you always give us 45Please respect copyright.PENANAp7Dv9sqrpe
this eye that makes us give in," said Daniel.copyright protection41PENANAOSCXIQZ6Gz45Please respect copyright.PENANAQPzmpWKZ61

"For real?" I raised an eyebrow.copyright protection41PENANANJaKjel0C345Please respect copyright.PENANA8sutRdfuQQ

"Ya, your eyes burn and we just can't take it," said Christine.copyright protection41PENANAhBpUktO5NC45Please respect copyright.PENANA8fYMK7eayE

"Huh," I thought of all 45Please respect copyright.PENANApouYLTUwS0
the times when either of my brothers or the girls ever did whatever I 45Please respect copyright.PENANAy0t2tkgJP6
wanted them to do just by me giving them the eye.copyright protection41PENANACCvfzd5ykL45Please respect copyright.PENANAAXmyK7GYif

"But that doesn't explain with Collins though," said Taeyang.copyright protection41PENANA88viTOxfPa45Please respect copyright.PENANADHE7Fq0zWT

"Thank you, Tae," I said feeling relieved.copyright protection41PENANAi6LI15bQaY45Please respect copyright.PENANAAuU3xonN7c

"Come on, Sam," said 45Please respect copyright.PENANAUHaggUnWTF
Daniel. "You might not know it, but Collins listens to you because you 45Please respect copyright.PENANAbwmPE2fFBc
also give him the eye. And also probably because you're his favourite."copyright protection41PENANAtNBY3ac9Jx45Please respect copyright.PENANAybGsfdRC1Y

"That makes no sense." I shook my head.copyright protection41PENANAVRGqazeIO445Please respect copyright.PENANAPVG0cWVASO

"I believe him," said Seungri. "Looks like you have a way of getting to Collins to make him agree with you."copyright protection41PENANAS7aDPcJ02U45Please respect copyright.PENANAg4lCU0FaFg

"But he doesn't agree to me all the time," I slowly shook my head.copyright protection41PENANAZvIAtLLGVu45Please respect copyright.PENANAmds2GHgxkh

"On some ocassions like this one, he does," said Christine with a smile.copyright protection41PENANAdQmTgxtvfi45Please respect copyright.PENANAwaccbp86Z1

"Can we please just go for lunch?" I asked.copyright protection41PENANAz8pKMeWvfZ45Please respect copyright.PENANAVf6gS0gxaV

Seungri came over to open the door for me, but just as I was about to step out of the room, I stopped.copyright protection41PENANAqeu8OYUzFP45Please respect copyright.PENANAOw9hzQZPok

"Guys?" I turned around to look at the others. "Where are Zoey and GD?"copyright protection41PENANA4SGrMWZfsf45Please respect copyright.PENANA6Uvj6GJeMI

We all turned towards the couch and noticed that there was no one there. I  went back in the room and looked around.copyright protection41PENANAx1nXM9bJEq45Please respect copyright.PENANAfHYmYQmeox

"They aren't here," I said.copyright protection41PENANAI5Fdetc83R45Please respect copyright.PENANAad3kuDbusz

"These guys don't stop surprising us with their disappearing acts," said Daesung.copyright protection41PENANAY8JEzwBzM345Please respect copyright.PENANAOztjTzZCOM

"I'm surprised Collins didn't notice," said Seungri.copyright protection41PENANAOj5bhRktBZ45Please respect copyright.PENANAl4tjqraMGy

"Hopefully, they will be back before we start on the backup vocals," I said.copyright protection41PENANATj4zxj2Jr645Please respect copyright.PENANAjRLncg0nKt

"Then let's go then," said TOP. "Wherever those two are, they are fine."copyright protection41PENANAAqek5OQHoC45Please respect copyright.PENANAWz3pTXZSAN

I nodded my head and we 45Please respect copyright.PENANAFVR8fhAp4h
all left the room. As we headed down to the ground floor, I reminded 45Please respect copyright.PENANAYn8KLl0MIL
myself to leave a text message for Zoey.copyright protection41PENANALcWQndIIGk45Please respect copyright.PENANAgFkj5eh47R

We were in the lobby and45Please respect copyright.PENANARMNJU21vr5
I stopped to remove my phone. I went over to messages and realised that45Please respect copyright.PENANAMqtVafgb1Z
I had one unread message. It was the message I had received this 45Please respect copyright.PENANAWhEhBJvTOC
morning.copyright protection41PENANAHADM9a5cUx45Please respect copyright.PENANAKGoxpjAqO2

I first sent Zoey a text45Please respect copyright.PENANAwBsZwCeNNg
message then I decided to read the unknown message from this unknown 45Please respect copyright.PENANAMKyr29ax2Y
person. Then TOP appeared right in front of me.copyright protection41PENANAjuYyO4nFLL45Please respect copyright.PENANAaNEzl4TVvI

"Hey, what are you looking at?"copyright protection41PENANAhwXenlr63845Please respect copyright.PENANAX1jp1Q2gDQ

I was startled by his sudden appearance that my thumb pressed the exit button and I had gone out of my messages.copyright protection41PENANAqLJ4xTfD5945Please respect copyright.PENANAwqB4RDe1bh

"I was just sending Zoey a message," I said.copyright protection41PENANAboDaXsek7Z45Please respect copyright.PENANA0l4FVpJOke

"Okay, shall we go?"copyright protection41PENANA5pw3DUo51r45Please respect copyright.PENANAwigPIhFKxj

"Ya, sure." I put the phone back in my pocket and I wrapped my arm around his elbow and we walked out of the building.copyright protection41PENANAercXwKQLoW45Please respect copyright.PENANAB4Jc9BPnD0

"Oh, you guys look like you're going out," said Christine with a smile.copyright protection41PENANAUzlyKi1YC945Please respect copyright.PENANAFDmJih925u

"We're all going out for lunch aren't we?" I asked with a smirk.copyright protection41PENANAYIyvLcp9hq45Please respect copyright.PENANAhBMxruO7fm

"Ya, we are," said Daesung, looking the other way and scratching the back of his head. copyright protection41PENANABwSOtoykaX45Please respect copyright.PENANAqRra3AMTYp

"We better go or else our one and half hours will elapse in no time," said Daniel.copyright protection41PENANAg5xBDhUFfx45Please respect copyright.PENANAUD2gnlywoD

Instead of using any one45Please respect copyright.PENANA1FfNcGi1Ny
of the Big Bang members personal cars, we used the two black SUVs. We 45Please respect copyright.PENANAoepPptqbmp
were driven to a fancy restaurant and as usual, we grabbed a lot of 45Please respect copyright.PENANAAg3DxqZ5Xn
attention, especially from the customers.copyright protection41PENANAOdfmJ1y9bQ45Please respect copyright.PENANAIY3YMgE5hs

I had to admit, the 45Please respect copyright.PENANAEGG4w6xWhU
restaurant was nice and classy, suitable for the famous and the rich. As45Please respect copyright.PENANAmRapvIQuNN
I walked into the restaurant with the others, a fancy glass chandelier 45Please respect copyright.PENANASwMWuzc9Ft
caught my eye. The polished wooden floor shone almost like glass under 45Please respect copyright.PENANABj9inFoVCF
the lights the chandelier reflected all over the room.copyright protection41PENANAzMmsAQR9a145Please respect copyright.PENANAPZx0o2Iexv

A smartly dressed 45Please respect copyright.PENANA2q2PmwoyG4
waiter, who by the way, was super cute, came over. He gave us a friendly45Please respect copyright.PENANA2hnczLSXGv
smile and I felt Christine nudge me by the shoulder and when I turned 45Please respect copyright.PENANACvuavSdd7K
to her, she was smiling. Looked like she also noticed the waiter's good 45Please respect copyright.PENANAJ9bMYyjn6Z
looks too. Damn! Why were Korean men so good looking?copyright protection41PENANA7r6E3KVXpb45Please respect copyright.PENANAr9gPlPAeNg

We were escorted to a 45Please respect copyright.PENANAJqMdAi5Nwc
round table big enough to cater a whole lot of people. Even ten. But 45Please respect copyright.PENANAyfmK2lilJp
sadly, Zoey and G-Dragon weren't here.copyright protection41PENANAvdpKA8M9hX45Please respect copyright.PENANAkazA0UqA8e

TOP pulled a chair for 45Please respect copyright.PENANARREE5fWa3s
me and I sat down, thanking him as he took his seat beside me. Seungri 45Please respect copyright.PENANAnCIKmK5F5P
pulled a chair for Christine who sat on my other side and Seungri sat 45Please respect copyright.PENANA4qZE1ZyrAH
beside her.copyright protection41PENANAZRKmklcbvm45Please respect copyright.PENANAGszk6EA3PD

"This place is so lovely," I said as I looked around.copyright protection41PENANAdCNkgQ4cOu45Please respect copyright.PENANAvdfeXCY3h4

"Tell me about it," said Christine.copyright protection41PENANAnjIM4iVQrc45Please respect copyright.PENANASmvS0wSzYt

"I knew you would like it," said TOP.copyright protection41PENANAOr4zNoU0Ap45Please respect copyright.PENANAhEWQZ2vz5l

"Ya, it's exquisite, but I'm only here for the food," said Mike who sat opposite me.copyright protection41PENANAmO1a8h1duQ45Please respect copyright.PENANAcBysPw4OAm

"So, let's order," said Daesung.copyright protection41PENANAHR9qEeIz4a45Please respect copyright.PENANATtJomJUfjS

I took the fancy looking menu with the colour of velvet and the letters written in gold. Classy.copyright protection41PENANAMTCRsqgnqQ45Please respect copyright.PENANAIAwErvHW5N

After our delicious meals had been served, we ate. I enjoyed it as I savoured every little food in my mouth.copyright protection41PENANAMMEOXN6Z0A45Please respect copyright.PENANAhioPKemP3W

As we were having our 45Please respect copyright.PENANAbWqVkMEf1Y
dessert, we were chatting and there was a lot of laughter all around our45Please respect copyright.PENANA8JyEoZa5Vg
table. It was fun to be like this, all together as good friends and 45Please respect copyright.PENANATdyh3iwp8z
laughing about. I kind of wished Zoey and GD were here. I bet they were 45Please respect copyright.PENANAmkwMfQzU6A
having fun wherever they were.copyright protection41PENANAPHrY76cQGh45Please respect copyright.PENANASekqTJp4Ol

While I was having my 45Please respect copyright.PENANAkIzS0Cbw2j
strawberry cake, I felt the vibration of my phone in my pocket. Must be a45Please respect copyright.PENANA6oDCbTtKNz
message. I took out my phone and I was shocked to see that the same 45Please respect copyright.PENANAlFNF6HpwLe
unknown number had sent me a message again.copyright protection41PENANA1sbEkE4A1u45Please respect copyright.PENANAR5WrYW39s5

I tapped on the message 45Please respect copyright.PENANAtyu7bG0ErN
icon and the first message the unknown number had sent to me was a 45Please respect copyright.PENANAeMt2szJR5u
photo. I had to download it first before I could even see it. And then 45Please respect copyright.PENANA5XA2oyYsHq
the next message was more surprising.copyright protection41PENANAqOh5CeSIdS45Please respect copyright.PENANAybZ2iaJiPa

"Aren't you going to do anything about this?"copyright protection41PENANAj2AL1IRezx45Please respect copyright.PENANA63XA5q9Oif

Anything about what was 45Please respect copyright.PENANAjocTqBro39
the question. Had this had to do with the photo? Must be or else the 45Please respect copyright.PENANAPBkOEDZnVO
unknown person wouldn't have texted me this message.copyright protection41PENANAvA0HekljUm45Please respect copyright.PENANAy2RwCXWMLe

I decided to turn my data on and download the photo. Just as I was about to, my phone went off.copyright protection41PENANANlb4rNjjwx45Please respect copyright.PENANA14CeY2PqrT

"Dang it!" I muttered to myself.copyright protection41PENANAcQANBCvsQ445Please respect copyright.PENANAzgvU59x4xt

"Hey, what's wrong?" TOP asked.copyright protection41PENANA0mF03Ukodf45Please respect copyright.PENANAT5vLB8IyUt

"Nothing, my phone went dead. I hadn't charged it last night."copyright protection41PENANAL0AW51Kplh45Please respect copyright.PENANAMVypaxs0XT

"Was there something important you wanted to do?" Taeyang asked.copyright protection41PENANAWx7xkI9QbZ45Please respect copyright.PENANATxapsfy0j6

"Not really, it's not important." I shook my head but my thoughts still lingered on the unknown photo.copyright protection41PENANAVbmAbpvwOI45Please respect copyright.PENANAtccZXO8Gm2

"Did Zoey text you back?" Christine asked.copyright protection41PENANALAJmxPnheJ45Please respect copyright.PENANAa9YJz9g19d

"No, why?" I asked as I picked up a piece of strawberry cake with my fork.copyright protection41PENANAzbhHICqSsB45Please respect copyright.PENANAV3L5sdk1dE

"Well, your phone vibrated so I thought you had received a message from her."copyright protection41PENANASnNeYZEtvs45Please respect copyright.PENANA8HRkHP8Pvv

"It was something. Wherever Zoey is, she is having a lot of fun."copyright protection41PENANAbh2VDzK1RZ45Please respect copyright.PENANASFFQoeZEg9

"Hey, what's up with GD and Zoey anyway?" Taeyang asked.copyright protection41PENANALra28TEyL745Please respect copyright.PENANASbcDhFQCG4

"Isn't it freaking obvious?" said Daesung. "Those two seem like a couple now."copyright protection41PENANAaEuYStXwWt45Please respect copyright.PENANAgOL89tXiit

