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Make me in love
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Make me in love
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Nov 8, 2017
2 Mins Read
385 Words
No Plagiarism!FLtWRrtK2KICVfAgCOwaposted on PENANA

I'm a clumsy high school student that has been cured with the worst of luck. 49Please respect copyright.PENANAu95nnJ73RB
It was a Friday, finally the end of a long school week full of assessments and tests. It was the 1st week of my 10th year of school. I am surprised I have managed to keep up with the other students. copyright protection45PENANARxa4NSHs37

The whole school has been eagerly waiting for this new guy that will be joining us this year, so far he is a week late. I was walking to school when it started raining, and typical me I forgot my umbrella soi started running. 5 minutes later I got to school soaking wet, I was walking up the starts when I heard a window open and a bunch of white feathers went flying out, and since I was wet they all stuck to me. I heard someone yell out "oh shit, sorry Amy" I looked up and quietly said "its ok".copyright protection45PENANAKISeEJF7uI

That was a normal morning to me, luckily I have a spear change of clothes, so I rushed to the bathroom to try and dry up as much as I could before getting changed. I changed to a white Panic jumper with black jeans and converse. I had my long, wet black hair run over my shoulders. I walked to my first class.copyright protection45PENANASdkOsU55JB

I always started to get to class early because if I don't usually something happens that makes me late. I sat there at my dest up the front. About a minute a boy walks in and sits down next to me. Suddenly the teacher barges into the room slamming the door open and yelling "ATTENTION" I quickly stand up and salute, only to get my leg caught on the handle of my bag and I face planted into the concrete ground. I mumbled an "oww" as the teacher started laughing saying "I love the way you react" I mumbled " I'm sorry for being a cadet" then the teacher stopped laughing and said, "your father would have been proud". The guy that came in before and said "whats happening" The teacher and I look at each other and she said "hello, you must be the new guy, Alex right? hi I'm miss Robinson, this here is Amy, her father was my brother" copyright protection45PENANAgA9qFWjmpm

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