Stuck In A K-Pop World: Hitting With A Big Bang (A Black Kitty Series, Book 1) - Chapter 1: The Invitation | Penana

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Stuck In A K-Pop World: Hitting With A Big Bang (A Black Kitty Series, Book 1)
Writer Namwezi
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Stuck In A K-Pop World: Hitting With A Big Bang (A Black Kitty Series, Book 1)
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Chapter 1: The Invitation
Jul 25, 2017
15 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!iWFdqvXPRnCi4pEWliiKposted on PENANA

"ENCORE!!!"copyright protection79PENANAUHw1KaUFeI83Please respect copyright.PENANA0inNVNCVrz

"ENCORE!!!"copyright protection79PENANAaxFPK6lIVc83Please respect copyright.PENANA0gijLTx67t

"ENCORE!!!"copyright protection79PENANA5xu9X86jro83Please respect copyright.PENANAUsqvR7ZbJP

I took in deep breaths 83Please respect copyright.PENANAlK8Iy4vaZX
as I sang out the last lyrics. My chest was heavy and there was sweat 83Please respect copyright.PENANAK0d2jZVR53
all round my body. The bright stage lights shone brightly above us and 83Please respect copyright.PENANAk0vLwmSvyC
the loud cheering from the crowd was deafening. I still had the 83Please respect copyright.PENANAlTntCVx86x
microphone in hand and I was ready to drop it on stage and head out. But83Please respect copyright.PENANA5QxjSQiOIo
the loud cheering from the fans was leading me on to sing one more 83Please respect copyright.PENANAS2pnNVKGrj
song.copyright protection79PENANA3m5AoQLiv083Please respect copyright.PENANAiMdGgPBNXI

I looked to my side and 83Please respect copyright.PENANAl3ySnrJFgr
there stood my best friend, Zoey and my cousin, Christine. They were 83Please respect copyright.PENANA48uuwhphYQ
also breathing out heavily and they looked really tired. But with the 83Please respect copyright.PENANAAhDNXTDyHB
look on their faces, they seemed ready to go on and perform one more 83Please respect copyright.PENANAh2EQV1iEHz
song.copyright protection79PENANA1FxGviMQ0I83Please respect copyright.PENANA6MHAgeRGwQ

I looked to my other 83Please respect copyright.PENANAx77aV43yDL
side and there stood my two brothers, Mike and Daniel. They too were 83Please respect copyright.PENANAaUNPKJQ2ny
tired, but I could see in their eyes that they were ready to go one last83Please respect copyright.PENANABtlj3CyVi4
time just like me and the other girls.copyright protection79PENANA35gyfeHlx883Please respect copyright.PENANAMPcT07Y3GB

I looked further behind 83Please respect copyright.PENANAPQvDFgmwiK
me and behind stage was our manager, Collins. He was beckoning to me to 83Please respect copyright.PENANA5Udqeh3Mdl
get off stage. We had already done two encores and we should have been 83Please respect copyright.PENANAR0b4TbbReS
done with the show minutes ago. But the fans had been so supportive so 83Please respect copyright.PENANAt4JYHpf3Wy
far, it was kind of hard to get off stage.copyright protection79PENANAJBvPbTFXcb83Please respect copyright.PENANAN1s1sHjvux

Collins kept on 83Please respect copyright.PENANARlx2qrdBis
beckoning to me and I could tell he was getting frustrated. The others 83Please respect copyright.PENANAuLweKeDZhz
looked behind stage and then they went on to look at me, waiting for my 83Please respect copyright.PENANAx5B074HqAb
signal. I was leader after all, and they were ready to agree to whatever83Please respect copyright.PENANAYrxwtXXHzg
I suggested was best. I looked at my team and then at Collins. The 83Please respect copyright.PENANA942GiNUVNc
noise from the fans become louder and louder that I could even feel the 83Please respect copyright.PENANAvlh7lob3PL
stage below my feet shaking. I could still feel the adrenaline running 83Please respect copyright.PENANAfOdNkHLiol
through me and I had to make a decision. And fast.copyright protection79PENANAXdRvUmOHdO83Please respect copyright.PENANAyypBeHo8Db

I made up my mind. I 83Please respect copyright.PENANAk9wCgS1sWR
mouthed out to Collins "sorry" and then turned to the drummer on stage 83Please respect copyright.PENANAecFsZ09Liy
and gave him a signal to give us a beat. The drummer did likewise and 83Please respect copyright.PENANA6Q6wsldQtR
just by the sound of the drums, the fans went roaring like crazy. I 83Please respect copyright.PENANA1O1yqirrLn
could see the annoyed look on Collins' face, but he could lay out his 83Please respect copyright.PENANAjZAYrAYBlh
anger on me later. We had fans to please.copyright protection79PENANApgUGOaUvvs83Please respect copyright.PENANA9r8gXABbq5