I almost choked on my cake but instead, I cleared my throat. Christine rolled her eyes.copyright protection41PENANAZ8L13oBOqs45Please respect copyright.PENANANb8s1xH1cX

"Well, that wasn't going to go on unnoticed forever," she said.copyright protection41PENANANcUXe2RTBD45Please respect copyright.PENANAa59nIr2z3J

"Wait, for real?" Taeyang asked, with a look of surprise.copyright protection41PENANA0MhvKaYHHU45Please respect copyright.PENANAEkyqtHTqZc

"And you already knew, didn't you?" Mike asked looking at Christine.copyright protection41PENANAbG3WI6ljVM45Please respect copyright.PENANAUNn2goAXqN

"Oh, please," said Christine rolling her eyes. "Don't tell me you haven't noticed how close those two are nowadays."copyright protection41PENANAMIYGGdJx6k45Please respect copyright.PENANAVBS5ZAw1aA

"They have always been close," said Seungri. "But this time, they are just way too close."copyright protection41PENANAa67sBRCAzj45Please respect copyright.PENANALOVjeo18P0

"For them to disappear like that together, it counts for something, right?" TOP suggested.copyright protection41PENANAvKZyHHF31A45Please respect copyright.PENANAkJNHM46m1w

"Can we please stop 45Please respect copyright.PENANA9W8127Cy8N
talking about it?" I asked. "There are people around and if they hear 45Please respect copyright.PENANA8UC4dRseZh
all this, some of us would be hanged when this spreads like wild fire."copyright protection41PENANAPNjOuZ1dw745Please respect copyright.PENANAfj030M7698

"Why do you say that?" Daesung asked.copyright protection41PENANAyHeF9QwLq645Please respect copyright.PENANACj5Ll8SYG1

"Oh, oooh, oh," said Daniel waving his hand from across the table. "May I say it?"copyright protection41PENANA5VQ5uyNaBO45Please respect copyright.PENANALPVoT8flne

"No, let me," said 45Please respect copyright.PENANADCxDGyqNEz
Christine, as she put her hand on mine and looking at me convincingly to45Please respect copyright.PENANAWhT22eaUcR
allow her to say what she wanted to say.copyright protection41PENANAKqC4f63gjz45Please respect copyright.PENANAWXGRlA0BVn

I shook my head at Christine and she leaned back on her seat with a groan. Daniel smiled when I nodded my head to let him go on.copyright protection41PENANAnRgCxqs3bT45Please respect copyright.PENANAPz0ndGVDuz

"Because, Collins gave 45Please respect copyright.PENANAdqR6tTkDOw
these girls a golden rule when we were coming here," said Daniel. "And 45Please respect copyright.PENANAuKubBQLCrH
that is, none of them should date any one of you Big Bang members. 45Please respect copyright.PENANAZhg0EtGz7b
Never."copyright protection41PENANA9hP0mjzaua45Please respect copyright.PENANA9kB1r4UMIJ

There was silence on the45Please respect copyright.PENANAjcuNn6E9I6
table and I couldn't help but feel a little downcast. Christine 45Please respect copyright.PENANAQIn6I1zpBG
continued to eat her dessert like nothing serious had happened. I looked45Please respect copyright.PENANAAL1cMtgHfZ
over at my brothers who seem to be enjoying our humiliation.copyright protection41PENANAZfBBjQIm7145Please respect copyright.PENANArybVmz21IK

"Is that true?" Seungri asked, looking over at me.copyright protection41PENANAWuTc7rDzuP45Please respect copyright.PENANA7zsuFbwfA8

"Ya, it's true," I said as I slowly chewed the cake in my mouth.copyright protection41PENANAtE6iFtCeD645Please respect copyright.PENANAWaTXmGrDoG

"Oh." Daesung looked a little disappointed as he stared down at his plate.copyright protection41PENANAoCl0eERW1Y45Please respect copyright.PENANADPfOKCoNE7

"Who cares? It's not like it's that serious," said TOP as he shrugged.copyright protection41PENANAYXtSaAjNaO45Please respect copyright.PENANAxLG0gmbMBL

"It's serious to 45Please respect copyright.PENANAUxWOvjvWXT
Collins," I said as I turned to look at TOP. "We're only here to 45Please respect copyright.PENANADAITptwOga
collaborate with you and that's all. Not date, get married and have 45Please respect copyright.PENANAVOWCOcZZZA
babies."copyright protection41PENANACDsIW7bymP45Please respect copyright.PENANALU8HID1eAY

That was odd coming out 45Please respect copyright.PENANA7dyQ7YjDMA
of my own mouth and the others knew it too. Everyone's eyes were on me, 45Please respect copyright.PENANAOIoKlcXkbW
with looks on their faces that I couldn't describe. This was 45Please respect copyright.PENANAUXQ2EzGFNg
embarrassing. My hands were now curled into fists as they rested on my 45Please respect copyright.PENANAEVudLCb4gX
laps.copyright protection41PENANAELs0LHFDEG45Please respect copyright.PENANAF4F3P1fMlr

"Sorry, that came out wrong," I said.copyright protection41PENANABCD4vNFOAP45Please respect copyright.PENANAJgpzj39ZJX

"Well, you did catch us by surprise by saying that," said Taeyang.copyright protection41PENANADct5Vpd7YA45Please respect copyright.PENANAgnSLADnLID

I really did. Something 45Please respect copyright.PENANAJnIpqxqGkL
had gone totally wrong with me and I could feel it. My thoughts were 45Please respect copyright.PENANA831xDlBMkl
spinning in my head and I felt like I had no control over how I felt.copyright protection41PENANAWDlpD77iKL45Please respect copyright.PENANAKBICmjfJ5Y

"Excuse me, I'll need to use the rest room," I said as I drew back my chair, stood up and headed straight for the ladies' room.copyright protection41PENANAZmnCqSq6H145Please respect copyright.PENANAnOm5eMDEtY

I quickly closed the 45Please respect copyright.PENANAqC1raFMMs7
door immediately I stepped in the ladies' room, leaning my back against 45Please respect copyright.PENANA7cIPO594Pe
the door. My hands flew to my hair and I took a deep breath. I walked 45Please respect copyright.PENANA2d3oihbWWF
over to the sink and stared at myself in the mirror.copyright protection41PENANAWkdqq8PEfN45Please respect copyright.PENANAUmiWOtBBf3

"What's wrong with you today?" I asked my reflection.copyright protection41PENANAecqAC4HJnr45Please respect copyright.PENANAImgrc4xl9n

I shook my head and I 45Please respect copyright.PENANAAcAEBSWNPT
knew I wasn't alright. Something was definitely wrong. Was it the fact 45Please respect copyright.PENANAtJfLF3fhFu
that Zoey and G-Dragon were together? As far as I know, I wasn't really 45Please respect copyright.PENANAloQBQ3GnpQ
supposed to care. But I did.copyright protection41PENANAumNSZeLqlt45Please respect copyright.PENANAK02kEEdBr2

I looked at myself and I45Please respect copyright.PENANAuVMKGsNVKt
could see the sadness in my eyes. Were they for G-Dragon? I shook my 45Please respect copyright.PENANAq5RhHHko5J
head at the thought. No. They weren't. He and I were still at war with 45Please respect copyright.PENANAePJhaoVoZn
each other and that made no sense. I had to stop thinking about these 45Please respect copyright.PENANAruideZG2Vq
things and focus on what's really important.copyright protection41PENANArhOFHeOxT445Please respect copyright.PENANAvlvmCc4WB9

I quickly took a deep breath to try and pull myself together. I rinsed my hands, left the room and went back to our table.copyright protection41PENANAl8gMITRpDe45Please respect copyright.PENANAGPYp79N3xN

"Are you okay, Sam?" Mike asked as I sat back down.copyright protection41PENANAR7BF0BTL2f45Please respect copyright.PENANAqYhIcvISxD

"Ya, I am. I just feel horrible that I said that."copyright protection41PENANAetw28ehWMb45Please respect copyright.PENANAi2ZNpB0tyB

"We think we know why you did," said Christine.copyright protection41PENANA07jhU2bLrO45Please respect copyright.PENANACerBEyKrCi

I gulped. What had these45Please respect copyright.PENANAf2gwLs2tkA
guys thought of now? If it was what I thought it was, I would rather 45Please respect copyright.PENANA7CD6q2Irwg
not hear it. There was a moment of silence at the table.copyright protection41PENANA0jWCYWdSHf45Please respect copyright.PENANA39vuK93vBF

"Zoey has you so worked up that you're irritated," said TOP.copyright protection41PENANA7WJDZSShPE45Please respect copyright.PENANAOQI4ntxqXS

That was not what I was expecting. I was wide eyed and in my heart, feeling a little relieved.copyright protection41PENANAsQMM8HOjtg45Please respect copyright.PENANA04vDbWFTnc

"Ya, I remember when we were coming here in the plane and Collins told you to watch over Christine and Zoey," said Mike.copyright protection41PENANA7tA45y0jqI45Please respect copyright.PENANA9qlFV6OZBq

"And I have been a good girl on my part," said Christine making an invisible drawing of a halo above her head with her finger.copyright protection41PENANAzxEjbEb4V145Please respect copyright.PENANAFphnuER24O

While Christine was one 45Please respect copyright.PENANAV4TqI4moYK
who at least had her hormones in check, Zoey and I were pretty much 45Please respect copyright.PENANAA7aVN61B5D
guilty. I couldn't tell who was worse between either of us. I bet I was 45Please respect copyright.PENANA2L3j8xX0A2
worse.copyright protection41PENANAIoRvbZcZjG45Please respect copyright.PENANAPv7IVPNidL

"Well, I guess I'm also guilty myself like Zoey," I said, admitting to everyone.copyright protection41PENANAgr9QvfpvzQ45Please respect copyright.PENANA2OTdJGkLip

"If you mean TOP flirting around with you, then trust me, you're not," said Daniel.copyright protection41PENANAe9nTszxEDt45Please respect copyright.PENANAokbrDjZBkz

"Hey!" TOP looked a little annoyed but rather amused. He ended up laughing in the end.copyright protection41PENANAFmRxR2x42Q45Please respect copyright.PENANAE95LS0BFjP

"And me calling you my panda," said Seungri, with a smirk.copyright protection41PENANAKjiUaNazjJ45Please respect copyright.PENANArmDlAn1U8k

"You see, Sam, people just like you," said Mike. "And these guys shouldn't dare make a move of kissing you."copyright protection41PENANApxSNqlmY0045Please respect copyright.PENANAkxEvYiPYT9

I blushed. "Mike!"copyright protection41PENANArFmjdelKjo45Please respect copyright.PENANAyxiDjbEVRX

"Don't worry, he is just being protective over his sister," said Daesung, laughing.copyright protection41PENANAA4HSYSG8rZ45Please respect copyright.PENANAKijoDTLFOU

"I've tried kissing 45Please respect copyright.PENANAZ8rEDpWsoP
her," TOP challenged as he looked over at my brothers. He raised an 45Please respect copyright.PENANACWnUzH6dCX
eyebrow. "What are you going to do about that?"copyright protection41PENANASRxLFY62X645Please respect copyright.PENANAbnfvMTpyzd

"Uhh, if I were you, I 45Please respect copyright.PENANAsylTcYj9rH
wouldn't challenge them, TOP," I said as put my hand on his shoulder, 45Please respect copyright.PENANAY3EmYd44rH
looking over at my brothers who looked set on tearing TOP apart. And I 45Please respect copyright.PENANA1C5h7RbwpK
caught a glimpse of Daesung rolling his eyes at TOP. "You would end up 45Please respect copyright.PENANAJRj5Lw34Fv
regretting it."copyright protection41PENANA2oMoIZD4JW45Please respect copyright.PENANAMEyq1xE5B5

"True," said Christine, nodding her head at TOP. "These boys are like monsters you can't beat. Only Sam can handle them."copyright protection41PENANAsk0adZ2U7u45Please respect copyright.PENANAMDHRVPI6l8

I looked over at Christine with a look that said 'that's not true.' Christine shrugged.copyright protection41PENANAU0mrL1qR3n45Please respect copyright.PENANAR50aaLHePm

"Fine, I'll listen to 45Please respect copyright.PENANAJC0i21PG7r
you ladies," said TOP as he looked at Christine and I. "Most especially 45Please respect copyright.PENANAMT4uLZjt6F
because Sam says so." He gave me that killer bad boy smile of his and I 45Please respect copyright.PENANACXKC8VnP9d
blushed.copyright protection41PENANAY6MLvvK8zu45Please respect copyright.PENANAcTQccSe1zl

"Well, we better go," said Taeyang.copyright protection41PENANA41P5b34eXc45Please respect copyright.PENANAslfxQ0x9uD

He was right. We only had a few minutes to get to YG. And Collins was one person who's strict when it comes to time.copyright protection41PENANAIRc4jX6JPa45Please respect copyright.PENANAO6BzJKu6AE

After TOP paid the bill, we left the restaurant with the paparazzi taking pictures as we walked out.copyright protection41PENANA7NgUyMpjUY45Please respect copyright.PENANAkMxaYJ3dLD

We got to YG just in 45Please respect copyright.PENANAzeZOLPOjYj
time. I just hoped that Zoey and G-Dragon were back here. I didn't want 45Please respect copyright.PENANAXNpym8jQfT
Collins on my throat and giving him the eye, wasn't going to help.copyright protection41PENANAOZ0D5cG9qD45Please respect copyright.PENANAvAF2KEMNRy

When we got to the studio, we found G-Dragon.copyright protection41PENANAl9uxeNukxk45Please respect copyright.PENANArqMqfyf3Rd

