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The Knowledge Seeker
Writer Imascribble
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The Knowledge Seeker
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Chapter 2 - The Realization
Aug 8, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!OOUilqD2W4xkySaUNuDRposted on PENANA

"So, Graham," Anna started, stirring me from my inner turmoil, "what's your story?"85Please respect copyright.PENANAhVj2AJ3xoF
copyright protection81PENANAQFMpRr6xor

"What do you mean?" I responded, much to Vance's amusement.85Please respect copyright.PENANAaE81J0uUQi
copyright protection81PENANAscfmvBN9EK

"Well, we've been meeting like this for a over a month, the same bar every Friday night. Vance and I have talked, but you've barely told me anything about you!" She leaned forward in her chair, a mischievous smile on her face.85Please respect copyright.PENANAJk4MNKtY4U
copyright protection81PENANAdc4M4eGRIk

I averted my gaze, knowing I would crumble under her infectious smile, and sighed dramatically. "Do I have to?"85Please respect copyright.PENANARlQaorUsZi
copyright protection81PENANAJzZvYQX5ol

Vance let out a chuckle and she leaned across the table. Before I could react, Anna grabbed my hand that was idly sitting beside my drink and held it. "Please?" she pleaded, cupping it gently, but I was drawn away from the conversation with the mere touch of her skin against mine. Her first kiss was when she was fourteen, and it was absolutely terrible. When she was young, she took piano lessons but refused to practice. She hates how thick her hair is.85Please respect copyright.PENANA8aXgbGhFB7
copyright protection81PENANAwQxMc2o0b2

Barely any time had passed before I tore my hand away, much to Anna's surprise. Vance laughed again and took a giant swig of his drink, obviously enjoying the exchange more than he should have. Anna looked hurt, the sides of her mouth drooping into a sort of pout with her lips slightly parted. If it wasn't an expression born of sadness, it would have been cute.85Please respect copyright.PENANAYks36fNAeR
copyright protection81PENANAKpePcj3TaM

Using my hand to run my fingers through my hair, using the movement as an excuse for my sudden actions, I sighed deeply. "Alright, you win," I conceded, and the pout turned into a genuine smile on Anna's face. "What do you want to know?"85Please respect copyright.PENANAu5dlgCNa5M
copyright protection81PENANAdUmdpk3mqr

Anna grinned evilly and I noticed even Vance looked perplexed, leaning forward in his sit eyeing me. Only then did I realize that although I'd been hanging out with Vance for years, I had barely told him anything about myself. I felt a moment of panic rising in me as I witnessed their predatory movements, all but physically cornering me.85Please respect copyright.PENANAtdWru87LOI
copyright protection81PENANAHWifJuh7vt

"Well, well, well," Vance said, "this is interesting. What should we start with, Anna?"copyright protection81PENANA9fTo46H80S

Anna stroked her chin in mock deep thought. "Hmmm, I don't know, Vance. Too many places to start..."85Please respect copyright.PENANASM3lPaADKO
copyright protection81PENANAVeMhrbCvx2

My eyes darted between them both, panic rising. What if they found out about my gift - my curse?85Please respect copyright.PENANAufUIAaknkq
copyright protection81PENANAWfZfuIJMQf

Seeing my panic, the two broke into hearty laughter. I joined in nervously, still concerned.85Please respect copyright.PENANAaOD6f7enT2
copyright protection81PENANAgZuaozg5Ih

"Relax, buddy!" Vance said, punching my sleeve lightly, "we're just curious!"copyright protection81PENANAXDvJVXVxst

Anna nodded. "I just don't know anything about you!"85Please respect copyright.PENANA5MP97FjHi3
copyright protection81PENANAApIzEcioZ8

I nodded, quelling the panic and accepting her silent request, relieved they weren't planning to ask specific questions. "My name is Graham Hayes. I'm 27. I work for OTIS."85Please respect copyright.PENANAwNiqvTAQhV
copyright protection81PENANADf88pwHGBp

"The elevator company?" she asked, confused.copyright protection81PENANAYz2tjYrevT

I looked at her curiously. "Yeah, why?"85Please respect copyright.PENANAhrJUyY2NlV
copyright protection81PENANAH6iqGXDYlC

She shrugged. "Don't know, just didn't expect you to work for a big company."85Please respect copyright.PENANAPrHFAPkUwD
copyright protection81PENANA6YRf6hLOXn

It was my turn to shrug. "It pays the bills."85Please respect copyright.PENANAX2qgtW93Nr
copyright protection81PENANAdVWgpgeQvK

"So what do you do? Office work?"85Please respect copyright.PENANAY4SHZrG1e2
copyright protection81PENANAKdR3Dx0gvm

"I'm a mechanic," I explained, as Vance finished off his third beer of the night in one swig. "They send me out to fix the elevators when they break down."85Please respect copyright.PENANAX3uFJ5u4Z0
copyright protection81PENANASClKSs1DgZ