My team looked at me and83Please respect copyright.PENANA3sT51knsM8
smiled. Just like me, they had also wanted this. Looked like I made the83Please respect copyright.PENANAQ58q4A03bm
right decision after all. The beat of the drums was soon followed by 83Please respect copyright.PENANAklNsBL3dXt
the tune from the pianist and the whole instrumental music band behind 83Please respect copyright.PENANAi1Wc6Ywtri
us gave out a beautiful pop tune. My left foot automatically just tapped83Please respect copyright.PENANAChoKIslJvw
on the stage floor, following the beat and my whole team also followed 83Please respect copyright.PENANA5PSTiuElHC
suit. The fans kept roaring like crazy. I put the microphone to my lips 83Please respect copyright.PENANAP0DMcJKJdb
and I could feel the adrenaline running through my veins. I had always 83Please respect copyright.PENANA2PtqAcTVVo
liked this feeling.copyright protection79PENANAEf3a5f3Ldg83Please respect copyright.PENANAs1ekUxPzSw

"ARE YOU READY TO DO 83Please respect copyright.PENANAbIwOuJyfsL
THIS ONE MORE TIME?" I screamed out to the fans, and in response the 83Please respect copyright.PENANArvBVVc7P83
fans screamed back like crazy. I smiled, because I also wanted this too.copyright protection79PENANAWatOGobu5o83Please respect copyright.PENANAdA4sVYZKxS

"LET'S DO THIS!!"copyright protection79PENANAjvFdbuo6ZU83Please respect copyright.PENANAhJAOx5y6k0

***copyright protection79PENANAzE9DOfTS0683Please respect copyright.PENANASLwtHrGOhO

"OMG,83Please respect copyright.PENANARupWXlUW6s
I have never felt this tired in my life," said Zoey as she sat on the 83Please respect copyright.PENANAOnbpbJuJPO
couch after we had all come off stage and had quickly rushed to the 83Please respect copyright.PENANAKHAhbhJR60
dressing room.copyright protection79PENANA9XhCLX0Xr683Please respect copyright.PENANAGXu5UrqOow

Mike83Please respect copyright.PENANAhdUsC6c6Q2
and Daniel took the opposite couch and slumped themselves taking up the83Please respect copyright.PENANAVBKvSVNBNT
whole space. Christine jumped in with Zoey and since I was the last one83Please respect copyright.PENANABtR6zLy0AW
in the dressing room, I took the stool instead.copyright protection79PENANAlKB1YNvmUv83Please respect copyright.PENANAwR9rkLxwSo

"Today83Please respect copyright.PENANAyNZiiRe6t1
was just awesome," said Mike. "Did you see how the girls were crying 83Please respect copyright.PENANAZ4vQa4CJ4c
out to me when I did my killer move? I totally rocked it tonight."copyright protection79PENANAgt9q6YGZRG83Please respect copyright.PENANAFB3P2nBAUt

"Ya,83Please respect copyright.PENANAYshYLzQZFj
ya, ya, we know," muttered Daniel. "But I'm the youngest and probably 83Please respect copyright.PENANA1FnwvyA8iE
the cutest. So they were obviously screaming out to me."copyright protection79PENANA60EnDqkEnM83Please respect copyright.PENANAkXfnNiLoSF

"Want to check out the social media and check the comments?" Mike challenged Daniel. copyright protection79PENANAKJxlKw8fT283Please respect copyright.PENANASR89PTJFTp

"You're on, if I win you get to clean my bedroom for a week."copyright protection79PENANAK9wUADTgCK83Please respect copyright.PENANAYU4mqAV1Id

"Deal," Mike and Daniel shook hands while the girls and I just wailed out loudly in annoyance.copyright protection79PENANAXJLC6o2q2q83Please respect copyright.PENANAG3bWqZecn7

"Seriously, you're doing that again? I think we all know who is going to win," said Christine.copyright protection79PENANAdM9K8Tgh9983Please respect copyright.PENANARgYZqOTauM