"Hey, where did you two disappear to?" Christine asked.copyright protection41PENANAuF7LzGyZZs45Please respect copyright.PENANAnO0MnnVGdb

"We just went out," said G-Dragon as he looked around the room.copyright protection41PENANAYNsZrxb7HC45Please respect copyright.PENANAAILfLvTyjL

I couldn't help but feel45Please respect copyright.PENANA7KbUbqsquk
that something was wrong, just by the look on his face. "What's wrong?"45Please respect copyright.PENANAER9EEx1Adf
I asked him with my eyebrow raised.copyright protection41PENANAL2LgAZ35kB45Please respect copyright.PENANALNYw3K2Wjm

"Huh?" He appeared to be absent minded. Was he looking for something?copyright protection41PENANApPgxBQd9Pd45Please respect copyright.PENANAHq7TkikNIP

"I was asking what's wrong with you? And where is Zoey?" I asked as I also looked around.copyright protection41PENANABO04NsCZzj45Please respect copyright.PENANA7nGh1lO3V2

"That's the thing," said G-Dragon. "I can't find her."copyright protection41PENANABlmnBWmF2H45Please respect copyright.PENANAjHQheT2gQl

I felt something inside 45Please respect copyright.PENANADyMKr63LUM
me break and my eyes bulged out of their sockets ready to fall out. I 45Please respect copyright.PENANAB29ijbD7ez
couldn't believe what I was hearing.copyright protection41PENANAgrwxY7ocge45Please respect copyright.PENANAayg0PuUSLK

"Are you for real?" Taeyang asked.copyright protection41PENANApS2qXPSzPs45Please respect copyright.PENANAeoj09K7dw1

"I'm serious," said G-Dragon.copyright protection41PENANASqNfNoba3e45Please respect copyright.PENANAZ739pnk3vz

"Wait, do you mean you 'lost' her?" Mike asked.copyright protection41PENANARkFoSEwgQM45Please respect copyright.PENANADF7UGWpAPa

"I didn't lose her, I just can't find her."copyright protection41PENANAufFwFCmybb45Please respect copyright.PENANAl3zE3JpbWW

"That sounds more like losing her to me," said Daniel.copyright protection41PENANA04CNjqcvAg45Please respect copyright.PENANAdW3g5tEpx9

"You guys aren't helping!" G-Dragon exclaimed throwing his hands in the air in frustration.copyright protection41PENANAJsBpRt3nJT45Please respect copyright.PENANAYaO54u2t5S

"Where were you guys first of all?" Seungri asked.copyright protection41PENANA9e9PLPr7nD45Please respect copyright.PENANAErVe5ZXvaU

"We first went to have lunch then the two of us went to the park."copyright protection41PENANAjnIWb2mnyW45Please respect copyright.PENANArnRvEWZimw

"Then?" TOP asked.copyright protection41PENANADipfHgILDs45Please respect copyright.PENANAslHgqMLtgQ

"I don't know, I went over to get some ice cream for the both of us, and the next thing I know she was gone."copyright protection41PENANAFNGOCrD4z045Please respect copyright.PENANAlUih9oh7Tr

"Are you sure?" Daesung asked. "Did you look everywhere for her?"copyright protection41PENANAHToqPzsbW045Please respect copyright.PENANA1kPTQuPPNc

"I did. I even asked people around and they hadn't seen her. I thought she would be back here."copyright protection41PENANA8AjyP0OyLs45Please respect copyright.PENANAmfx3wYQhs6

"That would be unusual, given that Zoey doesn't really know the city so well," said Taeyang.copyright protection41PENANA1qgHfS9SXJ45Please respect copyright.PENANA8O1q5aOmhH

"But where could she be?" Christine asked looking as worried as I was.copyright protection41PENANATECh5rQxDN45Please respect copyright.PENANAOj2EcT92IX

"Try calling her," said Seungri, turning to Christine.copyright protection41PENANAyMoRkeS9NE45Please respect copyright.PENANAe5cL9IKZ0c

"I just hope she is okay," I said as I rubbed my neck.copyright protection41PENANABO5RwkKFdH45Please respect copyright.PENANA5906z6gosx

"What are we going to do with Collins?" Mike asked looking at me.copyright protection41PENANAp7m1ostf0745Please respect copyright.PENANA6hR9W3255L

"I don't know," I said. "Hey, do me a favour and try to call the hotel and see if Zoey is there."copyright protection41PENANA3yTrqdGjmt45Please respect copyright.PENANA2jQf5ZYPYZ

"Sure thing," said Mike as he pulled out his phone.copyright protection41PENANAXYh3QNoBtB45Please respect copyright.PENANA1481aH8r6B

"Her phone is off," said Christine her phone in her hand.copyright protection41PENANAjSJGU78on845Please respect copyright.PENANAZcSQlPTnVZ

"Oh, no, this isn't good," said TOP.copyright protection41PENANAvrHpT7CzrZ45Please respect copyright.PENANA9YiZdoYcdX

"Again, Zoey is putting us into more problems."copyright protection41PENANA2pXksO8QpB45Please respect copyright.PENANAbe1jgc0pD7

I couldn't help but 45Please respect copyright.PENANA0DjStFIn3D
wonder why she went off like that. Something wasn't right. Was G-Dragon 45Please respect copyright.PENANAmcBFbO3a0g
not telling us what was really going on?copyright protection41PENANAsJubppjxNH45Please respect copyright.PENANA8bv9vMmwb0

"No one has seen Zoey go into the hotel," Mike announced.copyright protection41PENANAFj8nI1vlAW45Please respect copyright.PENANADbDW47BMvE

"We're goners," said Seungri as he dropped himself on the couch.copyright protection41PENANAkDliXO75Fw45Please respect copyright.PENANAqSR1x2QBdR

"We've to look for her," said TOP.copyright protection41PENANAH7gcjFCCdq45Please respect copyright.PENANASl3ovybR4m

"But where can we start looking?" Daniel asked.copyright protection41PENANAjTJsgstLN445Please respect copyright.PENANASHyvDDDfq8

"I don't know, but we have to go and find her," I said.copyright protection41PENANAH8H3qFSxLx45Please respect copyright.PENANAUQ0LSyOI92

"And we have to do something with Collins," said Taeyang.copyright protection41PENANA4tElFX0iAd45Please respect copyright.PENANAz2oCqTaBLe

"Did someone say my name?"copyright protection41PENANAIT6rmnTP8H45Please respect copyright.PENANAYDWx9AaMPB

I cringed. He was one 45Please respect copyright.PENANAVKsWwkvl3F
person I wasn't ready to face right now. Everyone else wasn't ready to 45Please respect copyright.PENANAnCHLf8FqJq
face him either. We slowly turned to look behind us and Collins stood 45Please respect copyright.PENANAEI3BfdbqZ0
there with the music producer.copyright protection41PENANAUQPBUghMO345Please respect copyright.PENANA2VLuShPnCS

"Why are you all looking worried like someone has gone missing?" Collins asked.copyright protection41PENANAjTwYecVfuv45Please respect copyright.PENANA2ZuKLKSqaC

I sighed. If only he knew. But if he does find out, he wasn't going to forgive us that easily.copyright protection41PENANAtcpzELXyB545Please respect copyright.PENANAQPlUqA7B17

Collins looked on at us, waiting to answer him. What to do now! We were going to be in such big trouble.copyright protection41PENANAfvW57QmpCa45Please respect copyright.PENANAC33nyVEnih

"Looks like you aren't 45Please respect copyright.PENANAflhK62uZtE
going to answer me, so let's get back to work," said Collins turning 45Please respect copyright.PENANACjtXeUymvz
away from us and heading toward the console.copyright protection41PENANAsW4YUjbQyF45Please respect copyright.PENANAt7Dwvcs9AK

"We will work on the backup vocals," said Collins. "Zoey, Sam and Christine, you're up."copyright protection41PENANAm1SMBwxy4945Please respect copyright.PENANArQ6IAdK5cd

I looked at the others 45Please respect copyright.PENANAKPxeMM8k8E
who hadn't said a word. We all looked at each other. Someone had to do 45Please respect copyright.PENANAUCLy8hKArl
something or else we would be toast.copyright protection41PENANAEjFApNqLc345Please respect copyright.PENANAlSbsALGkRT

"Are we going to start?" Collins asked looking behind him as he turned on his chair. "Where is Zoey?"copyright protection41PENANAWEZ0DUjOKS45Please respect copyright.PENANAyBI6QuSYP1

It was about time he noticed. It looks like we ourselves weren't ready to tell him that Zoey is missing.copyright protection41PENANAu6UmSvSq4W45Please respect copyright.PENANADKDpjLG4m7

"What's wrong with you, guys? Why aren't you saying anything?"copyright protection41PENANAAIgfiG2Jrf45Please respect copyright.PENANApIZAazmRUd

"Zoey isn't here," said Mike.copyright protection41PENANANoTMoxHImr45Please respect copyright.PENANAKtPsAGXsFN

"Ya, I can see that. Where is she?"copyright protection41PENANABQyvcr14S545Please respect copyright.PENANAtix6HQSnVf

"She wasn't feeling too well," I said. "So she went back to the hotel."copyright protection41PENANA1sOiI6YLQq45Please respect copyright.PENANAvkXuU84hZZ

"What? Did she eat something bad for lunch?"copyright protection41PENANA0DOUqds7WO45Please respect copyright.PENANAvJtlc319wG

"Ya. She did," said G-Dragon.copyright protection41PENANAzxE83RA4Ws45Please respect copyright.PENANAX0Zv7Gm04h

"So, do you think we should continue or do this tomorrow when Zoey is around?" I asked.copyright protection41PENANA9XVXgE4eqV45Please respect copyright.PENANAfzBd4wl9Nl

"We should just do this tomorrow," the music producer suggested, turning to Collins.copyright protection41PENANAFrytlZGO6D45Please respect copyright.PENANA9i5CDhGFrd

Please say yes. I was praying in my heart that Collins would agree. This time I wasn't relying on my eye not to do anything.copyright protection41PENANACGahOd8pi445Please respect copyright.PENANAlpdkUk1gl5

"Fine," said Collins. "We really need Zoey, so we should just do it tomorrow."copyright protection41PENANARs2NpjruxS45Please respect copyright.PENANAxAF8NKF9Us

Mike and Daniel almost 45Please respect copyright.PENANAu3LAGpSn4j
jumped with relief but they managed to control themselves. Christine 45Please respect copyright.PENANAAqJOKD8MTt
turned around so that Collins and the music producer wouldn't notice her45Please respect copyright.PENANASq4yzSie1d
sighing in relief. The rest of us just stood there, pocker faced.copyright protection41PENANApdjYGFXnt445Please respect copyright.PENANAHwgt6XSYkW

"That's fine," said Taeyang.copyright protection41PENANA05KbnzovYH45Please respect copyright.PENANAiVn2J8FSUy

"I really wanted us to be done with this today," said Collins.copyright protection41PENANAAQ9DDzW53u45Please respect copyright.PENANAmMYqkyiDMk

"Looks like it wasn't meant to be," said TOP.copyright protection41PENANAYtHhsoWpLp45Please respect copyright.PENANAQuR7XX5QWq

Ya. It wasn't meant to be. Looks like we were lucky. That meant we could look around for Zoey.copyright protection41PENANAtMveXSOmoM45Please respect copyright.PENANAMfl9h4iXXc

"You guys can go back to the hotel and make sure Zoey is okay," said Collins.copyright protection41PENANA3YDcChLznO45Please respect copyright.PENANAvjZuKk23XP

"I'll go," said Christine. "The others can stay here if they want to."copyright protection41PENANA3liLCK9yaV45Please respect copyright.PENANAnOjeWhc179

Christine was doing the 45Please respect copyright.PENANArUpM4HRmEP
right thing. If she went to the hotel, Collins wouldn't be so suspicious45Please respect copyright.PENANAya8yETSHWQ
of what's going on and just in case he decides to go back there at 45Please respect copyright.PENANAwkFQzB8MCf
anytime, Christine might cover up for Zoey.copyright protection41PENANAXDHtSElG0K45Please respect copyright.PENANAV3alQe3IBI

"Okay and what will the rest of you all be doing?" Collins asked.copyright protection41PENANAt3J6fln0UK45Please respect copyright.PENANAxaSGIxzAew

"Chilling," G-Dragon and I replied at the same time. We both looked at each other afterwards.copyright protection41PENANAPY57JHSSg245Please respect copyright.PENANAqLQ5BpHKbj

"Fine, I have some other things to attend to. I might just go and check up on Lee and Yang Hyun-suk."copyright protection41PENANANeGvHy93f945Please respect copyright.PENANAZ7nateowX0

I wanted to ask where, 45Please respect copyright.PENANAeva7cSELsS
but I knew it was none of my business. I realised that I hadn't seen Lee45Please respect copyright.PENANAiTD8ZfyGZJ
the whole day. Must be she was busy with Yang Hyun-suk. Collins and the45Please respect copyright.PENANA0ZRoakCzQA
music producer soon left.copyright protection41PENANANIdwOsSbtM45Please respect copyright.PENANAz55JdhBR34

I walked over to the door and checked if Collins and the music producer were in the hall. But they were gone.copyright protection41PENANAVjK1qtJjmZ45Please respect copyright.PENANAKlYouYD2ED

"Looks like we have to split up and look for Zoey," said Taeyang.copyright protection41PENANAlad2FUAOYP45Please respect copyright.PENANAMFDD3NXGmO

