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The Vampire Diaries (S7)
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries (S7)
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Ch.14: Saved By An Old Friend (Kenzo)
Jan 12, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!LR4IUW4XCoWDlBWpM6Ljposted on PENANA

Ch.14: Saved By An Old Friend (Kenzo)copyright protection29PENANA9bxX0KcdJh

Summary: Set in S7. She comes back to life after escaping the prison world and Kai, injured. What will ensue between old friends?copyright protection29PENANARu9Vd3Si1u

  It was a dismal night, as a human and injured Katherine appeared in a cabin. There were several stab wounds on her and there was a dagger protruding from her thigh. There was also an arrow in her lower stomach and blood on either side of her head. When she appeared, she saw Enzo in the cabin. There was a table in front of her, so she set the ascendant on it and used a hand on the table to try and stay on her feet.copyright protection29PENANAGY71z3rm9c

            Enzo was drinking a shot glass of Bourbon in front of the fireplace, standing, when he smelled a mixture of blood and Katherine, so he set his glass on the mantle and turned around to look at her. When he did and saw her state, he knew that she’d had to deal with Kai.copyright protection29PENANAGioegpYtDI

            In a blur, he was at her side and caught her from hitting the floor. He then gently layed her down on the floor.copyright protection29PENANAKudUpqYhIZ

            “Stay with me, luv,” he said, and pulled the arrow out, tossing it to the floor. He could tell that she’d lost a lot of blood, but he didn’t wanna chance blood, knowing she couldn’t digest it last time she’d been human.copyright protection29PENANALoXSqxWRT5

            “Enzo,” she breathed, as she lay there, vision blurry, and felt a towel around her lower stomach. She knew he was trying to slow the bleeding. She also felt a hand on the side of her face.copyright protection29PENANA4zotOESM7v

            “You’re gonna be okay, luv,” she heard him assure her, before she felt him pull her into his arms. Then everything went black for her.copyright protection29PENANAvSZIMp8KGQ

            As Enzo blurred to the nearest hospital, an injured and pale Katherine in his arms, he wondered how she’d ended up in the prison world. He also hoped that she’d make it through. She’d lost a lot of blood and was still bleeding from all her wounds. He knew as injured and pale as she was, it was pretty bad for her. He wasn’t and never had been a doctor, but he knew extensive wounds when he saw them. He knew that she could die if she wasn’t immediately tended to. He didn’t want her to die. They were old friends. He’d just never told Damon, knowing he hated her these days.copyright protection29PENANAKsfIlGfhy9

            When he entered the hospital, she was paler than before. She was in even more terrible condition than before.copyright protection29PENANAmCJK5xpYjw

            A few minutes later, he watched the doctors rush her down the hall. He didn’t want to lose her. Though Lily had abandoned him, Katherine never had. They had a lot of history together.copyright protection29PENANAtPptxcTGXA

*Flashback- 1907*copyright protection29PENANAwH2MpotFF1

            Enzo had only been a vampire for a few years, so he was young and reckless. He didn’t know what he was or what all his abilities were, nor did he know any control. That was how Katherine, at 415 years old, found him. She’d explained everything and taught him everything there was to know as a vampire. At the time, he was in a town in Russia. Because of Katherine, he’d learned the ways of vampirism. When she’d done so, they’d become friends.copyright protection29PENANAO2DxNJ4cHo

*End of Flashback*copyright protection29PENANAJbd8FLlyri

            A few hours later, Enzo was told that she would be okay, so Enzo went into her hospital room and sat on her bedside.copyright protection29PENANA8YZbLpze4f

            An hour later, when she woke up, she saw Enzo on her bedside. That’s when she knew that he’d saved her life.copyright protection29PENANAfTiTq5Cuik

            She gave a smile.copyright protection29PENANAT1w6abSvKj

            “Long time no see, Enzo,” she greeted.copyright protection29PENANANShN32cDgh

            “It’s been a very long time, Katherine.”copyright protection29PENANATwabpBg26z

            “Thanks, Enzo, for the save,” she replied.copyright protection29PENANAnZAT6L5YgP

            “Anything for you, Katherine,” he replied. “If you’d like, we can get out of here. You may stay with me if you’d like.”copyright protection29PENANAh4IzRMB4pS

            She gave a smile.copyright protection29PENANAmioxuO8LQe

            “I’d love that. Thanks for everything, Enzo.”copyright protection29PENANAkedU7kGdiW

            He smiled back.copyright protection29PENANA2A1K9SxLXW

            A few months later, they fell in love and became a couple.copyright protection29PENANADjf2QJQYuH

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