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Co-Writer Silvia Sutton*
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Truth or Drink
Silvia Sutton
Dec 5, 2017
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Z21gG5nEMtcZ5urRmLcsposted on PENANA

Drake and Riley arrive at the bar. The room is filled with neon signs and soft up beat music, pool tables and large TV screens. Every person in the building was preoccupied in some way. Drake kept Riley close keeping his left hand firmly on the curve of her back. He wanted her to know he wan't he wasn't going anywhere. He wanted everyone else to know she was his. If only for tonight if only in front of these unminding strangers Riley Sutton would not be betrothed to Liam, the King of Cordonia, and his best friend. No, tonight they would simply be a man who likes a woman and took her to a bar for a fun time.copyright protection256PENANAtG8YZsrUgs

Drake finds a booth near the corner back of the bar. As they sit their waitress greets them.copyright protection256PENANAVfvXvb2TPP

"Two whiskys neat mam..." Drake hands the waitress back her menus not even opening them. copyright protection256PENANAn2OswgkS1w

Riley eyes widens. She loved every bit of this man in front of her. the way he places his hand on her back. The way he knows her order. The way he looks at her with those same eyes of want and frustration that she has for him.copyright protection256PENANAlvdtudWV7d

As she sat across the table with her thoughts circling around her, she looks up and sees Drake staring at her.copyright protection256PENANAn2sSZY32ST

"What are you thinking about?" he asks as he scratches the light stubble on his chin. copyright protection256PENANASfVHIsX2kZ

Riley takes a large sip from her drink, which she was so focused on her thoughts she never noticed were in front of her.copyright protection256PENANAzGuM9YZ6U6

"Lets play a game!"she says changing the subject.copyright protection256PENANAjh9Ma9KecD

"Are you sure you want to play a game with me? Every time i win. Every time you cheat!"copyright protection256PENANA74S3LAvIDQ

Riley playfully gasps, "I never cheat!"copyright protection256PENANAHcwcYFbYM5

"You ALWAYS cheat Sutton!" Drake answers back with a chuckle lightly holding his drink.'copyright protection256PENANA45neRxnCLA

"Well this game is a win win no losers although there is a lot of drinking involved."copyright protection256PENANAfTE8WqJs8m

"We are in the right place then."copyright protection256PENANAiQzO3xuewg

"The game is called Truth of Drink we ask each other questions. Each has to answer honestly. I mean brutally honest. If you do answer the question the person who asked takes a shot in order to not answer the question you have to take the shot."copyright protection256PENANAjAmHPdecP0

Drake stares in to Riley's face his dark brown eyes scanning her intently. He lens forward as he speaks.copyright protection256PENANAM5TrdQRWj0

"OK I get it the goal here is to ask the most embarrassing or challenging questions. So either you will torture me into spilling my guts out SOBER or eventually get me drunk enough where I'll do it anyway.copyright protection256PENANAjBRSqUqV9W

With a giggle Sutton calls over the waitress for 8 shooters. "I told you this will be a win win!"copyright protection256PENANAcsxy9mLoyB

Drake leans back in his both "You're on Sutton  I will still bet you. I'm and open book."copyright protection256PENANAolHiNU9FRs

"Ha open like a brick wall!"copyright protection256PENANAFb4x3vrtqA

He has a playful look of aggression on his face. Riley bring her legs together underneath the table The looks he gives her, the way he calls her "Sutton" it drives her crazy. If he had no clue of her feeling for him he would by the end of tonight.copyright protection256PENANAqC3XadjWCS

The shots came in no time and the games began.copyright protection256PENANAx1eej19tH1

"OK Drake I'm first you ready?" He nods his head to answer.copyright protection256PENANAWmc1TfwlJX

"What was your first thought of me when you met me?"copyright protection256PENANAW9z06KeqHQ

Drake takes a shot glass a nudges it over to Riley.copyright protection256PENANAifRwubyEEf

"Two easy Sutton, my first thought of you was "Hey the waitress, she is cute. I'm hungry I hope she brings our burgers fast."copyright protection256PENANAFBCRCw78RR

"Wait so you think I'm cute" Riley smiles at Drake who gives her a stern look in return.copyright protection256PENANA5O1FO8q2y8

"My turn since you took it easy on me. Who was your first crush?"copyright protection256PENANATQnKnRVVvA

A second had not passed before an answer fell from her lips.copyright protection256PENANAbbbN3OjaWb

"Oh Prince Harry!"copyright protection256PENANA22Z3IOb9RK

"Wow  really?"copyright protection256PENANAhKAEuXwqT2

"Yes he has this bright red hair. I saw him on TV one day when I was younger and thought someday he will find me and make me his princess.copyright protection256PENANA14ddSg1brY

As Riley laughs Drake smile fades. He takes his shot and wonders if she used her answer to hurt him or she really didn't realize who she was talking to.copyright protection256PENANAnu1nyJbJT2

"So you do have a thing for these Royals huh?"copyright protection256PENANAtaN4Pi2mIW

"Oh I was at least 9 or 10 Drake that was so long ago."copyright protection256PENANAoK0CXSTZ4l

Riley looks at Drake who no longer looks playful but angry.copyright protection256PENANAYrPZOnJ07C

