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Make me in love
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Make me in love
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"Timeless": A Short Story from the Unbroken series
Miss Anderson
Nov 28, 2017
13 Mins Read
2,796 Words
No Plagiarism!4k55UkMj4VmWBBGmZG2Wposted on PENANA

A note from the author: Firstly, thank you so much f​or reading! This material and all other material from the Unbroken series is copy written, so please be respectful, as I am sure you will. Most importantly, enjoy! P.S. photo is public domain and proper for commercial use :)73Please respect copyright.PENANAZluf5Ia5eI
copyright protection69PENANAZEtXVVSUfS

"Mama, mama, tell me a story."copyright protection69PENANAjkcpp7JcqO

"What do you want to hear, my son?"copyright protection69PENANA8MKJnr5n77

"Tell me of the Fairylands. Your people. The Fiyori."copyright protection69PENANAj7MN5IIXDY

"Ah, you always want to hear of them."copyright protection69PENANAPWi2lIa5UA

"Because your childhood was so interesting."copyright protection69PENANAU2nELL5R9d

"Well, this time, I will tell you the story of 'you'."copyright protection69PENANAZslLgquZn7

"Me?"copyright protection69PENANAXd3ggoYquT

His mother taps his nose playfully, "Yes, you, little one."copyright protection69PENANA1oVo3Ha9zj

The boy's bright brown eyes alight. "Okay!"copyright protection69PENANAmyMIk28O1w

"This story is about the Fairylands of the Fiyori people and the Wolflands of the Canvasi people and how they finally ended the conflict over the northern Shye River. It was fall, that year, just like it is now. Except, the forest of the Fiyori was golden, and absolutely breath-taking."copyright protection69PENANAVZJZf0odqS

"Those are both your people, right?"copyright protection69PENANA6rg2QkK0tj

"Yes, my grandfather was a Canvasi, but my grandmother was a Fiyori. I was raised among the Fiyori."copyright protection69PENANAkQS6yc8H1a

I once told my mother, "I wish to be like you one day when I grow up..."copyright protection69PENANAdW9XWoXkCn

She said, "Be better than me, Child."copyright protection69PENANAcJPtMGNwHh

 I stand in the mirror now, long black hair down my back and golden eyes staring back at me, golden like the flaxen fall leaves decorating the trees outside. copyright protection69PENANAQ17J7FWgmX

"Mariah, are you ready?" Aunt Earline enters my room. copyright protection69PENANAqAUzxQYvbB

I shake my head and turn back to the mirror. copyright protection69PENANASnkIR6oFD6

"Your parents are taking a patrol to meet with the Canvasi about the upper part of the Shye River. If you are not ready soon, I will leave you."copyright protection69PENANAWu73dfJav6

I touch my stomach. I can feel a heartbeat inside. Perhaps I shouldn't go, but if I do not go, then they will question why. Still...copyright protection69PENANA7WH2weTuJ4

"I am  not going."copyright protection69PENANA5CsqljxKZa

I braid my hair into a ponytail, taking note of the tribal tattoos that decorate my arms. The lines around my wrists and ankles I got when I was just five years old, initiating me as a warrior. The arrow I got on my left shoulder when I made my first kill. The flower I got on my back when I became a warrior. The berries I got on my wrists when I survived a terrible siege with our neighbors, the Marshlanders, known for their poison weapons. The sword I got in memory of my father when I saw him almost killed by one of the king's overseers, and I fought by his side to get away; my mother etched that one herself, on my lower back, just below the flower between my shoulder blades. Each is blue like the flame that forged them into my skin to tell the story of my battles and my hardships that I have gotten through. copyright protection69PENANAQVFXZSdJ2I

"You are so pretty," my Aunt Earline clucks, putting her hand on my shoulder, ignoring my remark.copyright protection69PENANAPaFwdbL7Gv

The lime green dress drapes down to my long umber toes. I stand up on them for a minute, bouncing like a ballerina, nervously, then let my heels sink back down to the ground slowly. Sinking...just like the feeling in my stomach...and not because of the baby inside me.copyright protection69PENANAbM7EcsYKcX

Aunt Earline straightens my dress and extends my ponytail over one shoulder. She circles me for a second, smiling softly. "And who is the father?"copyright protection69PENANAU3Sz0SseBv

I am struck cold all of a sudden, and then I breathe. copyright protection69PENANAXqGCXTOJ0u

"How do you know?"copyright protection69PENANAechmQtOPd1

"Little girl, I am like your second mother. Been lookin' at ya since you were born. How could I not know?"copyright protection69PENANAM85FI5xak8

