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Find my true love
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Writer Astyme
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Find my true love
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The Classmate
Jul 30, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cF7HJcIezHscyF8zajTZposted on PENANA

After School i'm get a letter in my locker63Please respect copyright.PENANAEokHK5Y8r0
copyright protection59PENANA21v8fYMoTx

and 63Please respect copyright.PENANAP8XNF5s0W8
copyright protection59PENANAe6dmNXyvb8

i'm read it 63Please respect copyright.PENANAv4oAfG0ecY
copyright protection59PENANAdElMkuluOf

"met me at back school yard come alone i have a suprise for you"63Please respect copyright.PENANAMRn6y7cxfE
copyright protection59PENANAtQgZZwXLUR

                                                                                                   from Yui63Please respect copyright.PENANAx5MvSsBltx
copyright protection59PENANAj9XwvLt4hF

woww is this true......hmm why not ? 63Please respect copyright.PENANAtZCRzRyA6L
copyright protection59PENANAdukzhE3C9S

at back school yard 63Please respect copyright.PENANAySCVZa3bHi
copyright protection59PENANARCI8CIEzuy

Kei  : Yui where are you i'm here now 63Please respect copyright.PENANAPfoCKg5mCy
copyright protection59PENANArNIpkdaNir

kei  : where is she ??63Please respect copyright.PENANAT5xvX7nvHt
copyright protection59PENANAtwWN5ds9QB

a mask man appear at his back 63Please respect copyright.PENANAggmSbl3fxL
copyright protection59PENANA1IeKQQtuqX

kei  : who is dat 63Please respect copyright.PENANAym0WZLd47P
copyright protection59PENANA3RLLg5ZrTi

mask man  : you don't need to know.....hey come out63Please respect copyright.PENANAD1UbwSjUn0
copyright protection59PENANASnPPaV2C4S

and three man come out from the bush copyright protection59PENANAe6AsRqikVI

mask man 1 : ready!!copyright protection59PENANAhZz3LQ9Kh2

mask man 2 : ready!!copyright protection59PENANA3aqSZAO1dS

mask man 3 : readyy!!!copyright protection59PENANAUrZvTQWcaR

mask man  : Attack !!!copyright protection59PENANAUsRuvCkFnC

kei  : Waiiittt !!copyright protection59PENANAHqN8jMI7OW

mask man  : whaatt....are you scared geekycopyright protection59PENANA0Jo0eiQau1

kei  : i think i'm know who are you guys, you all must be the classmate right !copyright protection59PENANA2otTTZvdES

mask man : [sigh] smart too i think we don't need this mask get off the mask !!copyright protection59PENANAQmjDuDqdLe

mask man 1 ,2 ,3 : yeess sir  copyright protection59PENANAaMXzMcRDmm

kei : ooh the guys threatened me yesterday, i think we can finish the problem now copyright protection59PENANAEoL8hE8NRN

in another place yui was looking for kei , as usual she want return to home with kei63Please respect copyright.PENANAoEhKxt5AIC
copyright protection59PENANAGIaZlFDMTp

Yui  : hump... where is he....wait why me want back with him63Please respect copyright.PENANAmgZmdZ8q4f
copyright protection59PENANA03bYDYbuBx

Yui  :............. do i like him...arrrgghh  NO NO NO NO NO that can't be...Wake up Yui wake up 63Please respect copyright.PENANAfIhaTN2dIq
copyright protection59PENANAQgWBodfx07

Yui  : But where is he ?copyright protection59PENANAkGQuGc9kY2

Yui  : hey do you look kei copyright protection59PENANAJZ6VXJT9eu

classmate  : ohh i look he walk to backyard copyright protection59PENANAG5KCH9QXGR

