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The Chronicles of a Young Witch
Writer Mira Shadows
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The Chronicles of a Young Witch
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Chapter 3: Trust the Cat
Mira Shadows
Sep 14, 2017
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!3u7yzp3zjSXmMrnBuG0vposted on PENANA

    Sarah had read in Health class that people sometimes hallucinate when grieving or when stressed. So, the cat could have been a figment of her imagination. She did miss her parents very much. 39Please respect copyright.PENANAOEjiG7qT09
copyright protection35PENANA2XxKtAVlRW

    Either way, today Sarah had to go to school. Aunt Amelia had enrolled her to Belf High School. She got her book bag and put everything she needed in it. She packed a ruler, some paper, some notebooks, etc. Sarah didn't know if she should be angry at her aunt or grateful. Her aunt didn't giver her time to grieve and enrolled her into school, which is a way to say that she thought Sarah was going to stay for a long time. copyright protection35PENANACVrKu19xAt

    Aunt Amelia had given Sarah the outfit that she was to wear to school. It had a red skirt that went all the way to her ankles. She also had a black vest. In her head, Sarah hated the outfit. She disliked having to wear skirts or anything formal for that matter, and she hated having to do what the school required. Sarah put on her uniform and got her backpack. Then, she lightly walked down the steps. copyright protection35PENANAqxPcZdNuUN

    Sarah, lightly, went down the steps. She had thought Aunt Amelia was asleep and didn't want to wake her. When Sarah had reached the middle of the steps, the door bell rang. It sounded as if someone had hit a church bell. Sarah froze in the middle of the steps. After another ringing of the doorbell, Amelia came to the door. copyright protection35PENANAZWLxGf8CAZ

    At the door was Officer Benjamin. He was the one that had taken Sarah to her aunt's. He tipped his hat and said, "Good morning, ma'am." copyright protection35PENANAzdV1Xp27WC

     "Call me Amelia not ma'am. I'm not that old." said Amelia with a chuckle. Benjamin could see that Amelia was in a bad mood and didn't want to mess that up, for he brought grave news. Amelia could see that he had a weight on his shoulders from his sorrowful mood. "What is it, Benjamin?" she asked. copyright protection35PENANAAnaqzaDnEy

     "I have news about Sarah's parents." said Benjamin. Sarah heard this and hid behind the wall. Aunt Amelia looked around to make sure Sarah was not there and nodded her head for Benjamin to continue. copyright protection35PENANAbEuXbbckNM

    "We have found the remains of the parents. We believe that her parents had a car accident and the car landed in the river. We found the bodies stuck in seat belts." said Benjamin. Amelia's expression quickly changed from happy to shocked. copyright protection35PENANAjm0fnXEq5B

    Sarah tried hard to keep back the tears, but couldn't. She thought about all of the good times that she had with her parents. She remembered when they used to throw her birthdays, when they would put her to bed, and when she was scared how they protected her. Then Sarah remembered the last time she saw her mother. copyright protection35PENANA2FYd6ynKV2

    Sarah had gotten home late that night. She entered the house through the backdoor, quietly. She closed the door and gave out a deep sigh. Then Sarah' mom cut on the lamp that was next to the sitting chair, which she was in. "Where have you been?" asked her mother. Sarah rolled her eyes and put the keys on the small table next to the door. She made her way to the steps, but was too slow. copyright protection35PENANAi6GN3SYgcM

    Annoyed, her mother pulled her back. Again she asked where she was. "I was hanging out with some friends." said Sarah. Her mother gave her a once over and said, "You went to see your friends in my Velvet Prada dress?" Sarah scratched her neck and looked at her feet. copyright protection35PENANA2w83Lw0pX6

    "Where were you really?" asked her mother crossing her arms. "With Tomas." Sarah said. copyright protection35PENANA10MZdSxBCt

    Tomas was the boy that she was forbidden from seeing. He was known as the bad boy at her school and every girl had a major crush on him. Tomas asked out every girl, but she thought it was genuine that he asked her for she was known for being a loner. When her mother found out about the date, she forbade her from going. Anyway, she did. To make matters worse, she went to the club with Tomas in her mother's favorite dress. copyright protection35PENANADVzjJDbHTo

