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Short Story
Writer TheGirlWhoseStillUnKnown
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Dabble #1
Mar 6, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!PLUVvqYb4iEtfcQ3aBIkposted on PENANA

Dabble #1 copyright protection45PENANA9EP1dUbXow

“I will protect you. So, make sure you stay inside the cloak,” she ordered the two children in front of her and they nodded; their fear etched in their eyes.copyright protection45PENANA2ehXaNn9Yr

“Watch out!” She spun around only to be met with a cold metal stabbing at her side. A gasp left her lips when the metal was pulled back once more and she clumsily took a few steps back as she lowly looked down at her stomach.copyright protection45PENANArDVHQLK1mt

Her shirt was slowly turning crimson as her hands shakily moved to cover it. She looked up once more and death smiled at her. His eyes were glowing menacingly red as he gave her a very sinister smile that made the air around them as cold as ice.copyright protection45PENANAlv8bwm5Iju

The man that was standing in front of her was covered in blood from head to toe. He was tall but slouched over and he was boney thin. His stick-like fingers reached up and touched her cheek, leaving a trail of blood in their wake.copyright protection45PENANAflIxiSkG1j

And as she looked at his eyes, she felt her consciousness started to drift away and her eyelids were forcing to close themselves. The bloodied man’s hand caressed her face until his fingers stopped at her chin and forced her to look up.copyright protection45PENANA7tX3aNOVPa

And slowly, her own mind left her body.copyright protection45PENANApbGxmcTrVc

“Wake up!” a new voice screamed and she opened her eyes once more.copyright protection45PENANAVbyEIRx3xz

But—it was a little too late.copyright protection45PENANAnE2kId8w8X

~oOo~copyright protection45PENANAHx8n5vAYWw

In a world that darkness ran amok, and the government leaders doing nothing—there was only one person people could turn for help. No one knew her real name. No one knew where she had come from. No one knew anything about her other than the fact that she travels the world to dispel evils.copyright protection45PENANAbSHKwpB4t8

“Are you the one they call Nar? The one who could fight against evil?” a woman suddenly asked and caught off guard, Nar had nodded. “Please help. My children wouldn’t wake up. Please, I beg of you, help them!”copyright protection45PENANADQNFbvSj11

She looked down at the woman that suddenly knelt beside her. She had promised Lin to not take any job while they were at the town they were currently at since they merely stopped to resupply. But—as she looked at the pleading eyes of a mother, she knew she could not deny them her help.copyright protection45PENANAhJzq6EVHDS

With a melancholic smile, she touched the woman’s hand and nodded. “Please stand up and show me the way,”copyright protection45PENANAdOLVyhk9mN

A relief and grateful smile broke in the woman’s face as she thanked her repeatedly before started to lead her towards her house. Nar quickly realized that there were two government guards standing at the gate of the woman’s house. And those two turned to glare at her as she approached.copyright protection45PENANAhZE5EPAx9C

“Nar, do not interrupt. The government representatives are coming,” one of the guards said.copyright protection45PENANAzql8RsMN9q

The mother of the children was about to speak when Nar put a hand on her shoulder and gave her a ‘don’t worry’ look. She stepped from behind the woman and gave the guard a stubborn smile. “But—I have received a proper invitation from the owner of the house—not to mention, the mother of the children inside. So, I do not care what the government do; I shall do my job,”copyright protection45PENANAGneriNJDX5

Nar snapped her fingers and a midnight blue cloak suddenly appeared and flew towards her and put itself on her shoulder.copyright protection45PENANAre45kJUUh3

“Do you really have to show off every time?” the guard asked exasperatingly as the people cheered for the traveling woman.copyright protection45PENANAwRuRZmjMat

“If only it were that simple,” she answered and gave the guards a look that shut them up. There was something shadowing her eyes; something that told them they would fear if asked.copyright protection45PENANAcQQri8e1Mb

Little did they know, the cloak was her shield—her only protection against the beings that she hunts. And if she was not wearing it while facing them would be like sacrificing herself. For the beings that she hunts wants to take over her body and swallow her life force. Yet—she did not have the strength to keep the cloak and so, she only summons it when she needed it.copyright protection45PENANA6dqbiKVdFc

Nar entered the house and walked towards the room of the sleeping children. With just one touch, she knew she could never wake them up without disposing the source of the problem. For the meantime, she gave the two children some protection as she decided to walk around to house to find where the source was hiding, but—the moment that she exited the bedroom she found herself in a totally different place.copyright protection45PENANAgc3L438oQi

It had a thick aura of unworldly in the air.copyright protection45PENANAR39IurRJtD

Suddenly, she heard the voices of children laughing and she slowly made her way towards the source of the sound. The house that she was in looked eerily familiar as her heart started beating in fear. She slowly climbed up the stair and the moment she stepped into the second floor, she was met with the two sleeping children laughing to themselves.copyright protection45PENANAVAQlL86GlM