Yui  : oh thank you......[what's he doing there]63Please respect copyright.PENANAe65vQCYWdG
copyright protection59PENANA40xVve7Fy5

back to kei 63Please respect copyright.PENANAzzXzWay4BC
copyright protection59PENANAIi4Od2y6bN

mask man : like he understand now attack now !!!!copyright protection59PENANABSSmuzvlwc

mask man 1, 2 , 3 : HYYYAAAA!!!!!copyright protection59PENANAcBdKwIYEnx

................BAK..........BUK BAK BUAK PLANG JDARRRR ............copyright protection59PENANAK5QOU3Rta3

kei  : huh your are three why lose by this geeky copyright protection59PENANAgLW87rIDMf

mask man : Dare YOU !!! i don't want use this weapon but you got me mad now 63Please respect copyright.PENANAkRkB1ep4r8
copyright protection59PENANAPYR3IoLH29

kei   : ohh now you play weapon COWARD!!!copyright protection59PENANAeMe4B98tCi

mask man  : arrrggghhh HHYAAAAATcopyright protection59PENANAwS3t1bUKPG

Yui Screaming from distance copyright protection59PENANAZFEQInfu4h

Yui  : STOP !!!!! DON'T FIGHTING STOP IT PLEASE 63Please respect copyright.PENANAvFeAa5c91q
copyright protection59PENANADj3SoF1w8E

kei  : hah.... Yui go AWAY DANGEROUS copyright protection59PENANAPFxT8y42jU

mask man : got you!copyright protection59PENANAIjznaiKpMP

kei : uuuggghhhh!!!!copyright protection59PENANAGp8Kiwqj3y

Yui : iyaaaaaa*screaming nooooocopyright protection59PENANAXSeuLm3Qpm

mask man : [sigh] yui!! i must run (wusssshhhh)63Please respect copyright.PENANAPBZNaVYI0z
copyright protection59PENANAK8GkvQDgfq

Yui  : keeii wake up wake up please keii don't do this to me copyright protection59PENANA5WPeG7L6rO

kei  : ugh....don't worry yui i will be f fine..................................copyright protection59PENANAFpHTTtgXjF

Yui  : Keiiiiiiiii!!!!!copyright protection59PENANAk4N0pjQ2A6

30 minute after in hospital yui met the doctor to ask about kei copyright protection59PENANAsG2iUIqFPS

Yui : doctor, how about is he alrightcopyright protection59PENANAuuhcobFE8Y

doctor : ohh he will be fine you can see him now63Please respect copyright.PENANAllrFXsTmxl
copyright protection59PENANAjs37tsrjv1

Yui  : oh thank doctorcopyright protection59PENANApYIrhCaIiZ

doctor  : you're welcomecopyright protection59PENANAANuSZS3Fwc

in kei room......copyright protection59PENANAEQFHY8aqsG

i'm hear sound of machine where...are i'm why's dark what was this sound i know it "keiii...keiii...keiii....wake up" and glow come out....63Please respect copyright.PENANAu21JDbOQkQ
copyright protection59PENANAsRFajWNuF5

Yui  : Keii..keiii..keiiii  are you alright ?copyright protection59PENANAugTY8TRcyo

kei : ugh....arhhh....ohhh yuii i'm alright i told you hahahacopyright protection59PENANAodf3Udb5DD

Yui : keii............................63Please respect copyright.PENANAgarfYBbWjc
copyright protection59PENANAM6vrgPo3k4

kei  : Mm...Yui ?copyright protection59PENANA9Ok3NsWEEv

Yui  : stupid! why you fighting i'm worry about you!!!copyright protection59PENANA33Ii6DwiJa

kei  : *smile..........copyright protection59PENANAWvgrXwhmAB

Yui  : hump....why you look me like thatcopyright protection59PENANAqJqKMddJSS

kei : what it is at your head copyright protection59PENANAfVVXe1BKkk

Yui : haahh get it off kyaaaacopyright protection59PENANAUgQbHNIZ9i

kei : gussh....gushh hihihicopyright protection59PENANABA11kOeyy7

Yui :eh?..Wwhwwawaww Why you stroked my head hump...[blushed]copyright protection59PENANAqN3lKhnm1H

kei  : hahahahacopyright protection59PENANAGWXx8FkQFu

Yui love kei but he does not want to reveal it and always hide it and likewise with kei who unconsciously have fallen in love with yui what will happen next63Please respect copyright.PENANAwExXkuqeRX
Stay tuned63Please respect copyright.PENANAzm0A5EMTu7
copyright protection59PENANA8g5ahpZwYx

Comments ( 3 )

Aoki-San - No worries😊
1 year agoreply

Astyme - ohh thank you so much i'm happy you like it......sorry for my mistake...... RIP english XD 
1 year agoreply

Aoki-San - Nice story, I liked it.There are some mistakes but otherwise it's a really good story I really enjoyed it.
1 year agoreply