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Horns (The Order, Bk.1)
Writer Lunassandra Hughes
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Horns (The Order, Bk.1)
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Lunassandra Hughes
Oct 6, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ycei6z4H28WcYfVvoUXhposted on PENANA

The Mother sat formally on the earthen bench within her cave. Her legs, though covered completely in her gown and cloak, crossed at the ankle. Around her, light shows played in the air- birds swooping among in and out of spring touched trees, a mountain cougar laying out at her feet and if one was not careful, they could easily become entranced by the sights and lose their wills forever.copyright protection79PENANAMdhFXf8CuI

A bird perched itself on her offered hand, its song silent as she pet it gently, as if afraid to harm the beautiful illusion. The bird's soft colored plumes ruffled in pleasure and a small smile touched her normally stern facade.copyright protection79PENANAv3VKm1krIm

A moment of peace.copyright protection79PENANAzFyyUu3io1

The cave itself was painted with runic scripts from countless cultures, most of their times long passed, a few forever lost to time.copyright protection79PENANAAbeRQc7YOC

An invisible breeze broke the calm air and the bird took flight from her fingertips to rejoin its brethren.copyright protection79PENANAHkGC43Doum

The Vampire King did not speak until she acknowledged him, knowing the Mother had no doubt sensed his entrance as he made his way further into the cave.copyright protection79PENANAL41kCWOGfc

He was a massive figure, but the cave was wide and accommodating- perhaps once made to accommodate beings larger and taller than him. All males of his kind were intimidating, at least in comparison to mortal men- they had been built originally to breed war against one another, or at least that is what the stories of old had explained.copyright protection79PENANAHPnWHe8OcX

Since his ascension to the throne of his kind nearly two centuries ago he had cut down his time for waging war against others drastically- no now, now his mother would have been proud to see him struggle to bring peace to his kind.copyright protection79PENANArUh7wmaaLF

Humans had abandoned hunting them for the most part, leaving them safe in the day while they were weakened, and Brigg had accomplished something no other Vampire King in his race's history had done- he had brought his race under one undeniable rule- his rule.copyright protection79PENANAxwJyQmuF2K

His mate would have been proud to see it all- she had dreamed of his success first as was her talent, she had believed in him long before he ever had and he hoped every day that she remained proud of him even a century and a half after her death while giving birth to their daughter.copyright protection79PENANASKzgGguP5H

His daughter was now grown and off with a family of her own- a new mate (who Brigg bregrudgingly admitted was suited for her) and soon their first child.copyright protection79PENANANwB4E8rOic

A grandchild.copyright protection79PENANAuPIdozATeD

Gods, he felt old just thinking about it.copyright protection79PENANAD6ncm3tRTy

Brigg felt uncomfortable in the robes he had donned to see the Mother, grimacing every time the fabric brushed his skin too much even as he approached the Mother, who had her back to him.copyright protection79PENANAyG59LJhcxA

He bowed to her back, the only sounds in the air the sounds of their breaths and a trickling of water further back into the cavernous space.copyright protection79PENANAo1q7fOHQHW

"Come," She invited, "Sit."copyright protection79PENANAtl3QxpU1hO

She patted the bench to her left. Brigg nodded and did as she asked. It was not wise to argue with the elder being.copyright protection79PENANAzPuEZgohsV

"It has come to my attention that a female has gone missing."copyright protection79PENANARRXiZd6G4O

Brigg nodded, "Breonwyn, the daughter of Wilhelm."copyright protection79PENANACx9FoH5jIn

"I assume that your Order is in search of the female."copyright protection79PENANA7icCXcSltl

"Yes." Brigg affirmed.copyright protection79PENANAhldfDcsKTx

"Good. However there is something else that must be discussed."copyright protection79PENANAyw4HctpiN7

The King quirked a brow, "And what is that, Mother?"copyright protection79PENANAFUpRxn3qIx

He turned to look directly at her, but it was like staring at the sun. Her features were made out of pure light- her long hair made out of yellow light as well as her skin, her stare a bright cutting white. He was glad that most of her slender form was covered by her clothing- he didn't think his only good eye could take looking at her directly for long.copyright protection79PENANALZTYewbHg5

He blinked and looked away.copyright protection79PENANAePBjxNNW5A

"I believe you will soon find your Order joined with a handful of otherworldly beings, females primarily.copyright protection79PENANA3LvtD2QHtz

"New recruits? Females? Most females are not interested in our workings."copyright protection79PENANAeey7dNEpvV

"These are not ordinary females." She stated softly on a near-sigh. The females that they would be awaiting were annoyances of hers, from her original life of sorts.copyright protection79PENANAuJK53hTQdZ

"I think you would find yourself to be quite foolish should you refuse them. Most of them are of the particularly chaotic sort. Some of them I am directly related to, some indirectly, and a few- not at all."copyright protection79PENANAqhKVLnYC4r

"Who?"copyright protection79PENANAbjGKrUx5j2

"I can not see their faces, nor can I hear their names."copyright protection79PENANA0OMKUP1OFf

"What do you mean related to?" Brigg asked, his eyes narrowing.copyright protection79PENANAN6xy1iWZU1

"They, I have been notified, are important, or have garnered the attention of my creators. My superiors, if you will."copyright protection79PENANAq6k7QL1nRl

"What do you mean, your creators?"copyright protection79PENANAqR9cC31ERH

"My creators, as in the beings I was born of." The Mother stated dryly before coming to a stand, brushing her gloved hands down on her skirts.copyright protection79PENANATFNrdPJaPE

"Be cautious, son of Tairn. If these women are related to my creators, then life will surely not be easy." She finished and in a flash of light, he was left alone all but for the cave and its paintings, the light shows departing with her.copyright protection79PENANAbfKwnBioZ9

"Well, fuck you too." He muttered to himself before standing and leaving the cave, more than ready to get out of the silken robes and back to his astonishingly boring paperwork.copyright protection79PENANAJp1SBDWDhO

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