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Unlikely Romance (Sebastian x Tyler)
Writer King Cosmic
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Unlikely Romance (Sebastian x Tyler)
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Swimming Thoughts
King Cosmic
Nov 14, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!BPIV7PPkRoHTrpXlC7TMposted on PENANA

"What!?"copyright protection27PENANAI6z5UX5RFp

Tyler stared at Sebastian in shock, trying to figure out what Sebastian meant by 'think about him'.copyright protection27PENANAVhfDcmt2Hl

"I'm your friend and as your friend, can you please stop thinking about Abbie for tonight?" Sebastian requested calmly.copyright protection27PENANArofSNceqj8

"H-huh? But...what did you mean by 'think about me', though?" Tyler asked.copyright protection27PENANAd2eM78JdZp

Sebastian sat back. "I'm your guest for tonight, yes? What kind of host are you to be thinking about your girlfriend when you're supposed to be making me feel comfortable in your home?"copyright protection27PENANADVGSyTf2WW

Tyler relaxed. "Ohhh. That's what you meant. Right..."copyright protection27PENANAnokCg8Ovy8

Sebastian smirked. "What did you think I meant? That I actually wanted you to think about me?" He asked teasingly.copyright protection27PENANADMaRyi0iwZ

Tyler rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.copyright protection27PENANAH9Vo2thive

"Sometimes you're hard to read..." He mumbled.copyright protection27PENANAeTCzvTHkog

"What was that?"copyright protection27PENANAs22DTAVUSr

"Nothing! I mean..." Tyler jumped right up. "I'm gonna go take a shower now. Feel free to watch tv or...whatever you fancy." He told him before he turned on his heels and quickly walked away to the bathroom.copyright protection27PENANAUzBPYEigWO

While Tyler was in the shower, he mulled over his relationship with Abbie, wondering if it'll ever get better and if it doesn't, what will become of him? Abbie was the first and only girl he has ever really liked since attending Hartfeld. Even when he had girls like Leila trying to get with him, he only ever saw Abbie. Tyler didn't think that there is even another girl at school that's like Abbie.copyright protection27PENANAuaH7Jd0rxo

"Ugh!" Tyler shook his wet head.copyright protection27PENANAH0qJDkjzfc

"Sebastian is right. I shouldn't be thinking about Abbie tonight. I should just focus on hanging out with him and having a good time! Yeah..." He sighed.copyright protection27PENANA09MCYKgh0c

Tyler got out of the shower and dried off before putting on some pjs. He slowly opened up the bathroom door and peeked his head out, his eyes locking on Sebastian who is quietly sitting in the living room, watching tv. Tyler took a deep breath before confidently strutting into the living room. He stood right in front of Sebastian who stared up at him with curiosity.copyright protection27PENANA6vnOC71Cyz

"You're right, Sebastian. I decided that for tonight, I'm going to get rid of any thoughts of Abbie and just focus on having fun tonight." He said with a firm nod.copyright protection27PENANA1fAsYdNiM2

Sebastian smiled. "Good." He patted the space next to him. "Sit."copyright protection27PENANAuNcgqa1Gs1

Tyler plopped down on the couch next to Sebastian. "What are you watching?"copyright protection27PENANATzxgn9npMV

"A play."copyright protection27PENANAZNbzg9N4sA

Tyler chuckled. "Why am I not surprised? You're practically the King of drama. No pun intended."copyright protection27PENANA6WnidNteuW

Sebastian smirked, knowing full well what Tyler meant since all of Freshman year and half of Sophomore year, he's been creating drama and messes for Tyler and his group.copyright protection27PENANAgnvNDTX1iJ

"So Sebastian, you used to go out with Becca right?"copyright protection27PENANAXhx8QOiESK

Sebastian raised an eyebrow at Tyler. "I wouldn't call it 'going out'. She's the one that forced herself into wanting to date me and of course I never gave her the time of day."copyright protection27PENANAeZHCiUqM9U

"Why didn't you want to date her?" Tyler asked.copyright protection27PENANAIqieeV7bXq

"I'm not interested in relationships. Drama is my love. I also have to focus on my own studies, you know." He replied.copyright protection27PENANAVUHt3yilca

"Or is it because you're not interested in people?" Tyler asked.copyright protection27PENANA6raN3sIteS

Sebastian sighed. "It's true that people, especially the ones here, are of annoyance."copyright protection27PENANAoXiGbwCjIz

Sebastian then looked at Tyler. "What's with the sudden talk of relationships?"copyright protection27PENANAJEur7yZpTc

Tyler shrugged.  "You told me to not think about Abbie." He pointed out.copyright protection27PENANAA0EKOHcxbr

Sebastian pointed a finger at him. "But you still want to talk about relationships in general."copyright protection27PENANApzoHfzeRSX

Tyler groaned loudly. "Fine! I give up! I suck at thinking about something else other than Abbie and relationships!" He said then he looked at Sebastian. "Do you have any ideas of how I can stop thinking about Abbie?"31Please respect copyright.PENANAkygH57lbeQ
copyright protection27PENANArCBW3Ju38o

"Just one."copyright protection27PENANAgJoUtdCGKN

Tyler sat up straighter, interested. "Yeah? Like what?"copyright protection27PENANA89nwRD66vZ

"This."copyright protection27PENANA3WBESFnmIw

Sebastian grabbed onto the back of Tyler's head then he leaned in close and pressed his lips against Tyler's.copyright protection27PENANAKZg9TKmwq6

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