"Hey,83Please respect copyright.PENANAAtGEQ7fL9Y
we've only been famous for a few months and people change their 83Please respect copyright.PENANAZP2bLtaZFy
opinions all the time," said Mike. "Just because Daniel won last time 83Please respect copyright.PENANA7xP5wfUqpo
doesn't mean I can win too."copyright protection79PENANAkTjQOUtHb683Please respect copyright.PENANAcZRTEH1Uta

"Fine,83Please respect copyright.PENANATsZVELoOK4
be my guest," I said. Sometimes it was hard to talk out of these boys 83Please respect copyright.PENANAnRBcX8rSyR
into anything. And as their older sister, I already knew what was going 83Please respect copyright.PENANAgLR7FwPHri
to happen next. I just rolled my eyes at them like I normally do.copyright protection79PENANAs9PdLVCOmE83Please respect copyright.PENANARlLRhqCGen

"Wasn't Collins supposed to meet us here? He is the one holding on to our phones, right?" Daniel asked.copyright protection79PENANAezrnkzhARq83Please respect copyright.PENANAKBfmOcug53

"If83Please respect copyright.PENANA7lOZtuwibX
I can guess right, he is so mad at us for not obeying his orders," I 83Please respect copyright.PENANAB2jnUANxh2
said. "He is probably going to punish us in one way or another."copyright protection79PENANAKbk418YvQ983Please respect copyright.PENANAU1E9nsmSIr

"You're darn right I will!" came a voice from the door.copyright protection79PENANABjiqw4m9SI83Please respect copyright.PENANAVQNKQgemzp

The83Please respect copyright.PENANAkbsDymemTv
five of us turned to the door and there stood our manager, Collins. The83Please respect copyright.PENANApOx3XVwkOf
look on his face was quite frightening and it was kind of hard to even 83Please respect copyright.PENANAMJ6zuWQIip
look away. He stepped into the room and there was a sudden change in the83Please respect copyright.PENANA7DBAhaWvxQ
atmosphere. It was as if Collins was going to burst into a ball of 83Please respect copyright.PENANA1WEz0CvxXj
lightning and zap us dead like a bug zapper. We continued to stare at 83Please respect copyright.PENANAMJ3SjxP9f8
him as he came to stand right beside me.copyright protection79PENANAN6ifuCPLdG83Please respect copyright.PENANAznLaX2lUyS

"Why83Please respect copyright.PENANAKAOpaO1FmZ
didn't you guys listen to me when I told to get off the stage?" Collins83Please respect copyright.PENANAY8J212zRcO
asked. "Our time was up and instead you went on to perform three more 83Please respect copyright.PENANAZLcKW9Nh3m
songs."copyright protection79PENANAbXRv1TE0ou83Please respect copyright.PENANA9OWYd6NfM9

"That's my fault, Collins," I said. "If you have to blame anyone, then you should blame me."copyright protection79PENANA9ZNsqkxNtp83Please respect copyright.PENANAeLiXNk0mbc

"No, I better blame myself for this. I should have disciplined you guys a little more than I had to."copyright protection79PENANAwhwOw1rlME83Please respect copyright.PENANAbaYnVUxIcA

"Awww,83Please respect copyright.PENANA4lp1kD87SV
don't beat yourself up, Collins," said Zoey. "We all wanted to be up 83Please respect copyright.PENANAg7Gz5tT6Q4
there a little longer. And besides, we did put up one hell of a show, 83Please respect copyright.PENANAi1fgpabWTn
didn't we?"copyright protection79PENANA2YBTuDM8Da83Please respect copyright.PENANAxYJWZ3z8bs

Collins83Please respect copyright.PENANA3sAK1FdVL3
let out a deep breath as he continued to stare at each and everyone of 83Please respect copyright.PENANAZ45elupwqi
us. It was obvious with the look on his face that Zoey was right on this83Please respect copyright.PENANAUYgEUgIuoT
one. And it was times like these that he forgets that he was ever even 83Please respect copyright.PENANAWslwcncqiY
mad.copyright protection79PENANADNargBLNof83Please respect copyright.PENANAui2Axo4WUv

"Okay,83Please respect copyright.PENANAePtvtoLbSa
I hate to admit, you guys really killed it out there," said Collins 83Please respect copyright.PENANA5PDrmQOyg7
with a tired smile on his face. "I'm just waiting for Lee to get here 83Please respect copyright.PENANAxLpAlWYpTS
with the information about the ratings of the show."copyright protection79PENANAdUxKI4L9qy83Please respect copyright.PENANAV8IpDbNpnG

"YES!!!!" The five of us cheered and we each gave each other a high five, including Collins.copyright protection79PENANAOswpl0379H83Please respect copyright.PENANAAtvdUS3Irk

