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Find my true love
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Writer Astyme
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Find my true love
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Is She will miss me PRT 2
Aug 3, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!asSchQh1Polm6f7qBr0Eposted on PENANA

Yui part : copyright protection52PENANAFcwpJhQXcl

It's morning i must go to school fasttter because i want read his letter I was very curious from yesterday.....copyright protection52PENANAPmOHy5yQ7o

after 30 minute yui go to school on 7:30 AM copyright protection52PENANAfsLlISMjjM

At school copyright protection52PENANAYYYuoIMeGY

Yui  : Good Morning ....copyright protection52PENANAAvlodUuMKB

Classmate  : ohh good morning yui copyright protection52PENANAb04WmMP869

Yui  : where kei............... is he  not go to school today?copyright protection52PENANAU47TzwClLi

Classmate  : ahh i don't look him too maybe he latecopyright protection52PENANAklNFJ1zeOk

Yui  : Hahaha you right..............and [Remembered] Open the letter tomorrow at school......promise okaycopyright protection52PENANAPZkUWGHLPO

        : ahh i remember  his letter !! hehe i can open it noww copyright protection52PENANAUKS2DszfNk

        Yui Opened the Letter copyright protection52PENANAy7GmNqnmEb

To my sweetheart Yui,copyright protection52PENANAGub1o7I6Sx

Yui....did you keep your promise?......Mm but I think you  kept it because I see that you are a serious person......I'm really happy talking and doing everything with you , Going home together, you also take care of me when sick and you even ask me out  even though we are not a couple. I'm really happy for that and I wanna saycopyright protection52PENANAUNhNQVfpb3

Thank you for giving me the answer for my feelings yesterday so I want tell you this copyright protection52PENANAJJbp5YPtkt

yesterday i was too scared meet you.... but somehow when I saw you cry.....................I immediately ran to can I let the girl I love cry.  copyright protection52PENANAF1YQ2mXKsQ

and....I just want to tell you I will move again.......56Please respect copyright.PENANAOinNDSPlkC
So I want to say goodbye ..........copyright protection52PENANAinEzauupTG

but I don't want you to be worried .........So I am keeping quiet56Please respect copyright.PENANAwEH3ClL4vT
Hopefully you can find a man who will understand and care for you alot.56Please respect copyright.PENANAqkuqzItkAp
Not like me who always hide's something from you.......56Please respect copyright.PENANA4oIrcmk1IF
If I can meet with you ...............I  want to scream and say that .....copyright protection52PENANAsDpE3vCSYX

I love you so much copyright protection52PENANAmEYku1HsMa

                                                                                                                 Love from Keicopyright protection52PENANAj4xXEHs97m

to be continue....copyright protection52PENANAPAZfe2KRVJ

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