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Make me in love
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Make me in love
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Nov 16, 2017
19 Mins Read
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No Plagiarism!0SnsffOK4wCsqqijPno9posted on PENANA

Another day in skyscraper city Shimi had awoken once again, this time she was sleeping on top of Kiji's chest. Kiji opened his eyes as well. Kiji sat up with a rather unpleasant hair style. One eye was half closed while the other was wide open. Shimi stood on her hands and knees still in the same turtle neck. She looked up at Kiji with her foggy gaze. Kiji looked down at here with his odd uneven gaze.copyright protection56PENANA4FIFvQY2OJ

Shimi climbed onto Kiji, tugging at his shirt, she soon came to his neck wrapping her arms around him. Both of their noses touched each other ever so gently... they both soon yawned. Closing their mouths their lips touched each other, but not long before they pulled away. Shimi's tongue stuck out as they pulled away from what could have been there first kiss.copyright protection56PENANAjPCGhRV6C0

Realizing what happened they both slowly looked away with a fluttered expression. A little later after sitting there in awkwardness, they headed to the bathroom to wash up. Kiji noticed that Shimi could touch the sink. Kiji helped Shimi wash her hands before they ate breakfast. Kiji gave her an odd gaze.copyright protection56PENANADes3FLnu8L

As Shimi was enjoying her breakfast she slowed down chewing until a final swallow of her food. "Ki-ji...?" Shimi said with a question mark "yes..." Kiji replied. "Are you okay... you've been looking at me kinda funny" shimi asked. "Oh...well" Kiji had just took notice of it himself... "you kinda look taller" Kiji finally replied. "Oh... but that can't be the case" Shimi replied denying the idea even though her food seemed normal sized...copyright protection56PENANADdrmSXcR01

Later on Shimi became so paranoid about the idea that they ended up taking her heightcopyright protection56PENANAAjQdZ84VeG

Her height had dramatically changed from a foot to a 4 foot and 5 inches (4'5"). The results gave Shimi a shocked look on her face. Shimi stood there for a minute and hugged Kiji for whatever odd reason... "well we might as well get the rest of your measurements" Kiji insisted. It was all good until they had to take her bust size which was nearly difficult with all the squirming and moaning but one way or another they got it. Shimi surprisingly was a C cup.copyright protection56PENANAVRVoVAai5i

After taking measurements Kiji decided it would be best to shop for new cloths for Shimi. Shimi came along with Kiji to shop for clothes. Walking in Shimi was glorified at the sight of the store. They walked into the kids section. "Well, see anything you like" Kiji put in question. "Him let's see" Shimi went around. Picking many clothing to her liking. Kiji sat down waiting for her to finish picking out clothes from the kid section. Unfortunately there was quite a few out fits Shimi had picked out... so they were going to be there awhile.copyright protection56PENANA4Jwv5othft

Shimi entered the dressing room. The first thing she tried on was some black bra and panties. She made some rather posses to see if it was okay to move around in, or at least that's what she had claimed. "Kiji... is this okay" Shimi asked with a rather bashful expression. "Looks fine to me" Kiji answered. Then again Kiji didn't exactly have the best fashion sense.copyright protection56PENANAjQM94Mh9Hw

Next she had came out with what would be her usual outfit so Shimi had claimed. The outfit consisted of a turtle neck sweater, a black skirt, black stockings and simple shoes.. called platforms.copyright protection56PENANAPDoL2jmcBr

Shimi held a straight pose place one hand over her skirt and the other on her chest "how is this..." Shimi questioned along with a innocent child like gaze... "hmm well..." Kiji discontinued for a moment. "Y-you don't like it" she thought out loud tearing up... "let's not set off the water works yet, please" Kiji said with calm indulgence of the situation that could have possibly took place... "I actually like it" Kiji continued. "Really..." Shimi said with UN-assurance . "Yes, it looks kinda like a school uniform... or at least, like it could be one " Kiji commented. " oh... Okay" Shimi replied.copyright protection56PENANAvFb1bgqFyG

Next Shimi tried on a swimsuit... and after that a winter hoodie. Kiji considered the swimsuit rather cute, but didn't know how to think about the hoodie, other than that it would be good for winter... copyright protection56PENANA8RxV1BHiKp

The rest of Shimi's clothes consisted of cosplay, so there really was no need to try them on. As expected Kiji bought the clothes out of generosity. Leaving the store it seemed to be getting late... while heading home people gave them odd glances with whispers to fill the air...copyright protection56PENANAPA2dl4wHg8

They had finally made it home though Kiji looked more relieved to be home then Shimi did. "What do you wanna eat" Kiji put in question...copyright protection56PENANA9MNkNZBdE9