"Ok my turn."copyright protection256PENANA3BMQGC8IYR

Riley notices that Drake was no longer looking at her. His attentions was at the couple playing pool across the room. She knew she had to bring him back in.copyright protection256PENANAEmBFZzySzC

"Drake how do I feel about you?"copyright protection256PENANAdx43wTrfUz

Drake smirks he slowly takes his eyes away from the couple and looks directly into Riley's eyes. Keeping that contact he takes a shot then returns to the happy couple.copyright protection256PENANARXaENRgWzf

"Well ok then" Riley stands from the booth and begins to walk away when she is stop by Drake's hand around her waist. He is silent for a moment only pulling her close enough to him where he could smell her vanilla scented perfume. copyright protection256PENANANeCpTBYsuy

"It's my turn." is all he says and motions for her to sit back down. She obliges and waits for her question.copyright protection256PENANA5I5aLC3dRX

"How do you feel about Liam?" Drake has a pained look in his eyes but instead of looking away shows Riley. Maybe it was the shots mixed in with the whisky but he wanted her to see how vulnerable he was at this moment. How easily she could hurt him with just one answer.copyright protection256PENANAMJVXoJOFFo

"I like Liam he is kind sweet attractive and I can see why he needs a whole ceremony to choose a wife. Any girl who meets him would fall for him even is he wasn't royal."copyright protection256PENANAUtDwSw8RZC

Drake rolls his eyes and reaches for his shot. Sutton takes the glass from his hand.copyright protection256PENANAp4kue67ikY

"But for some crazy reason I am not in love with him. There has been only one man that has taken sleep from me every night, who has consumed my thoughts and dreams."copyright protection256PENANAg6Ib46UTMA

Drake is frozen unsure whether to move or even breath. He locks eyes with Riley and sees that tears are beginning to form within them.copyright protection256PENANAhG3UdVrlNr

"When he is near me I just want him to touch me and when he isn't around I want him to be. He frustrates me in every way. Because his touches his looks his kisses no matter how quick how fleeting they affect my entire body."copyright protection256PENANAYcviHKpO2J

Drake opens his mouth to speak but no words come out.copyright protection256PENANANiQwuUDpOp

"When I'm with Liam all I do is look around for him to see if he is watching us if he is hurt. But when I'm with him I think of no one I don't care who sees us."copyright protection256PENANA05530jZsEM

Riley takes the shot in her hand that was meant for Drake.copyright protection256PENANATCZpVG9lvc

It grows quiet and it is only then do they both realize that most of the patrons have left the bar. Drake motions for the waitress to brings the check. She already has it in her hand and mentions to him that there is a taxi outside if they wanted to catch it. copyright protection256PENANA4jvVPZPspE

"Sutton ask me your final question and I will answer this time" Drake looks into Riley's eyes. He wants to laugh in the irony that it is she who spilled her guts out and not him but he doesn't dare to crack a smile in front of her.copyright protection256PENANARpKXtKgsdV

With a sigh Riley looks at the ceiling hoping it will dry her eyes. copyright protection256PENANAf7yewuVGPr

"Do you really...did you ever really want to be with me? Or is this just some game for you? Sometimes I think you have the best restraint and sometimes I don't think its  restraint at all you just really have no intention of being with me just stringing my gullible butt along like a fool."copyright protection256PENANASUKnPznF1M

Drake wished he hadn't promised to answer this one he was dying for a shot. He scoots closer to Riley and very softly speaks into her ear.copyright protection256PENANAjSb3QEO671

"I'm going to tell you this calmly and slowly I want you to hear every word I say ok"copyright protection256PENANA2m8ABF4wlT

Riley nods, the deepness of his voice the heat he brings to her ear and neck  she could not speak.copyright protection256PENANAXdOIBDhYij

"You have captivated me Sutton. Why do you think I go to those fancy events."copyright protection256PENANAKCbWF2Bt9I

"Free food!" Riley blurts out jokingly.copyright protection256PENANAvb5ELGkQdF

"Yes that is true but to see you mostly. You have got to know that I am crazy about you. God! I want nothing more than to walk out that door with you leave everything and be with you. To kiss you"copyright protection256PENANAJbTyTubasu

Drake begins to kiss the base of Riley neck slightly but purposefully.copyright protection256PENANAtd7F9MILgR

"To taste you."copyright protection256PENANAtM2zrNfLDt

He grazes his tongue along her neck up behind her ear and begins to suck.copyright protection256PENANArnEkVxP7Ii

"Making love to you forever wouldn't be long enough."copyright protection256PENANACcvJSFwArN

Drake stops and sits back in the booth.copyright protection256PENANArVztu1hKMV

"But I have lived this life for 24 years and most of it has been with Liam. I don't restain myself because I dont want you. I do it for him and for us and if there will ever truly be an "us" we need to do this right."copyright protection256PENANAddjRyepom8

They look at each other , exasperated their breaths sharpe and rhythmic. Their gazes are cut short by their waitress clearing their table and who reminds them again of the taxi waiting outside.copyright protection256PENANAGZkcIdSfNj

As they leave both, in their own ways, think about the booth behind them.. And how they would manage to keep their hands off each other on the drive back to the train.copyright protection256PENANA2feBJJC0tp

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