I press my lips together. It is not the fact that I am having a child. I am twenty-three and old enough and settled enough to raise...the child...of course I had not planned it to happen like this...but...who the father is...well...copyright protection69PENANAGhzmTwgHfh

She grins. "You don't have to tell me. I already know. Little Canvasi boy that I see racing around the river. Son of Lord Tylan of the Wolflands, huh? You went and got with a complicated matter, little girl." She half chides me, half sympathizes. "But when the heart falls in love, it's just that. I told your mama about letting you run the river like a wild little filly. Pretty little thang, you are. She always wanted you to be an elite warrior, wild as the horses, and you are; but even warriors fall in love."copyright protection69PENANAcuttQkXF9b

I laugh, and she takes my hands in hers before resting one hand on my stomach and one to my back. I feel pressure, and my heart races.copyright protection69PENANAHVkMA2S7dc

"Calm down, now, I ain't hurting him."copyright protection69PENANAgTtPgnlw5B

"Him?"copyright protection69PENANANh6hLWBIBL

"Yeah..." Her grey-tinged golden eyes are full of concentration; she is our best midwife. "Yep, a boy, and you about four months along, huh? How long have you known?"copyright protection69PENANAUiHe4ihWqv

"Just a month or two. I suspected before then, but I..."copyright protection69PENANA9GoCvFZRc4

"You were in denial," she finishes. "You love him?"copyright protection69PENANAtZmzh7vTQ7

I nod confidently. copyright protection69PENANAELqm0uEhr4

"And he love you?"copyright protection69PENANAMAKbdgQd72

"Yes."copyright protection69PENANAiB2EakMGdD

"Then, what you worried about?"copyright protection69PENANANRpddpISGa

"The world is going to keep us apart."copyright protection69PENANAWtLHEYYvc6

"You told him?" copyright protection69PENANAyuHB9RVWx8

I shake my head.copyright protection69PENANAzl0Yyeoh75

"Well, you best tell him and prepare to leave your people, young lady."copyright protection69PENANAr3ycLdbJJn

"What?!"copyright protection69PENANAPiRxT0oPWW

"You cannot stay here and be with him too. You best decide, and that man is going to want you to come to him. You got his son in your belly, and by the feeling of it, that boy is going to be a hardy colt, a strong warrior. He is going to need his daddy. Now, you willing to give your son up for your people?"copyright protection69PENANAYwhZvQeT7l

I put my hand on my stomach and look in the mirror. I still cannot believe it is real, that this child exists. I am barely showing. I am a little thick naturally, but I still do not look like I have gained weight.copyright protection69PENANAYzpxLaKXUu

"Well?"copyright protection69PENANAkKMbhGcGv9

"I guess not."copyright protection69PENANACuGUtcLH6T

She takes my chin between her forefinger and her thumb and squeezes, like she is going to pinch it off. My eyes tear up, but she does not relent. copyright protection69PENANA25ssCeDnbx

"You better know...that baby inside you, you better not let anything, and I mean, nothing, take him away."copyright protection69PENANARwiDIAkUhP

I let the tears flow, but I am not crying because of my chin. I am crying because my people mean everything to me. copyright protection69PENANA4UjLONXAu3

"You better not go off being angry at the world either. You brought him here, now you take care of him. You are going to go and be with Walter, and you are going to be just fine. We will always be here for you."copyright protection69PENANAtx8WZLaC8m

I nod.copyright protection69PENANAa0StEA4Yvl

"Now, dry your face and come on outside. I got Carousel all ready for  you."copyright protection69PENANAOAf8l4ViEq

Carousel is my grey mare that awaits me as I follow my aunt outside with a handkerchief.copyright protection69PENANAm7Xv4XgeAp

I shake my head. "Won't you come with me?"copyright protection69PENANABKqte44i3A

She gives me a side-smile. "You are a grown woman, now, not the little girl I used to lull to sleep. Time to start handling your own battles...but I will tell your parents you ran off somewhere, running wild as usual."copyright protection69PENANADRaSZvWVOB

I close my eyes and slip onto my horse's back, sending Carousel off at a trot. Those days of carefree running are over. She seems to sense my mood because her ears flick back and forth anxiously. I pat her neck beneath her white mane in a soft apology.copyright protection69PENANAlbJjGNgX1Q

I watch the landscape travel by: the towering golden trees that I have climbed for as long as I could walk. Suddenly, I send Carousel into a gallop and release the long ponytail. I lean down against her neck so that our manes are one: a black and white storm whipping the wind. copyright protection69PENANAnDBN7PSb8V

"Fly, my sister!" I yell, and I extend my hands out to the sides of us like wings as we rush toward the Wolfland prairies.copyright protection69PENANALLNWENrBIg

