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The Vampire Diaries (S7)
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries (S7)
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Ch.13: I'll Bring You Back To Me
Jan 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!u8bZPzCxAYqXcbIHsQ2vposted on PENANA

Ch.13: I'll Bring You Back To Mecopyright protection19PENANAZhsvFGyi6j

Summary: Set in S7. Elijah never left Kat. He finds out about Freya, so he calls her for help, when Julian puts Kat in the stone, instead of Damon and Stefan. What will Kat go through after she fails to kill Julian? Will Elijah get her back, before the Phoenix stone breaks her? Based on “Love Will Conquer.”copyright protection19PENANA9ArlzhUcPu

Here we are out here, me and youcopyright protection19PENANAbfsnrb5U17

Reaching out to each othercopyright protection19PENANAq1pSw4y4nF

Is all that we can docopyright protection19PENANAoxfQSP8M2X

Here we stand trying not to fallcopyright protection19PENANAhddKAFVFzX

There’s no need to worrycopyright protection19PENANAMZYcRuhqzE

Love will conquer allcopyright protection19PENANA5XblO3aWQc

            It was a dismal night at the Mikaelson place, as a human Kat fought against Julian. To avoid him from harming the Salvatores, she’d lured him here. She’d always loved Damon, but Elijah was the one for her. She didn’t want them dead, so her plan was to get rid of Julian. Just in case she failed though, she’d brought him here. She knew Elijah wouldn’t fail. He was an Original, after all. That, and if Julian killed her, she knew he’d rip Julian’s heart out.copyright protection19PENANAT7p7R0MMGl

            After half an hour of fighting, Julian rammed the sword into her, killing her, which Elijah arrived in enough time to see.copyright protection19PENANAKtlIFddWEM

            “No!”copyright protection19PENANABJKM5yQfuH

            Elijah immediately blurred towards him and, before Julian could pull the sword out of her to use it on Elijah, Elijah ripped his heart out.copyright protection19PENANAsoPSwGTjtz

            Elijah pulled the sword out of her and tossed it to the floor. He then knelt at her side and gently pulled her into his arms.copyright protection19PENANAFe30WId9FS

            “Katerina,” was all he could say.copyright protection19PENANAWgBH3HfUXK

            He looked down at her in grief, but after a few minutes, he composed himself, not letting himself break down. He had to get her out of the Phoenix stone. Having found out about Freya through Rebekah and Klaus in New Orleans, he called Freya, needing her help.copyright protection19PENANABp9riF7bZB

            Once he told her everything, she agreed to help, and left town to go to Mystic Falls.copyright protection19PENANALEQPEMySWd

            Elijah gently layed her down on the kitchen table and awaited her arrival.copyright protection19PENANAKTumAx3Ps0

Do you really want to knowcopyright protection19PENANAA4qJvJpDVo

Just how long we’ll lastcopyright protection19PENANAfH35wIR4AO

Will all of the bad times pass?copyright protection19PENANAhlHMIhjM7M

How can we make things right?copyright protection19PENANANHQerlXRYS

Ooh and why, why is the world so unkind?copyright protection19PENANAgdzji51aaC

            Meanwhile, Kat woke up to find herself in the cabin the night her parents were slaughtered by Klaus.copyright protection19PENANAYsYGeHXyu5

            She got to her feet, realizing this. She wouldn’t give in to whatever it wanted to do to her. Besides, she already knew what happened to them was partly her fault, but also partly Klaus’ fault. She’d ran and he’d slaughtered them.copyright protection19PENANAkhNavewt6u

            She turned around to leave, only to see her father.copyright protection19PENANAlmIVG11Ibb

            “It’s all your fault, Katerina. Everyone you cared about died because of you. You killed your family. You killed Pearl and Anna. You killed your friends. You killed Emily. You killed your parents. All of ours deaths are on your hands.”copyright protection19PENANAkaDjRS0Pqu

            “No,” she denied. “I was doing what I had to to survive.”copyright protection19PENANAUKMHViWrL3

            “You lost yourself along the way, Katerina. You say that so you don’t have to feel guilty for getting your friends and family killed. You need something so you can sleep at night, so you tell yourself that, because the truth is too painful. Everything you touch dies.”copyright protection19PENANAW7pF26G3OS

