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Horns (The Order, Bk.1)
Writer Lunassandra Hughes
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Horns (The Order, Bk.1)
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A Watcher
Lunassandra Hughes
Oct 7, 2017
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cPngMkEnFo18RoKLjEw9posted on PENANA

Lia stood leaning against a grimy brick wall. The back of the alley where she stayed was surprisingly clean and covered in a charmed tarp. The handy charm kept any from hearing any sound from within the home she had built for herself beneath its crinkled blue folds. copyright protection13PENANAnIDeyattpD

Under her makeshift tent lay all she owned of unimportance (as things of importance were kept far more hidden), not that she owned much. All her life she had lived a certain way. copyright protection13PENANAzCtWSghxEW

Nomadic.copyright protection13PENANAVG5N4Qznu5

Since the day she had first taken human form in this life she had moved from land to land, sticking close to the wilderness. Towns were full of ‘decent people’ who would not abide her presence, nor would they fraternize with anyone they referred to as ‘gypsies’, after all.copyright protection13PENANAxROb6nlAQL

This city was relatively small. So small that she didn’t even bother destroying it. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t have some fun. No, just the occasional shock em’, fry em’ sort of thing. The last grunt’s screams had a damn near melody. Deck the halls? No… Yankee Doodle? No...wait! Jaws!copyright protection13PENANAdqnHngXENB

Lia walked back to the tent and grabbed her things that she would need then proceeded to light the alley way ablaze, the putrid stench filling the air and making her scrunch up her nose in disgust.copyright protection13PENANABIhHwlx5J2

A smile soon bloomed on her lips as she thought of the warehouse district’s wayward demonic inhabitants that she had used to play games with her. And what fun she had! But they had grown boring and rather troublesome. Therefore they had outlived their uses. copyright protection13PENANAbgT0s0nOAe

Pity.copyright protection13PENANAzOFXv2esH1

Still smiling to herself, Lia blinked out of the small city in eastern europe to Maedbell, Connecticut.copyright protection13PENANA3iKl0hHxmq

Lia sat on a cold brick doorstep in a back alley, bored. The male vampire she had been torturing hadn’t lasted long. The sad thing? It was supposedly a warrior, a high ranking one supposedly within a rogue band if you could even label such a weak creature a warrior of all things. She had squeezed all the information he had out of him fairly easily. He had been a pussy, the only really interesting thing he kept secret, or tried to anyway was a location of a gate.copyright protection13PENANAzyHty9tVX4

Gates were the doors to other realms, dimensions, etc… This one was apparently a gate to an underworld of sorts where rogue bands of vampires met to scheme and shit. copyright protection13PENANAaxSPvnRJPz

When she was told this information, Lia thought back to the twenties when she had decided to keep a spy in the burgeoning Order. Under a guise of course- gods knew she had too many enemies to risk revealing her movements- she had compelled a member of their group to unknowingly smuggle information on their workings to her.copyright protection13PENANALTRwfRNWpa

She had made damn sure he would never remember her, nor would he know just how he was being used.copyright protection13PENANAmYI4sheWcc

The Gate was close, too close to their current home. The vampires of this world were so ignorant, it was almost funny, almost. Not quite.copyright protection13PENANA0nKSdfg5Z5

They had no knowledge of races beside a few select ones- nor did they know how there were countless subspecies to each race. It was pretty sad, actually. Other immortal races could be good allies, but most of them were strict and kept out of the businesses of races who were unaware of them. A ‘if they don’t know about us, we don’t want to work with them’ policy.copyright protection13PENANAELZvien6bM

Lia was a supernatural mixing pot for the preternatural community. A mix of vampire, witch, and kitsune, she travelled not only out of boredom but because she had acquired many enemies over her time. Her Kit was almost all dead, all except for her twin brother and herself, of course. Though she had not heard from him in far too long…copyright protection13PENANAgxLZCdgQ9t