    "Why were you with that boy?" screamed Sarah's mom. Sarah filled with rage. "Why do you always have to make my life worse? I am old enough to do things myself!" said Sarah pushing her mother away. Sarah walked up the steps and threw her mother's heels down the steps. copyright protection35PENANAtWUCZF9056

    Now thinking of this moment made Sarah fill up with sadness. Trust me, at this moment she would do anything to see her mother again and tell her she was sorry. Sarah could now imagine what her mother could have felt when her only daughter treated her the way she did.copyright protection35PENANA766T6kLEVo

    Suddenly, she couldn't take it anymore. A river of tears streamed down her face and she ran into her room slamming the door. Sarah threw herself onto her bed and hugged her pillows tight. copyright protection35PENANA7ykHS3l4Lf

    "She must have heard." thought Amelia. She thanked Benjamin for the news and said farewell. Then she ran up to Sarah's room. She tried to open the door, but it was locked. When she knocked, Sarah replied with a sorrowful, "Go away, I don't want to talk to you." copyright protection35PENANAsfcmRc21d8

    "Open the door, Sarah. We can talk about this." said Amelia. She put her ear nearer to the door to hear Sarah's reply. copyright protection35PENANA8kefdlzZ0u

     There was none. copyright protection35PENANAn83IQVLbZw

    This gave Amelia one option. She went into her own room and went to the drawers in front of her queen sized bed. She pulled a lock pick from under the clothes in the third drawer and went back into the hall. She unlocked the door and quickly entered the room. copyright protection35PENANArsLDODPRF2

    Sarah jumped from off her bed and struggled to push Amelia out. "Go away!" screamed Sarah on the top of her lungs. "We can talk about this!" screamed Amelia. copyright protection35PENANAZNme2AACzA

    "You wouldn't understand. You are glad that my parents died, you never liked them." said Sarah with a hint of tears coming on. Amelia stopped pushed Sarah and said, "I didn't hate your parents. I am sad that my sister died, I loved her. We can talk about this." copyright protection35PENANA7XIaFy6qK5

    Sarah suddenly stopped pushing Amelia. A rush of emotions shocked Sarah, and out of nowhere she put her face on Amelia's shoulder and began to cry. "It's ok. It's ok." said Amelia over and over again. Amelia and Sarah sat down on the bed. When Sarah regained her senses she asked, "If you didn't hate mom, why did you always fight with her?" copyright protection35PENANAXbxJOmnEe2

    "That's a long story." said Amelia biting her cheek. "I have all day." said Sarah. copyright protection35PENANAGdP3sSD2uc

    "Ok fine." she said. "When your mother and I were children, I looked up to her. She was the one in the neighborhood that everyone wanted to be around. She was so nice to people, she was the head of the cheerleaders, she did charity work, and got great grades. As for me, I was the outcast that didn't fit into anyone's group. copyright protection35PENANACC9lMPUSfE

     "When the other children in the school would make fun of me, your mother was there to protect me. When no one would allow me in their groups, she allowed me in hers." copyright protection35PENANAYdPwWETji7

    "What made you and mom fight, then?" asked Sarah. "I'm getting to that part." said Amelia with a playful voice. copyright protection35PENANAmZlc3O4GQz

    "When got older, my mother told us a secret that she has been hiding for a long time. She sat us both down and told us the secret. I couldn't believe my ears. I didn't want the secret to break us apart, but it did. Your mother, Barbara, went to live with my aunt and didn't talk to me for years. Years later, Barbara had told me she had married and was going to have a baby. She said that she wanted the baby to know her family, so she went around me more often. Still, she didn't forget the secret and there was more fighting." copyright protection35PENANATtb3OYSJR8

    Amelia looked away from Sarah with sorrowful eyes. What she didn't tell Sarah was that during those years, she lived in despair. She hated herself for making her sister hate her. During those years, she looked for a way to make her sister forgive her. Even though when Barbara went around her she was mean to her, she was happy. For, at least her sister was around her. copyright protection35PENANAnPmdmjRgDa

