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How To Make A Bad Boy

How To Make A Bad Boy

1) Find a suitable body (preferably irresistibly attractive)
2) Get 3 tonnes of sarcasm
3) Acquire 7 kilos of arrogance
4) Grab a handful of dangerous
5) A load of troublemaker
6) And a pinch of blunt rudeness
7) Enjoy your bad boy

Jesse Quinn has been a Nobody all his life. his fashion sense is lacking and so is his confidence. So naturally, he believes his senior year is going to be an unexciting journey including studying and being ignored.

 That is until his wild and untamed childhood best friend Cameron Jones moves back next door after 6 years. She is the exact opposite of Jesse with her rebellious attitude and her tendency to speak whatever is on her mind. After a nighttime escapade in summer break, Cameron decides to turn Jesse Quinn, resident Nobody, into a bad boy.

Will the town be fooled?

Will Jesse find his good girl?

And the real question:

Is Cameron Jones immune to her own creation?