"Ya, we should," I 45Please respect copyright.PENANAhVUmF7EgYH
nodded my head. "G-Dragon and I will take Christine to the hotel just in45Please respect copyright.PENANAlI3j6xhKAW
case Zoey shows up and if Collins decides to go there."copyright protection41PENANAYLybimEax745Please respect copyright.PENANAomC2ZGPWmc

"I'll go with Taeyang," said Daniel.copyright protection41PENANAWtqHvRbeby45Please respect copyright.PENANALE8F0NME4K

"And I with Seungri," said Mike.copyright protection41PENANAdxIqzolack45Please respect copyright.PENANAmptqJAY1ly

"That leaves Daesung and I," said TOP.copyright protection41PENANA0b5ynoU1ys45Please respect copyright.PENANAXKUAMUgBRD

"Great, let's go," I said and we all walked out of the room.copyright protection41PENANA9vWAdrsoFD45Please respect copyright.PENANAOChWhhJ4WO

As soon as we left the 45Please respect copyright.PENANAPjdiJXTHYf
YG building, we split up in the parking lot. Luckily, Collins had 45Please respect copyright.PENANAgWZawL4MnV
already left. Christine and I went with G-Dragon in his car. It was 45Please respect copyright.PENANApbyH7QYRUV
important that I had to talk to G-Dragon concerning Zoey.45Please respect copyright.PENANAGJfU2YRVGP
U45Please respect copyright.PENANAbWMa7iWc5j
We soon arrived at the hotel and Christine got out of the car. I gave her my phone for it to be charged.copyright protection41PENANAWSaFjK3FUg45Please respect copyright.PENANA8uuGbCwauq

"Call us if anything good happens," I said I looked at Christine through the window.copyright protection41PENANAZUr5sOunQ245Please respect copyright.PENANA6a9l4bkW71

"And what if something bad happens?" Christine asked.copyright protection41PENANAPZyMALd29S45Please respect copyright.PENANAMiXyt5QphV

"Like Collins? You can handle it," I said as I gave her a smile. Christine winked and wished us luck.copyright protection41PENANAG6LRL5BOLw45Please respect copyright.PENANAIpqd5CQCNk

G-Dragon drove away and 45Please respect copyright.PENANA2TvcfAoAwv
we first went to the park where he came with Zoey after lunch. I just 45Please respect copyright.PENANABiOzQhEHHW
hope she didn't go that far and that she was okay.copyright protection41PENANA4KqwQTlkgb45Please respect copyright.PENANACql3ErFu3s

"Did you two have some sort of argument?" I asked when we both got out of the car and I went round it to face him.copyright protection41PENANAn6bVSLG6OQ45Please respect copyright.PENANAP6mkiBUGbq

"What?"copyright protection41PENANAZuWKmHQXwB45Please respect copyright.PENANAcNJ1mzj1g0

"Did you two argue?"copyright protection41PENANAtAmU7cNsx445Please respect copyright.PENANAXTqjW4KCzN

"No, we didn't," said G-Dragon as he went around me and started walking towards the park.copyright protection41PENANADUaPQ3Aw9p45Please respect copyright.PENANA5oTrJc3ETf

I quickly turned and followed him. When I caught up with him, I stood in front of him to stop him.copyright protection41PENANAm8TiTg0Jdw45Please respect copyright.PENANA552O6poprE

"Are you telling me the truth?" I asked.copyright protection41PENANAlH7HCeTpHr45Please respect copyright.PENANAqoyRHvWs7v

"Do you think I am lying?" G-Dragon asked.copyright protection41PENANAullFabIKIS45Please respect copyright.PENANAgdUaEDmIif

"I think so." I said with my arms folded.copyright protection41PENANAa514oUkoEy45Please respect copyright.PENANAXnl0bsqzSR

"You're crazy," said G-Dragon as he walked around me again.copyright protection41PENANAVZf3GSiAhZ45Please respect copyright.PENANAeigN9Yi5qq

I huffed. He wasn't going to budge. I had to try something to get the truth out of him.copyright protection41PENANA2Mknruzafi45Please respect copyright.PENANABGDvQi9d1r

With quick strides, I 45Please respect copyright.PENANAtZPO01gqB9
caught up with him again. This time I started to walk backwards so that I45Please respect copyright.PENANAiQrzDBxWHY
could look at him directly in his face.copyright protection41PENANA2pn4tLYNaD45Please respect copyright.PENANAmiE0OvjYJk

"What are you doing?" G-Dragon asked as he looked at me, puzzled.copyright protection41PENANAl5DB8ktqUL45Please respect copyright.PENANAqckf0khhKS

"I want you to tell me the truth."copyright protection41PENANAqWxKkZeU9u45Please respect copyright.PENANAq3ISCmuaib

"You're stressing yourself out by walking backwards."copyright protection41PENANAdbTAfmmeaw45Please respect copyright.PENANA8EuNFijYh2

"Do I care?" I raised an eyebrow at him. "I know you're hiding something from me."copyright protection41PENANASvBv7KPBbK45Please respect copyright.PENANAjIeDYfXfwI

G-Dragon chuckled and 45Please respect copyright.PENANA7XLQQockyu
that almost made me smile. "Stop playing detective, my little kitty. As 45Please respect copyright.PENANAvG90tOjMNA
much as it suits you, you're going to trip over and fall."copyright protection41PENANAmBHUl2TAW245Please respect copyright.PENANAP6i3KgiHwP

"Then you have to stop me from walking backwards by answering my question."copyright protection41PENANA49eYKuk6Jv45Please respect copyright.PENANAqDNcuDAHY9

"This is one silly method of interrogation if you ask me."copyright protection41PENANACB0e78YXJa45Please respect copyright.PENANAcuPlujaN6Y

"I can tell you're not telling me something. Zoey can't just leave like that without someone upsetting her."copyright protection41PENANAH6Lo17qVIn45Please respect copyright.PENANAoV4GZPXhwt

"And how do you know?"copyright protection41PENANAYMxcLhH5oq45Please respect copyright.PENANA7X7U9CyKjx

"I'm her best friend. 45Please respect copyright.PENANATv1IRv22j9
And plus, whenever someone gets her really upset, she runs off without 45Please respect copyright.PENANA0H54o4Tmmq
telling anyone. She always wants be alone to think."copyright protection41PENANAA02BeaKd7u45Please respect copyright.PENANAQtnXnxAWhT

"I hope she doesn't think of committing suicide."copyright protection41PENANAnPB9eCgFxZ45Please respect copyright.PENANAtapuTh0Wjk

"Zoey can't end her 45Please respect copyright.PENANA5j1aoqfiMB
life. Well, she hasn't tried to anyway. She's leaving the dream right 45Please respect copyright.PENANAIC46AsEaoV
now and ending her life this early, isn't going to sound right. Unless 45Please respect copyright.PENANA4S6tmZKnW3
you did something."copyright protection41PENANA2vLAIwSqCg45Please respect copyright.PENANAH1nJcL9r3V

"Me?"copyright protection41PENANARdgTPv4AJc45Please respect copyright.PENANA2Mx7S7zxhX

"Da! Yes, you!"copyright protection41PENANA471FgfixUP45Please respect copyright.PENANAsmQzPcyAAv

"What could I possibly have done for Zoey to try and commit suicide?"copyright protection41PENANAwXlix4Pqus45Please respect copyright.PENANAEiw11JMaaQ

"Don't talk about suicide like that." I hit him on the arm.copyright protection41PENANAGlGXfwtj6c45Please respect copyright.PENANA5dCDkvLT23

"Ouch!" G-Dragon stopped and held his arm. "That hurts!"copyright protection41PENANAvajxQAM87H45Please respect copyright.PENANARupH3fUCPv

"Well, you deserve it. Now tell me the truth." I put my hands on my hips.copyright protection41PENANAYEEjXcoMCS45Please respect copyright.PENANA7uNEwOojZy

"I'm telling you, Zoey and I didn't argue."copyright protection41PENANAfjeVhtrKNx45Please respect copyright.PENANA95MLI6gu0i

G-Dragon looked me in the eye and he looked really convincing. He didn't seem to be lying to me.copyright protection41PENANAWjIgQyRDHZ45Please respect copyright.PENANAxSNWARbvu1

"Okay. I believe you," I said. "But you must have said something that upset her."copyright protection41PENANAkFDYZAbnnO45Please respect copyright.PENANA0CwNg2CFlC

"I can't really remember what I had said to her. Maybe she just left on her own."copyright protection41PENANAgD8uzpY09L45Please respect copyright.PENANAdvH0gq7xU7

"And with her phone off, that's a bit strange, don't you think?"copyright protection41PENANAy64hnVQeyx45Please respect copyright.PENANAQs0EpAvB50

"When we find her we will ask why she ran off."copyright protection41PENANAdScRRbs3zQ45Please respect copyright.PENANAC6C8UTbwyx

"Ya. Sure."copyright protection41PENANARPt0k2pi3z45Please respect copyright.PENANA9M2QMjhTRc

"Now, will you please 45Please respect copyright.PENANA1HE2m3CREI
stop walking backwards? I don't want you to trip and save you from 45Please respect copyright.PENANARhOtqInCfV
falling. That will spark rumours again like it did during the 45Please respect copyright.PENANA9oHcfuvwnn
interview."copyright protection41PENANA3CG8T33KiB45Please respect copyright.PENANAJp4nrrr4i6

I didn't say anything, 45Please respect copyright.PENANANaoCEOl1qA
so I just nodded my head and faced forward. We went further into the 45Please respect copyright.PENANAXAZEMf9hMw
park and as we looked around for Zoey, we sparked some attention from 45Please respect copyright.PENANAEvWJToakst
our darling fans. We signed a few autographs and took a few pictures and45Please respect copyright.PENANArgEPSiEdk4
went on with our search. We even asked some fans if they had seen Zoey,45Please respect copyright.PENANAOhENWq35IP
but nothing.copyright protection41PENANAhvutnmFPpf45Please respect copyright.PENANACnky7dWiyp

We were already half way into the park and still no sign of Zoey. We were by the lake and I sat down on the grass by the banks.copyright protection41PENANAFh48hpbHHe45Please respect copyright.PENANAM0FqPyJtL3

"Are you tired already?" G-Dragon asked as he looked down on me.copyright protection41PENANAgKRXTL1Wvj45Please respect copyright.PENANAyzldnhEqnm

"I'm not," I said as I 45Please respect copyright.PENANAgZKAySOvan
removed my slippers and felt comfortable with my bare feet on the grass.45Please respect copyright.PENANAVXnAnd87HU
"I'm trying to figure out where Zoey might be."copyright protection41PENANAyMP3gcpV1O45Please respect copyright.PENANAafuvsSN6ia

G-Dragon sat down beside45Please respect copyright.PENANAtzae9I6Yeh
me and the two of us were silent, looking at the pond. Laughter filled 45Please respect copyright.PENANAl9fJKDWTKD
my ears as I saw a group of kids playing from across the pond. Some 45Please respect copyright.PENANANVThrm9ets
couples also sat on the grass close to the pond. It was such a beautiful45Please respect copyright.PENANApW1zbbiiaw
day and sitting by the pond felt so relieving.copyright protection41PENANAbH5gPnF14m45Please respect copyright.PENANAAvFPfpscic

"Have you figured something yet?" G-Dragon asked.copyright protection41PENANAgl77i0SkXn45Please respect copyright.PENANAP67Joz5xNy

I frowned and looked at him. "No, why do you ask?"copyright protection41PENANADwatzqFYmH45Please respect copyright.PENANA0dv2MGe5Yo

"You seem to be smiling to yourself," said G-Dragon as he looked at me.copyright protection41PENANANxpSNeftgk45Please respect copyright.PENANAByUho9HQl0

"No, I'm actually enjoying what I'm experiencing right now."copyright protection41PENANAPwFWEYXwjU45Please respect copyright.PENANA3b6bUuK02y

"You love nature, don't you?"copyright protection41PENANAUWq5q0v6YS45Please respect copyright.PENANAy2L35yKjDI

I closed my eyes, still smiling. "Ya. I really do."copyright protection41PENANANLqcEerUHI45Please respect copyright.PENANAHfhBwGLdw6

At that moment, I was so45Please respect copyright.PENANAdAikLdOwdQ
caught in the little world inside my head. For a moment, I forgot about45Please respect copyright.PENANA4LTQPYozh1
everything. About looking for Zoey, being famous, and the whole world 45Please respect copyright.PENANAiYgAANgl1M
with everyone and everything in it. It's like they never existed because45Please respect copyright.PENANAsfnLz9YnFc
even the noise around me seemed non existent.copyright protection41PENANAeweUtSTqpc45Please respect copyright.PENANAeKY7AN5Ymn

Then I felt something 45Please respect copyright.PENANA0EmheW4vi5
brush against my hand like a soft feather. The touch brought me back to 45Please respect copyright.PENANAhLkFwUOvhu
reality and I quickly opened my eyes. I looked beside me and G-Dragon 45Please respect copyright.PENANAHveFDOtJNQ
was staring at me.copyright protection41PENANAlk9MpzMVFK45Please respect copyright.PENANA6Nus5Jp9eI

"What?" I asked.copyright protection41PENANANtweGas84945Please respect copyright.PENANAfwtAcZu0vM

"Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?"copyright protection41PENANAQjG5e9Y7Ao45Please respect copyright.PENANAuciJSVxmEl

I blushed all of the 45Please respect copyright.PENANAcK9HdeqDoF
sudden and I looked down. His hand covered mine and for a moment I 45Please respect copyright.PENANAlDcOepOIpj
wanted to pull away. But then again, I couldn't explain how I felt with 45Please respect copyright.PENANAvUwNDpIbLn
his hand on mine. I felt this weird comfort.copyright protection41PENANAkWItI83u4I45Please respect copyright.PENANAwX7FElU5Yi