"Uh... I don't know" Shimi answered. Shimi had never eaten anything more than cookies and cakes and the eggs and pancakes that Kiji cooked for her the first time... so she thought her options for food was rather low. Shimi slowly walked off to Kiji's roomcopyright protection56PENANATN1qJ22rlM

"How about pizza" Kiji had suggested... and like that Shimi dropped everything, to quickly turn to Kiji "what's that ?!?" Shimi asked as if hyped up on sugar. Shimi's face lite up like the sun and her eyes shined like the stars in the night sky...copyright protection56PENANAQamSnIXUpe

"Ehh... it's dough covered with marinara sauce, cheese and various toppings preheated at 450° degrees" Kiji explained briefly. Shimi drooled at the mouth "I want to try some." Shimi said impatiently tugging on Kiji's shirt. "Shimi your scary me" Kiji said. "But it sounds so good... I think" Shimi stated as she would slowly calm.copyright protection56PENANA2z0QTNPu1u

They agreed on a pizza, though Shimi was more excited after finding out that the pizza was going to be delivered to their door. Shimi went to put her new clothes away in a spare closet that Kiji barely ever used. After words they waited in the living room. Kiji laid on the coach reading a book called: the neko and the shadow stalker. Shimi on the other hand paced, spines and jumped between a radius of 36 to 60 inches. After a while Shimi began to slow down some being a little dizzy and fell over... Kiji on the other hand had already fallen asleep, with book in hand....copyright protection56PENANAEViFl1Iot3

Shimi looked over to Kiji. Seeing him sleeping made her face flutter for some reason. Shimi slowly crawled over to Kiji and climbed on top of him. Shimi slowly grazed Kiji's neck to around his collarbone. Shimi leaned over to his neck. Shimi sniffed Kiji's scent, she found herself rather attracted to it... "he smells like the forest" she said in a whisper. Cat like ears had popped up from Shimi's head along with a cat tail to match.copyright protection56PENANAajewcCe9wE

She wrapped her arms around him. Shimi's face expression only became more fluttered... as she began nibbling on to his neck...her eyes formed hearts, as she touched her nose with his like last time... "w-why did you pull away last time" she thought... a door bell had been rung followed by a "pizza delivery" at the door... Kiji slowly got up "sounds like pizzas here" Kiji had admitted. Kiji went over to answer the door... at the door was a rather old friend....copyright protection56PENANAnzenp7afCc

60Please respect copyright.PENANAXK4jlSd9EC
copyright protection56PENANAJh71Wt3FRw

60Please respect copyright.PENANAmM8J6B20ci
copyright protection56PENANAI1PXy2zNb6

as the door opened a common friend of Kiji's showed up at the door, it was a common girl she was shorter than Kiji but still taller than Shimi, she had antlers and pointy ears her hair covered her left eye. she wears fingerless gloves, a dark gray hoodie, a camouflage shirt, dark green boots and black sock... her eyes were red with purple pupils, preferably a lavender color... this girls name was Jackie, and she was a hybrid called a jack-rabbit stick walker... not to mention she was really busty.copyright protection56PENANAsyFGV5O6kr

"you ordered" Jackie uttered. "yea thanks" Kiji replied. " want to come in" Kiji offered. "sure this was my last stop anyway" Jackie agreed since it was after all conventional for her.  Kiji sat the pizza on the table, Shimi didn't come rushing to the table like one would have expected from her earlier reaction. Jackie had soon taken notice of Shimi. " and who is this? you babysitting another Lolicon." Jackie questioned. "Ummm, not exactly" Kiji muttered cutting the pizza into square shaped pieces. “she’s offly big for the average Lolicon" Jackie uttered as she picked up Shimi. " yea, I think it has something to do with the atmosphere of the city..."  kima theorized. " I though, it had to be liquefied to get results like this" Jackie counter claimed. "for results to happen right away... yes, but just being in the atmosphere, will give you the same results over time... like raising a child"... "well aren’t you just a dark matter" Jackie teased. at the moment Shimi looked confused, not knowing that Dark-matters are a race that were highly recognized for their intelligence, they were much like the scientist of their world, so when someone refers to another as a Dark-matter, it means there smart, it also means that their nerds for those who call others that all too often.copyright protection56PENANAi4Ip5FT9kK