One had black hair and the other had brown one. “Kids,” she called and they turned towards her.copyright protection45PENANATCYXo21wqR

Their chocolate eyes lit up and ran towards her to give her a hug. She patted their back and told them she was there to help them. “Shall we go? Do not worry, I will protect you,”copyright protection45PENANAPhUZ0prR8U

“Liar,” the kid on her left said.copyright protection45PENANAu3ukpgswXO

“You’re a liar, Onyx,” the right one added.copyright protection45PENANAiQqgOOjPlJ

“What?” Nar asked in a shock as she looked down at the kids with wide-eye.copyright protection45PENANAHb1Cb11CSa

The two children leaned back from her until they slowly morphed into different people. The black-haired kid was replaced with a golden-blond one that had a pair of lifeless, blue eyes. While the brown-haired one had changed into a yellow-blonde with a pair of another lifeless, blue orbs. And both of them were someone Nar knew. copyright protection45PENANAwme0HDh9ae

Her eyes wide as she stared at their orbs full of their fury for her and she was frozen in her place as memories of her past came back to her. She had failed to protect them back then. The cloak she had conjured up to protect them from the monster that came had vanished the moment she lost consciousness. And when she regained her mind, her siblings were dead; bloodied and mangled by the monster she had failed to kill.copyright protection45PENANAYs4oJTd2Jz

And despite that she saw the intention in their eyes; Nar had not fought back as the two children in front of her pushed her down the stairs. She rolled down the steep, stone stairs but all she could see what their hatred for her.copyright protection45PENANALqKN3WO5yH

As she was falling, she found herself back to the real world. She dropped to the ground with heaves as she felt bile rose in her throat. She couldn’t stand as everything around her blurredly spun. All she could do was crawl towards the door with gasping breathes as her lungs refused to work properly. She needed to get out of the house before her cloak disappears. But—all she could do was move slowly as all the strength in her seemed to have vanished.copyright protection45PENANAf44u5L8mVi

“How do you feel, Onyx?” a sweet voice asked menacingly and she looked over her shoulder to see her siblings standing behind her with a satisfied smile one their lips as their eyes glowed with lividness.copyright protection45PENANAATKFiuzvwi

“Come on now,” the other child continued. “Let the cloak go,”copyright protection45PENANA4iJP5MLUSk

“Please, Amber, Emerald,” she pleaded. “I’m sorry I hadn’t been strong enough to protect you,”copyright protection45PENANAC8oGCusKRo

Her two siblings held each other’s hand and they turned to look at each other with a smile before looking back to their older sister on the floor. Then, they both gave her a sinister smile. “Too late, Onyx,” they both said simultaneously as their eyes glowed red.copyright protection45PENANA2siN8AhH6O

“Lose the cloak already,” Amber whined as Onyx stubbornly held onto her cloak; not letting it to vanish.copyright protection45PENANAZb6J1cwN6o

She looked up in front of her and saw the door. She just needed to get to the door. So, she started to crawl towards it once more; her breathing coming in shorter gasps than before while her two siblings just laugh at her.copyright protection45PENANA7Iwwp90RTS

The door was slowly opening as she felt herself be pulled to unconsciousness. But before she fully succumbed to the darkness, she saw the blurred figure of Lin running towards her; saving her once more just like back then.copyright protection45PENANAgWkyKs929f

“Wake up!” Lin shouted but her cloak vanished. And when the evils started to walk towards her, Lin put two of his fingers together and slashed in the air, making a line.copyright protection45PENANAQ9rXSs9pff

Amber and Emerald’s eyes widened and when they tried to step forward the line that Lin had drawn pushed them back and the two of them started shrieking in anger.copyright protection45PENANANmYkSntTfn

Satisfied his line would hold, he knelt down and felt for Nar’s pulse. As he felt her heart beating, a relieved sigh left his lips. Lin picked her up from the floor and carried her out the door. When he emerged with an unconscious Nar, everyone was shocked and murmured to each other.copyright protection45PENANAMvk644zd7J

“Nar needs time to recover,” he said to the mother of the children inside. “It’s best if no one is to enter the premise for the time being. I have drawn a line so that they will not be able to go out,”copyright protection45PENANAtXTUULn4bC

He started to walk but the mother stopped him by pulling at his shirt as she knelt down. “Please! What about my children!?”copyright protection45PENANAkYZijSGNMW

Lin gave her a reassuring smile. “Do not worry, madam. Nar had made sure they are safe. But—for the time being, please, allow her to recuperate,”copyright protection45PENANAbysvFwAfKH

The woman could not do anything but nod at Lin’s own pleading eyes and she let go of his shirt. The crowd watched as the tall man carried the unconscious Nar away from them. And somehow, it felt like the two of them belonged to another world.copyright protection45PENANAYdFR8ADvEO

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