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Unlikely Romance (Sebastian x Tyler)
Writer King Cosmic
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Unlikely Romance (Sebastian x Tyler)
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The One That I Confided In
King Cosmic
Nov 12, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!IxTq3yqPBXkj2vyDb6jGposted on PENANA

"Sebastian, wait!" Tyler called out as he hurried after Sebastian out of house.copyright protection26PENANABgHSORw7ei

Sebastian stopped walking then he quickly turned around to face Tyler, his face twisted in anger.copyright protection26PENANA2WQVnTuNJ5

"If she doesn't want to repair your relationship then it's obvious that you two should break up." He suddenly announced.copyright protection26PENANAL3pNzYrK5K

Tyler blinked his eyes as he stared at Sebastian, taken back.copyright protection26PENANArG19yQ05Xe

"What?"copyright protection26PENANAnZbeVz7pmQ

Sebastian sighed then he walked up to Tyler.copyright protection26PENANAv8UVWtToeY

"I'm saying this because you're not happy and she's not happy. I've seen you try and try to put in effort to talk to her and what does she do? She runs away crying and would rather stay at your friend's place than sit down to talk to you. Am I not right?"copyright protection26PENANA9FEaPd0QjY

Tyler nodded quietly. "I miss her and I really do want to fix things, but how can I when she won't talk to me? I give her space when she wants it and then when I call or go see her to talk things through, we always end up in an argument like right now."copyright protection26PENANA5GYgVTQ2jc

"And it most certainty doesn't help the situation when your friends refuse to step in." Sebastian added. "I stepped in and what do I get? A slap in the face from your 'friends'. I TRY, Tyler. I've really been trying to make amends with your friends, but it's obvious that they don't want to make amends with me."copyright protection26PENANATOlNKhhDFv

Tyler shook his head. "They just..." He paused and sighed.copyright protection26PENANACObhZ0v0QO

"While your friends have been comforting Abbie, I've been the one that's here listening to you and understanding your part of the relationship, not them." Sebastian told him.copyright protection26PENANAYVvXcqQ3sa

"Sebastian, it's not their fault. Most of them are busy with their own lives." Tyler tried to explain.copyright protection26PENANAflZB9JTqny

"And when they're not busy with their lives, they're busy comforting Abbie instead of you too."copyright protection26PENANAVZn7gn7MnY

Tyler ran his fingers through his hair as he glanced away. "I feel sorry towards them because they have to put up with our messy relationship." Tyler then looked back at Sebastian.copyright protection26PENANAAlU5j7v9aY

"And...I'm sorry you have to deal with my mess too. I really am grateful to have you to confide in since I don't have anybody else. Not my family, not my friends, nobody."copyright protection26PENANAkqkj1t2UUq

Sebastian's lips curled into a small smile. "I'm here for you. Remember that."copyright protection26PENANAtQpRXGe4sB

Tyler chuckled. "I wish the others and even Abbie could see that you're not the guy they think you are. Yes, you have a tough exterior, but once they really sit down and get to know you, they'll see that you're a good guy."copyright protection26PENANA32XX8g5Eqf

Sebastian smirked. "Are you getting mushy on me?"copyright protection26PENANADKGX4Hr7Cm

Tyler blinked. "Is...that bad?"copyright protection26PENANAx6cXX9Dce6

Sebastian shrugged. "Depends on how you want to take it."copyright protection26PENANANi9Lfh2lWs

Tyler nodded as he rubbed the back of his neck, looking around. copyright protection26PENANAAzdhxhYYpB

"So...what should we do? I don't think we'll be able to go back to the party. It'll probably be too awkward and I'm sure Abbie is feeling really hurt right now."copyright protection26PENANAlWIxTFHxRV

"Let's skip the party. I'm sure we probably won't be missed." Sebastian said.copyright protection26PENANADFdMrt4tO0

Tyler nodded. "How about we go get some coffee? I need a little pick me up."copyright protection26PENANAVpA9G7rF6Q

At the Hartfeld's coffee shop, Sebastian walks over to a table by the window where Tyler is sitting. He hands Tyler his cup of coffee before sitting down across from him with his own. Sebastian takes a sip of his coffee and notices the look on Tyler's face.copyright protection26PENANAhrNZYHFFfx

"You're still thinking about Abbie?"copyright protection26PENANABTdPGEiK77

Tyler nodded as he took a sip of his own coffee.copyright protection26PENANAL3xldesEUy

"Tyler, maybe you should focus on something else right now until Abbie is ready to talk to you." Sebastian suggested.copyright protection26PENANAvbZjbY1QEg

Tyler looked at Sebastian. "Like what? All I can think about is her." 30Please respect copyright.PENANA6WdtFk2nss
copyright protection26PENANAof9B4PfnAn

He sighed. "I'm sorry. I'm not being fair towards you."copyright protection26PENANAvmq3HDhaib

Sebastian shook his head then he reached out and gently patted Tyler's hand. "I'm here to listen."copyright protection26PENANAJOnJ7yH8pm

Tyler bit down on his bottom lip. "This...might be a weird request, but can you stay with me tonight? After what happened today, I don't want to be alone."copyright protection26PENANAoNBypGoE4Z

Sebastian nodded. "Of course. Anything you need."copyright protection26PENANA1AlsD36Udp

Comments ( 2 )

Mycsishere - This is too good! looking forward for part 2 of this :^D
1 week agoreply

Zane colwell - I play the game The Sophomore all the time. Im only on book 2 though 
1 week agoreply