"so she's... an orphan?" Jackie guessedcopyright protection56PENANAG3Mw0kyA8J

"no" Kiji answeredcopyright protection56PENANAHBinhdt5kN

"a stray" Jackie utteredcopyright protection56PENANAwDRe3XUW7e

"uh-uh" Kiji repliedcopyright protection56PENANAGNitjjOSUW

"abandoned" Jackie guessed once morecopyright protection56PENANABBxTZP7sUs

"that's one way of putting it" Kiji answered making Jackie sound as if she was guessing closercopyright protection56PENANAgr57G85A5c

" how about an outcast." Jackie guessed thinking she guessed right this time, but at the same time was prepared for a nocopyright protection56PENANAPM07fkq3ck

"she's an Lolicon, being short already makes her an outcast" Kiji replied making a point...copyright protection56PENANA0NWxHVmPoh

“then what is she… what would you call her?” Jackie questioned. It was fair to say that Shimi was probably the sum of all the guesses that Jackie gave Kiji. Kiji paused for a moment… the word that he was looking for probably wasn’t in his vocabulary. “well… what do you call it when a loli is executed or kicked out of the city in order to make room for the newborns” Kiji uttered. The definition that Kiji spoke of made Shimi flash back for a moment of the time that she was removed from the city 3 days before Kiji found her… Shimi had seen Kiji walk by from time to time, but it never came to her attention that someone like Kiji, a stick walker would even bring someone like her home with him. Shimi grabbed on to Jackie’s antlers, not because she had a fear of height nor because she wanted to, but for emotional support… to hold own to someone, it gave a loli emotional support… even if that person may not have realized it themselves. copyright protection56PENANAhEJmMpvR0B

In hearing Kiji’s definition, Jackie’s eyes widen in mere shock, but then soon relaxed her eyes, as hard as it may have been to believe Jackie could relate. Jackie looked at Shimi touching her nose with Shimi’s. “so… she’s an output” Jackie finally confirmed to herself. . .  Shimi blushed, as she was actually tempted to kiss Jackie…   Shimi was breathing heavily, her mind becoming nothing but a blank. “oh boy, here, she’s hyperventilating” Jackie gave Shimi back to Kiji, in her defense she believed he would know what to do. Kiji sat Shimi down in his lap…wrapping his arm around Shimi’s waste. Shimi grabbed on to Kiji’s arm tilting her head back with her tongue stuck out, she gave a lustful glare at Kiji. Kiji was pretty clueless, staring at Shimi, her lustful gaze looked as if it was breaking more and more… Jackie just sat by eating a slice of pizza, trusting that Kiji would know what to do, because she simple believed that Kiji would always know what to do.  “want a slice of pizza” Kiji called out. Shimi suddenly snapped out of her lustful trance, but she still continued to stare at Kiji, with only one thought occupying her mind…  “he…didn’t give in” she thought. Shimi tilted her head forward.copyright protection56PENANA4Pn4WCpnGB

Shimi took a slice of pizza, and ate some… “how is it?” Kiji questioned. “I-it’s good” Shimi stuttered, Shimi couldn’t give her true reaction as to how the pizza tasted though, she was to embarrassed of the behavior she displayed just a moment ago. Jackie among all was rather surprised, sure she believed that Kiji would know what to do, but she predicted that his action dash solution would have been something lewd…  after a few more slices of pizza Shimi felt more disgusted with herself, she didn’t think she could look at Kiji’s face, alone she felt shameful for simply sitting on his lap. “k-k-k-k-k- Ki-Kiji… m-m-may I-I be excused” Shimi stuttered hard, she even felt her sins crawling on her back just talking to him. “yea, sure but-”  before Kiji could finish Shimi ran off to the room with a simple “good night” her face still fluttered…copyright protection56PENANAHGoEd6zAVY

Silence filled the room for a moment. “that was odd” Kiji pondered. “um… Kiji listen, I think we need to talk” Jackie intruded… “oh? About what, to your extent” Kiji spoke in a mellow tone.  The estimation to what Jackie was going to ask was a possibility of many, but no matter which route the conversation took it always ended up in the same place and to the same question. “the way Shimi was acting… you don’t know this but Lolicon like her can become…”copyright protection56PENANAScCBzp05h0

“in heat? Sexually active? In need of love and sex?” Kiji finished, surely this is not the first time something like this has happened.  “o-oh, so you do know, so, how come you didn’t… um” Jackie had trouble getting out the right words to explain, what she believed to be the proper action when a Lolicon or any creature is in heat. “have sex with her, fuck her brains out, fill her up” in the moment of Jackie trying to find the right words for what she was trying to say, Kiji already found three phrases that Jackie was looking for but was too embarrassed to use. Jackie’s face brightened red like a red star.  “ye…um…ah…ye…ye… ahhh” Jackie lacked the courage to say yes, and instead lightly screamed, pulling her hood over her head, stomping the ground. “well if you’d really like to know I guess it wouldn’t hurt.” Kiji replied. “you see, the reason why I didn’t do what you anticipate that I do is because, stick walkers have a very high lust tolerance, that and were compatible with many races and species” Kiji simple explained.  “l-lust tolerant?” Jackie uttered, she seemed slow on the up-keep. Kiji took a long sigh “let it never be said that two heads are better than one, unless one of those heads is holding the other back” Kiji uttered. “what?” Jackie outburst.copyright protection56PENANAGlQ3qNGPam