"But83Please respect copyright.PENANAQY5fyqcwQ5
that doesn't mean I'm still mad at you for all this," said Collins a 83Please respect copyright.PENANApMe7bRjYhH
little too sternly, but that didn't even seem to spoil our mood. We 83Please respect copyright.PENANAFRaa5439Nu
laughed and all Collins did was smile.copyright protection79PENANAiMusdL4Zzs83Please respect copyright.PENANAtDszT006xR

I83Please respect copyright.PENANAbWDp4OhnNy
looked up at Collins and smiled. I went on to stare at the rest of the 83Please respect copyright.PENANA5sqfDvkGF7
team and I couldn't help but feel glad when I looked at their happy 83Please respect copyright.PENANAa8LDIEEIKb
faces. We had really come a long way to reach this far. And climbing up 83Please respect copyright.PENANAzW8dmc2DAP
to stardom had been a pretty tough road for all of us in this room. copyright protection79PENANAfMmMw5Qifg83Please respect copyright.PENANAcFiDVW9fCO

It83Please respect copyright.PENANAmNX7qFM5nx
all happened two years ago when Collins first noticed our talents and 83Please respect copyright.PENANAgXtoaQAcub
took us to sign his record deal. It all started at a talent show in high83Please respect copyright.PENANA2HQlkLhu0U
school. I bought in my child hood best friend, Zoey, my cousin, 83Please respect copyright.PENANAinIfv8Uhdi
Christine who had been more like sister ever since she came to stay with83Please respect copyright.PENANAPufjSq9tDD
us and my two adorable brothers, and we had signed up as a 83Please respect copyright.PENANAEFkv0Fhi9i
singing-dance group. We called ourselves The Toxins.copyright protection79PENANAQ3Int4oxcx83Please respect copyright.PENANAcsFUIb3Csh

We83Please respect copyright.PENANAVhLbBEBK8e
had really killed it that day. With our amazing talent of singing, 83Please respect copyright.PENANAnNUIiVoAdy
rapping and dancing, we had completely rocked the school. Every one was 83Please respect copyright.PENANASp0ykIJnlc
up on their feet and cheering for us like we were already celebrities 83Please respect copyright.PENANAEhuqs544Qc
and we had ended up winning the talent show. Our parents were there to 83Please respect copyright.PENANAjd0dWi9lTm
give out their support and they were so proud. It was completely the 83Please respect copyright.PENANATMMTk6C4tX
happiest day of our lives. It got even more exciting when at the end of 83Please respect copyright.PENANAh8eMyHRDLH
the show, Collins came up to congratulate us and told us that he was a 83Please respect copyright.PENANAQ5VQjS9sd2
record producer. He had given out his opinion that we were all really 83Please respect copyright.PENANAO6PB0aHCea
talented and that he had even thought of signing us with his company. 83Please respect copyright.PENANAAwjPiRw9vi
And did we even hesitate to say no? We were all really excited and our 83Please respect copyright.PENANARmnNcGFm9S
parents and everyone else continued to give us their support.copyright protection79PENANAeukIXxu1x383Please respect copyright.PENANAoYZez0ogCC

The83Please respect copyright.PENANArd8K2rCzA8
first year in the company was pretty hard and competitive. At first we 83Please respect copyright.PENANARsuffGWU35
never got the chance to write our own lyrics for any song and sometimes 83Please respect copyright.PENANANs3NGCN4Tq
they never really worked out for us. The first debut single we released 83Please respect copyright.PENANAGkDP5FgIfR
wasn't all that great and it was really hard to produce another song 83Please respect copyright.PENANAQ6jklz1iu4
because the first one seemed to be a failure.copyright protection79PENANAuMQQynWpFc83Please respect copyright.PENANAnhwq5c3SgW

When83Please respect copyright.PENANAiXgWNmB34Q
I had realised that our careers might as well go down the drain, I had 83Please respect copyright.PENANAVUXffjOgBi
suggested to Collins that we should be the one writing our own songs. He83Please respect copyright.PENANAlZARpF4tyl
was up for the idea but not the board of the company. Because they were83Please respect copyright.PENANApQiGM62oa6
strict with their contract with us. But when I challenged them with all83Please respect copyright.PENANAf51dlgx9w8
this, they gave me a lifeline. Create a better song and take it to the 83Please respect copyright.PENANAsR72JxIO0g
top of the charts, if it doesn't, we lose the record deal with them.copyright protection79PENANAGwfoTJshgE83Please respect copyright.PENANA9q7s6Uy8iI

