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Short Story
Writer TheGirlWhoseStillUnKnown
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May 8, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!fSLbs1KVCLoB4iOHg8sRposted on PENANA

Dabble #6 –copyright protection21PENANArRwMe1Fj6N

The woman rushed along the busy hallways of the lab—passing by her fellow scientists. She held the vial closed to her chest as if she was afraid to lose it. She barely talked to anyone who tried to as she hurried along in her way.copyright protection21PENANAUmFFx7Hi3k

Reaching her destination, she picked up her ID and pressed it to the electronic lock of the door. The little monitor beeped and turned green as she heard the door unlocked. She entered the room and closed the door behind her.copyright protection21PENANA3rV8KKQ0Si

She quickly took a fresh, new syringe and filled it up with the liquid inside the vial. And with shaky hands, she turned to face the limp body on the bed. A soft, motherly smile broke her lips. She and her husband had finally developed a cure for their child’s rare illness.copyright protection21PENANASkap6orMIx

And all be damned if she was to delay it any longer.copyright protection21PENANAzCUfism0Kq

She gave the needle a couple of taps before she injected it to her child’s IV drop. And when all the liquid was gone, she finally let go of the breath she was holding as a soft cry left her lips. Her child was not going to die anymore.copyright protection21PENANAkOSfWC0MDS

Suddenly, a beeping sound interrupted the silence of the room. She quickly picked up the radio that was on the table and waited for someone to speak.copyright protection21PENANA5wdgVkEm6m

“Sabrina,” the voice on the other line sounded tense—afraid even. “Sabrina, do you hear me? Do not inject her! Do not inject her the serum!”copyright protection21PENANAUGZOVhgih1

She shakily clicked the radio. “What do you mean?” the only answer she got was static; a broken bits of ‘don’t’ ‘dangerous’, and ‘aggressive’. “Ashton, what’s wrong! Ashton!”copyright protection21PENANAICPBRLeSyS

Sabrina turned to look at her unmoving child on the bed. Her heart pounding in fear as she rushed towards the IV to see if it had already been delivered to her body and saw that it was empty. With a gasped, she turned to pick up the radio again to ask her husband what was wrong.copyright protection21PENANALEoYUkizHp

“Sabrina! Don’t—Ahhhhh!” whatever Ashton was about to say was cut off by his own piercing scream.copyright protection21PENANAWC6Vq1dHkv

With a gasp and a cry, Sabrina dropped her radio to floor as she ran towards their laboratory room. It seemed to be farther than she had remembered as she hurried along the busy hallway of scientists. And upon reaching the room, she hadn’t even thought of knocking. She had quickly unlocked the door and pulled it open.copyright protection21PENANAI37yEZkSRS

Her eyes widened in shock and fear as she saw her husband bloodied and mangled. And along with him where their three, test subjects. They all turned to look at her entrance; seemingly in a daze.copyright protection21PENANALCx9BsuU1b

“Ashton?” she called; her voice broke in a whisper.copyright protection21PENANAjXNqSer6WM

And as if the spell had been broken, all four figures rushed towards her and Sabrina’s bloodcurdling scream filled the air.copyright protection21PENANABEPJctIwmz

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