            She couldn’t deny the part about losing herself and that she’d killed people. She’d lost herself. She’d even killed some she didn’t have to kill. She’d thought at the time though, that she was doing what she had to. Survival had been everything to her. Her father was wrong about Pearl and Anna, though. She hadn’t had any hand in killing them. That had been just John.copyright protection19PENANAf93SsULtJb

            “You’re wrong,” she denied, disagreeing with the parts that were wrong. Then she left the cabin.copyright protection19PENANAXDWKlR2hjN

            A moment later, she was in Mystic Falls at the Mikaelson place. She recognized what was happening. This was when he’d chosen between her and Klaus. In reality, he’d chosen her, but this was another version.copyright protection19PENANAkgUKVWRB0F

            She watched, as Elijah walked away. Then he was gone and Damon was suddenly there.copyright protection19PENANAufOx8grTJa

            Damon approached her.copyright protection19PENANA5HO1r9Ttrd

            “My love was never enough for you, was it? Now you’ve lost the one person that would’ve done anything for you. You hurt everyone around you. You’ll never change, Katherine. You ruined me and neither of us can take that back.”copyright protection19PENANAhMtbxp8o19

            “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was trying to protect you. Elijah would never leave and I’m not naive. I know that I’ve hurt people. I have regrets. I wish I could’ve been there for you, but I was different as a vampire. I can’t take back the bad I did, but as a human, I get a second chance. I have my true love and I’ve already changed. I always loved you, but Elijah has always been the one.” She rested a hand on the side of his face. “I’m so sorry, Damon.” She put her hand down.copyright protection19PENANA3vpR2x8trS

            “Then prove that you regret everything and let go. I’ll help you find liberation. Let go of everything holding you back from being who you really are, deep down.”copyright protection19PENANAExzsy1Bsv2

            “Never,” she stubbornly replied.copyright protection19PENANAFMP9Ymy6Kz

            “You’ll break soon enough, Katherine. It’s just a matter of time.”copyright protection19PENANAgN4FF7dOAF

We surely can find peace of mindcopyright protection19PENANAGecgHLhidM

If we only see the lightcopyright protection19PENANAlTzb2xxBEh

Can’t you see that?copyright protection19PENANAbU5fALnNzY

Can somebody tell me why?copyright protection19PENANAtgcFwUqOcD

Why do our dreams go wrong?copyright protection19PENANAByxaJzHhbm

Why can’t we all get along?copyright protection19PENANAzmhECRqZFZ

Oh where did we start?copyright protection19PENANAX8gaOM4eAh

Oh and tell me whencopyright protection19PENANASbQplAZ3Ra

When will we ever learncopyright protection19PENANAqqwI58zv8f

There’s nowhere else we can turncopyright protection19PENANAv5oLgcxkq8

The truth is in our heartscopyright protection19PENANACjksIG2HKU

Here we are togethercopyright protection19PENANASakpSpxsVF

            Meanwhile, Freya and Elijah were by the table he’d layed her on.copyright protection19PENANAHqL6b1iJmI

            Elijah silently watched, as she did what she could to bring her back. It had to be as soon as possible, since she hadn’t dealt with a lot of things she’d done. He knew she had regrets, but things she’d done and that she’d had to go through, she hadn’t dealt with it, apart from when his brother had killed her family. She’d always ignored her past, instead of dealing.copyright protection19PENANASY1cqKStsC

Sometimes the road gets hard to travelcopyright protection19PENANAnkMHJF7h72

Sometimes the pain’s too much to barecopyright protection19PENANAXPtJVFKdp6

Sometimes when life seems to unravelcopyright protection19PENANAWh5YtvIlZa

That’s the time oh to saycopyright protection19PENANAYmvK4fqcwy

We’re gonna make it anywaycopyright protection19PENANAfunJdjoYxN

Can’t you see that?copyright protection19PENANA4t5asyGaUF

            After a few hours, Freya finally got her magically back into her body.copyright protection19PENANAlS2RD764kD

            When Katherine woke up, she was in her and Elijah’s room, Elijah seated on her bedside.copyright protection19PENANACz80iljHkR

            She sat up.copyright protection19PENANAvokAzN9fX3

            “You did it.”copyright protection19PENANAUjWXbA4iFo

            He rested a hand on the side of her face.copyright protection19PENANAWhY4hgqBYK

            “Of course, Katerina.”copyright protection19PENANAst9N3IAcXy

            They smiled at each other and then kissed.copyright protection19PENANAgSSdP3OTlt

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