I83Please respect copyright.PENANAfyOgL9wjj3
got to work right there and then. I had always had a thing of writing 83Please respect copyright.PENANAsLVzOF7wt8
poetry, so writing lyrics wasn't that difficult. And with the help of my83Please respect copyright.PENANANDyU5EOEN7
team and their ideas with the song, we produced a pretty good track. 83Please respect copyright.PENANAn2FcjrlPLE
Our very first song. When Collins and the board got to listen to it, 83Please respect copyright.PENANASdqNNetULW
they liked it a lot. But then came the part where we had to produce a 83Please respect copyright.PENANA3yzBsFghk4
video. Our first music video was a flop, so I had decided that I should 83Please respect copyright.PENANAoI64Uqwgfh
come up with the ideas with shooting the video. The board alongside with83Please respect copyright.PENANAV8ulWhApbl
Collins trusted me to do a good job with it. And I did.copyright protection79PENANAOu99d7GH8e83Please respect copyright.PENANAlfTVQmB7DW

Making83Please respect copyright.PENANAb1Ei5yICOX
the music video wasn't as easy as I thought. When it came to the 83Please respect copyright.PENANATJ6n52EFsQ
choreography, we had to practise day and night. We had to bring up new 83Please respect copyright.PENANA1O5UJWhl3U
dance moves and we had to make sure that our dance moves were perfect, 83Please respect copyright.PENANAheWVw2ueEi
on point and going with the flow. Our choreographer, Jimmy was very 83Please respect copyright.PENANAcx2iV8lzNN
supportive and if it wasn't for his driving spirit, I don't know where 83Please respect copyright.PENANAqPBvKlr1Gu
we would have been by now.copyright protection79PENANALD0BtzYqYD83Please respect copyright.PENANAVYJSTfUnuz

As83Please respect copyright.PENANAGG6JZ2RkBF
for me, I had to work extra. I had to make sure that the location for 83Please respect copyright.PENANA71uIxe4YgK
our music video was just perfect, and the film director and Collins were83Please respect copyright.PENANAtcId4CsZ0X
helping me out with all the arrangements. I even had to organise the 83Please respect copyright.PENANAyHDFqDHiXj
team's wardrobe and with a little help from Zoey, things were just 83Please respect copyright.PENANAY5ltOSISRY
right. copyright protection79PENANACE9S33BwkS83Please respect copyright.PENANACkalxfY0fY

When83Please respect copyright.PENANAXNFBt6eapc
the day came to shoot the video, I couldn't help but feel a little 83Please respect copyright.PENANAunhPR5HzYy
nervous. I had prepared for all of that for over a month and I was 83Please respect copyright.PENANAyBTJWrYUsd
scared that things weren't going to turn out right. But Collins had 83Please respect copyright.PENANATq1z1uFgF4
given encouragement and told me how a good leader I was and that he had 83Please respect copyright.PENANAt9sLYjRGTP
never met someone young like me who was even determined enough to try 83Please respect copyright.PENANAerq8anz8i2
and set up their own music video. That lifted my spirits a little. When 83Please respect copyright.PENANAmbsnKuSqKy
the time came to settle ourselves on the set, and the camera started 83Please respect copyright.PENANAveHYZGhQmb
rolling and the music played in the background, I got my confidence back83Please respect copyright.PENANAFBC6KMtjVL
and I soon started to dance to the song just like we had done during 83Please respect copyright.PENANAliXOGIiy83
practice and the whole team followed my lead. It was just awesome.copyright protection79PENANAb9mkiAsZhB83Please respect copyright.PENANA7EhOCgvU7S

After83Please respect copyright.PENANA5NtITdvnxq
the music video was done and the editing was done, the video was 83Please respect copyright.PENANA9TI6IpP0YY
released on YouTube and within a few hours we already had 100,000 views 83Please respect copyright.PENANA35CkUfBpaJ
and the next day, we had soon reached over 10 million. Our song topped 83Please respect copyright.PENANAhfwLYqZtNx
the billboard charts and it had stayed number one and in the top ten for83Please respect copyright.PENANAUXrD392T90
almost two months.copyright protection79PENANAd2eeEINC8M83Please respect copyright.PENANARd5uyZJapT

