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The Chronicles of a Young Witch
Writer Mira Shadows
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The Chronicles of a Young Witch
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Mira Shadows
Sep 6, 2017
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!hopeRQ5E2BqVgkz33ITmposted on PENANA

Chapter 255Please respect copyright.PENANAWnTJAYNB2L
copyright protection51PENANAh5kNsS4t2W

    Susan did what she thought was right, she called the police.copyright protection51PENANAhjkHxcxCRz

      The police arrived in an instant. Susan told the police officer what had happened with tears. Saying it aloud made it feel more real, and Susan couldn't bare it. "What if I don't see them again?" thought Susan. The police officer patted her on the back and insured her that he would find her parents. copyright protection51PENANAeivvC5yGNs

     "Kid, do you have any living relatives that might be able to take care of you?" asked the police officer. copyright protection51PENANA24xnS0gXti

     "My aunt can. She lives two cities away from her." said Susan. The police officer called Susan's aunt and told her about the situation. She said that she would be glad to take care of Susan. Susan packed her things and the officer took her to her aunt. copyright protection51PENANATKCes9qZMh

     Susan's aunt was Susan's mom's younger sister. Susan's aunt is a year younger than Susan's mother. Susan's aunt was 36 when Susan came to live with her. Even though her aunt was so old, she still looked 24. Susan's aunt, whose name was Amelia, was the only relative that was very close to Susan's family. 55Please respect copyright.PENANAAVdAcrWsIQ
copyright protection51PENANAy1A4xd95TW

      Aunt Amelia was sitting on the steps of her old black house when Susan and the police officer got there. Amelia looked vibrant and wore tight attractive clothes. Susan opened the door of the car and walked up to Amelia with her suitcase. "Here is your niece." said the officer. "If you need anything else, here is my number."  copyright protection51PENANAyW16kU6ARA

      Aunt Amelia laughed and took his number. When the officer got into his car and sped away, Amelia ripped the note and threw it into a bush. "He wasn't my type." said Amelia. She took Susan's suitcase and walked her into the house. The inside was just as old looking as the outside. The house was owned by the family for thousands of years. copyright protection51PENANASLluZNEqMr

      "Your room is upstairs." said Amelia. "Up the hall the last one to the right." copyright protection51PENANAIlsiqZvz5o

      Without saying a word to Amelia, Susan walked up the creaking steps. Susan had no problem finding her room. "This house is extremely old, but Aunt Amelia did a good job keeping it clean." thought Susan. She looked around the room. There was a queen sized bed, to the left of the bed, and there was a wooden wardrobe in front of the bed. Susan plopped the suitcase on the bed. copyright protection51PENANAwEkyKFsQfk

      The ride to the house was very long and tired Susan out. The house was out in the countryside and was two huge cities away from Susan's home. Susan laid on the bed and went quickly to sleep on the soft bed. copyright protection51PENANAr75MC4zgum

    "Where are you mom and dad?" wondered Susan in her sleep. She was still hurt from the lose of her parents. It didn't make sense to her why her parents would up and vanish. It was hard for Susan to believe that her parents were kidnapped, for she didn't know of any enemies that they had. Where ever her parents went, people would adore them. "Please be safe." said Susan. copyright protection51PENANAHcHau7a0Hg

     When Susan woke up, it was well at night. She awoken from the sound of a click-clicking. It sounded like how droplets of water sounded on your window sill, but like finger nails instead of water and wood instead of the window sill. Susan got off the bed and went towards the sound. It led her to the wardrobe. At first, Susan was scared. All of her life, Susan was a weak person and the only time she tried to be brave got her a bruised eye. copyright protection51PENANAoeUJMEofvE

     Susan decided to find Aunt Amelia than go into the wardrobe. She went down the steps, but found no Aunt Amelia. Then she went to Aunt Amelia's room and found her. She gently shook Amelia until she woke up. "What's wrong?" she asked in a tired whisper.copyright protection51PENANAzWLEInJiEe

     "There is a clicking noise in the wardrobe." said Susan. Amelia looked at Susan like she was in deep thought then got up. Amelia and Susan walked together to the wardrobe. There was no clicking noise. "I swear there was one before." said Susan. copyright protection51PENANAEmqmxVuHVb

     "It must have been your imagination. Go back to sleep." Susan jumped back into bed. When Amelia was gone, she heard the clicking noise again. Susan knew if she got Aunt Amelia that Amelia would be angry with her. So, Susan summed up all the courage she had and swung open the wardrobe.copyright protection51PENANAXkqS4cwtr2

     Inside was a black cat. The cat looked up at Susan and it's eyes went yellow. Susan had never seen a black cat before and screamed in fright. Aunt Amelia came running into Susan's room. "What's wrong?" she asked. copyright protection51PENANA71YTGHhp0V

     "There was a cat. T-there was a black cat with g-g-glowing eyes in the wardrobe." said Susan frozen in place. copyright protection51PENANADEi41P0vwW

     "There was no cat. Go back to bed." said Amelia annoyed. She went back into her room and Susan heard her door slam. Susan was sure she was going crazy. Maybe the day's events had made her go insane. Susan hopped back into bed and drowsed to sleep, when she heard the clicking noise again. copyright protection51PENANAHuh7mmjTPL

     Susan covered her head with her pillow and tried to go back to sleep, but the noise intensified. First it was faint, then it was medium, finally the noise got so loud it was the only thing she could hear. Susan couldn't take it anymore. She got off the bed and opened the wardrobe. copyright protection51PENANAVXMUQtB7SB

     Inside of it was again the cat with yellow eyes. This time Susan wasn't scared; she thought that she was going mad. "Hello." said the cat in a bone chilling voice. Now Susan was sure that she was going mad. copyright protection51PENANA3wglBhaCNH

     "Why aren't you running in fear?" asked the cat. "Let me guess, you are a Merda?" copyright protection51PENANAyubPCycVr1

      "I wish this cat would stop talking. I know for sure that I am going mad now." thought Susan. copyright protection51PENANAHnZuhPXTXQ

      "You're not going mad. I am right here in front of you." said the cat. Susan couldn't believe her ears. Was she going mad? Or was he really there? "Enough of this. We have a job to get to." copyright protection51PENANAu0nLmY3xAQ

      "What are you talking about?" asked Susan.copyright protection51PENANAe9lqZXYbTp

      "I don't have much time to explain this. So listen carefully." said the cat. "I am the witch cat of your ancestors and I come back to help the family. Your parents are captured and you must go and save them. That is all I could tell you. I have to go now."copyright protection51PENANAdANc5413XZ

     The cat slowly disappeared. The last thing existing of the cat was its bright yellow eyes, then that too disappeared. copyright protection51PENANATsZgdmfgTQ

     The rest of the night was a blur. Susan woke up the next day with the sun hitting her. For a split second, Susan didn't remember the events of that night. When she got up and saw the wardrobe, she remembered. Could have it been a dream? Her parents would have told her if they were deep in a conflict like this, right?copyright protection51PENANA770sxZpwai

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