I would have said yes to45Please respect copyright.PENANALjWY8anWTM
his question, but no words came out. This wasn't right. As much as I 45Please respect copyright.PENANAfoHMbkbUwW
wanted him close to me, I knew I would end up getting hurt because we 45Please respect copyright.PENANAh3TpIyKDDJ
were never meant to be.copyright protection41PENANAfScL6SVy1045Please respect copyright.PENANAVo2Smb2J7V

"Umm," I pulled my hand away and put it closer to my body. "Please don't say that GD."copyright protection41PENANAIRkoXyyVG845Please respect copyright.PENANAwnkd9wykq5

"Why?" He asked softly.copyright protection41PENANAk042uMbxhf45Please respect copyright.PENANAhI8b7RJSum

"Because this isn't right at all and you know it."copyright protection41PENANAgw7shdldMm45Please respect copyright.PENANABqLEi7QkRX

"What do you mean?"copyright protection41PENANAeueyTb7r7N45Please respect copyright.PENANAgnkBBu7aOy

"You know that I ready know about Zoey and you. You guys are more like a couple."copyright protection41PENANAArOEuirGPJ45Please respect copyright.PENANAf6gnhoe0hI

"So?"copyright protection41PENANAW5f3ywhTK445Please respect copyright.PENANAmT88yqfoL6

"I want you to stay far away from me as possible. The further we are apart, the better it is for the both of us."copyright protection41PENANAgZyuxrGFTO45Please respect copyright.PENANAl2uGD6aKgZ

"Looks like you figured out that I don't really like Zoey as such as I like you."copyright protection41PENANAstgh8Lzzrp45Please respect copyright.PENANAjv5ATmY7nf

I didn't say anything as I continued to figure out what to say next.copyright protection41PENANAiovyr35JXP45Please respect copyright.PENANAPK9YSHp75a

"Then why are you leading Zoey on? She doesn't deserve this, you know?" I asked.copyright protection41PENANAOdPnInOo2I45Please respect copyright.PENANAercJ7QPiA5

"I know."copyright protection41PENANAdvbuMjflTH45Please respect copyright.PENANAhUBmuuJsB6

"Then why are you doing this?"copyright protection41PENANALc5gKxjPhg45Please respect copyright.PENANAIrRSqJzQRF

G-Dragon looked at me like he never had before. He soon looked away and sighed.copyright protection41PENANAF5uuscRhBU45Please respect copyright.PENANA157ePe4ExF

"I'm doing this because of you, Sam. But even if I do so, I still can't get you out of my head."copyright protection41PENANAZOpaicuyyn45Please respect copyright.PENANAKOzlb3QVws

I also looked the other way, trying to act like those words hadn't affected me. But they did and they did so badly.copyright protection41PENANAfjAlzkSTaa45Please respect copyright.PENANA2eUT7kCGau

"You should find another45Please respect copyright.PENANAmcztqpIu3f
way to do so, GD." I turned to look back at him and he faced me. "But 45Please respect copyright.PENANA9O3I9fM0ai
not with Zoey. I don't want her getting hurt because of the both of us. I45Please respect copyright.PENANAscxn6EHJlS
will never forgive myself."copyright protection41PENANAaQfElHQdYs45Please respect copyright.PENANAdH4NavcSZf

G-Dragon nodded his head. "I'll do so."copyright protection41PENANA7Yhx9AJD8i45Please respect copyright.PENANA893bSdrEeB

I wanted to smile but I 45Please respect copyright.PENANAWHOu4V8MEu
couldn't bring myself to do it. I hoped he kept his word and maybe with 45Please respect copyright.PENANAERbJEmeRfe
this little talk we've had, we would be friends again and stop acting 45Please respect copyright.PENANA6nnayfo0UD
like we had beef with each other.copyright protection41PENANA1oBBKbWC4645Please respect copyright.PENANACRkqlolua0

Just as I was about to 45Please respect copyright.PENANAYPRazwwNnL
ask him why he had been giving me the attitude lately and if it had 45Please respect copyright.PENANA2u8qFHG4HA
anything to do with his jealousy, his phone rang. He quickly removed it 45Please respect copyright.PENANAHjr1KNq6hB
from his pocket and answered it.copyright protection41PENANANfX2TiKKwJ45Please respect copyright.PENANA6gqYqZuWNS

"Hello? Christine?"copyright protection41PENANAdEHucQ4Vud45Please respect copyright.PENANAIQmQg2xW6f

I was now attentive. Had she found Zoey? I wished I could have talked to her myself.copyright protection41PENANAevBP7l13Y645Please respect copyright.PENANAwNyYPjLgp3

"Okay, we will be right there. Inform the others as well."copyright protection41PENANAaLl7Nfqy0X45Please respect copyright.PENANARwkhuKhZH5

"What happened?" I asked after he cut the call.copyright protection41PENANAhdBYHNPMJj45Please respect copyright.PENANARpVegbgO7n

"Christine called to tell me that she knows where Zoey is."copyright protection41PENANAZXOANVWPZU45Please respect copyright.PENANA3EbCD0Vphl

"Where is she?"copyright protection41PENANAV9GhhuwH2w45Please respect copyright.PENANAs8RNqlyIkf

"She is at a famous café. I know where it is."copyright protection41PENANAEjKgir47dN45Please respect copyright.PENANANcFIqWUHK2

"But how did Christine know where Zoey is?"copyright protection41PENANAqdLfNzbKoa45Please respect copyright.PENANA4OGgqkhmJy

"Zoey's phone went back on and she texted where she was. And she is not alone."copyright protection41PENANAFjjlAAQ7iS45Please respect copyright.PENANAHcGzZ7VxPf

"Who is she with?"copyright protection41PENANAEXcoduQhB345Please respect copyright.PENANANCstlTpfB9

"We're about to find out. Let's go."copyright protection41PENANA52hQh5qsPO45Please respect copyright.PENANAhFXYVoicK1

G-Dragon got up from the45Please respect copyright.PENANALsds2dzXLo
ground and he held out his hand to me. I took it and he pulled me up 45Please respect copyright.PENANAdy1F2mzrBa
from the ground. We left the park together, heading towards his car. copyright protection41PENANACu8WQJwGQO45Please respect copyright.PENANABTQyRLXaYI

When we got in his car, 45Please respect copyright.PENANAbKapcdDLao
we drove through the city and we arrived at this small fancy café. We 45Please respect copyright.PENANAanWb3YxCq9
parked across the street and before we could get out of the car, I 45Please respect copyright.PENANAM12CAUox4n
looked across towards the café.copyright protection41PENANAzuMMSZgIhS45Please respect copyright.PENANAfg7qGjDj5O

"Can you see, Zoey?" G-Dragon asked.copyright protection41PENANAMmU3dc8DEY45Please respect copyright.PENANAHfbErfCZR3

Through the huge window,45Please respect copyright.PENANA8E4bgE5Fca
I could see what was going on inside. Looked like a lot of people 45Please respect copyright.PENANA2sqaS6uwqz
enjoyed coming over to the café. The place was parked for an ordinary 45Please respect copyright.PENANAk7PwLgLofD
day in the afternoon.copyright protection41PENANAshtAdjjK0945Please respect copyright.PENANArohwzxbFcn

I searched for Zoey, but45Please respect copyright.PENANAQfPhpIoTeO
I couldn't see her. It was then that I saw Zoey at the far corner of 45Please respect copyright.PENANAtzVj5GAR4P
the café. She was facing the window side and I saw her with someone. 45Please respect copyright.PENANAuweL2Oiduv
Sitting opposite her was a man in a fancy looking black suit. From afar,45Please respect copyright.PENANAAkLqCb805n
I could tell his suit was expensive and I couldn't see his face.copyright protection41PENANAyADkmwkCfC45Please respect copyright.PENANAOyWKS2rsTw

"I see her," I said. "And she is definitely with someone."copyright protection41PENANAv1Yp5cBeQg45Please respect copyright.PENANAhn2w85kriO

"Who is it?"copyright protection41PENANAdiyGSLZbv045Please respect copyright.PENANAXT9IkLUtMZ

"I don't know. By the look of his suit, he seems like a business man or one rich tycoon."copyright protection41PENANAl4AZpWvKzL45Please respect copyright.PENANAQBxNlpPNSJ

"Seriously?"copyright protection41PENANAm4MluSx67o45Please respect copyright.PENANAja6mGfr1HK

"You think I'm kidding?" I turned to look at him. "Or are you now jealous that Zoey is hanging out with someone who isn't you?"copyright protection41PENANAnkGV0yG0Kc45Please respect copyright.PENANAQFEZoYLirx

G-Dragon looked towards the windshield, avoiding my gaze. "No, I'm not. I'm just wondering who it was, that's all."copyright protection41PENANA05hB4GyAr745Please respect copyright.PENANAhi9P5vfVi7

I rolled my eyes and 45Please respect copyright.PENANAEChLZX1rYI
said nothing more. I went back to looking at the café and focused on 45Please respect copyright.PENANAbOnPOLOA3f
Zoey. I decided to read her body language and see if she was okay. She 45Please respect copyright.PENANA8kxhaDMpy5
looked like she was enjoying herself, chatting with this stranger.copyright protection41PENANAlNc88G1GM845Please respect copyright.PENANAwdINYHKZ8J

She was sipping her cup 45Please respect copyright.PENANAIky69mRYWV
of coffee and she went back to smiling at the stranger. Something was a 45Please respect copyright.PENANAd4gLmqo8PX
bit off and I shifted on my seat to see if I was seeing right.copyright protection41PENANA59sL4tkLt545Please respect copyright.PENANAemaW99DU9L

"Hey, is something wrong?" G-Dragon asked, noticing my tension.copyright protection41PENANAYuaf6fWEQn45Please respect copyright.PENANADS5bYfyQdu

"Ya."copyright protection41PENANALcbYlkEm1r45Please respect copyright.PENANALrz2dVtB4j

G-Dragon also turned on his seat and looked through the window.copyright protection41PENANAv6AYSFrcrV45Please respect copyright.PENANAziFKeOTSJ3

Zoey's smile made me 45Please respect copyright.PENANAEmVKyUZ6Kd
wonder what was going on. She was smiling and chatting but she looked a 45Please respect copyright.PENANABwFbyS62ub
little nervous. Usually when she is with a guy, she was always the one 45Please respect copyright.PENANAl3t0OIPHAy
who was never scared of leading the conversation on and became pretty 45Please respect copyright.PENANALfVHZtBZAl
comfortable with the person. Unless the guy was creepy enough to be a 45Please respect copyright.PENANAdcSSnqLutf
serial killer.copyright protection41PENANAhppsFvICaz45Please respect copyright.PENANAFOj9P7RFPs

I felt a threat coming 45Please respect copyright.PENANAdBH9iHDTGd
up. Was this guy dangerous? Zoey had a nervous smile on her face and if I45Please respect copyright.PENANAfTq7LOyxi1
was not mistaken, I think I noticed her fingers tap frantically on the 45Please respect copyright.PENANAMYQ67FdZk3
table. She did that whenever she was nervous. I had to know what was 45Please respect copyright.PENANAsyEaHWRkQx
going on in there.copyright protection41PENANAZWLbU6vytx45Please respect copyright.PENANAy6rYedMMK5

"Let's go," I said as I turned to look at G-Dragon. "I'm not liking this."copyright protection41PENANAZYDAWvgoII45Please respect copyright.PENANAOx3EDbkRaF

"Thank you," said G-Dragon, looking relieved. "I had a bad feeling about this guy."copyright protection41PENANAj08IsNebpo45Please respect copyright.PENANAUDdzNVwFfn

"Ya, right," I said as I grabbed the handle of the door, opened it and stepped out.copyright protection41PENANAKplvAfC6N545Please respect copyright.PENANAdOtENHRAuB

Just as G-Dragon came 45Please respect copyright.PENANAFi8JXMUhD5
out of the car, three cars appeared off the main road and came to park 45Please respect copyright.PENANAXyJa8x6Ecm
in the parking space behind G-Dragon's car. The others had arrived.copyright protection41PENANAEN4ho1NFpw45Please respect copyright.PENANA1pav4YcVyG

"Christine told us to meet you here," said Taeyang as he and Mike came out of his car.copyright protection41PENANAnJwvsYiH9I45Please respect copyright.PENANAxeZGYXtSf7

"Zoey's in the café," I said as I pointed across the road.copyright protection41PENANA5U7qpIG2Pu45Please respect copyright.PENANAYcFInNftss

"Alright, let's go," said Seungri.copyright protection41PENANA8thcLGezlE45Please respect copyright.PENANAPuRZZWXcSw

When I looked back at the café window, I noticed that Zoey was all alone on her table. That was odd. Where was he?copyright protection41PENANA5InBePAxxK45Please respect copyright.PENANATpKS6IPzB5

"Oh, no, no, no," I said staring wide eyed inside the café.copyright protection41PENANAfCEn346K6W45Please respect copyright.PENANAGAhmiEay8D

"What is it, Sam?" Daesung asked.copyright protection41PENANAeepvrbcGKx45Please respect copyright.PENANA0X7SX6OViG

I didn't answer him as I45Please respect copyright.PENANArb6c4dVUNx
quickly dashed across the road without even checking for any cars. I 45Please respect copyright.PENANAZu8hRqW2Z4
could hear the others behind call out to me to be careful. I luckily 45Please respect copyright.PENANAFZ1MRZTGUc
managed to reach the café without getting hit.copyright protection41PENANAkQgIsvy22545Please respect copyright.PENANAnmouytHuov