We83Please respect copyright.PENANATH9qs8QsBE
soon became famous and the good thing was, the board kept their word 83Please respect copyright.PENANA0vBr8FBbyK
and we started writing our own songs. And the most surprising thing was 83Please respect copyright.PENANAbqYhUwhEGG
we had so many fashion labels calling out for our attention. It turned 83Please respect copyright.PENANAyAnI0QQRis
out the music video we released not only just attracted music lovers but83Please respect copyright.PENANAwiX8K6Nlim
the fashion industry too. Our wardrobe for the video was completely 83Please respect copyright.PENANA6tN4LIB2mh
insane, and by insane, I mean it completely blew people's minds away. It83Please respect copyright.PENANAIVS6DSWtKf
was then that our record company decided to promote their own fashion 83Please respect copyright.PENANAWgxToi0cEi
line. And in honour for my hard work, they decided to give the fashion 83Please respect copyright.PENANAzKMmPy5qAr
line the name "The Black Kitty Clothesline" a nickname I adopted when I 83Please respect copyright.PENANAIjnAq0tmud
was a little kid. One, because I loved kittens and my family used to 83Please respect copyright.PENANABqu9kTrl66
call me a cat because no one ever heard me whenever I walked into a 83Please respect copyright.PENANAEGQr3GZ86A
room. As for "black", well because I was simply African American, and 83Please respect copyright.PENANAAPUXqkXTGs
also I just loved black cats, though they are believed to bring bad 83Please respect copyright.PENANA7iSCrdvTyC
luck.copyright protection79PENANAgKrqDute1O83Please respect copyright.PENANAZciQElwDuD

My stage name simply became Black Kitty or B.K, and everyone would call me by that name, including my screaming lovable fans.copyright protection79PENANA6cYtxg3Zgl83Please respect copyright.PENANAd4s71SsYM8

Enough83Please respect copyright.PENANArTqjwSx1M5
about the past, it was simply time to look on to the future and to what83Please respect copyright.PENANAELiWCWi8AM
laid ahead of us. As if the universe had just read my mind, Lee, our 83Please respect copyright.PENANAMOQeVS7oQU
assistant manager, came rushing into the room as if she was being chased83Please respect copyright.PENANAwiOXBkP8mB
by angry squirrels. And she came in running with her high heels on. I 83Please respect copyright.PENANAe0nxXZuf84
was surprised that none of the heels had even broken off yet. She tried 83Please respect copyright.PENANA2UST9OLhcC
to take in deep breaths as Collins tried to hold her steady.copyright protection79PENANAAunOI1wvEF83Please respect copyright.PENANAbJUZGwkwFG

"Lee, what's wrong?" Collins asked. "Did something bad happen?"copyright protection79PENANAiUqJk3eOhf83Please respect copyright.PENANA8THvrEvVUD

The83Please respect copyright.PENANAZWySQHGBYT
team and I quickly stood up and I gave Lee the stool to sit on. 83Please respect copyright.PENANAe9C89jFtPk
Christine went to the dressing table where there was a jug of water and a83Please respect copyright.PENANAaXeRtFvZBq
glass. She quickly poured the water in the glass and gave it to Lee. 83Please respect copyright.PENANADAnbtdS9PQ
Lee quickly drank the water and her body relaxed a little.copyright protection79PENANACorARYRVY883Please respect copyright.PENANA330FcaYSDO

"Thanks, Christine," said Lee, "I really needed that."copyright protection79PENANAgyCEnkGUQk83Please respect copyright.PENANAcOMrFg6bfH

"Now, will you please tell me why you came in running like that?" Collins asked. "I hope nothing bad has happened."copyright protection79PENANAz8fZSz26ok83Please respect copyright.PENANABSiY3LbWV1

"On83Please respect copyright.PENANANY5NEhXDaB
the contrary, Collins, you guys better be seated or else you will faint83Please respect copyright.PENANAsmpeN5uUgK
by this good news," said Lee with a bright smile on her face.copyright protection79PENANAl0INBALswK83Please respect copyright.PENANACRDUQHG2DC

"What? What is it?" Zoey asked impatiently.copyright protection79PENANAAMidqFx7zo83Please respect copyright.PENANA3qA8efqbTA

"I was checking up on my email after the show was over and I came across something that completely blew off my mind," said Lee.copyright protection79PENANAr9xH8pgawE83Please respect copyright.PENANAMlXcAKh5Fx

"What email?" I asked. "Like some fan-mail or something?"copyright protection79PENANAvRFeFgOrJk83Please respect copyright.PENANAPhpscf9ShN

"No, I got an email from South Korea. Has anyone of you ever heard of YG Entertainment?"copyright protection79PENANAbk7txy95FJ83Please respect copyright.PENANAukd5trlUDe