She flares her nostrils, tosses her forelock, and I laugh as we splash across the Shye River. I direct her with my weight to the northern part, where his patrol will be waiting. Carousel trots alongside the river with her ears pricked forward to the unfamiliar territory. Slowly, we integrate back into the forest cover of our own territory.copyright protection69PENANAc3rWn8JD5L

I stop her when I catch sight of the figures up ahead. Walter is there, dressed in a light blue colored shirt and coal black dress pants. His jacket is folded across his saddle. His reddish brown fuzzy hair is neatly trimmed, echoing against his caramel brown skin. He looks around nervously and licks his lips once. Suddenly, his eyes dart toward me. He frowns, but I do not move. Carousel is just as still as I. copyright protection69PENANAuto5gvV9G4

"Father," he says, "may I go take a breather?"copyright protection69PENANA5sQSouFQ6o

"That nervous, boy, eh? Well, get used to it. The king has agreed that you will inherit my position," Lord Tylan chides, half bemused. "Get on then, and do not be too long." Lord Tylan is an old cheerful man, despite losing his wife not too long ago to a sickness. He is almost ready to retire.copyright protection69PENANA7jsyfPHYtN

Walter rides toward me on his young bay colt. The colt is still in training, by the looks of it. He has a gaily trot, not paying much attention to his rider. Walter makes sure no one is watching, but everyone else is too busy laughing and awaiting to meet the Fiyori patrol. He quietly crosses the river just as my parents' patrol arrives to meet them. copyright protection69PENANAKXg83xDZGk

"What are you doing here?" he whispers. "Do you know how dangerous it is?"copyright protection69PENANA3MNTEcok2v

I close my eyes. "I am having a child."copyright protection69PENANAJ9PbI41q3u

When I open them, he is speechless. "What do you mean?"copyright protection69PENANAdNsuWv1AvI

"My aunt says he is going to be a strong boy."copyright protection69PENANAUyuIs9URtX

Walter paces a bit, but when he turns back to me, he is grinning. "My son...our son."copyright protection69PENANAmc7boPgpgk

"What are we going to do?"copyright protection69PENANATt8lX4RZEm

He shrugs nonchalantly, like there is an obvious solution. "Get married, of course. Mariah, I love you. I want to marry you."copyright protection69PENANAHzVcholcfP

"How, Walter, how? We cannot marry within the hierarchy. You are an heir! The king will never allow it. We knew this. We knew this all along."copyright protection69PENANA9C2gOq65Pm

"But love has gotten us this far, Ri, it will take us all the way...it will," he insists.copyright protection69PENANAqJQy5ODXNi

Now I am scared for me and my unborn child, but when I look at him,... copyright protection69PENANAjvSfHaD3mT

"Mariah...I know that you will have to leave your people, but I promise I will give you the best life that I can. We will raise our children and give them an even better life than that. And their children's children, and theirs...Please, this is what I have dreamed since I met you in this very place, 2 years ago...2 years, 5 days, and" He looks at his pocket watch, "10 minutes."copyright protection69PENANASvvVMklSpb

I laugh, "Really?"copyright protection69PENANAfPU5o0T2XH

He cups my face in his hands, "Really, my love, really...and God as my witness, I plan to make it a lifetime...countless more minutes, a billion more days, and a century or two together."copyright protection69PENANAlhcdwUoaYK

"A century or two, impossible."copyright protection69PENANA3RgzM3T7Wj

"You and me, forever, baby, forever."copyright protection69PENANAib8dhxebzb

He holds me tightly, then finally, he slips his hand in mine. "You ready?"copyright protection69PENANASVs58Z0x9Y

I nod. Carousel follows beside me. Wherever I go, she goes. I lean into her neck. Here is to a new beginning. She tosses her mane.copyright protection69PENANAhdPyMBBGJx

When we reach the patrols, they are in a heated debate. Of course, they are rendered speechless by our arrival.copyright protection69PENANAZ2J8g1Fucf

"Mariah, what is this?" my father asks softly.copyright protection69PENANAF5a8bj8bQi

"What does it look like, Vance? Your daughter has fallen for my son," Lord Tylan replies heartily.copyright protection69PENANAa8vZGiBiYk

My father glares at him, but Walter speaks first, "No, Father, quite the opposite."copyright protection69PENANAQXnz6DAL7N

Lord Tylan laughs, "Oh, son, don't I know it? It is always that way: a man falls for a good, beautiful young woman and is enamored for life."copyright protection69PENANA1NScW4v4fm

My mother shakes her head. "Mariah, this cannot be."copyright protection69PENANAnpuSpbb0u9

"I am having his son," I murmur, and the warriors in my parents' patrol whisper amidst themselves in disbelief.copyright protection69PENANAlk7ITdluZt

