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Submission Closed
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No Plagiarism!89p0x8eQQAEYduTI7zH9posted on PENANA

So, we have a beautiful picture from my dearest Wikia (Fandom) that makes an awesome prompt.  And I mean really awesome. In case the picture doesn't load, (I mean, what's a .jpg-large anyway?)  it reads: copyright protection281PENANA0M8lvhF7p2

"If you could save one character from death, who would it be? And why? What would happen if they were saved?"  copyright protection281PENANAvybUyJ3MzT

Now, Penanians of Penana, you have four weeks to chose one character from any Fandom (but I will put up a long list of ones I'm affiliated with) and save them. Then write a story about how saving them changed the course of that Fandom for the better or the worse. The story should be PG, though if you have this awesome idea for a PG-13 story, please let me know and I will up the rating. No R stories, though. Sorry, guys.  copyright protection281PENANAneSAJLjRk0

Two entries max. What are you waiting for? Revive! copyright protection281PENANA0lM9GiqmpQ

Fandoms:  copyright protection281PENANAoVpAPXjTKT

~ Aliens (not the first one)285Please respect copyright.PENANA1I7NSO5iav
~ Claire's Impossibilities (my book)285Please respect copyright.PENANA9zqy9gwtag
~ Inception 285Please respect copyright.PENANAnYovE6m575
~ Lorien Legacies 285Please respect copyright.PENANAS8O0WGO1ZZ
~ Marvel Cinematic Universe285Please respect copyright.PENANAx8yYHIfdcp
~ Maximum Ride285Please respect copyright.PENANAuznT52Zs76
~ Oblivion 285Please respect copyright.PENANAx0fl0b1Pd0
~ Red vs. Blue 285Please respect copyright.PENANAOL9nJQ5Z4i
~ RWBY285Please respect copyright.PENANAozSMsXOspW
~ Star Trek TNG and Voyager 285Please respect copyright.PENANAzWXOhX0jMe
~ The Dark Knight Trilogy285Please respect copyright.PENANAjBZsYJj4Io
~ The LEGO Movie (and other LEGO stuff) 285Please respect copyright.PENANAm7XfUqcJSC
~ The Martian285Please respect copyright.PENANAFryDgQBg9o
~ The Prestige285Please respect copyright.PENANAvtZuWYef2W
~ The Reckoners 285Please respect copyright.PENANADp3BFY2RHU
~ Tron: Legacy 285Please respect copyright.PENANAtnm20CTBT3
~ Uglies 285Please respect copyright.PENANAZpwZTtX7I0
~ Underworld 285Please respect copyright.PENANA4mq8Y560WN
~ Voyager Agency (my book)285Please respect copyright.PENANAUqahtaUmMO
~ Warrior Cats 285Please respect copyright.PENANAqLdXL7qIf8
~ Numerous other Sci-Fi / Action movies 285Please respect copyright.PENANAIjv9rtextb
~ Others work too, and I may have forgotten some stuff I'm acquaintanced with. copyright protection281PENANAN78GHRr1IM

Comments ( 17 )

Flow - *sees warrior cats and immediately thinks of Starkit's Prophecy*
2 months agoreply

ShadowBobcat10 - Ooh, sounds intriguing. Can't wait! 
2 months agoreply

Flow - @ShadowBobcat10,

Oh dear
are you unaware of Starkit's prophecy? 
I'm not really joining the competition. I have no characters that have died that come into my mind right now.
2 months agoreply

Miss Anderson - Oh my, just gotta say, maximum ride, warrior cats, yes!!!!
2 months agoreply

ShadowBobcat10 - Oh, my God, I can't wait! And if you do end up making one for Maximum Ride, please do consider adding it to my wonderful MR fanfiction wiki (!
2 months agoreply

Miss Anderson - @ShadowBobcat10, oooh i couldn't make one for maximum ride. I couldn't decide on a character. I guess maybe dylan. I am just a HUGE FAN. As far as warrior cat goes, there are alot of places you could go with that. I really loved silverstream, but leafpool is my favorite and i love Crowther and i really resent wht happened between them lol
2 months agoreply

ShadowBobcat10 - @Miss Anderson, Awe, yes. I didn't even think about reviving what happend between Leefpool and Crowfeather. Spottedleaf might be a good one, too. She was amazing. 
2 months agoreply

Miss Anderson - @ShadowBobcat10, yes if she had survived, i don't know if firestar would have fallen in love with sandstorm. It would have been the same another case of forbidden love lol
2 months agoreply

The Hybrid Cat - I'll do Mine in the form of a song that tells the tail in a way that saves the faction ... or otherwise I would go into a rant 
2 months agoreply

The Hybrid Cat - Can the song idea turned into a rant 
2 months agoreply

ShadowBobcat10 - @The Hybrid Cat, ...Um sure? Sounds interesting. 
2 months agoreply

The Hybrid Cat - @ShadowBobcat10, Not happening now turned into a rant
2 months agoreply

ShadowBobcat10 - @The Hybrid Cat, Rant's all good, Hy. Just think of the prestige of being the first to contribute an issue... 
2 months agoreply

The Hybrid Cat - Am I allowed to do a faction? or does it have to be a character 
2 months agoreply

ShadowBobcat10 - I guess a faction works, too, if they were wiped out or something. Just curious, what fandom?
2 months agoreply

The Hybrid Cat - @ShadowBobcat10, WARHAMMER 40,000 
2 months agoreply

ShadowBobcat10 - @The Hybrid Cat, Okay, can't wait. A story of the Warp. 
2 months agoreply