"Yes, I have," I said, my brothers, Zoey, and Christine nodded their heads in agreement. "That's a music industry, right?"copyright protection79PENANAt7S0O0p5bW83Please respect copyright.PENANAuqAsCbcUgS

"You're83Please respect copyright.PENANAs69Rzl7Ieo
right," this time Lee was getting really excited. "They sent me an 83Please respect copyright.PENANAwIJKNdc97P
email asking if you guys, The Toxins, would want to collaborate with one83Please respect copyright.PENANAnCfY4S9hNq
of their own k-pop bands."copyright protection79PENANAKGOpVtGJUp83Please respect copyright.PENANA9fwi65EdOS

"Wow,83Please respect copyright.PENANACkBl5ozhxG
are you serious?" Collins asked. There was a sudden sensation of 83Please respect copyright.PENANA6VimUmf4D2
excitement coming from all of us in the room. "And which band is that?"copyright protection79PENANA45KczhKJmp83Please respect copyright.PENANAvMh15o7KBW

"Wait for it," said Lee with a smile as she paused for a while. "With Big Bang!"copyright protection79PENANAsPxlQlmgqy83Please respect copyright.PENANACehdzmC8Da

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!"copyright protection79PENANAcaf0AatgUo83Please respect copyright.PENANAPK6771um57

Christine,83Please respect copyright.PENANApAUHCZ5KKH
Zoey and I shrieked as if Justin Bieber had just entered the room. 83Please respect copyright.PENANAGmVXAvkdEX
Collins and the boys blocked their ears to prevent them from bursting. 83Please respect copyright.PENANAotIvAPw4cC
Lee also joined in as she stood up and the four of us held hands and we 83Please respect copyright.PENANAcBc6iP6ozQ
jumped up and down like little high school girls.copyright protection79PENANAGYuqb3HVN383Please respect copyright.PENANA5gd1eOwy1a

"OMG! This can't be happening to us right now!" said Zoey as she was almost on the verge of crying her eyes out. copyright protection79PENANAlgTSBJdYZD83Please respect copyright.PENANAvpDdVe2rjf

"Did83Please respect copyright.PENANA3vQgC95IyF
I hear you right, Lee?" I asked. I still couldn't believe the news. The83Please respect copyright.PENANAyDVME9AaHB
whole world seemed to be spinning below my feet. I felt like I could 83Please respect copyright.PENANAld1YrWduow
just faint right there on the floor.copyright protection79PENANAwbOMboWFEQ83Please respect copyright.PENANAJr2AHEJNnh

"I'm83Please respect copyright.PENANAsWVoIAyiLf
telling you the truth," said Lee as she held her Mac tablet and showed 83Please respect copyright.PENANAU6tW5UTioh
us the email. "You can check the email if you so want."copyright protection79PENANA3lPxL0BsWp83Please respect copyright.PENANAP8IRIqwrdT

I83Please respect copyright.PENANAJGPF4xfCQ0
quickly snatched the tablet from her hand and everyone surrounded me so83Please respect copyright.PENANASK7lGcgzvF
as to read the email. The first thing that caught my attention was the 83Please respect copyright.PENANAQlNzcvZJXd
YG logo above the letter. That was simply their logo alright, I had seen83Please respect copyright.PENANACHUrmZZCBP
it a couple of times before. I still couldn't believe they had asked us83Please respect copyright.PENANACuzKQgX7Ps
to collaborate with one of their own. And with Big Bang for that 83Please respect copyright.PENANAMGNzg04fJ2
matter. copyright protection79PENANAwhFq9h9nf983Please respect copyright.PENANAtmJnO5nNHY

"Wow, this is awesome," said Daniel. "I have heard some of their songs before, they are awesome."copyright protection79PENANA1MkPywevcT83Please respect copyright.PENANACktc4kt2ri

"And83Please respect copyright.PENANAudZiMfjRv3
the fact that we are collaborating with them, is giving me goosebumps,"83Please respect copyright.PENANATZpCneIK1q
said Zoey, with a smile on her face. "We finally get to go to Korea!"copyright protection79PENANAlgebOZcps883Please respect copyright.PENANAJEKcRPwkRY

"I know," I said. "That has been like my dream destination for a long time now."copyright protection79PENANAPYquozLyX183Please respect copyright.PENANADmbCFYSZPn

"Does that mean I get to dye my hair into any colour I want?" Mike asked. "Korean k-pop superstars love doing that."copyright protection79PENANAHYN2Omy2RL83Please respect copyright.PENANA2JmsmJG4tI

