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Co-Writer Silvia Sutton*
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Taking a step back
Silvia Sutton
Dec 5, 2017
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Qgct8U57hwt8MTJtQkcQposted on PENANA

***This will be a tip into the past. We will get to know Liam and see just a small glimpse into his life in his eyes.***copyright protection28PENANApHhUL6wszY

The snow falls softly onto the window of the plane. Although Liam is surrounded by the beautiful secluded mountains of Lythikos, he cannot help but mentally be standing at the top of the Statue of Liberty thousands of miles away.copyright protection28PENANArqfDUnx0vO

Riley.copyright protection28PENANAxYWjRFMI0Z

That name alone can put a smile on Liam's face no matter the situation.copyright protection28PENANAzqHQksWQVw

"I'm so glad to see the excitement on your face Liam!" He looks up to see Olivia standing over him reaching out her hand. copyright protection28PENANAPmX40RsxSY

"Lythikos offers our warmest welcome to you, your majesty, and as your personal host let me say that my home is your home."copyright protection28PENANAmpXjJPZwxZ

She draws in closer to Liam who is now standing in the walkway of the plane facing her. Her fire red hair pent up meticulously above her head like her own personal crown. Her emerald eyes stare directly into Liam. Soon she is only an inch away from his lips and as she leans even closer she whispers into his earcopyright protection28PENANAw6qdWKGTBC

"And whatever you may need please know that I am ready and able to accommodate."32Please respect copyright.PENANAgygpXS1AyO
copyright protection28PENANAqqZnvZfYw7

She draws back with a smile to fill her entire face. With an inferior smile of his own, Liam steps back ad takes Olivia's hands.32Please respect copyright.PENANAlyff7wCYCN
copyright protection28PENANAWTwUcfJbMg

"Thank you Lady Olivia. I want you to know that your hospitality to me and to my guest are greatly appreciated. Please pardon my manners  by saying this but your country although is beautiful cannot compare to the presence before me."copyright protection28PENANAbimBvjmbdX

He leans in a places a light kiss on her hand. The moment causes Olivia to shrike but she quickly composes herself turns on her heels and boldly sashays off the plane into the limo waiting.copyright protection28PENANANDoM0TMgSi

Liam laughs at himself in amazement. For years he has mastered the art if calming Olivia. It was only recently that he realized the easiest way was flattery. One those days when Olivia would be over indulgent in her heavy flirtation with him, he learned that with a small amount of flirting back all will be well with her. copyright protection28PENANAnPbUJo9szW

He walks off the small private plane towards the limo.copyright protection28PENANAJLe5nJpJVC

Liam had learned during his brother Leo's social season that the best way to get through the season, is to appease the ladies as much as possible. Yes there was a thin line between kindness and flirtation and he knew he was laying it on rather thick for Olivia, but it  was her weekend this was her land and he was her guest. He knew that Olivia has probably spared no expense in showing him a good time it was only fair he did the same for her.copyright protection28PENANAGJg4whYixQ

While climbing into the limo Olivia's demeanor changes and is now back to her usual cold self. copyright protection28PENANABUFNOobYRL

"Okay your highness if you please I would like to go over our itinerary for the weekend."copyright protection28PENANAUAx9GUS6DO

"Proceed."copyright protection28PENANAIjyZo4gmnO

"So once we reach the palace you have a little time to unwind and freshen up I have brought our famous Jon Del Tousso for a private spa treatment. You would not believe....."copyright protection28PENANAcZJSMyhYw8

Liam looks out the window at the trees covered in snow somehow they remind him of Riley. He swallows hard at the thought of her.copyright protection28PENANAKrIhBpbuvO

"Liam, did you hear me?"copyright protection28PENANAie8QdwVuSj

Broken from his thoughts Liam looks at Olivia. "My apologies what where you saying?"32Please respect copyright.PENANAGmCKOpTXYT
copyright protection28PENANAi5i2X4Ae37

"Ice skating. The lake is frozen so I thought maybe we could skate for a little while. Have a little fun before all the politics roll in what do you think?"32Please respect copyright.PENANAWescDq4F1C
copyright protection28PENANAmNy54avgE0

Olivia's eyes widen with hope.copyright protection28PENANA5WedNsJJXC

"Lady Olivia today and the rest of this weekend you are my queen and whatever you wish I will obey."copyright protection28PENANA2fHkiFoSTr

Olivia bites her bottom lip.32Please respect copyright.PENANAumaKBigegT
copyright protection28PENANAZgfymjIRAm

 "So that's a yes to ice skating?"copyright protection28PENANASFi7S6ACPx

"Yes!" Liam agrees with a chuckle.copyright protection28PENANAfRNXb5CAXw

The day moves on from one event to the next and other than a brief encounter while ice skating Riley is rarely around. Liam was glad to finally be down to the last event of the day.copyright protection28PENANA2WMhu9Bc1b

"Lady Olivia" he begins as he is walking behind her. "I have been here on several occasions I think it's a little late to be giving me a tour."copyright protection28PENANAzTQS1JYBlN

