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Unlikely Romance (Sebastian x Tyler)
Writer King Cosmic
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Unlikely Romance (Sebastian x Tyler)
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A First Kiss....With a Guy?!
King Cosmic
Nov 14, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!aeztoqr1W1Rzs1QPbERNposted on PENANA

Tyler stared at Sebastian with his eyes wide open like a fish. He was sure that he must look crazy right now having his eyes open while someone is kissing him, but that didn't matter to Tyler right now. What mattered was...why is Sebastian kissing him!? A million thoughts were running through Tyler's mind and he couldn't decide what to say as his first few words. copyright protection47PENANANzJNdkVxoe

Sebastian slowly pulled away from Tyler and just stared at him, waiting for his reaction. Tyler looked away then back at Sebastian then away again before looking right back at Sebastian and that's when he finally jumped up and pointed an accusatory finger at him.copyright protection47PENANAPytp2SPuTM

"!"copyright protection47PENANAwKlYMbOXQG

"Yes. It is I, Sebastian Delacroix." Sebastian said coolly.copyright protection47PENANALDfursPm0e

"Why did you do that!?" Tyler shouted.copyright protection47PENANAAQM4gPW5jP

Sebastian smirked and rolled his eyes. "You act like I stole your first kiss. I'm sure Abbie already had the opportunity to do that before me."copyright protection47PENANARQAdOmoCke

Tyler quickly planted a hand on his own lips then he sighed before dropping his hand.copyright protection47PENANAi5Syzj1pG2

"I'm just wondering why you did that."copyright protection47PENANADhSpl8fhez

Sebastian shrugged. "You obviously had a hard time not thinking about Abbie and relationships so I figured, why not focus your mind on something else?"copyright protection47PENANA76pIje4IQp

"So that meant kissing me!?"copyright protection47PENANAX9uQH4aJtQ

Sebastian smiled. "It worked, didn't it?"copyright protection47PENANAL77EwtNMK1

Tyler couldn't deny that after that kiss, his mind was completely filled with thoughts of the kiss and even Sebastian!copyright protection47PENANAlS8LAsZFaQ

" wonder you're such a good actor on stage."copyright protection47PENANA480zYIE8r8

Sebastian stood up and smirked. "Who said I was acting?"copyright protection47PENANAZcf7RMAEyl

Tyler's eyes widen. "What!?"copyright protection47PENANAGUdOGOgGtr

Sebastian chuckled. "That was a joke." He walked up to Tyler and gently patted his shoulder. "We should head to bed. It's getting late."copyright protection47PENANAwxzx7xfLGG

Tyler slowly nodded, still feeling dazed.copyright protection47PENANAUFT9NKVnou

"Yeah, you can...hey!"copyright protection47PENANAJ5pWT5KaLe

Tyler turned around to see Sebastian heading straight for his room. He quickly followed after him. Sebastian took a look around Tyler's room before plopping down on the bed.copyright protection47PENANABiMbPTI4Fp

"Nice room. Do you and Abbie share it?"copyright protection47PENANALz5EJSpFgN

Tyler nodded. "Used to, I guess you can say." He said with a sigh then he walked over to Sebastian and sat down next to him.copyright protection47PENANA9ZSyWMEGXp

"Sebastian, thanks again for spending the night with me."copyright protection47PENANAVzHHKwAtBg

Sebastian smiled and gave a little nod.copyright protection47PENANASmQY1zQqf7

"I know how it feels to be alone too so there's no way I could leave you alone. The least I can do is be here for you while you're going through some things."copyright protection47PENANAeo67X2TBJQ

"Will things ever get better?" Tyler asked.copyright protection47PENANA1FqJmafXDR

"In due time, friend. And I apologize for kissing you like that."copyright protection47PENANAdwd4ufDlFT

Tyler chuckled awkwardly, glancing away. "Don't...mention it."copyright protection47PENANAsTiz0gCURm

Tyler then stood up. "Since we're here, might as well go to sleep. Um, if you don't mind..."copyright protection47PENANALT1bCnlSkZ

Sebastian smirked then he crawled into the bed and got comfy. Tyler gave a small, awkward smile before walking over to the other side and got in. He snuggled under the covers and let out a yawn.copyright protection47PENANAJyvXC0cgmS

"Night, Sebastian."copyright protection47PENANA9OLroMH1Gz

"Good night, Tyler. Sweet dreams."copyright protection47PENANAnrtpC5NYY7

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