When I got to the café, a45Please respect copyright.PENANA1nZ9FQABSz
few people came out through the door. None of them matched the person 45Please respect copyright.PENANAGyzIkrHe7C
who was in the café with Zoey. I quickly went in and I found Zoey still 45Please respect copyright.PENANArvYPZxiG1H
sitting in the corner. I rushed over to her that my presence scared her.copyright protection41PENANANhIrFMvLwC45Please respect copyright.PENANAc34bdK2OmV

"Sam! You scared me to death!" Zoey held her chest as she breathed in and out so heavily, trying to calm down.copyright protection41PENANAHKR7giisY345Please respect copyright.PENANAo3tXLNot2w

"Where did you go?" I asked, taking the seat the stranger had been sitting on earlier.copyright protection41PENANA0jUh1mMzoO45Please respect copyright.PENANA5t13j0ACHC

"Oh," Zoey played with her fingers.copyright protection41PENANAFb6nDL99xG45Please respect copyright.PENANAjTFo5T87Hv

"Don't you dare try to 45Please respect copyright.PENANA25yv3kjrNm
lie to me, Zoey," I threatened. "You went with GD for lunch and the two 45Please respect copyright.PENANAYSPZW90xLI
of you went to the park. When GD went to get ice cream, you had 45Please respect copyright.PENANA95CPtHJCPq
disappeared. And the next thing we know, you're here."copyright protection41PENANALfqCmHVFaU45Please respect copyright.PENANA7RwGnz0H0N

"Christine told you where I was?"copyright protection41PENANAJadDseZeOo45Please respect copyright.PENANA3ZGTYC2ZaO

"Of course she had to. We were worried sick."copyright protection41PENANA3tA9ReV0ns45Please respect copyright.PENANAHjTk9m1SZQ

I heard the bell of the 45Please respect copyright.PENANAj7IPN6oNNp
café ring and I knew the others had arrived. They soon came over by the 45Please respect copyright.PENANABRohKnUNm4
table. Only Taeyang, G-Dragon and Daniel were the ones who came in.copyright protection41PENANAH9H7M4OHJZ45Please respect copyright.PENANAB4ovoySqrR

"Zoey where have you been?" Daniel asked.copyright protection41PENANABt9P6C36QS45Please respect copyright.PENANAhKY0AM6YAU

"And who was that guy you were with, huh?" G-Dragon asked, looking down at Zoey with a frown on his face.copyright protection41PENANAvTm53ejYfH45Please respect copyright.PENANAnbLMtw9ojw

"Awww, are you jealous, my G-Dragon?" Zoey smiled at him.copyright protection41PENANArWQ93CdSkX45Please respect copyright.PENANAsVBRqZqjqR

"Stop taking all this 45Please respect copyright.PENANAaIB9IbWPaw
like a joke, Zoey. I saw the way you were behaving with him. You weren't45Please respect copyright.PENANAJyIvkb1uAl
yourself when I saw you from across the street," I said.copyright protection41PENANARVq1KxDOEu45Please respect copyright.PENANA03gBUHBl02

The smile on Zoey's face45Please respect copyright.PENANAcbKOls0hia
disappeared in an instant. Good. Maybe now she would take us seriously.45Please respect copyright.PENANAN1Jww3Iyyi
Her safety was way more important than she could ever imagine. If 45Please respect copyright.PENANATyl9agQLBR
anything had happened to her, a lot of us here would never forgive 45Please respect copyright.PENANAON2yCo1CFj
ourselves.copyright protection41PENANAH9o4fsizrx45Please respect copyright.PENANANtlwZRAIp8

"Can we please get out of here?" Taeyang suggested. "This isn't the place to discuss this."copyright protection41PENANAgSt62xJfp345Please respect copyright.PENANA0iHmsRCjDe

"You're right," I said 45Please respect copyright.PENANAar2d0EC1hh
as I looked around the café and many heads were turning our way. I hated45Please respect copyright.PENANAl5LGCLyctX
attracting so much attention sometimes.copyright protection41PENANAdhZEjKbXzQ45Please respect copyright.PENANAlug3QJUt2y

The others had started 45Please respect copyright.PENANAHdZKr0o32G
to leave and Zoey and I both stood up from the table. I noticed the 45Please respect copyright.PENANAknL63nSCAl
teacup the stranger had used and my mind still couldn't stop thinking 45Please respect copyright.PENANAzWQQZGzUaC
about who he was.copyright protection41PENANAsg0RlfjDOK45Please respect copyright.PENANAsSPsCgs1ju

After we left the café, 45Please respect copyright.PENANAHEStLVRDys
we went back across the road where the vehicles were parked. Daesung, 45Please respect copyright.PENANAZ7oPYowyiG
TOP, Mike and Daesung stood waiting for us.copyright protection41PENANAa5DEcFbVVB45Please respect copyright.PENANAaKy0cbhFcA

"Thank goodness, you're alright, Zoey," said Daesung.copyright protection41PENANAZ8TZMcJYaj45Please respect copyright.PENANA9Uf1o1XfEv

"Ya, thank goodness you weren't lost," said Mike. "We wondered if we would find you in a ditch or something."copyright protection41PENANAPCzPuV4NyT45Please respect copyright.PENANAHDD6sCuZaM

Zoey frowned at Mike and all he could do was smile back at her mischievously.copyright protection41PENANAyJZbnbRz7M45Please respect copyright.PENANAFlxemJpDoC

"Let's all go back to the hotel, shall we?" I suggested. "Zoey can tell us everything from there."copyright protection41PENANAa6V36HgPGr45Please respect copyright.PENANAeywuAUvxa9

Zoey and I went in 45Please respect copyright.PENANA3SNHZgjtfu
G-Dragon's car making sure I sat in the backseat. The others got in the 45Please respect copyright.PENANAgVQN9dxzQV
other cars and we drove off, G-Dragon's car leading the way.copyright protection41PENANA8v4IkyDpmc45Please respect copyright.PENANAb4tHy3C3BN

We were all back in the 45Please respect copyright.PENANAdFF0nEhH8w
hotel on our floor. Luckily, Collins wasn't around. I was relieved. Now I45Please respect copyright.PENANAbpr2cBfJa6
could vent out all my anger on Zoey.copyright protection41PENANAjUWi6ktYTA45Please respect copyright.PENANAFma94JdGNO

We gathered ourselves in45Please respect copyright.PENANAt0u91ROiyW
the lounge. The others sat on the couch and made themselves 45Please respect copyright.PENANAPKmhNyT3i3
comfortable. Zoey and I were left standing and I looked at her, with my 45Please respect copyright.PENANA9Xpk6u3jaQ
hands on my hips.copyright protection41PENANAK4HF8NnoD445Please respect copyright.PENANA8ERDOTuCb3

"Okay, let's start with why you disappeared?" I asked.copyright protection41PENANAQMzUuUt8jP45Please respect copyright.PENANAz1NViBubEM

"No, don't ask that," said G-Dragon. "Ask who she was with first."copyright protection41PENANAlDJhVQBoOv45Please respect copyright.PENANAfNKF7R9bak

"I'm the one asking the questions." I turned to face G-Dragon. "I want to know what made her go like that."copyright protection41PENANAZzzHfHuD6745Please respect copyright.PENANA1jZTWOMrrY

"Fine, I tell you," said45Please respect copyright.PENANAv0ZiWiUruy
Zoey raising her hand to calm me down. "G-Dragon went over to get some 45Please respect copyright.PENANAeKmYqtPzE0
ice cream when a person came up to me. Said he was my biggest fan."copyright protection41PENANAHXThRobkxv45Please respect copyright.PENANAUGkUzhImI9

"Don't tell me you fell for the person's good looks like always," said Christine shaking her head.copyright protection41PENANAaS8Ta3KMsz45Please respect copyright.PENANAkdajw7Cry6

"You know handsome men are my weakness," said Zoey. "Sorry G-Dragon."copyright protection41PENANAhs8R9nzE1G45Please respect copyright.PENANAZMRlLhPARu

"No, I don't mind," said45Please respect copyright.PENANABLbVGLco7V
G-Dragon, shaking his head. I looked at him again and I was surprised 45Please respect copyright.PENANAxs9IMFPo7n
with the look on his face that he really didn't mind at all.copyright protection41PENANAMIDFZv4aQC45Please respect copyright.PENANAv6amsWDiwu

"So, he said he is your biggest fan and then what?" Taeyang asked.copyright protection41PENANAG0uOUFSErl45Please respect copyright.PENANAN8gY3WKglR

"He offered that the two of us go out for some coffee," said Zoey. "That's how I left."copyright protection41PENANAdJOmBXKbBL45Please respect copyright.PENANAbTjkB60qu7

"Now that makes no sense or maybe you have no sense, Zoey," said Seungri.copyright protection41PENANARntv3t08EQ45Please respect copyright.PENANAO0eZmGV0Zs

"Huh?" Zoey looked at Seungri, looking embarrassed.copyright protection41PENANAKkQf9KU2pm45Please respect copyright.PENANAvMALKEIuU3

"As much as that sounds 45Please respect copyright.PENANAm5WGqyMqYh
totally embarrassing, Seungri is right," said Christine. "What you said 45Please respect copyright.PENANAyNhMMEtHEs
doesn't make sense at all. How could you go out for coffee with someone 45Please respect copyright.PENANA99fKVZoDui
you claims to be your fan without taking G-Dragon along with you?"copyright protection41PENANAoD6cZIaJTM45Please respect copyright.PENANAHRoEyOclfb

I started to tap my foot45Please respect copyright.PENANADNYUAKy4sc
and looked at Zoey, ready to breathe out fire if necessary. Christine 45Please respect copyright.PENANAxBmMlhMJVh
was right and surprisingly, Seungri too. She wasn't telling us the 45Please respect copyright.PENANA2C9qhHeu3t
truth.copyright protection41PENANAvKaYfesgn645Please respect copyright.PENANAFGhDASn9XQ

"Come on, Zoey, tell us 45Please respect copyright.PENANAmurIhN04xV
what really happened," I said. "You couldn't leave without GD. And you 45Please respect copyright.PENANAlzyvZPdekg
had your phone turned off. All I know about the person you were with is 45Please respect copyright.PENANAIZW0CxS0HQ
that he was wearing an expensive black suit."copyright protection41PENANA67qXnAIiD745Please respect copyright.PENANAQ3liMC5MGD

"Okay, do you really want to know the truth?" Zoey asked.copyright protection41PENANAF1KLeKtoum45Please respect copyright.PENANAH2cgxc6Kqq

"Yes!" everyone replied at the same time, that almost made Zoey jump in fright.copyright protection41PENANAbZ7lYnAqDX45Please respect copyright.PENANA18pX82v13d

"Okay, okay, eish," said45Please respect copyright.PENANARUgcc3PiPw
Zoey. "You scared the hell out of me. The truth is, I went with my fan 45Please respect copyright.PENANAWxy8N6lTRL
because he insisted that I go with him and not tell anyone about it."copyright protection41PENANAwJ4XHsxpKa45Please respect copyright.PENANAkSUJQ3Ml4P

"Huh?" TOP looked confused.copyright protection41PENANAwpchbq2FPw45Please respect copyright.PENANAyWKP9WSYfI

"What fan lays out that kind of condition?" Mike asked.copyright protection41PENANA10v9ltwWUa45Please respect copyright.PENANAvbf3k3aFX1

"Someone who was ready to take advantage of Zoey," I answered.copyright protection41PENANATqUYoBqW0a45Please respect copyright.PENANArhTl1JoO5t

"If he did, you guys still wouldn't have found me," said Zoey.copyright protection41PENANA7xAjOLKRqz45Please respect copyright.PENANAEEpouylnxB

"If he did, you wouldn't have been looking so nervous in the café."copyright protection41PENANAnszSCVm9Rg45Please respect copyright.PENANA52Nl67phNm

Zoey was quiet and I still felt that she wasn't telling us the whole truth. I decided to play along and not say a word.copyright protection41PENANAjKHdI5O91P45Please respect copyright.PENANAieEczGVXv1

"Then what were you two talking about?" I asked.copyright protection41PENANAk8mUsbGc2745Please respect copyright.PENANAr9GQybpTyX

"Just stuff," said Zoey, avoiding my eyes. "About me and my celebrity life."copyright protection41PENANALpzlicgEl845Please respect copyright.PENANAuE0hZ7ppoc

"You're sure?" I asked. "Didn't he talk about himself?"copyright protection41PENANAVESCSBHGKJ45Please respect copyright.PENANALGqqS07OXC

"Ya, totally." Zoey nodded her head. He never said anything about himself. Not even his name."copyright protection41PENANAv4SSZk3Fx645Please respect copyright.PENANAQpLwfjIFdg

"Then why did you look so nervous in the café?"copyright protection41PENANAMjvmEOyVsU45Please respect copyright.PENANADIUD0UKpj8

"He was asking some personal questions I didn't like."copyright protection41PENANA3oyW0ryI7j45Please respect copyright.PENANAC5P2wH2Dw0

"Are you sure?" Daniel 45Please respect copyright.PENANAfnp1UFlClz
asked. "When someone asks you a personal question, you either snap back 45Please respect copyright.PENANASYhNBiHmH1
at them or walk away. Whether it's an annoying reporter, any of your 45Please respect copyright.PENANAuk6kmC2pgy
haters or even us."copyright protection41PENANAsDokvnFz3d45Please respect copyright.PENANAqwVQxPvTsQ

