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Call Me Scott, from the Unbroken Series
Miss Anderson
Sep 26, 2017
7 Mins Read
1,559 Words
No Plagiarism!gPOvrPcReSZ0uP3n5pqyposted on PENANA

I often find myself thinking about my mother. What if she had made it? What if she had raised me? Her son with dark slanted almond shaped eyes and dark hair. I looked nothing like her. She, with her porcelain skin and blue eyes, red unruly hair down to her waist. She was so beautiful. I feel like she was stolen from me...136Please respect copyright.PENANAtPK0JPVa0X
copyright protection132PENANABoae0zphpq

I bring my mind back to my present situation. We are refugees. I know you probably have not kept up with our story, but we are wanted in the king's court: dead or alive. Now, we are hiding out in an old library with ruined tapestries along the wall. I watch as the warriors train. It is the culture of these people to become warriors, and they are trained from a young age. If my mother had lived, would I have become a warrior?136Please respect copyright.PENANAKWTeWwBHA6
copyright protection132PENANABFfpbGfoyt

I remember when I was young, my hair slicked down and puffy sleeved shirts and dress pants. Posing for portraits that my mother loved. That my father disdained. My father used to be a scientist before he became a baker. He had a lab underneath our mansion. He used to spend hours down there while my mother and I would play the piano. She was a lovely pianist, and she taught me. She was the daughter of a lord,  raised in upper class. Therefore, so was I. After all, my father was a very smart man and valuable to the king. 136Please respect copyright.PENANAK21bTn7Slr
copyright protection132PENANAgxtKmx8rWy

"You are so smart, Scott, never give up your skills." Scott was not my proper name, but she called me that. Everyone else called me Yasuhiro because that was my father's language. 136Please respect copyright.PENANA6OgQP0FLbG
copyright protection132PENANA0yXbMYKcfa

I nodded. I can still remember her voice. I was but four then, maybe five. That is the day that the king's men stormed our mansion and changed my life.136Please respect copyright.PENANAIVCB9z7LgH
copyright protection132PENANACRQRg2yvq6

"Isla!" Father came up the stairs from his lab and grabbed her. "Take Yasuhiro downstairs! Go, now!" 136Please respect copyright.PENANAS1JTdDhkvD
copyright protection132PENANAYGDsq00zrX

My father was a scrawny man. Tall and wispy. No way he could take on the king's men. But he would risk his life for us.136Please respect copyright.PENANALCs2sh382e
copyright protection132PENANA7rw4Ci3nvi

"Daichi, what is going on?!" my mother exclaimed to him, but he thrust her to the stairs and repeated his commands. "Come, Scott."136Please respect copyright.PENANAOK9qljZs4g
copyright protection132PENANAx79oYqqxVQ

I remember my mother's grasp was firm. My hand was so small inside of its pasty hold. She took me to my play area. I spent much time in my father's lab when he watched me. He made me custom toys: glowing neon car tracks, toddler learning laptops that projected onto the wall, interactive puppets, you name it...we spent hours down there together.136Please respect copyright.PENANAaWhUQuy8P3
copyright protection132PENANADUxhnYhoxJ

"Yasuhiro," he would say. "Do you know what your name means?"136Please respect copyright.PENANALAGdD8vGgx
copyright protection132PENANAmFbSJObNbG

I would shake my head.136Please respect copyright.PENANAU4i4vDou6s
copyright protection132PENANA5JNf7MGyjB

"Calm and respectful, peaceful, if you will. You know, those qualities will take you a long way. But you must also be strong and brave and bold when the time comes."136Please respect copyright.PENANAKhp2cgxKom
copyright protection132PENANApXwWeUUwir

"Yes, Father, I will. And what does your name mean?"136Please respect copyright.PENANAOaXuoADThU
copyright protection132PENANAfF6qxQeJDp

"Daichi? It means 'wise.' How fitting, huh?"136Please respect copyright.PENANArbYJgunEYu
copyright protection132PENANApJ9dZh0FPk

We both laughed.136Please respect copyright.PENANA7JMxMYNjJc
copyright protection132PENANAhehOawI521

"But promise me, Yasuhiro, you will remember to be brave when you need to be, brave but always respectful."136Please respect copyright.PENANAGxnD2LdFFu
copyright protection132PENANAwiHDIfuWY8

"Yes, I promise."136Please respect copyright.PENANAz6GyPW2dB1
copyright protection132PENANAmoRvCRNCxC