    "What was the secret?" asked Sarah. Amelia laughed and looked down at her, "That's a story for another time." she said. copyright protection35PENANAnZ9JbcxgTo

    Amelia gave Sarah a kiss on the head and went downstairs. While she was there, Sarah thought. In her bones she felt that her parents were alive. Have you ever had that feeling that something wasn't true? Sarah had a 'gut feeling'. She didn't let go of her hope. She needed to find a way to find them. copyright protection35PENANAQNR2RG0JpS

    Maybe the secret that Amelia and Barbara shared was the reason of the disappearance of Sarah's parents. Sarah went to the top of the steps to make sure Amelia was gone. She was. Sarah then went into Amelia's room to look for clues. Where to start the look?copyright protection35PENANASNHe04xRka

    Sarah went to Amelia's drawers and searched them. She threw the clothes out of each, no sign of anything. When she got to the last drawer, she found only a small picture of Barbara, Amelia, and some other guy when Amelia was 11. Sarah memorized the picture and continued her search. 39Please respect copyright.PENANAs98X4y2ptw
copyright protection35PENANA2IabrloZCi

    Sarah was about to look through the papers on Amelia's desk, but then she heard the purring of a cat. Sarah turned around as quickly as possible and saw the black cat sitting on Amelia's bed. "Hello." said the cat in a neutral deep voice. Chills were sent through Sarah's body. 39Please respect copyright.PENANAZff7O2lJZQ
copyright protection35PENANAns5evWVwGl

    Sarah, thinking the cat was a figment of her imagination, turned around to continue looking through the papers. Nothing was found but letters from groups that Amelia was in. "Why are you ignoring me, Sarah?" asked the cat. Sarah rolled her eyes and said, "Because you are not real." 39Please respect copyright.PENANAHNu16b8x49
copyright protection35PENANAoz86O8al0v

    The cat jumped off the bed and scratched himself on Sarah's legs. "Like I said before, I am the were-cat guardian of your family. When a member of your family is in trouble, I come to guide them. In this case, I need to help you find your parents." said the cat. If the cat was a figment of her imagination, why was he a were-cat? She had never heard anything about a were-cat. 39Please respect copyright.PENANAHxjPunoxNS
copyright protection35PENANAw2dHeF2CEF

    Sarah looked all over Amelia's room, ignoring the cat, but still couldn't find anything to help her. "If you don't believe me, can I at least persuade you?" asked the cat. Thinking it was at least worth a shot, Sarah allowed him. The cat led Sarah into the hall. "If you are real cat, what is your name?" asked Sarah on the way.39Please respect copyright.PENANA4M8jUWlfGl
copyright protection35PENANAV280hDXc9E

    "Salem." said the cat purring. Finally the cat went to the other end of the hall where Sarah's room was located. "That's just my room. Thanks for nothing, Salem." she said. "Wait a moment." said Salem. 39Please respect copyright.PENANA6o9BpgNyNS
copyright protection35PENANAxxdGD1OOnO

    Salem hit his butt on the wall next to Sarah's bedroom. "What are you doing?" asked Sarah giggling. Salem ignored her and continued. After about five butt hits, the lower part of the wall opened.39Please respect copyright.PENANAIvp1lUoKsc
copyright protection35PENANAjUQxB5cEHR

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------39Please respect copyright.PENANACwYLPTHb9n
copyright protection35PENANAjCTsDa5Bme

What could be in the hidden room? 39Please respect copyright.PENANAwgMFRbVEJJ
copyright protection35PENANAfUMsAqupeR

Who could have made the room?39Please respect copyright.PENANAxsfWtBRSlj
copyright protection35PENANAdyL45n9h2R

What will Sarah find out? 39Please respect copyright.PENANA4YQ3JGWqR5
copyright protection35PENANA9lu2N7cTJz

These questions and more will be answered in the next chapter of: 39Please respect copyright.PENANAOolA4dM0Sv
copyright protection35PENANA8YuUq5lUuA

    'The Chronicles of a Young Witch' 39Please respect copyright.PENANAKpXZmrAejW
copyright protection35PENANAMI8yNdVWvX

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