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Co-Writer Silvia Sutton*
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If Only
Silvia Sutton
Dec 7, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!bEdhHfPxibgThy8In1NCposted on PENANA

Riley walks alone through the halls in the palace of Cordonia. Her mind wanders from the little amount of information she got from the photographer and how was she ever to figure out who hired her. copyright protection31PENANAwZKQ7ZTHsR

Blinded by her thoughts she didn't notice the large firm hands that pulls her through one of the large doors she walks past.copyright protection31PENANABDvPVd4LKn

Her eyes focus to see Drake standing before her smiling nervously. copyright protection31PENANAW0gdzpVXqJ

"Well that's some way to say hello Drake." Riley says smiling big at the sight of him.copyright protection31PENANAzWIjNQjGyL

"You should be more careful walking these hallways all alone Sutton, never know who might snatch you up." copyright protection31PENANAy9p4Zlh461

They stare at each other for a moment Only speaking through their eyes of what they truly wanted to say.copyright protection31PENANAr22HgB7cyx

Drake turns away and sits at the large table that takes over the room. Riley could only assume the room is used for business meetings as the room looked as corporate as they come, nothing like any of the other rooms she had seen in the palace.copyright protection31PENANAV8uEshvMY3

"What's on your mind Sutton" Drake breaks the silence sliding one of the rolling chairs next to him out toward her.copyright protection31PENANAxwdXAciSgo

Just wondering who would go through all of this to frame me. Do you think Madeline is this conniving?"copyright protection31PENANAUIrWpIyxU7

"Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me she had to suffer the humiliation of being chosen during the last social season for Leo to back out. She didn't just loose a fiance she lost her crown too."copyright protection31PENANA4QfzvIR0uQ

Riley smirks "She spent all this money and she doesn't even know I was going to back out anyway."copyright protection31PENANA42mhZXuhQL

Drake looks up eyes raised in amazement "What did you just say?"copyright protection31PENANAGKt8GTQfqL

"Drake this life isn't for me. If you haven't notice I wear the same dress to every event. I barely see Liam I don't love him. I was praying that day that he would chose Olivia or anyone other than me."copyright protection31PENANAmvBC47kW7O

Drake turns to her his hands have found her's. "So are you telling me that you have no feelings for Liam none whatsoever?"copyright protection31PENANAMbQ9tQ7X7X

"None."copyright protection31PENANAJOIcWp6MEw

"How do you feel about me?" Drake scoots closer to her.copyright protection31PENANAx119D6gX3o

Surprised  by his quick advancement. "You Drake...I... I have no words."copyright protection31PENANAMPADZ3t71B

Drake smiles leans into Riley and begins to tenderly kiss the nape of her neck.copyright protection31PENANA5LpNXlc48R

"Come on Sutton... you can think of something." he whispers slowly deeply into her ear.copyright protection31PENANAAGSCQwI7uL

"I want you." was all she could manage as she kisses Drake with every bit of want she has had for him. He returns her kiss. The heat between them made the room feel dismal.copyright protection31PENANAvgB6UB9oIb

Making sure not to break the kiss Riley firmly grabs the back of his neck. She raises hiking up her dress just enough to straddle the man between her legs.copyright protection31PENANAZOWpBULOYT

He places his hand on her thighs lightly moving them to her buttocks. Riley can feel his fingertips moving upward, it caused the hairs on the back of her neck to stand on end. With a firm grip of her he slowly pushes and pulls Riley's bottom back in forth. The friction between them causes both to moan in appreciation.copyright protection31PENANAGzzybp4Twz

Drake runs his finger up her back unlatching her bra in one amazing swoop brings his hand to her breast cupping each one with his rough hands using his thick fingers to message her nipples. Riley keeps the rhythm of their hips grinding together in a slow but powerful pace pausing and pushing harder into him once her groin meets his.copyright protection31PENANAF2Ph8KSi8B

Riley breaks away from their kiss and begins to suck and open spot underneath his chin biting and kissing the same spot in hopes a mark will be left later. She wanted everyone to know he was taken even if they cant know by who. 35Please respect copyright.PENANA8rAYImJNcB
copyright protection31PENANAu8pqy1ljPj

Somehow her dress found its ways over her shoulders dangling around her like a necklace. The rhythm between them growing more and more.copyright protection31PENANAcvTM44c9YI

"I want you now." Riley pleads Drake smiles and moves one of his hands from her breast and unzips his pants only to quickly return the hand to its rightful place. He lifts her breast and places it into his mouth as if to apologize for ever leaving it.copyright protection31PENANAIDLyUUjNcs

Seeing what she craved Riley takes him into her hand sliding up and down with her hand. Drake moans her name. She leans back almost laying onto the table and rubs him against her moist light blue panties. Riley then turns around facing the table continuing the slow rhythmic grinding. She leans forward uses one hand to slide her panties over and the other to teasingly allow only the tip of him to enter her.   copyright protection31PENANAoGAO78PssE

Riley!" Drake breaths voice too broken to speak. He reach around her and grabs her breasts forcing her back to lay on his chest. He bites down on the back of her neck. The pain excite Riley even more.She moans in high pitch. She allows rubs her wet self to move up and down his shaft with her hips.copyright protection31PENANAMEaFrfJDpH

Desperate for more Riley stands and removes her panties. She looks up at Drake his eyes focused on her. "You locked the door right?"copyright protection31PENANAm8l7Gg1Z4e

"Yeah.. of course"copyright protection31PENANArsV2g2b6uD

She begins to straddle him again slowly takaing her time to feel each and every bit of him sliding into her with ease. With each exhale he moves deeper and deeper with her.copyright protection31PENANALhiVWJbGmB

"King Liam may I have a word?"copyright protection31PENANAoJJKQq0Sq4

"Sure how about we go in here"copyright protection31PENANA7Sx2UO46Uz

The door rattles and Riley quickly looks at Drake "You said you locked the door right?!"copyright protection31PENANAKFQ3BNMNu9

Before Drake could answer the door begins to open. Out of shock Drake pushes Riley under the table. The impact is so powerful Riley awakes on the floor in her room.copyright protection31PENANAoSS7DJyECY

She sits on the cold dark floor drenched in sweat. Her breath heavy she swears she can still feel Drake's mouth on the back of her neck. Eventually she crawls back into bed praying that the next dream will at least be somewhere more private.copyright protection31PENANAJJQgLL5QR0

***-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------***copyright protection31PENANApCGgFh3s5x

Hey guys I just wanted to try out a love scene for some of my later work but I am not ready for my characters to get that far. Please let me know what you guys think in the comments. Thank you!copyright protection31PENANABtquB3e9IR

Comments ( 4 )

Margaret Kugler - Read all 3 issues, finally have had some downtime to read through. Love your story so far. Can’t wait for next issue :)
4 days agoreply

Silvia Sutton - 💜 Thank you so much I was gonna do more tonight at work but I left my laptop I will do soon. 
4 days agoreply

Jeanette Hudson - I enjoyed it...was so surprised it was all a dream 
1 week agoreply

Silvia Sutton - Thank you so much💙
1 week agoreply