"It is true," Aunt Earline sends her old grey mare forward and winks at me.copyright protection69PENANAh1haddfJiu

"Sister, you knew of this?" my mother asks.copyright protection69PENANA5FUAykMJkg

"Hold your horses, it was just an hour or two ago that I found out, Maggie," Aunt Earline jokes.copyright protection69PENANASGA0oueKZe

"Mariah," my mother turns back to me.copyright protection69PENANAehfvrtJGc2

"I wish to marry him, Mama."copyright protection69PENANAbiH6TfqFZL

"So, you will turn your back on your people?"copyright protection69PENANAWSrxSQ16B0

"It is the only way. You cannot change my mind."copyright protection69PENANAlQhAmJ35qg

My mother rolls her eyes to hold back the tears. Her golden eyes, just like mine. Only, I never thought I would see them broken. She dismounts from her coal black stallion and walks over to me. She holds me tightly.copyright protection69PENANA8CzPJs5985

"My little lady," she whispers. "No need in asking the why's and the how's, a little too late for that." She looks meaningfully over her shoulder at my father, gripping his dagger. "You know once you go, you cannot return to us? The king does not allow association between territories in the hierarchy. You will have to be loyal to the Canvasi. Your children will not know who they are."copyright protection69PENANAV4XmBPdDWP

"Yes, they will. I will never be far from you or my land, Mama. It washes in my blood and my veins."copyright protection69PENANAEhFWS2GW77

She nods. "I will write to my half-brother to tell him to be expecting you. You have a cousin over there as well, bout your age. Perhaps you will seek him out," she whispers. "You have followed in the footsteps of you grandmother, you have. I never thought you would be returning to the Canvasi." My mother's father (my grandfather) was Canvasi. copyright protection69PENANAcgJL5sebCm

"I do not return to them," I whisper. "I have never been them, only Fiyori, only you, Mother."copyright protection69PENANAgxrdU338H0

My father squeezes my hand. "I will still give you away at your wedding. I know that the Canvasi have weddings different from us."copyright protection69PENANAXliDiaFY6N

"Thank you, Father."copyright protection69PENANA6j3P49ijlV

I take a deep breath, and my father leads me back to Walter and Lord Tylan. "If this is what you truly want..."copyright protection69PENANAFBs7PnaTvR

"He is a good man."copyright protection69PENANATtdb6wmMvs

"I know, but I imagined so much more for year, my love."copyright protection69PENANAABLDqQNJ98

"I am sorry I disappointed you."copyright protection69PENANAEPK7Wzu7t0

"Never could you do such a thing. You are your father's heart."copyright protection69PENANAZmtdyAJUme

He kisses my forehand and presses my hand into Walter's. My father grips both our hands in his. "Take care of her, young man, or else..."copyright protection69PENANAmXP8BgZo09

"I will see to it," Lord Tylan promises. "Although I do not think I will have to."copyright protection69PENANAxEYhMVRg2k

"No sir," Walter promises.copyright protection69PENANAg1GKeekY9H

"Well, then, son, since you have your wife and your heir, I imagine you are ready to take the throne yourself. When your son is born, I will step down. Until then, you will both train to inherit the throne." He turns back to my father. "Sir, we will have a patrol meet you on the day before the wedding. I believe Mariah's mother will want to help her get ready." I can hear my mother's sniffles, but I do not turn to look at her. Lastly, he faces his warriors, "This incident does not leave this river." They nod. " And as for the river..."copyright protection69PENANAcvE2EgiEEj

"It is yours," my father murmurs. "Consider it a gift for my daughter's coming reign, and my grandson."copyright protection69PENANANbYMtKHk1J

So that is how the northern part of the river and its banks where the wild horses run came to be part of Canvasi territory. As for me, we wed, and my mother gave me her wedding dress. A beautiful lace and pearl beauty. My father walked me down the aisle. It was genuine the happiest day of my life. copyright protection69PENANAEiLl20AnYJ

I am always Fiyori, through and through. My son's name is Silas, meaning forest because my heart will always be there running wild and free; but it is also here beating loud and strong beside my beloved as I hold my young son with his black curls and deep brown eyes. He looks so much like his father. Walter.copyright protection69PENANA4bfJdUZwyE

And our love? It is still the same, growing stronger even as we learn more about each other. The future is uncertain, of course, but I am sure our love is forever. This year and next year. Countless minutes. A billion days. Centuries and centuries. Timeless. copyright protection69PENANAPmQN8kxPEy

A note from the author: Firstly, thank you so much for reading! This material and all other material from the Unbroken series is copy written, so please be respectful, as I am sure you will. Enjoy.copyright protection69PENANAzjQkFTlggj

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