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Horns (The Order, Bk.1)
Writer Lunassandra Hughes
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Horns (The Order, Bk.1)
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The Dream
Lunassandra Hughes
Oct 7, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!evikFT7LNa0t49WY7VLPposted on PENANA

The woman moved with an unearthly sort of grace about her. She danced in the light of the flames with skill and precision, her skirts flying in the air as she twirled. She swayed to the sensual beat of the drums and sang along to the melodic flutes. Her voice was low but managed to sound high at the same time. Her hips moved to the beat of the drums while her hands swirled in the air around her like an Egyptian belly dancer.copyright protection37PENANAce6G292lda

Her stomach was exposed to the air, showing off her pale skin in the moonlight. Her hair was long; ending at the small of her back in bloody tips. It was the palest of blondes and seemed to glow when it caught the firelight she circled around. But that was not the most startling thing about her.copyright protection37PENANAxsGQMlJT6w

No, that would be her eyes.copyright protection37PENANA4608gW7nSS

Her eyes were exaggerated by thick cat’s eye liner which served to enhance the mysticism of the moment. Those violet orbs swirled with the night’s touch- black streaks straining outward from her pupils making her look more exotic than she was.copyright protection37PENANAd46jK9sNuG

Her lips were the deepest and richest of reds, a red so deep it looked like blood. But it didn’t trail down her chin. It stayed on her lips neatly, like it had been drawn on.copyright protection37PENANAY28ESVZCP6

A tattoo graced her abdomen. It curled around her belly-button in the shape of a sun with great flourishes to serve as its flames. Her other tattoo was set in the center of her right shoulder. A paw-print of a fox, the print seemingly stamped with blood; a startling change to her milky-white skin.copyright protection37PENANA9Td92t5aRX

She was a beautiful sight to see.copyright protection37PENANA2419nMjQAN

Lucien sat within a semicircle of her people. Their people. They were each just as attractive as Lydia was, they even had that same wicked glint in their eyes. Their eyes told you that they knew something you didn't. Something that was surely deadly and something that would be sure to entertain.copyright protection37PENANAxyPFdIBckq

Lydia slowly started to make her way to him and he felt compelled to look to his right. He found myself looking at her clone. Her twin brother, to be more specific. His name was Kreiten and he might as well have been Lucien’s own brother. They fought together to protect the Kit and would die for one another. Tonight Kreiten took the opportunity to smirk at Lucien as he talked with another warrior.copyright protection37PENANAjtkwDn0IxR

Lia flitted toward his side and pulled him up off the ground. As she drew them both closer to the fire his hands found purchase on her waist and he rocked his hips against hers. She leaned back and whispered softly into his ear.copyright protection37PENANAGAVIJiv285

"How were your travels, Lucien? I missed you, my love." She paused, "Why did you leave me like a thief in the night?"copyright protection37PENANAQFEGlRoX3I

"I wanted to see the world on my own, Wickalie." He replied, using their Kit's name for her. "I brought you something."copyright protection37PENANAomcITP5TyD

Her eyes lit up with curiosity, "You did? Something sparkly, I hope."copyright protection37PENANAKedFXWYsZ7

His time away from the Kit allowed him to learn what these 'sparklies' were called to the mortals. The humans called them crystals and gemstones. These stones were very important to their people, as they could augment their powers to make the owner stronger. None knew how or why, but they did.copyright protection37PENANAxQNcw93V66

"Yes, I did. But you'll have to wait and see." Lucien responded, careful to hide his joy at her infuriated eyes. She was by far the most short-tempered of out Kit. She was also the strongest along with her brother and Lucien. Without a twin he was less magically inclined but he had made up for that in strength and skill. Countless hours training made him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.copyright protection37PENANAEutQdnGjge

Lia pouted at his words and he led her away from the Kit and into a caravan that sat alone away from the others. She crawled onto the pillows that were strewn about on the floor and pulled him down with her.copyright protection37PENANAW0t9Gq6ES6

She twisted their positions so she was on top and began to place small pecks down his chest, her eyes alight as she did so. He released a groan as her hands rubbed circles into his skin tracing intricate patterns with a gentle hand.copyright protection37PENANALqWzCtIFoO

Lia looked up into his eyes and with a teasing tone whispered, "Take me, Lucien."copyright protection37PENANAM2jgTxDzQU

He nipped at the skin on her neck and flipped their positions so he was on top and stripped her of her clothing.copyright protection37PENANANNVgWCH3gz

"With pleasure.”copyright protection37PENANA9205BDzjiY

In the early hours of the morning he was awakened by Lia running her fingers over his chest while humming a lullaby. The melody seemed endless and he knew he would never be able to mimic it, or at least not during this life.copyright protection37PENANA850rmUZ0tP

She slowly came to a stop and looked up, "Good morning, my love."copyright protection37PENANAUhCQxzseCJ

He rolled onto his side and got on his knees in front of her. He ran his hands up her arms and suddenly felt a stab of pain through his back. He collapsed onto the pillows and heard Lia let out a scream of fury. His body began to go numb and he glanced down. Lia was covered in his swiftly pooling blood and he didn't have to ask to know it was his. She began to sob and the last thing he saw was her face.copyright protection37PENANAOLLPRnsrHL

Ridley, known as Riddle or 'Rid' to his brethren, came awake with a start, sweat dripping down his neck. It was the same woman from Brakker’s.copyright protection37PENANApQQpickhcN

His chest ached where he was stabbed.copyright protection37PENANA774JXCjpRV

Lucien.copyright protection37PENANA8GHUvziX00

What the hell was that? Who the fuck was Lucien?copyright protection37PENANAIqQzQ8MapZ

Rid stood, leaning against the dresser for support. Pulling out fresh clothes from the closet, he glanced at his collection of skulls atop the bookshelf. The center place holder, the only humanoid skull, had blood dripping down from the center of its forehead- a bloody fox print like the tattoo on the woman’s shoulder.copyright protection37PENANAXw62g4EAuw

He turned away from the shelf and swallowed, trying desperately to shrug off his unease.copyright protection37PENANAwDcdxINQFO

Wherever that dream had come from, there was no way it wasn’t a bad omen.copyright protection37PENANAQoeGX4PJef

Something was coming and he was determined to sweat out his worry in the gym.copyright protection37PENANAIcMPe3TTDo

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