Perhaps now was one of those times as we made our way through the play area to the the back of the lab to hide behind tables occupied by blue stuff.136Please respect copyright.PENANAHILtfxs3Rb
copyright protection132PENANAWOQeD1Lm6O

"Scott? Do you want to say your ABC's?"136Please respect copyright.PENANAgxIEaKqoq5
copyright protection132PENANAoD65hOkLLj

I sang them for her about four times at her request. Even amidst all the noise...the shattering of glass. The clank of the now-out-of-tune piano.136Please respect copyright.PENANATZcAy1xBf8
copyright protection132PENANAT7HLDjCqW9

"Quiet, darling little Scottie," she whispered. "You are my greatest treasure, Yasuhiro."136Please respect copyright.PENANADWQoq6WSaO
copyright protection132PENANA3TYU8CVTY2

I heard the echo of footsteps on the metal stairs, like trapped thunder across the room from us. 136Please respect copyright.PENANA3rlM5wwvVX
copyright protection132PENANAHmGOrXDMJo

"No, there is nothing here," my father said. Pause. Clinking. "Please do not touch anything. Some things are toxic. I do not even allow my family down here. I am working on a better therapy for anaphylactic shock, which I suffer from, allergies. I am working with bronchoconstictors as well as bronchodialators."136Please respect copyright.PENANABPXNpvPW74
copyright protection132PENANA5DwNoa71A4

"Ah...is that true...so would you mind if I do this?!"136Please respect copyright.PENANA4K1V8r25kd
copyright protection132PENANAbDX9y5LtZK

We hear the clash of glass.136Please respect copyright.PENANATnEf9KMGgI
copyright protection132PENANAwH6dvyb8lU

"Noooo!!! Why would you do that?! Now, get out now!!!"136Please respect copyright.PENANADRxBFW6uSd
copyright protection132PENANAxry3fWdmYO

"Oh no, he wasn't lying. Everyone move!"136Please respect copyright.PENANAzWXBS62Ucn
copyright protection132PENANAq9soi0u4ut

"Everyone move!!!" 136Please respect copyright.PENANA75KMlUx7BN
copyright protection132PENANAP0aWeGvpOQ

Gagging and coughing.136Please respect copyright.PENANAPfFmQkiXPb
copyright protection132PENANAklhSpwPCTN

My mother huddles me to her chest, protecting me from the gases that now engulf the room. She began to choke.136Please respect copyright.PENANAap8800f3Vr
copyright protection132PENANArkWTJfTdkn

"Isla! Isla, where are you? Say something!"136Please respect copyright.PENANAq3xbPS5m0H
copyright protection132PENANAG9oR6DxB2m

"Father!"I screamed, but my mother quieted me and continued to shield me for as long as she could. She grabbed my father's gas mask. There was only one hanging beside us. She put it as best she could on me, and I watched her fade, melting like a beautiful snow in summer, as she sunk to the ground.136Please respect copyright.PENANAaPWPcMavJZ
copyright protection132PENANArnIJg7g5Ka

"Mama! Mama!" I wailed.136Please respect copyright.PENANAGUoP3oPisL
copyright protection132PENANATbuQ5e5Yrq

"Yasuhiro!!!" my father exclaimed. "I cannot see you. Where are you?!"136Please respect copyright.PENANAKSOh3Ea91a
copyright protection132PENANAm8AKZGnxhq

I stood up, and my father raced across the room, scooping up my mother's fading form and me all in one go. I remember everything going so fast. The clank of the stairs beneath my shoes before I let the gas mask fall to the ground. We raced out into the open hillsides that was our land. Green grass and wildflowers for miles. My father laid my mother on the cobblestone path trampled by the soldiers' hastened escape. 136Please respect copyright.PENANAQb0M1dzbIi
copyright protection132PENANATJOBs4JIat

"Isla, please speak to me..."136Please respect copyright.PENANAapdzfgY4zq
copyright protection132PENANAT3FoTKCZJ3

My mother suffered from bronchitis quite often, and I learned later he had been working on different therapies to make her stronger; she never could deal with harsh changes in the environment, pollen, or anything like that.136Please respect copyright.PENANAPkiECmiMvj
copyright protection132PENANAp5b0QbGdIX

"Isla, I'm so sorry. When we get through this, I...I..."136Please respect copyright.PENANAWmvX9waIHT
copyright protection132PENANAECGsd9xWSH