Other Kit’s would automatically attempt to kill her, but Kits tend to stick to their own realm. One per, you could say.copyright protection13PENANA39QN232i82

Sighing, Lia stood and blinked to an alleyway behind a club she had taken to frequenting- a vampire owned nightclub that she chose to get wasted at to abate the apathy that toyed with her existence.copyright protection13PENANAoMOoi6DFcO

Walking up out of the alley’s shadows, she slid off her trench coat and with a wave it dispersed into shadows, leaving her clad in a cropped navy halter top and a short a-line leather skirt that put her legs on display. She caught a glance of herself in a neighboring shattered mirror- her long almost white blonde hair was kept partially up and out of her face, a navy ribbon pulling some of her hair up into a ponytail- the rich color making her milky skin glow. Her eyes were the darkest of violets, lined by thick kohl lines, curling up at the corner into cat eyes. Her lipstick was near black tonight, but in daylight could be considered a rich red.copyright protection13PENANAstmdsYrJPA

Walking past the long wait line up to the bouncer, she flirted ceaselessly until she was allowed in, bringing a collective groan from those in line.copyright protection13PENANAcSK3FN7I5g

Lia smiled at the charmed bouncer and flitted inside.copyright protection13PENANALu3ASmGw2T

Stepping within the club, it was clear to see that tonight it was bustling with energy. copyright protection13PENANAkunGHPF8zu

Going to the bar, she ordered a scotch and made her way to the VIP balcony, flirting occasionally with the grinding humans and the rare vampire who came up to ask who she was. Spotting an open booth that would keep her discreetly shadowed out of immediate sight, but not too far from the Order’s reserved table, she quickly sat down, eyes scanning the gyrating crowd. copyright protection13PENANAJMnuP3hXMn

By the time the Order’s warriors had made their entrance she was on her second scotch and in the middle of a drinking contest with a rich frat boy.copyright protection13PENANAdxRh7KDOgF

They were each tall and extremely attractive by present day standards, but each were utterly unique. Each had a different aura about themselves and it was clear by how they held themselves that they held a loyalty to one another that was undying. It was such a rare thing to see in this day and age and a trait that even Lia adored. Lia got the feeling that no matter how long or how creative she fot, it would be a waste of time torturing a single one for information. Pity, she was always ready for a bit of fun.copyright protection13PENANAIB95hRVW0u

Setting down the empty shot glass, still irritatingly sober with only a pre-buzz, Lia grabbed the hand of a drunk young man. Pulling him into the booth, she rose to her knees and put a knee over his right leg and another over his left. She looked over her shoulder at the frat boys. copyright protection13PENANArKgPe6Sv3E

“Go away children. Mommy’s busy.”copyright protection13PENANAThcLykvb8M

Lia blew a kiss as she waved them off. She smiled at the sight of their confusion. They didn’t even recall how they had gotten to the club.copyright protection13PENANAQRn0WFSSBS

Turning back to the drunk, she leaned in close to his neck and began to kiss her way down. Placing a kiss over his jugular she whispered in his ear.copyright protection13PENANAm3CDSRJKnN

“You’re getting good at playing human.”copyright protection13PENANApg4B1DVwO4

Lucas groaned, “Damn, and here I thought I had perfected my impression.”copyright protection13PENANAjFVGFSlxKX

“A little too much if you ask me. But seeing as how my half-sisters so love to wreak havoc on men of all kinds, I knew the signs to look for. Beside, I know enough about you to definitely know it was you and not a human.” Lia smiled, remembering her sisters’ motto: ‘Let’s get so drunk that we don’t get a hangover!’copyright protection13PENANAq713KTUuEh

They had yet to achieve such, but that was beside the point.copyright protection13PENANAi3xnFy0A5P

“Lucas, I’m hungry and you smell like a particularly juicy steak right now. What do you want?”copyright protection13PENANAFpuB5aurIe

