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The Jellybean List
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The Jellybean List
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Feb 15, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!wiSiTfN0KFuqaw678Qmjposted on PENANA

They went home that night, and made simple microwavable dinners. They sat in front of the TV, and watched the last of the movies that he had rented. Daniel had to remind himself that he had to return those tomorrow morning.copyright protection6PENANAktnpU1qoNo

Violet was so excited about her room, she could not stop talking about what she was going to do. “When was the last time you had a room?”copyright protection6PENANAujGmBABpAm

When Daniel asked her that, she put her fork down, and just shook her head. “Hard question.”copyright protection6PENANA45NfBTmKJI

And with that answer, Daniel didn’t proceed to push her any further. When the movie was over, Daniel had switched it to the news. With Daniel and his recliner chair, and Violet on the couch, it was such a peaceful night. The snow was melting, and it should have been a little bit warmer tomorrow.copyright protection6PENANA34cqu6sVvf

Daniel had no idea what she was going to do tomorrow. He was hoping that his brother could hire her. That he could use some extra help. Later that night, Karl had called. Daniel went to the other room, realizing that Violet had fell asleep on the couch.copyright protection6PENANAjZz0laAXza

“Hey brother, so I got some news.”copyright protection6PENANAjEg6TR0gBK

“Yeah? What is it?”copyright protection6PENANAZFOb6jhyfM

“So, Lily-“ Karl was cut off by his wife. Daniel hurt some muscle lean in the background, Lily telling her husband that she wanted to say the news also. They both chimed in, and screamed into the phone, “We’re pregnant!”copyright protection6PENANAOyMnz7y948

Daniel’s mouth had dropped. It was a lasting that he expected, but his face broke out into a huge smile. “Oh my goodness, congratulations you guys! I am so happy for you. I know you’ve been trying for such a long time.”copyright protection6PENANAkoMAvGsvW3

Lily had taken over the phone. “It is way too soon to tell if it’s a boy or girl, and we just got back from the doctors. I am only seven weeks along, but it is so exciting. You’re going to be such a great uncle.”copyright protection6PENANAfVJ46PoooD

“I’ve always wanted to be an uncle,” Daniel laughed. “So, when the baby gets old enough for me to babysit, you know I’m loading it with sugar right before sending them home.”copyright protection6PENANAbdbXBL59Ua

“Well, we don’t have grandparents to do so, supposedly it’s your job to drive us crazy,” Lily laughed.copyright protection6PENANAhfy4Q4KizG

“You guys are going to be great parents. You’ll be amazing.”copyright protection6PENANAmPC5TJVh7k

Daniel and Karl spoke again after Lily was done. They spoke for a while. Talking about doctor appointments, and the first ultrasound, the excitement, how they found out. “Karl, I am so happy for you.”copyright protection6PENANAUjx6g8SmhM

“I’ve never been happier.”copyright protection6PENANAwz25DT9obJ

“Why didn’t you guys tell me sooner?”copyright protection6PENANA4yyHEsqzJx

Karl waited for a second. “Daniel, don’t tell Lily I told you this, but she’s had three miscarries before.”copyright protection6PENANAUEQrL7ADtS

Daniel’s mouth hung open a little. “Why didn’t you tell me?”copyright protection6PENANAq0rt55mfty

“Because it was Lily’s wishes not to tell. This one will go great. I know it will. I really do,” Karl said. Daniel didn’t won’t to farther his excitement, to take away his brother’s moment of happiness.copyright protection6PENANAYy6wfLYFlI

“Yeah, me too.”copyright protection6PENANAdfn3H9bhNF

“Oh, Daniel.”copyright protection6PENANAaeFCHLH40b

“Yay, brother?”copyright protection6PENANACYJJvZuuEP

“I was thinking about that girl today, what we were talking about. I really thought about it. I cannot pay for wages, you know that. But, if you are willing to . . .”copyright protection6PENANAdR4BVLK73y

“Yes, of course.”copyright protection6PENANAMdMsPudxye

“I just need to check her birth certificate and the normal information.”copyright protection6PENANAIadsTIrnd5

“Karl, I don’t think she has any of that.”copyright protection6PENANAdqXh2T3N07

“So . . . under the table type thing?”copyright protection6PENANAlMk8faCsIa

“Please,” Daniel begged. “I’m going to help her, she needs it.”copyright protection6PENANAHqlUSeDkCQ

“Daniel, may I ask you a question?”copyright protection6PENANApQhn7jgb6g

“Yes, of course, anything.”copyright protection6PENANAis3DAiOcLw

He heard a long sigh. “There are millions of homeless people. Why did you want to help this one?”copyright protection6PENANAnsWInPX09A

Daniel knew he didn’t mean anything offensive, but he could not help to ball up his fist in frustration. “She . . . I really don’t know, Karl, I really don’t. I just feel like I have to do this. I have to help her.”copyright protection6PENANARzq8XysdJz

“If that’s what you think. We have to go. Love you brother.”copyright protection6PENANAu21yFCQtOC

“Love you too.”copyright protection6PENANA0c5WUsMStW

When Daniel told up the phone, he looked at the time and decided it was too late in the night. He decided it was probably best for both and go to bed. So he went over to the, turning the TV off, and lightly shaking Violet.copyright protection6PENANAskwTstrVHb

She jumped, and gave a slight scream, looking around nervously. Daniel jumped back, caught off his guard. “What? Where? What’s . . . oh, Daniel. Hi, where . . .”copyright protection6PENANAubewKT8AnX

He regretted waking her up. The fear that was in her eyes, the look of pure confusion. She looked like a scared little puppy. “Hey, you are okay.”copyright protection6PENANAdn9jk4L7Wf

Violet put a hand to her forehand and nodded. “Yeah, I am.”copyright protection6PENANA3pzAj23KXK

“We should get going to bed. But you can sleep out here if you want.”copyright protection6PENANAWsWaYG47hs

“No, no,” she said, kicking the blanket off. “I’m going to my room. Goodnight, Daniel.”copyright protection6PENANA4vQdObiAie

He watched her walk up the stairs, and closing her bedroom door. Once she was inside, she put her head against the door. She was trying to claim herself down. She had felt so silly, so childish.copyright protection6PENANAPmEoWXrZIo

She tried to shake it all away. She tried telling herself she was safe. She tried telling herself it was okay.copyright protection6PENANAKFRHPQoUXF

Everything was going to be okay.copyright protection6PENANAn1bdfZoxAH

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