"I would dye my hair pink," said Christine.copyright protection79PENANAVd1aoP9BfB83Please respect copyright.PENANAvdmfpe5WyX

"No way girlfriend," said Zoey. "Pink is my colour."copyright protection79PENANAJ4A9yZJkxH83Please respect copyright.PENANAUbk6OZ4GYU

"I would go for green," said Mike.copyright protection79PENANAmfFahuwQwo83Please respect copyright.PENANA31Eqt0aa5E

"I would go with blue as long as my hair stands out in spikes," said Daniel.copyright protection79PENANABsBDC0sMBH83Please respect copyright.PENANASARfQhtWd2

"I think I will stick with black, thanks," I said as I laughed out loud.copyright protection79PENANAolMZvlYfFw83Please respect copyright.PENANAT8dde1djIc

"Hey,83Please respect copyright.PENANAdLdScHSmRY
hold up for a minute," said Collins, raising his hands so as to calm us83Please respect copyright.PENANA0KzSZq9tmm
down. "The board and I haven't agreed to all of this yet."copyright protection79PENANAW2MCc36JUD83Please respect copyright.PENANAvgvJuJLI3t

"Awww!" We muttered out loud in frustration. If there was any one who knew how to spoil a good mood, it was Collins.copyright protection79PENANA7w6J9JJCwl83Please respect copyright.PENANAUhf79rP2OG

"But we all want this," I83Please respect copyright.PENANA1PrAHr0QUn
said. "They would probably think it is a good idea too. Besides, we all83Please respect copyright.PENANAdqEIa8sVRv
want to go to South Korea. It would be so much fun."copyright protection79PENANAkUH6TcrSs783Please respect copyright.PENANApLMETW6IYU

"I know how this must 83Please respect copyright.PENANApZJQAqhBgc
feel for you, really, I do," said Collins. "But we can't just get on a 83Please respect copyright.PENANAYtDDcNMEID
plane and leave. We need to talk to the board first and if they agree, 83Please respect copyright.PENANAa7pXMiTS1S
we can make preparations and tell YG that we're coming."copyright protection79PENANApo9b1mf85983Please respect copyright.PENANAMqRvhsWz3c

"I already arranged a 83Please respect copyright.PENANAM2GpFScrxV
meeting with the board and we will meet them first thing tomorrow 83Please respect copyright.PENANA5H3uEPNxIO
morning," said Lee as she stared at Collins, looking all professional as83Please respect copyright.PENANApueh0wKX5N
though she wasn't just acting crazy along with us minutes ago.copyright protection79PENANAMdGSWQCGs883Please respect copyright.PENANAaSQQhvJuXg

"Good, so we wait until 83Please respect copyright.PENANAq3XtxBjk92
tomorrow," said Collins. "For now I suggest we head back home to get a 83Please respect copyright.PENANA8zxnRyUBvZ
good nights sleep. We've had too much to take in for one day, don't you 83Please respect copyright.PENANApFSfw9LfEJ
think?"copyright protection79PENANA2M2JTWVlOo83Please respect copyright.PENANAv4Mtyj5SEf

We all agreed with 83Please respect copyright.PENANAUNPraGZ4iv
Collins and as soon as we changed out of our outfits, we headed for the 83Please respect copyright.PENANA4IaWYG6JWK
SUV waiting for us outside. As usual there were fans waiting for us and 83Please respect copyright.PENANAtsOfWnz1fd
the security had to make way and try to keep the fans under control. As 83Please respect copyright.PENANAg906BbMBg5
we got into the SUV, we couldn't stop talking about YG's offer with 83Please respect copyright.PENANA6lOhiMYpwU
collaborating with Big Bang.copyright protection79PENANAteNDpOZEW583Please respect copyright.PENANA9ZnYejlOlA

This was going to be a 83Please respect copyright.PENANA1CK2IlevWv
real turn around for all of us. It looked like we weren't even tired 83Please respect copyright.PENANAA3Qpk9bjyI
from the performance at the concert. When we got home, we were all still83Please respect copyright.PENANAeIHBHWU2Kf
running around and blabbering about with excitement. Mike and Daniel 83Please respect copyright.PENANADMRnPAJ35G
had even forgotten about their little deal.copyright protection79PENANAOIivBeldVN83Please respect copyright.PENANAyFJp54zgo8

How we ended falling asleep before midnight struck, only God knows.copyright protection79PENANAlXAoGukCP9

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