Daniel was right. Zoey 45Please respect copyright.PENANAskPK7r2PNK
would have stood and walked away from the stranger but she didn't. I 45Please respect copyright.PENANAQi5WCrzERP
wondered what question he might have asked her. That's if Zoey was 45Please respect copyright.PENANAdhl97TZDNr
telling the truth.copyright protection41PENANAFPwbcaZL6s45Please respect copyright.PENANAugLj1TK4Iy

"I didn't want to look so mean in front of him," said Zoey. "He seemed like a very nice guy."copyright protection41PENANAF9Qe6RFEAN45Please respect copyright.PENANAOzQTwtl57d

"A very nice guy that 45Please respect copyright.PENANAVlvhuDbtgY
made you run off with him, made you switch off your phone and made you 45Please respect copyright.PENANAULeG5fzQji
so uncomfortable," said G-Dragon, looking really irritated.copyright protection41PENANAX2qlnWJ3wM45Please respect copyright.PENANAo8Re2nIotQ

"Come on," said Zoey. "He wasn't that bad, seriously."copyright protection41PENANAgcCNnOYnz445Please respect copyright.PENANABob7GFKR90

I didn't want to 45Please respect copyright.PENANAP4M4LRkkHE
pressurise Zoey with more questions. Right now, she was getting away 45Please respect copyright.PENANAD5MvkPS2dm
with it. If she was hiding something, I would find out sooner or later.copyright protection41PENANAQfeHtly8Z945Please respect copyright.PENANASPL4WrKGiT

"Okay," I said. "We're just glad you're fine."copyright protection41PENANAWXcnjAj3DQ45Please respect copyright.PENANAH8YudJlx42

"And not dead," said 45Please respect copyright.PENANAbH8YcsN5v1
Mike with a smirk. Seungri and Christine who sat on either side of him, 45Please respect copyright.PENANAsoRdsOEdvX
both gave him the elbow in the side and he howled in pain.copyright protection41PENANAPU2rIqgGOP45Please respect copyright.PENANA6d54HiO2QS

"I'll pretend I never heard that," said Zoey.copyright protection41PENANALE40lylUHl45Please respect copyright.PENANA51zd0MGNSc

"And you better get 45Please respect copyright.PENANAPkBGx4vch0
ready for Collins," I said giving Zoey a smirk of my own. "We told him 45Please respect copyright.PENANA9ndfsUygXo
you had a bad tummy ache and that's why you weren't at the studio."copyright protection41PENANA3Djf0DPkGt45Please respect copyright.PENANA82qIfqvWeo

"Seriously?" Zoey gave me an angry stare. "Couldn't you have told him a better lie?"copyright protection41PENANAavodX6EdNs45Please respect copyright.PENANA83JJKhNft4

"That you were missing? Fat chance. You've already put some of us into enough trouble for one day."copyright protection41PENANA3y68yrHTlo45Please respect copyright.PENANAgDstTVnrcl

"Alright. Sorry. I won't do that again."copyright protection41PENANAfp1yE1bumR45Please respect copyright.PENANAQlnh3DHzzW

I rolled my eyes, while shaking my head and went over to the dining table. Something told me it wouldn't be the last.copyright protection41PENANAXxnlKlsozf45Please respect copyright.PENANAYI0HsKZg0t

"Well, now that you're found," said Daesung, as he stood up. "Some of us better get going."copyright protection41PENANAQDNXLmpsgL45Please respect copyright.PENANAlg6NK0J7rV

"Sorry for putting you guys into so much trouble," said Zoey.copyright protection41PENANARvaS3OUejg45Please respect copyright.PENANAtigQzkthU3

"As long as you're fine and Collins isn't going to kill us, it's okay," said Taeyang with a smile.copyright protection41PENANA6gNtCyP5Wo45Please respect copyright.PENANAdSLeAdZzuZ

"I'll be leaving too," said Seungri and he gave Zoey a hug and he walked over to hug me as well.copyright protection41PENANAkN18LNuagK45Please respect copyright.PENANA2Pg9D0am8C

"Alright, see you tomorrow," I said.copyright protection41PENANAV7f50jUUxe45Please respect copyright.PENANAhBUyruSVMM

One by one the Big Bang 45Please respect copyright.PENANAY0FJefXdPr
members started to leave, saying bye to each other. G-Dragon stayed 45Please respect copyright.PENANAcSgt2UtcgB
behind with Zoey so that they could talk a little. Giving them privacy, 45Please respect copyright.PENANAOydI6EdZzZ
Christine, my brothers and I left for our rooms.copyright protection41PENANAbEvY77wXdt45Please respect copyright.PENANAMyZrhdHfqw

When I went in my room, I45Please respect copyright.PENANAHDoY6qSAC8
went for my phone that was still charging on my bed. The phone was 45Please respect copyright.PENANAcrHpaO3nND
still off and I decided to switch it on. It was almost full.copyright protection41PENANAmxhnF2bads45Please respect copyright.PENANAmAbm1tzIJ0

There was a knock on the door and I called out to the person to come in. Christine entered.copyright protection41PENANAV8AaeAu9v145Please respect copyright.PENANAeqEDoL3glG

"Hey, can we talk?" Christine asked as she closed the door behind her.copyright protection41PENANAnGFSFN0bLd45Please respect copyright.PENANApy76XhV1EJ

"About what?" I turned to look at her.copyright protection41PENANAF7LWvrZGBc45Please respect copyright.PENANAF1jRnlkX34

"Do you really believe what Zoey told us?"copyright protection41PENANA9xlJIAkcKP45Please respect copyright.PENANAYiuCWToZaK

"No, I don't." I sat on the bed.copyright protection41PENANAd7wT0bH0ns45Please respect copyright.PENANAGziOGf5BgK

"Looks like I'm not the only one," said Christine as she came to sit on Zoey's bed, facing me.copyright protection41PENANAe2zZZ4rZL245Please respect copyright.PENANAkVMEMaZ773

"I wonder why she isn't telling us the truth."copyright protection41PENANAcVzyFh8ZuS45Please respect copyright.PENANAc6mHIiA7iK

"Did you see the man's face?"copyright protection41PENANAPH0lB0xi1U45Please respect copyright.PENANARYk9M0oSCF

"No. All I could say is that he wore a fancy and expensive suit."copyright protection41PENANALfXkfXpGWb45Please respect copyright.PENANADXBpBozBwH

"I wonder who he is. Maybe he is some rich tycoon or something."copyright protection41PENANAJ96jHLBPL545Please respect copyright.PENANAEIN0pwi0DA

"That's what I thought too." I gave Christine a smile.copyright protection41PENANAIBNIXoJuHK45Please respect copyright.PENANAKuz4El53eH

"I bet he is good 45Please respect copyright.PENANAIRFkghIQSe
looking too. I still wonder why Zoey left like that without telling 45Please respect copyright.PENANAxwXlwmRPmv
anyone. Do you think she really did all that just because the stranger 45Please respect copyright.PENANAp70YcEkhHy
told her to?"copyright protection41PENANAos0mNgjdWg45Please respect copyright.PENANAZqpFKGWtwO

"Well, I believe her on that part. I'm just wondering how he managed to convince her to come with him. Maybe he threatened her?"copyright protection41PENANAoGpuZ6gBW245Please respect copyright.PENANAH4kFpR2hGo

Christine's jaw dropped. "Don't say that. I know there is no any other logical explanation, but I think that's way too far."copyright protection41PENANAGEDtnAS64A45Please respect copyright.PENANAM6wN5Irq09

"You said so yourself, Christine. There is no other explanation. He might have blackmailed her or something."copyright protection41PENANAQt3RQQ793345Please respect copyright.PENANAZ0ApFl5BOC

"Okay, but blackmailed her about what?"copyright protection41PENANAqrKPWJWdkS45Please respect copyright.PENANApwGKb5Bdni

"That we have to find out."copyright protection41PENANAg1wTvTto0y45Please respect copyright.PENANAC9p8XvRoVS

I was just about to grab my phone and check out if I had any messages when Zoey came in the room.copyright protection41PENANAYQ21HSSO2V45Please respect copyright.PENANAyVS9kxuq9i

"Oh. Has GD left already?" Christine asked.copyright protection41PENANASsnCikmeyH45Please respect copyright.PENANA2zOJjZPVcc

"Ya. He left," Zoey replied. I heard a bit of sadness in her voice.copyright protection41PENANA6OIDIexcCx45Please respect copyright.PENANAePmEXj9PI5

"Are you okay? You don't look alright," I said.copyright protection41PENANAKBoNC6FvVI45Please respect copyright.PENANAHg0zql7ULh

"I'm fine. G-Dragon and I talked about something serious."copyright protection41PENANAqNaOqt9MHH45Please respect copyright.PENANAcOQ0x90n5d

Oh my. Had he told her 45Please respect copyright.PENANAzk2WY0f7PX
about what we had discussed earlier at the park? As much as I knew it 45Please respect copyright.PENANAcxed7Eyeyk
was going to hurt Zoey, it was for the best. Besides, she was going to 45Please respect copyright.PENANAwL8mMGwM3B
find someone way better than G-Dragon. Hopefully, even me.copyright protection41PENANAuOwdrerZq445Please respect copyright.PENANA0DV2zU3P1T

"What did you talk about?" I asked.copyright protection41PENANAwbFUYi1ENW45Please respect copyright.PENANANeq2sxH0Mg

"He was just pissed that45Please respect copyright.PENANAli1tENabAe
I left like that," Zoey answered. "He thought maybe he said something 45Please respect copyright.PENANANARJCrDGgE
that might have upset me or something."copyright protection41PENANAneKx2a1cXI45Please respect copyright.PENANAz3TZ5lxMmj

"Oh." That wasn't what I was expecting. "Well, I had asked him earlier if he had said something that might have upset you."copyright protection41PENANAUrxqEZF6Y645Please respect copyright.PENANA2HC4bhRlsr

"But he didn't."copyright protection41PENANAauhPpg8rVV45Please respect copyright.PENANAzf1rYESCk8

"I see why Sam asked," 45Please respect copyright.PENANAhTcaTiwq4T
said Christine. "When someone gets you so upset, you run away. You've 45Please respect copyright.PENANAK7AmbMD386
done that many times before back home during our school days, you know?"copyright protection41PENANAni97QchRof45Please respect copyright.PENANAvIlw9kb2Ww

"Ya I know. Forget about it." Zoey waved her hand in annoyance. "What's happened has happened."copyright protection41PENANAAjH7Kl6ps445Please respect copyright.PENANAbeqnojFVKK

And I hope it will never45Please respect copyright.PENANAOvSpS4cv7k
happen again, but this guy in the suit still worried me. Until I know 45Please respect copyright.PENANACC2Y9cilef
who he is, I wasn't going to pretend that the worst has passed when it 45Please respect copyright.PENANARqthNSBtOm
was yet to come at any moment.copyright protection41PENANAwCzOsZ4ArZ45Please respect copyright.PENANAeCR62Kaegi

The next thing I knew, the door to our room flew open and Lee walked in.copyright protection41PENANAwOiGV8Sd0h45Please respect copyright.PENANAySUBQ4O9p3

"Lee!" the three of us exclaimed in excitement.copyright protection41PENANAtAAaIlwOLY45Please respect copyright.PENANApgtTygLaKz

"Wow! Did you guys miss me?" Lee asked with a smile on her face.copyright protection41PENANAThBt54t9FU45Please respect copyright.PENANAwYco4e8fso

"Ya, we did," said Zoey, putting her arm over Lee's shoulders.copyright protection41PENANA9bJsRFAKSA45Please respect copyright.PENANAx1hsC7xrgW

"Well, I missed you too," said Lee. "So, what happened today? I heard you never finished up on the song."copyright protection41PENANA1lbCvTX2II45Please respect copyright.PENANAuGdXzMekWY

Christine, Zoey and I 45Please respect copyright.PENANAUtW6S1l1hN
shook our heads and talked randomly at the same time, saying nothing 45Please respect copyright.PENANAqPPHirOPT5
really happened. Lee knew something was up and even if it could clearly 45Please respect copyright.PENANAMnM0klNzGK
show on her face, she didn't push us. She just smiled.copyright protection41PENANA0CZB64Gzel45Please respect copyright.PENANAxAeuH6w28O

"Well, you'll tell me later," said Lee. "Collins and I were just....."copyright protection41PENANAuoweQoTr8L45Please respect copyright.PENANAQyDFfW74L0

"Collins is here!" Zoey's face went white like a sheet.copyright protection41PENANA2a7dMD7JFP45Please respect copyright.PENANAayoWzJhmiX

"Yes, he is," said Lee 45Please respect copyright.PENANA6PylkfrRiz
with a wicked smile. "Now if you don't want to get into trouble, I 45Please respect copyright.PENANAF97iPnfWs0
suggest you go on your bed and cry out that you still aren't feeling 45Please respect copyright.PENANAXCzlz94Rvn
well."copyright protection41PENANAsGssiyxY8M45Please respect copyright.PENANAPCdnXxDpoW

Christine and I almost burst out laughing. Zoey frowned.copyright protection41PENANAjDaQR1fKtn45Please respect copyright.PENANAZ457mUuBRX

"Ha, ha, very funny," said Zoey as she went over to her bed and sat down.copyright protection41PENANAwwxEJjiR3Y45Please respect copyright.PENANACOzca9lf0R

"As I was saying," said Lee. "We were in the lobby when we received a package from the receptionist. Said it was for you guys."copyright protection41PENANAGwE9YXHvVP45Please respect copyright.PENANACPuPcrnQRM

"Us?" I asked.copyright protection41PENANAhfss6kul4Y45Please respect copyright.PENANAMQQRYdLsPC