"Daichi," she smiled up at him, blue eyes sparkling. "I love you. There are no two people in the world I love more. Do you think you will be done by next spring? So that Scott, you, and I can go to the cherry blossom festival?" Her face was already turning blue. 136Please respect copyright.PENANA1SjfsyvqC5
copyright protection132PENANAqLK69EQLEz

"Yes, yes, I just have to repair my lab, and...and..."136Please respect copyright.PENANAQsq962vpO1
copyright protection132PENANAP4F14vcKJV

"Yasuhiro, that would be fun, right?" she asked me; I nodded eagerly. "Hmmm, look at this evening sky. I never get to enjoy it this time of year. The cold air always sends me into coughing fits, but now, it smells so sweet. Daichi, hold me, will you?"136Please respect copyright.PENANAILneIwKTfs
copyright protection132PENANAInxpQLynIr

"Yes, just you and me. I am going to put Scott inside."136Please respect copyright.PENANAMgk5vMD1dg
copyright protection132PENANA59cQflu678

I was quiet as my father set me on the porch and escorted my mother to an oak tree. She could barely walk. By nightfall, my mother had left us. My father returned to me and took me to the site. He had already wrapped my mother in beautiful grasses that interlaced with her white cotton dress and decorated her fiery red hair. Her skin was porcelain again, but I could see where her veins were bulged. Now I know it was her body's last attempt to get oxygen to her essential organs.136Please respect copyright.PENANA73JxcPzIfo
copyright protection132PENANAGWclYhQb1A

"She's so beautiful," my father whispered, more to himself. He released my hand and knelt down beside her.136Please respect copyright.PENANAJXa6cSDWLS
copyright protection132PENANA7KYE9OqIc8

"I'm so sorry, Yasuhiro," he whispered through gritted teeth. I have never seen a man cry like that in my whole life, to this day.136Please respect copyright.PENANAoy8JEEwhFJ
copyright protection132PENANA9hil7xHCDP

"Call me Scott, please, Daddy," I whispered. I did not understand much. Not why she had died. Or why those men had come after us. But I did understand that I had lost my mother, and I was desperate to have her with me. Her son that didn't look like her, but that held her in his heart for a lifetime and beyond. 136Please respect copyright.PENANAyNNhk07UIm
copyright protection132PENANALkMYFKfwVh

"Scott, yes, that is good."136Please respect copyright.PENANAjrktywlbt7
copyright protection132PENANA7215HaU7T7

He struck a fire with some flint and let the fire turn her to orange diamonds amidst smoke and ash, just like he did to our mansion.136Please respect copyright.PENANA3RGcBkQ8Cw
copyright protection132PENANAg2oyow658K

"We must go," he explained. "Those men are after us. They consider us rebels to the king."136Please respect copyright.PENANARajFrEFzzn
copyright protection132PENANAUU4HSKr8hn

"But why?"136Please respect copyright.PENANAWSOglmNHyg
copyright protection132PENANApopru7Bofv

"That is best explained another day, my son. Another day...when you're older."136Please respect copyright.PENANAPC8vOKQFSs
copyright protection132PENANAvwxU4Vqb1z

He toted me over his shoulder, and we began the journey on foot away from the only home I had ever known. Away from my mother. But I carried her with me; and among the burning house, as its exterior faded, I made out the figure of a piano. And a beautiful voice and ivory keys. 136Please respect copyright.PENANAcKCwp4a4EJ
copyright protection132PENANAVWu0DmL4v2

If that day had not happened, you can imagine where I would be. I would be Yasuhiro, probably a pianist and upperclassmen dining in a fine mansion. My father and mother would have spent innumerable spring days together because he would have finished his work, and we would have gone to the cherry blossom festival.  And I would have run through the wildflowers in my younger days and ridden horses through them as I grew, becoming a warrior, as is customary for men among my mother's people. I would not be here among the renegades, watching warriors; perhaps I would have been a warrior, strong brave, raised by a strong, brave woman and an intelligent, loving father, a scientist. Things would have been different. But my father is a good man, though he left his work behind. He raised me well. And now, people just call me Scott. 136Please respect copyright.PENANArACgQXDEFb
copyright protection132PENANArUrRmVYXke

Comments ( 1 )

ShadowBobcat10 - Very interesting. I really like the interplay between the past and the present.  The visual descriptions were also phenomenal.  
Just curious, as I haven't read the Unbroken Series, who was the character who was saved?  
11 months agoreply