"That's pretty cool," Anna said, smiling sweetly at me and making my heart flutter.85Please respect copyright.PENANAHX38dw5nAT
copyright protection81PENANA1uVYKleZcJ

I must have been blushing, because she giggled. "Awwwww," she cooed, "did I embarrass you?"85Please respect copyright.PENANAOyYHgX8WZm
copyright protection81PENANAKWWB0A80QE

Getting increasingly uncomfortable, I looked away and said nothing.85Please respect copyright.PENANAZXqtC9y6dy
copyright protection81PENANAmJhHt99vNq

Vance went to take another drink and forgot he had finished it off moments before. Cursing, he stood up. "I'm gonna go get another one," he mumbled, walking off to the bar and leaving Anna and I alone at the table.85Please respect copyright.PENANA7Vvb3JI86i
copyright protection81PENANAvOUqMFL1EX

She moved over to the seat suddenly vacant beside me and sat down in it, leaning my way and catching my eyes. "Why are you embarrassed?" she asked with the innocence of a child, genuine concern in her voice.85Please respect copyright.PENANA2VR0C7XL4X
copyright protection81PENANAKpUH0Uh9V8

I forced a cough to give myself a minute to recover before grumbling a response. "I'm not embarrassed..."85Please respect copyright.PENANA73UxxwH5DU
copyright protection81PENANAOhR5Zlf9R2

She giggled and leaned forward suddenly, kissing my cheek. A flurry of emotions assaulted my senses, combined with the inevitable intake of knowledge. Her favourite Disney Princess as a kid was Cinderella. Her birthday was in late October. Her sister and her once got lost in the Rideau Center when they were young.85Please respect copyright.PENANAELQ9WTSF2Z
copyright protection81PENANAAmRuME9yFO

Although her lips didn't linger long on my cheek, I could have sworn I felt her hesitation as she pulled away. "I'm sorry." She said simply, making me melt. Her full lips curled into a sweet smile as she looked at me with eyes full of caring concern. "I really didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."85Please respect copyright.PENANAX4UO5xV2i0
copyright protection81PENANAwqdq7eloog

"Really, it's fine..." I said, my voice trailing off. Our eyes locked for a minute that seemed to last forever, and I wished I could hold her hand and read her thoughts at that exact moment to know if she felt the same as I did. I could have sworn she leaned in closer to me, or was it me leaning in towards her?85Please respect copyright.PENANA0p4UXBrEH4
copyright protection81PENANAwcyoiyKxHB

Vance came back and sat down in Anna's empty chair, the noise breaking the spell and forcing both of us to look at our friend in shock.85Please respect copyright.PENANAzlPpuMjnrl
copyright protection81PENANAzhXrMK5WiK

He looked back and forth between our wide eyes for a moment, and gave a mischievous smile. "Did I interrupt something? Or were you just getting to know each other better?" he joked, winking at us.85Please respect copyright.PENANAmpqhevOay6
copyright protection81PENANALOaZfhdAGC

Now it was Anna's turn to blush as she got way more offended than she should have. "Shut up, Vance! We were just talking!"85Please respect copyright.PENANAayvettPU7x
copyright protection81PENANARdOpB6XlDF

Vance nodded slowly. "Sure you were," he responded, his voice dripping sarcasm.85Please respect copyright.PENANAZGSP6nCpL3
copyright protection81PENANAXdXUEJEJGW

As Vance continued to tease her, I could not bring myself to focus on the conversation. The rush of euphoria I got from that small kiss - barely more than a peck on the cheek! - was greater than anything I'd ever felt. I had gained information from her as I always do, but it was more... intoxicating than ever before. I found myself craving her touch. I imagined those soft lips pressed against mine, the elation the flood of information brings me melding with the pleasure of the kiss.85Please respect copyright.PENANAK7tboHHdRf
copyright protection81PENANAurLEq1WEBD

No sooner had the thoughts entered my mind, I felt dirty. I was appalled I could think such things, of tainting her innocence and kindness with my cursed touch. I was not only taking information from her unknowingly and unwillingly, learning about her darkest secrets of her mind and her past, but I was taking pleasure from it!copyright protection81PENANAgsQ4SsbPOO

But every time she glanced over at me and smiled, her eyes lighting up in blissful innocence, I found I could do nothing but hope for more of her.85Please respect copyright.PENANAj1OPgii6cq
copyright protection81PENANAuL2sFHbkrS

Comments ( 2 )

Lunassandra Hughes - I enjoyed this chapter as well and spotted no errors on the first read-through. I should elaborate on my first review that it would be interesting to see a memory of his as opposed to a blatant interview style review. I'd be interested in getting a taste for an incident in his life that led him to be as jaded as he is now. 
10 months agoreply

Imascribble - Thank you! I will be revealing as the story progresses exactly what happened to poor young Graham, but it's not my style to reveal too much too early with my characters ;)
10 months agoreply