“don’t worry about it, let me just explain the stuff be for that” Kiji reframed. copyright protection56PENANAqS2PwfV6QQ

“now tolerance we all know it as having resistance to both physical and mental… well anything” Kiji started off to explain what tolerance naturally was to anyone who was aware of the word.copyright protection56PENANA4I3HjC6kHn

“o-oh kay” Jackie replied trying to understand each concept, and hopefully, she’ll ask a question for the things she doesn’t understand something.copyright protection56PENANAlnIbr9Y7Z9

“and every race has a certain high and low tolerance in both mental and physical state. For example: for mental high tolerance, it would be stress for stick walkers and negative thoughts for lolicons”copyright protection56PENANAtq1vfyLbEC

“so lolicons have a resistance to negative thoughts” Jackie interrupted.copyright protection56PENANA2Il5pFIvZp

“yes, you probably haven’t noticed, but whenever you have a negative thought about something you try to look one the bright side, even if that bright side does not pacifically involve yourself, but because you’re a half breed that tolerance isn’t always at its highest” Kiji explainedcopyright protection56PENANASlNBwfLvmK

“oh okay, keep going” Jackie insistedcopyright protection56PENANAFQaGmqe8BT

In overall Kiji continued to explain a stick-walkers and lolicons low and high tolerance to their own physical elements.copyright protection56PENANAKDB5J1KrxK

Starting with high tolerance, stick walkers are highly tolerant to impatience, meaning that more than anything they can easily out wait anything and anyone. They are also highly tolerant of stress, meaning that despite their situation they will never freak out or worry about the things in their lives.copyright protection56PENANARq5E1CTN8g

Lolicons on the other hand are highly tolerant to patience, meaning regardless how long they can wait they will remind or sometime giving up waiting for whatever could have been out waited. They are also highly tolerant to negative thoughts as Kiji has just explained.copyright protection56PENANAxN6Iut8IBK

Now as for low tolerance that’s a different story. Again starting with stick walkers, they have a low tolerance to defend… well basically anything they care about and believe in, if said thing is by anyway disrespected or mistreated. The results aren’t pretty. Stick walkers also have a low tolerance for being satisfied, the mean they feel as though they have a feeling of comfort to be satisfied with whatever situation they happen to be in, if a stick walker is out of a satisfaction for more than three days, the results is simple manslaughter.copyright protection56PENANAClndr7fbyM

“to be satisfied, huh, so like fucking a-” Jackie teased  copyright protection56PENANAWpc24eEY1M

“NO, NOT LIKE FUCKING A LOLICON!!” Kiji cut her off.copyright protection56PENANAeyAlh4OpNp

Now to continue with lolicons, lolicons have a low tolerance for pleasurable things like eating, sleeping, anything the average person would enjoy doing, if they see something that looks pleasant, they’ll stop at nothing to actually get or do that pleasant thing, until they can determine rather if it’s actually pleasant to them or not… this follows up with their other low tolerance to be happy, this means they’ll do anything to make themselves happy even if it requires the death or suffering of someone else.copyright protection56PENANAapLyCcFSod

“okay so I get that, but what does that have to do with this so called, lust tolerance” Jackie questioned further.copyright protection56PENANAElDQnH52F6

“oh right that’s a new form of tolerance called sinful tolerance” Kiji explainedcopyright protection56PENANAOUFogWt5mg

“sinful tolerance?”copyright protection56PENANAvwFh4itJaS

“yea, you know the 7 deadly sins. Lust, greed, gluttony, pride, wrath, sloth and envy. Certain races have a special high tolerance for certain sins, and for stick walkers it would be lost basically. We can’t be seduced or turned on like Lolicon can.”copyright protection56PENANAXOeAFBiKDY

“do lolicons have a sin tolerance?”copyright protection56PENANARsTwR9tkfP

“hmmm… this is only an idea, but stick walkers believe that lolicons have a sin tolerance to wrath, meaning you will rarely argue with anyone and that you will never get angry, upset perhaps, but never angry.”copyright protection56PENANAAKmf1qyvaI

