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The Jellybean List
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Writer TheLunaWoodElf
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The Jellybean List
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Feb 15, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!RVoGTiYSACPEmqS8t1bVposted on PENANA

Lights. Music. Everyone was smiling, and dancing, was loud.copyright protection29PENANACNyDuOhpC6

Her friends, they left her. copyright protection29PENANAdu2BaWU8Ou

Or did she lose them? copyright protection29PENANALE9741fy2r

Someone had given her a treat, a delicious brownie. It was the last thing she expected to see in a place like this. It was so good, she just had to have more. copyright protection29PENANAtFe1iJPA9s

More. copyright protection29PENANAGmWJX6GRfu

More. copyright protection29PENANAm08w7dxnLA

More. copyright protection29PENANAPef3fxN57W

And then confusion happened.  She was spinning around and around. She thought she was screaming, she thought she was yelling for her friends.copyright protection29PENANAxOjuyhAe9Q

And when she turned around, he was there. It was the man. copyright protection29PENANAJvQS1Y5zlQ

“Wow, aren’t you a gorgeous thing.” copyright protection29PENANA9a5oelW2q4

She woke up. She was practically panting. Her head was still spinning, and she looked around. She was in her new home, her own room. When she got up, the door was still locked. When she unlocked it, and headed downstairs, she saw that Daniel was in his scrubs. Almost like the ones when they first met on Friday.copyright protection29PENANAZYTisrA3GJ

“Morning,” he said, putting his hair into a ponytail.copyright protection29PENANATpfJhhHnQ3

“Morning . . . where you going?”copyright protection29PENANAeZejotEkw5

“Work,” he said in a very obvious tone.copyright protection29PENANAov3iOwJoAq

“Where’s work?”copyright protection29PENANA7tPnd7EVvu

“Mellow’s Manor, you heard of it?”copyright protection29PENANAZJte2RHGce

“The old people’s home? Right across the street from the hospital?”copyright protection29PENANALBJPTymDXW

Daniel laughed. “You really know your way around the city don’t you.”copyright protection29PENANA35qTsE16zw

“Well, when you spent the night in every corner of it, you tend to know where to go. Hospitals are the best place. Waiting until the Liberians close, and you come out of the bathroom. It into know a few things here and there.”copyright protection29PENANABzf4NiWuY9

“Well . . . don’t be showing up at my work,” he pointed to her. “In case of that emergency though, here is a phone number. Just call if you need anything, okay?”copyright protection29PENANAIKKsAD1WgZ

Daniel had handed her a business card. It was his administrator’s number, since he did not carry his own phone around with him on the floor. She had looked at the numbers, as if it was a foreign language.copyright protection29PENANATk5jdxXeEx

“I’m leaving, foods in the fridge, and all the basics.”copyright protection29PENANALf60kTihoh

As he was leaving, Violet had felt a panic in her chest. “Wait!”copyright protection29PENANAq62bzCOBz5

Daniel rolled his eyes and turned around. “What?”copyright protection29PENANAAsqFLDdJSS

Violet felt like a little kid. “When . . . when are you coming home?”copyright protection29PENANAgD8mEtfXKE

“Five, hopefully.”copyright protection29PENANAebKgmkTbVs

“Do you usually come home at five?”copyright protection29PENANAhwUHcGlppe

“I’ll come home at five tonight.”copyright protection29PENANAiGRq2wTitE

“Promise?” she asked right before he closed the door on her. That had stopped him in his tracks. He opened the door slightly some more, so that he could get a better look at her. He had felt bad for leaving her in his home, with basically nothing to do.copyright protection29PENANAWHPHYb2SnY

“Violet, I promise.”copyright protection29PENANAkEufmGWI6m

She gave a smile, and it deftly suckered him. He closed the door, and they can his way to his car. Right before he turned on the vehicle, he took one last look at his house. He prayed that it would not be burnt down when he got home.copyright protection29PENANAWo2OO5kIoN

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