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The Vampire Diaries (S7)
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries (S7)
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Ch.4: Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give Or Take
Jan 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!uccJ6kB3UmTbEGybSAeCposted on PENANA

Ch.4: Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give Or Takecopyright protection5PENANAjVrh9ZhjrE

Summary: Set in S7E1 “Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take.” What if Katherine was found alive again? What will Damon do? How will he react? Will he kill her, or will he keep her alive? What if she shows him the part of her that he has never seen? What will ensue? Will their epic love story begin again, like it should have in S1E_ “The Return”?copyright protection5PENANAeVRrFXMh1G

9Please respect copyright.PENANAaayAMhU3zU
9Please respect copyright.PENANATXjjl5hsth
        It was a dark night, as Damon walked through the Mystic Falls streets alone, drowning his sorrows with a bottle of Bourbon.copyright protection5PENANAEVRiBquu0J

        Suddenly, he stopped, seeing a very familiar someone. Seeing her darkened his mood even more and he gave a low growl, before pining her against a wall of the clock tower.copyright protection5PENANA6kEyBOxS7Z

        “What the Hell are you doing here and alive?” he growled in rage.copyright protection5PENANAxmUoOAmARn

        Katherine had no right to be here, when Elena couldn’t be. Even if it wasn’t her fault that she wasn’t here.copyright protection5PENANAhwj9OUzjpA

        Katherine gasped from the tight hold he had around her throat.copyright protection5PENANA2vUH3vvBoD

        “I’m not here to cause trouble if that’s what you think,” she said around his hold. As she did, she realized that something had happened while she had been dead. Apparently, just seeing her alive enraged him, which she knew had to mean that something had happened to Elena.copyright protection5PENANAAV0vkO5GoX

        “Damon, please,” she added, as she tried to breathe around his hold.copyright protection5PENANA4FunOiioCH

        He kept the strong hold around her throat, thinking of whether or not he should kill her or just leave her be. It wasn’t exactly her fault that Kai had put a sleeping spell on Elena. She had been long dead by the time Kai had come from the 1994 prison world. Now Kai was dead as of six months ago and Katherine was somehow back. As he looked closely though, he saw that she was quite injured, even though she was trying not to show it. He also saw that she must’ve lost a massive amount of blood, because of how pale she looked and because she looked like hell. 9Please respect copyright.PENANAMVxw01Qkq1
He let go of her, deciding not to kill her. Yet, anyway.copyright protection5PENANAYEdSmhoSSM

        She coughed, a hand to her throat, the breath coming back to her.copyright protection5PENANAvtIvY3k4KI

        “What happened to you?” he questioned, when she had gotten her breath back.copyright protection5PENANA2OowcdPvBr

        “You really want to know, or are you just trying to strike up a conversation?” she inquired.copyright protection5PENANAcA6qssHRlA

        “I really want to know. Despite your attempt to hide how not okay you are, I can tell that you’re not okay.”copyright protection5PENANAER3mn1qH6a

        She sighed, not liking how alike they were somedays.copyright protection5PENANAp8ZOEb2tGE

        “Kai,” she answered him.copyright protection5PENANAUTe1jHu1yP

        He gave a low growl at his name, which let her know that he knew him.copyright protection5PENANABcGFz3G0KM

        As she stood there, waiting for what he would do, she was suddenly sucked straight into nothing but darkness.copyright protection5PENANAaaV9Zzl221

        With vamp agility, before she could hit the ground, he caught her and then gently layed her down on her back on the sidewalk, knelt beside her. He then looked down at her and rested gentle hands on either side of her face. copyright protection5PENANAGXVVYfCsgb

        “Katherine? Katherine,” he called to her, hoping she could hear him. “Come on. Wake up. Open your eyes.”copyright protection5PENANAiSoYxY2eYN

        As he looked down at her, not getting a response from her, he used vamp hearing to listen for a heartbeat and breathing. As he did, he saw how even more pale she was; An unnatural color for a human.copyright protection5PENANA18YWiXvDZy

        No. Don’t you dare. Not you, too, he thought, not hearing a heartbeat and suddenly hearing her slow, shallow breathing stop all together.9Please respect copyright.PENANAsAc1aYi41S
        He bent down and kissed her, giving her some air, trying to bring her back.copyright protection5PENANAFGvABuPdX6

        “I’m not losing you, too. Come back, Kat,” he said, as he tried to revive her, memories surfacing for him. He kissed her again. “Breathe, Kat. I lost Elena. I’m not losing you, too. Breathe and open your eyes.”copyright protection5PENANApfYNevLgJK

        After about twenty minutes, he heard breathing and a heartbeat.copyright protection5PENANA4KT2Hb0cO0

        He sighed in relief.copyright protection5PENANALtGg4hLTvJ

        “If you can hear me, open your eyes, Katherine. I need you to wake up for me.”copyright protection5PENANAZUYYIduutd

        After a moment of nothing, he gently pulled her into his arms, crook of arm supporting her head. He bit his wrist, putting it to her lips, making his blood go down her throat to heal her, hoping she could digest it. The last time she had been human, she hadn’t been able to digest vampire blood.copyright protection5PENANAeyY7AFiBS7

        After a moment, he took it away and it instantly healed. He then looked down at her, waiting to see if she would heal or not. copyright protection5PENANABDBiUFzFz5

        “Come on, Katherine; Stay with me,” he pleaded. He had lost her and many others in his lifetime one way or anther. He didn’t know how much more hurt he could take. “Please, Kat. Just open your eyes for me.”copyright protection5PENANApz0nxIA1c4

        After a few more minutes of no response, he got to his feet with her in his arms and began to head for the Mystic Falls hospital. He didn’t know what was wrong, but assumed that he had to get her to the hospital to restore the blood she had lost. He also needed some of the first-air from the hospital to care for her wounds.copyright protection5PENANAfrDeydURPM

        Once in a room at the hospital, blinds and door closed, he gently layed her down on the hospital bed. He then grabbed a couple of blood bags and what he needed for her wounds. He then hooked up the blood to her to restore the blood she had lost, before taking care of her wounds Kai had given her.copyright protection5PENANAZqpBIjgiZQ

        Soon after, her wounds were taken care of and the blood transfusion finished, so he gently picked her up in his arms and headed home.9Please respect copyright.PENANAYVQhfcnxEQ
9Please respect copyright.PENANAPqMmXNoO7O
copyright protection5PENANAnpqoMY6n0j

        An hour later, when she came to, he knew with relief, that she’d be okay.copyright protection5PENANAsfK5ujjob8

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