“wait so what about, that thing you said about being compatible with many races, what was that about” Jackie questionedcopyright protection56PENANAo7xCIcd0XR

“oh, that, I was simply implying that if I did have sex with Shimi, she was guaranteed to get pregnant, no questions asked” Kiji answeredcopyright protection56PENANAZOjSla1Ovh

“oh, yea, I guess that is pretty bad” Jackie admittedcopyright protection56PENANAD51Zl3qTzA

“yep” Kiji replied, with his face slightly stuffed with pizza. “anyway, just get to the point” Kiji uttered, it was obvious to Jackie that Kiji knew what she was going with this…Jackie sat on Kiji’s lap “I want to move in with you again” Jackie requested ….copyright protection56PENANACXI9zrlNrj

There was a moment of silence… “okay” Kiji accepted. “r-really” Jackie was rather surprised. “I didn’t think you’d let me after last time” jack was merely referring to a few little arguments such as what to eat for dinner and what to do on the weekends, and even though Kiji agreed to them all she believed that he was being nice. To this day in her head she looks at it as a big fight they had in her head. “did I mention as a defense mechanism to a lolicons high tolerance to wrath they often blame themselves for many arguments…” Kiji commented.  “oh, I see… so can I sleep here tonight” Jackie requested further.  “yea sure”copyright protection56PENANAEr8Yjt9lhE

Jackie had slept on the couch. Kiji told her that in one week she could move her things into his place. They talked for a while, about the times when Jackie moved in with Kiji the first time. They chuckled and laughed at old memories, but for the most part Kiji tried to explain to Jackie that there fight from those days really were no big deal, that she shouldn’t have any regrets to such an event.copyright protection56PENANACVKEV6IlZh

“Really? So, you’re not m-mad at me from those time ago” Jackie uttered in question. “no, of course not” Kiji replied. After clearing up Jackie’s misunderstanding, she finally felt relief and guilt free. After an hour Jackie finally went to sleep. The time was 11:35 pm. Kiji was just packing away the leftover pizza. It appeared that no one was as hungry as Kiji had anticipated. “if… I hadn’t invited Jackie inside, would things have played out differently” Kiji pondered to himself. At the moment when Kiji was in deep thought, footsteps had averted his attention.  Coming down the hallway was none other than Shimi. She walking around in her bra and panties, looking down. She walked up to and bumped into Kiji. Shimi grabbed onto Kiji’s pants baring her face into his clothing, still avoiding eye contact.copyright protection56PENANAWCeFLO67Cy

“is there something wrong” Kiji questioned. Shimi gave no response. “can you at least look at me” Kiji requested. Shimi’s grip tightened. Kiji reached for Shimi but just when her reach was a few inches away, she came out with a whimper. “n-no wait, I’m not ready” Shimi cried out. “I don’t understand” Kiji uttered.copyright protection56PENANAqhZyfi2pDj

“I’m, ashamed to look at you after the sin I have committed, I couldn’t control my own lust around you any longer, I-I shouldn’t even be around you, and yet I still want to stay by your side… m-m-my s-sin… I want you to punish me” she cried out. Shimi truly did believe, that her lust was a sin worth an execution. That if not being able to control it, it would be better for her to be dead if not a cruel punishment. Kiji picked her up. Shimi’s face soaking in tears to an urge she couldn’t control. One that she believed to be a possible worst sin then even murderer. But, to Kiji this passage of repent was nothing more than the average race feeling sorrow for their sin. Kiji should know, as a child he has also had, this break down known as “the passage of repent”copyright protection56PENANA3geNU9TCvT





After a moment of flash backing Kiji looked back at Shimi. Shimi still whimpered to what she thought was an unforgivable sin, her lust. Kiji placed his finger to her lips. “k-Kiji, I”.copyright protection56PENANA6abYUz6X0D

“shut up” Kiji cut hercopyright protection56PENANAEKeBICtRUX

“but, I” Shimi tried to continuecopyright protection56PENANAv6mBNTNLpc

“I don’t care” Kiji argued. Kiji’s expression became irritated. After the short dialogue Shimi silenced herself. She gripped onto Kiji’s shoulders and laid her head onto his chest. Kiji headed back to his room “Kiji, I’m sorry” Shimi apologized once more. “I know… but… I’m tired of this passage of repent… let’s just. Go to bed, alright” Kiji replied “uhm” she nodded her head. She wanted to ask what the passage of repent was but she didn’t want to anger Kiji any further.copyright protection56PENANA8vnktiUAgU

This new family that was beginning to form, was only the beginning.copyright protection56PENANAdUErwn4ZeY

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