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The Jellybean List
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Writer TheLunaWoodElf
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The Jellybean List
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Feb 15, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!8dbmJYSOWbewrfzyh3z2posted on PENANA

Violet tried her best to keep herself busy. She knew she wasn’t trapped, but it was the first time in a long time that she didn’t have to go outside, that she didn’t have to go store to store, just to look for a warm place for a little while.copyright protection32PENANAA3ju6tfAwH

 She got to sit on the couch, and watch TV, with a blanket on her and actually got to be lazy for once.copyright protection32PENANAqFUB1EzTsw

She tried to make up a meal in the kitchen, but she didn’t know how to turn on the stove. Something so simple, but yet she didn’t remember the last time she actually had to do anything like that.copyright protection32PENANA5G2xWB5eFF

She hadn’t used the microwave in years either, but she figured she had less of a chance of messing up the kitchen.copyright protection32PENANAgfJzKP3ZqA

The only thing she could find to warm up were some ramen noodles that had dust on them. She warmed them up, and tried to chew them down, but they had no taste. She knew she had messed up.copyright protection32PENANAHQfBrhg1bJ

Thinking of things that she needed to get, she thought maybe her and Daniel could go to the store later, and figure out some type of meals. And then, maybe she could look around for a job, to see if she could make some money.copyright protection32PENANAxgpzOmbTAQ

Actual legal money.copyright protection32PENANAzQ6jqR9uQz

The only problem was she didn’t have ID. Maybe she could go do that soon with Daniel. She wanted to start to make a list, but she could find any pen or paper.copyright protection32PENANA4xqj9RBqTM

“Truly a lonely man,” she said to herself. He had nothing around. No pictures, barley any books, no anything. Just a couch, chair, TV, kitchen table, and normal kitchen stuff.copyright protection32PENANA9q2zZQWbKw

She looked the at the number that Daniel gave her. She declared it was important and called on his home line. She waited for a few seconds, and a cheery woman picked up. “Hello Mellow’s Manor’s, my name is Caroline, how may I help you?”copyright protection32PENANA2kn9DN0NhQ

“Hi . . . I was wondering if I can talk to Daniel.”copyright protection32PENANAmmoNFyFgZy

“Who is this?”copyright protection32PENANA39Y5IYWE9H

“I’m Violet, his roommate.”copyright protection32PENANAbc1ylFmltD

She sounded very confused. “Roommate . . . alright give me a second.”copyright protection32PENANAcPZBCFaiW9

She was put on hold for a moment, and then Daniel was on the line. “Hello, this is Daniel speaking.”copyright protection32PENANAQZiO51N2GX

“Hey, it’s me.”copyright protection32PENANAJR9LqvrMQU

She heard a long sigh. “I knew you were going to call for something. Is everything okay?”copyright protection32PENANAq3JqEm6OE3

“Where do you keep the pen and paper?”copyright protection32PENANAYv3gk8h7aY

There a silences for a moment. “Did you seriously call me in the middle of my work to ask me this?”copyright protection32PENANA5UPfFgK62B

“Yep. It’s important.”copyright protection32PENANA0tEKTj708M

“How is this. . . . Violet, this is not . . .Violet!”copyright protection32PENANA36h6mBfEJq

“Daniel, it’s important to me.”copyright protection32PENANACPks40JP6M

“Just look around,” Daniel snapped. “Look, when I get home, we can get some pen and paper, okay?”copyright protection32PENANAq7f5S9oZ9x

“But what about now?”copyright protection32PENANAMdD4j0GzEq

“You impatient little . . . . just look around, okay?”copyright protection32PENANAZhfjKkjt9q

“Okay, but-“copyright protection32PENANAfAyvFqE4qO

He hung up the phone. She shrugged his shoulders, and debated rather to call him back or not. In the end, she took his orders and looked around the home some more. She wondered what his bedroom looked like.copyright protection32PENANABc1egleXUT

When she went upstairs, she had a feeling in her stomach, telling her that this might be wrong. “I’m looking for pen and paper,” she told herself. “Couldn’t find it in the kitchen . . . Daniel, tell me no if you can hear me.”copyright protection32PENANAnUbCeVWxp5

The empty house told her nothing.copyright protection32PENANAYFGwalWPqn

“I’m going in,” she told herself. “It’s a good reason, I promise Doc, it’s a good reason.”copyright protection32PENANAD1zFgQ1vNV

When she opened the door, it looked just as empty as the other parts of the house. She just shook her head at the white naked walls, the white sheets on the bed, the white carpet below her feet.copyright protection32PENANAoaPAN4wJBV

“Doc, you have to get some color in here.”copyright protection32PENANAPAAv7LR4Ah

There was nowhere to look. Only the closet and the bathroom. She didn’t even try the bathroom, and just went ahead to the closet.copyright protection32PENANArej1TzRU5F

She opened the find it was a walk in closet, with barely any clothes handing up. Five scrubs at the most, and one pair of jeans, rest was gray or black shirts.copyright protection32PENANAQuPG4DKAnm

She looked around, but no notebook laying around. She looked above to see a shelve with a box on top, and she grabbed it.copyright protection32PENANAwdX7J4SA9t

 It was light pink, almost peach color. She stared at it. “I’m looking for paper, Doc, I seriously am. That’s all I’m doing.”copyright protection32PENANASAIcBBLtwR

She sat on the floor with the box in her lap. When she uncovered it, she didn’t see a notepad, no pens, not even a little notebook. She saw pictures and letters.copyright protection32PENANA8nlY4pBP0Y

The first picture was an old polaroid picture of a very young Daniel with a girl his age in the picture. The girl with the short brown hair had kissed him on the cheek and he looked a bit shocked but happy.copyright protection32PENANAbwb9DUdwvm

“Hot dog, Doc, look at you, looking all groovy and shit.”copyright protection32PENANA0oXIAykm1R

When she went through the rest of the pictures, there were pictures of him and the girl, and some letters and cards that rested in an envelope,copyright protection32PENANAdaey8jYJ8Y

She carefully opened it, showing a Happy Anniversary card with hearts all over it and read:copyright protection32PENANAIjvUt9PGFl

Dear Daniel, copyright protection32PENANA3GJ1ojzIGB

I love you to the moon and back. I can’t believe it’s been a year of marriage. How have we not killed each other? I love you so much, you have change my life for the better. copyright protection32PENANAzTMNsU7qEf

I can’t wait to see where life takes us. copyright protection32PENANApmzVh246JK

I love you forever and always. copyright protection32PENANArMqbNOunxa

Jane. copyright protection32PENANAZ64LUwG1Xk

She stared for what seemed like forever. He really was married, and he was really happy. In the pictures, it showed a wedding, some fun events, them at people’s houses. Every picture, they were laughing and smiling or even kissing.copyright protection32PENANAgnHPiYSn5B

They looked like they were so in love.copyright protection32PENANA8wozHcnczV

“Jane,” Violet whispered. “Where are you now?”copyright protection32PENANAnz1rlVY2XW

That was the hard question that had haunted her for the rest of the afternoon.copyright protection32PENANAmej43C3W08

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