“Lia, can’t a man just visit his favorite cousin once in awhile?”copyright protection13PENANAp8mqc7k6BY

“Well ‘he’ could, but ‘he’ doesn’t unless ‘he’ wants something.”copyright protection13PENANAoU1WhHuihA

He sighed. copyright protection13PENANA7XZCz5M3xv

“Cassandra had a vision and in short? She told me that if I didn't tell you she'd cut up something very important and shove it so far up my right nostril that it would pop out my left. She seemed kinda stressed." copyright protection13PENANAiWEEnQLHXn

Lia snickered at the understatement. Her seer cousin certainly needed an outlet, maybe they could bond over Lia's…copyright protection13PENANAGlhIhzpMRH

Reaching into his front pant pocket, she withdrew a cell phone and answered on the first ring. copyright protection13PENANAmZEmBdrohZ

"Cassie girl, thanks for sending a snack... No I won't main him permanently... or kill... yes, no scars... Tell me about the vision, doll-face."copyright protection13PENANATzVxdjnY1k

"I saw a mansion, kind of like the ones you can rent for parties? Anyway, I saw you there in an office, talking. Not sure about what. But you were surrounded by gorgeous, no, glorious MAC trucks. Huge, hot men, what could be better? I know, side-tracked, but they were all just staring at you as if you told them that you had eaten all of their dicks while they were asleep.copyright protection13PENANAlHGDpXdOJ5

"But I digress. Be sure to tell me if it helped! Oh and be a dear and speed up Lucas' transformation? I have a job that requires a full demon." She paused then burst into loud ominous cackles, "See ya Lia-Bia!"copyright protection13PENANAv64atFnU3F

Well that was a witch for you, lucid one moment, mad as a hatter the next. At least she wasn't speaking in riddles again.copyright protection13PENANATWePur9Rqa

Lia's teeth grinded together for a moment. "Thanks Bitchy-Witchy, I'll send your pet back intact." With that she hung up the phone.copyright protection13PENANAcMRSqhPD5z

Glancing over at the Order’s table where the warriors now sat, Lia smiled. She dissolved the shadows concealing her booth from view, allowing them a near direct view should they glance her way.copyright protection13PENANAIAGMK9s84w

Bending back down into Lucas’ neck she murmured softly in his ear. copyright protection13PENANANYt2NXtXPU

“I’m hungry.”17Please respect copyright.PENANAhHIcocbvzt
He shuddered beneath her, “Then feed.”copyright protection13PENANA71GZT7gJKl

Lia muttered her thanks beneath her breath and latched onto his jugular. Smooth, rich blood crawled down her throat like the richest of chocolates, the sweetest of wines. Blood of immortals was always the sweetest, But alas, Lucas’ blood was diluted, made impure by his mortal mother. He needed to die to complete his transition to an adult male of his species. Luckily, Lia felt particularly deadly as she drained him.copyright protection13PENANAisWZfH8IQc

Lifting her head from his neck, Lia smiled, satisfied. copyright protection13PENANAeEaIGYFaVu

She felt the weight of a glare upon her neck and she flicked her own gaze over her shoulder to catch her watcher in the act. copyright protection13PENANA43wL2pSj8C

She was a ghastly sight no doubt- an angel with blood dripping down her face. copyright protection13PENANAFr5Brljz49

Shock, confusion, and anger crossed the male’s face. Sliding out of the booth, Lia heard a pleasant thump as Lucas’ form collapsed face first into the table, dead. Or at least for the moment. The change. Death is a rite of passage indeed.copyright protection13PENANAMiOX0uWGES

Still smiling, Lia made direct eye contact with the Vampire King. Fury brewed in his right cerulean eye, the left made entirely of glass.copyright protection13PENANAbJVHuY6mhf

Dispersing into the shadows, Lia smiled. copyright protection13PENANAZXH5z9rSIv

The game had begun.copyright protection13PENANA2vOQtPkpwZ

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