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Short Story
Writer TheGirlWhoseStillUnKnown
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Mar 10, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!mYyehizlhG8zT5KF1bn3posted on PENANA

Dabble #2 copyright protection45PENANAdkezWUD1wh

Neirsen Carade walked out of the palace slowly; dragging his feet behind him as if he didn’t had the strength to even stand. He didn’t know where he was going. He just kept going. The words he had heard earlier kept on ringing in his ears; forcing him to dwell on it.copyright protection45PENANAdSfM7x4GSl

But dwell on it was the last thing he wanted to do.copyright protection45PENANAn0Ug6FW8Rk

He managed to reach his dilapidated home without him noticing it. He slumped into the creaking floor wood with his back leaning on the wall, and his sword fell beside him. He stared in front of him without really seeing anything. All he wanted to do was shut the world out.copyright protection45PENANAb4EqEBkiCR

“Neirsen?” a voice called out as a knock sounded on his wooden door.copyright protection45PENANAzPJOBQlGxe

He pretended not to notice. He pretended not to hear. But, he knew he could pretend as long as he wanted but the girl on his door was someone who wouldn’t give up.copyright protection45PENANA1UfWblC7tt

Another knock sounded as the voice spoke again. “Neirsen, I know you’re in there,”copyright protection45PENANArFy55dHqvj

Neirsen closed his eyes and he stayed silent. But—when the woman spoke again, his body walked towards the door on its own accord. His hands hanging in the air as he debated on opening it. In the end, he knew her fate was far more important than his.copyright protection45PENANAh591TLSfrp

He opened the door and saw the woman who was far above his reach. She was wearing a light blue, satin dress that reached her feet. The skirt part of the dress was loose as it danced with the wind. Her brown-red, wavy hair was left untied and it cascaded to her waist.copyright protection45PENANAttkJpv41Dy

She was a beautiful woman, indeed. With blue eyes that were full of life and joy. Her naturally red lips that always had a smile. Her rosy cheeks that complimented her unblemished porcelain skin. She was indeed a woman of a great fate.copyright protection45PENANAv5d3bjgSKM

Compared to a man of his standard; a lowly, impecunious guard. He lived in an old, wooden cabin that fit to house a lowly pauper while she lived in the palace with everything at her beck-and-call. He wore old, hand-me-down, clothes from his family while she wore expensive satin dresses. Really, who was he compared to the princess that was meant to sit on the throne?copyright protection45PENANAb2Rl3L6V1y

“Neirsen,” she breathed in relief when he opened the door. “I thought—I thought you left me,”copyright protection45PENANAlv1GercitP

“What are you doing here, Khlaminea?” he asked her coldly and it took her aback.copyright protection45PENANARYU525oiY9

Her perfect blue pools huge with shocked as she stared at his face, looking for any sign that he was only playing. “I saw you leave the palace. I called for you many times. But you didn’t look back,”copyright protection45PENANA49bWvfHCbI

“That is because I am leaving, Khlaminea,” he announced as he let his hand fall from the door and he turned inside.copyright protection45PENANAawdcdrDpK6

He heard her follow him inside. He felt her stares as he dropped to the floor to open his closet and started to pack his things. Her confusion was obvious in her eyes. Her eyes that were asking the questions she couldn’t voice.copyright protection45PENANAeC59H7f6qd

“You might as well leave me alone to pack,”copyright protection45PENANAfvnqrSF9uQ

“Neirsen, look at me,” she whispered, her voice breaking as the first tear slid down her cheeks. “Please, look at me,”copyright protection45PENANASFn5RAxu0i

Neirsen stopped what he was doing and stood up to face her. He did all he could to stop himself from drying her tears. He would only make it harder for both of them if he showed even a little feeling.copyright protection45PENANABeUHnBOCHf

“Don’t leave,” she murmured as she raised a hand to touch his cheek. “I don’t want you to leave me. I don’t—I don’t care about the throne. I love you, Neirsen,”copyright protection45PENANAQXKdoc54mA

He closed his eyes and raised his hand to touch hers that was on his cheek. Then, with a sigh, and all his courage, he removed her hand and dropped it. Khlaminea sobbed at his action. She tried to touch his hand but he hadn’t allowed it as he turned his back to her.copyright protection45PENANAVefik6TRAT

“You were not supposed to fall for me, princess. I was just a lowly guard assigned to protect you,” he said coldly.copyright protection45PENANAac85TwGI9o

Khlaminea cried her protest at his announcement of leaving. But he was not to be swayed. By the time he finished packing, the princess sitting on the floor crying her heart out. He told himself not to look as he made his way to his door. But before he could leave, Khlaminea asked him last one time. A question he left unanswered.copyright protection45PENANAXZlIcKVhOh

“Was it wrong to fall for your best friend?”copyright protection45PENANARJv61PdVHN

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