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Find my true love
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Writer Astyme
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Find my true love
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Jul 30, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!gddsk1fFcCWDTey1BEkZposted on PENANA

I'm going to school together with Yui now but i don't want my look like this so i'm need incognito, before that i must find an reason for she copyright protection78PENANAkGghjIqKAb

Kei : hmmm yui You go first i want to going somewherecopyright protection78PENANA2RpgjJhyot

Yui  :ohh i can come with youcopyright protection78PENANAbl74AG6bkq

"whaattttt(screaming in heart ) what should i do .....aahhh i think can use this way"copyright protection78PENANAbF7rWrambK

kei  : uh.....i want go to toilet so you want come with me ?copyright protection78PENANAyeBXvVGMt5

Yui  : ohh embarrassed allright you can gocopyright protection78PENANAgFqnJ04Qco

"10 minute the class"copyright protection78PENANAgn3oO0QZm2

"Please sit down"copyright protection78PENANAJVglSMgzyK

teacher : we are get new student from korea in this class copyright protection78PENANAEPp4c95hZh

                 please get in copyright protection78PENANAGfEJEtKus7

kei  : excuse me.....copyright protection78PENANAwc2NyVzOu8

teacher  : introduce yourself copyright protection78PENANAz8XYda7ir7

kei  : Hello my name is Tachibana kei , i moved here because my parent work and my hobby was playing game uhh...and nice to meet you guys thank you.copyright protection78PENANAA7nfR1JBwc

boy's student  : what a geeky guy hahahacopyright protection78PENANAJ3oLRXGrMa

girl's student  : He's a little cutecopyright protection78PENANAzljxkwHsP9

Yui  : what's happen with you copyright protection78PENANAzqhWF9YoLu

kei  : it's ok i want to like thiscopyright protection78PENANABuyZfpXWQJ

Yui  : w.. why you Dressed like have good looking before copyright protection78PENANA7q4qXpXFRN

kei  : it's okay....i just want you know my real....i think with this i can talk more with                you copyright protection78PENANAOrd6nSfmh0

Yui : .........uh..Mmm.copyright protection78PENANAQSupSKPPGG

ting ting dong The time is eleven o'clock ting ting dongcopyright protection78PENANAyO6De43cJU

teacher  : lesson was over you all can break nowcopyright protection78PENANAZymcEJ5U6m

student  : yes teacher copyright protection78PENANAUXfpm7abXR

kei  : ah...hmm yyui do you want go to Canteen with mecopyright protection78PENANARvFY9U2c6M

Yui : uh.... surecopyright protection78PENANA75ltiZdnUj

in the canteen copyright protection78PENANAJOgYeD6oP3

kei  :  what's do you wan't i'll pay itcopyright protection78PENANAgGzVFIPIVW

Yui  : that Not necessary i have money copyright protection78PENANAu32PwkPKHJ

kei  : it's okay today i'm in good mood hehehecopyright protection78PENANA4rylpNYvcN

Yui  : alright...if you insistcopyright protection78PENANAzsu8n9RdRM

after school.........copyright protection78PENANA9mPbcmw17d

Boy student : hey geeky come here copyright protection78PENANALbEjw47vAj

kei  : what can i help you ?copyright protection78PENANAi9LNi8X9mP

Boy student  : youu.....Do not approach yui he is a class idol you should know yourselfcopyright protection78PENANAWvbMHn8dpf

kei  : why ?copyright protection78PENANArar5uYaBtK

Boy student  : you should know your place geeky copyright protection78PENANAUMUFAcOxla

Yui  : keeiii  come here let's we go home togethercopyright protection78PENANAmhGy4nVcBl

kei  : yees...wa wait yui.... guy's sorry i get called copyright protection78PENANAs2vU80SiCm

Boy student : hmm i think this geeky must get a leeson......copyright protection78PENANA3w8XcI91gv

TO BE CONTINUE EEE :Vcopyright protection78PENANAcCNSaRg64S

Comments ( 2 )

Astyme - ohh you right i'm forgot change the intro 
1 year agoreply

Flow - Just so you know Tachibana Kei is a Japanese name. If you want to make a character from Korea make his name be actually Korean. Something like Taemin Kim or Byun Baek-hyun would make more sense right? 

Just look up a Korean boy band like BTS or Shiny to use their names
1 year agoreply