"Ya, the letter on the package was directed to The Toxins. It's with Collins in the lounge."copyright protection41PENANAIBugfdAx5E45Please respect copyright.PENANApsrZEB90R9

Christine and I rushed 45Please respect copyright.PENANARtZljcNH2F
out of the room leaving Zoey with Lee. She had to pretend she was still 45Please respect copyright.PENANAtOwjGuxsXm
not feeling well. We found Collins in the lounge with the package in his45Please respect copyright.PENANA5nOxms9wt0
hand.copyright protection41PENANAvLaaU87CE345Please respect copyright.PENANAFkuFGORuvU

"Hey, Collins," I said. "What's that?"copyright protection41PENANAsWiUopfTKj45Please respect copyright.PENANAaYJGipaPS7

"This came in for you guys," said Collins. "And with a letter too."copyright protection41PENANARtVlJazkIE45Please respect copyright.PENANAcXu0uRtDnW

"Did I hear there is something for us?" Daniel asked as he and Mike came in the lounge.copyright protection41PENANAYeq8olhwXW45Please respect copyright.PENANAE3h8IYWAts

"Ya. Here you go." Collins gave me the package.copyright protection41PENANAzpSSkhhza145Please respect copyright.PENANAuDrdjKDtAv

The package was wrapped in a brown wrapper and on top of it was a white envelope. It was directed to us just as Lee said.copyright protection41PENANAT2vOnfZWzH45Please respect copyright.PENANABMt5MYXgCl

I took the letter and 45Please respect copyright.PENANAdgovp7tmIW
gave the package for Christine to hold and opened the envelope to remove45Please respect copyright.PENANAPcAgqT04nA
a letter. I unfolded the letter and I read it out loud:copyright protection41PENANABxV1GkmYQk45Please respect copyright.PENANAAYn44a22qF

"Hope you're all okay. Just wanted to say I'm your biggest fan. With lots of love."copyright protection41PENANAUpJMh44zEe45Please respect copyright.PENANAnEVM9lTCIC

"That's it?" Mike asked.copyright protection41PENANABxh6mEllBU45Please respect copyright.PENANAzxO9Nf3Okr

"Ya, that's pretty much it," I said, looking behind the letter but there was nothing. "No name at all."copyright protection41PENANA3csYe8jA6945Please respect copyright.PENANApUqMYvX1xo

"Did you see anyone who sent this?" Daniel asked Collins.copyright protection41PENANAV0zFNRJRqo45Please respect copyright.PENANAGU2CGbYAOG

"All that the 45Please respect copyright.PENANAcod1x1hBPB
receptionist told us was that some young man in a suit gave it to her 45Please respect copyright.PENANA2fwt2vYZxv
and she should give either you guys or us when we came by the lobby."copyright protection41PENANA61Wn7i2tED45Please respect copyright.PENANAndqpQ7BOHp

My eyes went wide and my45Please respect copyright.PENANAvUNJWlKeWA
heart pace quickened. Did Collins just say a young man in a suit? Maybe45Please respect copyright.PENANAPZQmsSSqRp
I heard wrong and needed some clarification.copyright protection41PENANAnHQQG4YZF545Please respect copyright.PENANAWfDmEtufic

"A young man in a suit?" Mike asked.copyright protection41PENANA9A6IfUzZLZ45Please respect copyright.PENANAFN6sw3OhhL

"Ya. Do you perhaps know him?" Collins asked.copyright protection41PENANAnS1jg8CjBg45Please respect copyright.PENANAR7KHtdAlEr

"Huh, no," said Christine, shaking her head.copyright protection41PENANAXZYNQESPEy45Please respect copyright.PENANALBGoYlRsB9

"Oh. For a moment there, you guys looked a little frightened," said Collins. "I thought you might know him."copyright protection41PENANAUN81woV6nH45Please respect copyright.PENANAEgXLJuOxL5

We did know him all right. The man who had been with Zoey. But who really was this guy? And this package? What could be in it?copyright protection41PENANA6Lz74QfG9R45Please respect copyright.PENANAiDc2lGgV2V

"Open it, Christine," said Daniel.copyright protection41PENANAX6RVUIAMxe45Please respect copyright.PENANAmNw3cup3W0

Christine threw Daniel 45Please respect copyright.PENANAdBgbmZFawq
an angry glance. She obviously didn't want to open it and I knew what 45Please respect copyright.PENANAgO3tRoa8kc
she was thinking. What if there was a bomb inside? Or maybe something to45Please respect copyright.PENANA3H0zKc49g1
threaten or blackmail us? You could only think of the worst from a 45Please respect copyright.PENANA9uCqFYqk9W
person you barely even knew.copyright protection41PENANAkr2tszRoFf45Please respect copyright.PENANAKpLOTDd3Mx

"Let me," I said as I took the package from Christine and I sat down on the couch with the package on my lap.copyright protection41PENANA5L1FS6v8NE45Please respect copyright.PENANAgPehpZuu8K

Collins was watching us for a second and then left the lounge. I sighed in relief and so did the others.copyright protection41PENANA0KLRFFzgs745Please respect copyright.PENANAvie7JU59ee

"I thought he would never leave," Mike whispered after we heard the door to Collins' room open and close.copyright protection41PENANAuMyxg168qL45Please respect copyright.PENANA6ZERNxv1Bh

"Can you check if he is really in his room?" I asked.copyright protection41PENANAovwpapvGxi45Please respect copyright.PENANAyR7N9wMD0V

Mike went in the hall and came back seconds later. "He is in the room."copyright protection41PENANAkx36pJLZZd45Please respect copyright.PENANAnveCCXwI6K

"I'm really nervous," said Christine. "What is in there?"copyright protection41PENANA6u0F1gH7o745Please respect copyright.PENANAXcKB4x9zyK

"I don't know," said Daniel. "I hope it is nothing that could kill us."copyright protection41PENANASNDpcNOItm45Please respect copyright.PENANAQ7CYULuGov

Mike hit Daniel at the back of his head and Daniel whined in pain.copyright protection41PENANA0OU4UjNGjN45Please respect copyright.PENANACM1QoENVmT

"Don't say that," said Mike. "I don't want to die soon."copyright protection41PENANAUphU5ibNpA45Please respect copyright.PENANAGj6qVaY4Kx

"Guys, calm down," I said. "Let's just open this thing and see what's in it."copyright protection41PENANAUinxIAlxiO45Please respect copyright.PENANAPBErzzd4gB

"Okay, but take your 45Please respect copyright.PENANAzSoAINfvIB
time," said Christine. "If there is a bomb in there, I want to say my 45Please respect copyright.PENANAppVwPRGOVr
last prayers before I leave this earth."copyright protection41PENANATjDOny7ber45Please respect copyright.PENANAlL20cBAqGQ

I rolled my eyes but I 45Please respect copyright.PENANA1fJqQrd5XW
was as scared as the rest of them. If we were to make out of this alive,45Please respect copyright.PENANAHnlDTbuAZq
I was going to kill Zoey myself for dragging us into this mess.copyright protection41PENANAY9Rf4WxfJX45Please respect copyright.PENANA1lb4moGWOm

I started to unwrap the package. It was a white box.copyright protection41PENANAQEfecYOxv645Please respect copyright.PENANANQBwgsYtxW

The other three couldn't45Please respect copyright.PENANApfjLSdWmNV
stop staring at the box and I needed to end this paranoia once and for 45Please respect copyright.PENANAMPhXTDmzza
all. I quickly removed the lid without thinking that there might be 45Please respect copyright.PENANAVm0xThZRLx
something dangerous in the box. The others even covered their faces. But45Please respect copyright.PENANANbM7WFkS17
nothing happened.copyright protection41PENANAmpp0dMylXN45Please respect copyright.PENANAOOW5MQJ8pi

"What the....?" I looked in the box and what I saw, shocked me completely.copyright protection41PENANAMWWDb0AJgj45Please respect copyright.PENANAilFjTyATqm

"What is it?" Christine asked.copyright protection41PENANAG6YWkaU9Iq45Please respect copyright.PENANArexeltTFmV

I looked up at the 45Please respect copyright.PENANANbJKhvA0E0
others and they bended over to see what was in the box. Their jaws 45Please respect copyright.PENANAjWmYggxR9X
dropped almost at the same time and we looked at each other.copyright protection41PENANAf4PE52rDnp45Please respect copyright.PENANAdAcKOxeIdB

"This is just ridiculous," I said as I shook my head.copyright protection41PENANAq9lnNwongE45Please respect copyright.PENANAD0MnK4Sl5w

Christine, Mike and Daniel suddenly burst out laughing.copyright protection41PENANAHWLFT6QOfy45Please respect copyright.PENANAmotInKYUB8

Zoey and Lee came rushing into the lounge.copyright protection41PENANAeuD39I5Ams45Please respect copyright.PENANASOJ4zyCNgP

"Hey? What's going on?" Zoey asked.copyright protection41PENANAZNCkapRzM745Please respect copyright.PENANApTPbhAg9Wl

No one answered. I was too speechless to say anything and the rest were still laughing.copyright protection41PENANAdu4Z9X6ZLl45Please respect copyright.PENANAGiJa16UZ1v

"What is in the package, Sam?" Lee asked.copyright protection41PENANAyZQc30U8Ag45Please respect copyright.PENANA8UkRZTpBHF

I soon removed a little cute brown teddy bear and held it up for Zoey and Lee to see.copyright protection41PENANABA4eVeDMOq45Please respect copyright.PENANAq6zgiQQz0M

"Huh? You're laughing all because of a teddy bear?" Zoey looked at the others, wondering if they were okay in the head.copyright protection41PENANAU1VY14W74I45Please respect copyright.PENANAUH5ES6LM6N

"Oh, my goodness, Zoey," said Christine trying to catch her breath with tears in her eyes. "Can't you see it?"copyright protection41PENANAtDIkPLkKUU45Please respect copyright.PENANAieHD5Gxvhe

"See what?" Zoey and Lee asked the same time.copyright protection41PENANA0wv5Kqkoc845Please respect copyright.PENANAaIlKYEBOdC

"The...the...suit!" Mike laughed even more, pointing at the teddy bear.copyright protection41PENANAP7aK6bP2jU45Please respect copyright.PENANAB8kGMcMyZS

It was then that Zoey 45Please respect copyright.PENANAlh72VcJsH0
looked at the bear in my hand and recognised that the tiny teddy bear 45Please respect copyright.PENANAHSI3DGHfvV
wore a tiny black suit with a tiny black tie. Zoey looked like she was 45Please respect copyright.PENANAR74bNQnAon
about to get sick. Looked like she already figured out it was the 45Please respect copyright.PENANAtKEBMAOv2v
stranger who she was with today that sent it.copyright protection41PENANALNxu7mgr6a45Please respect copyright.PENANAwJofM2Vuhr

"Guys, what am I missing here?" Lee asked.copyright protection41PENANAm7GRdrhxPu45Please respect copyright.PENANAq8yukmkIXJ

"Zoey will tell you all about it," I said. "I believe this is yours." I gave the teddy bear to Zoey who held it in her hand.copyright protection41PENANAFFBPpI1fLl45Please respect copyright.PENANA5rtJ2gkQMm

The other three continued to laugh when they saw Zoey take the bear. Lee looked as confused as ever.copyright protection41PENANA9w8H0f3gGa45Please respect copyright.PENANAmi6LxSNtn4

"And here I thought it was a bomb," said Daniel, wiping away the tears in his eyes.copyright protection41PENANAr3i8Uwzc3p45Please respect copyright.PENANAVNdthxQCfO

"Ya. But it just turned out to be a bear in a suit," said Christine. "A harmless bear!"copyright protection41PENANAGI5iyv0zKL45Please respect copyright.PENANAmkfQ4i6o8S

This time, they laughed 45Please respect copyright.PENANALubRgIK3c7
even louder and I couldn't help but start laughing too. A minute ago, we45Please respect copyright.PENANA87VlBdTsP9
had feared for our lives and it was for no good reason. I saw the 45Please respect copyright.PENANAgcuv2yN9XW
reason to laugh along as well. Who knows what the future might hold? You45Please respect copyright.PENANA1JrdAHVlL8
could die at any given day. We were just glad to be alive and laughing.copyright protection41PENANAUTi3AjiEAZ45Please respect copyright.PENANAtTgofRB8jr

"Stop it, guys," said Zoey with a frown. "This isn't funny." Lee just shook her head in disbelief.copyright protection41PENANAP128aXEK9I45Please respect copyright.PENANAiADM6FlUOj

"You brought this on yourself, not us," said Mike.copyright protection41PENANAaQqf9ZKazv45Please respect copyright.PENANAQQ2h3DZZYK

"What's with all the laughing?" Collins asked as he came into the lounge.copyright protection41PENANAWtpewZyPE845Please respect copyright.PENANA7rDoQTfr2z

Zoey held up the bear 45Please respect copyright.PENANASk9w7fbs90
for Collins to see. It was such a funny site given that Zoey looked like45Please respect copyright.PENANAM0ROiUshUq
she was about to cry and she held the bear's little arm in between her 45Please respect copyright.PENANA12SFqIyF9B
fingers that it was dangling in midair. That sent us into another wave 45Please respect copyright.PENANAf2Vpz3ELvO
of laughter. This time, Mike and Christine were on the floor and Daniel 45Please respect copyright.PENANALhOC66xyos
fell right beside me on the couch. I laughed so hard my stomach ached.copyright protection41PENANAOuaRDkOi4Y45Please respect copyright.PENANAZpuR5UzEAJ

And surprisingly, Collins laughed too.copyright protection41PENANA0ePquYqf8Z45Please respect copyright.PENANAfQMbfleT6K

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