"Yes but you never had a private tour and with that comes specific information classified secrets and hideaway rooms. This is my home Liam."copyright protection28PENANA8BFVyQ0arY

For a split second with vulnerability and want Olivia's eyes slowly look up to Liam. He has never noticed how red her lips were how much she smelled of cinnamon and spearmint.copyright protection28PENANAGtUtKpClCE

"If you choose me your highness I want you to know it all like the back of your hand."copyright protection28PENANAxbxn3z62as

He smiles as she turns to begin the tour, strangely watching her more than the paintings a secret rooms she had to show.copyright protection28PENANAQi3veBmeMN

"And this is our final destination!"copyright protection28PENANActg7W1wzn9

"Olivia this is my room."copyright protection28PENANAdUkLhokoqv

"Well I had to end it somewhere your highness. What did you think?"32Please respect copyright.PENANA1WfDH43A21
copyright protection28PENANAQgNUL1v8gi

"You have a lovely home" Liam politely states as he uncontrollably plops down onto his bed.copyright protection28PENANAVtLbAHd7hA

As he rubs his eyes he barley gets to notice how quiet the room had gotten before feeling Olivia's firm but gentle hands messaging his shoulders.copyright protection28PENANAgvvBgMZBbq

"My sincerest apologies your majesty I overworked you today didn't I?"copyright protection28PENANA62HUWtWrBc

"No Olivia" closing his eyes taking in the message he was given. "This was fine, great even, I'm having a wonderful time."copyright protection28PENANAJwFvIgcVou

"He yawns and quickly ties to stifle it as he hear a sad moan from behind him.copyright protection28PENANAwFZ1ggOgR0

" I'm sorry Liam I just needed to show you I can be your queen"copyright protection28PENANAHY2oSYROqt

She works her frustrations into Liam's shoulders moving up and down his back. Surprising to Liam the added pressure wasn't at all painful she could put that famous masseur of theirs to shame. He pulls behind him grabbing her hands in his looking into her teary eyes.copyright protection28PENANA1aZHFIYSEm

"You will make an exquisite queen . You don't have to prove that to me."copyright protection28PENANAma1mciC0yu

Olivia smiles and continues down Liam's back closing his eyes he takes in every gently throw of pressure she places. copyright protection28PENANA0ft3El1var

A few silent moments pass and Olivia stops her movements which causes Liam to look up to see she is sitting next to him staring straight into his eyes. copyright protection28PENANAYbCYThGR9l

"I am going to kiss you." she states. Her assertion frightens him. Yes it shouldn't this is Olivia but the fact that she has never once tried to kiss him before today was intreguing. copyright protection28PENANAdwveSIwvJ5

"Okay" is Liam's only response he sits and watches as she readjust her position on the bed. Slowly Olivia leans in, breathing erratically eyes focused on her target. Liam closes his eyes in wait for her contact.32Please respect copyright.PENANAuYfXaTnfzo
copyright protection28PENANA0KltNZOOvZ

"Wait!" she screams.copyright protection28PENANAgubSs4a9Vk

With one eye open he watches her jump out of his bed and stand before him. She takes her bun down and her long fine hair begins cascading over he right shoulder. With that one move she looks nothing like before. Liam had a hard time defining the way she looked. Her green eyes searing into his own made his heart fasten in pace. Desirable was the only word he could find.32Please respect copyright.PENANAR3L2Onk5BB
copyright protection28PENANAu8R0nKIUfs

Slowly she walks between his legs. Her scent of cinnamon again takes hold of his senses as it radiates from her. They are so close only the air between them separating their lips. copyright protection28PENANA0fclIZkxOP

"Okay... now...I will kiss you."copyright protection28PENANAw5kIXMM8WH

The lips meet and all at once Liam notices everything about Olivia. Her deep red lips the freckles on her shoulder blade the way she taste of spices. And as they continued it is Liam who begins to take control or of the kiss. With a deep moan of satisfaction he begins to kiss her harder deeper. Lifting his hands to her waist, he uses his fingers to squeeze her in want. They then lurk their way underneath her shirt up her back and around the front to her chest. Making claim to her bra intent to discover the content within it.copyright protection28PENANAsrQksd4b8j

A sudden pain stings his hands. He opens his eyes to see that it was Olivia who has hit his mischievous fingers.copyright protection28PENANAD8zPtiPOPD

"You can have me when I am Queen, your highness."copyright protection28PENANAEmIY4GLRPH

As she walks out the room Liam can't help but to smile in pleasure and disbelief.copyright protection28PENANAyh9oBBCGNL

***----------------------------------------------------------------------***copyright protection28PENANAZqTzgnR6bH

Some time later Olivia looks out her window thrilled on how the whole day has gone. She begins to go over her To Do List for the ball in her head as she sees Drake and Riley holding hands far in the distance. She smiles in sheer delight her night could not have gone any better.32Please respect copyright.PENANAYDyegfikQl
copyright protection28PENANAJP4sN99y0Y

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