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True Evil!
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True Evil!
True Evil!
Submission Closed

In a few words, describe yourself as though you are the villain of the story. Don't forget that you are pure evil, as bad as devil's spawn. 

- Let your creative juices flow in that lovely head of yours!

- Make it short, like 700 words approximately. (I know 700 is not short, but who cares?)

- Do whatever! Kill, kidnap, dog-nap, steal, sabotage or my personal favorite - possess! 

I'd love to read as many evil stories as possible because I know you all are great writers and wonderful thinkers.

Total Reading Time: 27 minutes


Imascribble - Such fierce competition! I love every entry so far! It makes me nervous to write my own ;)  
8 months agoreply

Jhanvayyy - I know right? You gotta enter, I gotta choose three best ones. I don't know how to manage that!
8 months agoreply

Tenshi no Yami - I just saw the 700 word limit so I have to do so editing but I will try my best :)

8 months agoreply

Jhanvayyy - Go ahead. But I don't mind any length. Make it as short or long as you want. 
8 months agoreply

jacksteele - I was gonna write but have to decline. There are already so many evil stories out there that are true. You just have to Google. Especially Jeffrey Dahmer and Adolf Hitler quotes. Scary stuff! 
8 months agoreply

Jhanvayyy - No problem! Its all up to you! 😊
8 months agoreply

Chloe Quinn - Ill sleep on this. A good challenge to write something under 700 words. I look forward to it.
9 months agoreply

Jhanvayyy - Thank you so much. I thought you would like it because of your story The Mark of Hades.
9 months agoreply