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True Evil!
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True Evil!
Submission Closed
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The Connoisseur
Tenshi no Yami
No Plagiarism!G0tCwGt0nnt7DtV7dCRrposted on PENANA

If you were to ask anyone other than myself, they would most definitely say I am eccentric, perhaps even insane. Alas, I don’t like to associate myself with the more common folk you know for I am a connoisseur.copyright protection34PENANAAhcWLS71nd

You must be thinking to yourself that surely there is nothing special about me. No, perhaps you see me no more than one of the common folk that scurry along just living their plain and boring lives that God has given them. However, I like to be different.copyright protection34PENANAk3dNGJu9JR

Different how?copyright protection34PENANAxdZbHVjUya

Well, as I had mentioned not too long ago, I am a connoisseur my dear friend. I enjoy life and all its finer things.copyright protection34PENANAm8sy4ercfO

Things like what?copyright protection34PENANApzSDnznSJ7

Well, all things really but especially things that regular people would find, how should I say, disturbing, if they really knew the amount of work I put into my hobbies.copyright protection34PENANAKgkJs2EMWc

Now, now, no need to fret, my friend. I would love to give you an exclusive look at my work. It really is no trouble to me at all. Now then, does anyone know you’re here? Ah, well, never mind my silly questions. Think no more of it, love.copyright protection34PENANAWilpRqDiCS

You see, as I’ve said before I enjoy the finer things. By that I mean I enjoy going beyond the threshold. I like pushing the limit of what others may not even dream of or attempt.copyright protection34PENANA62sZFQy2Ih

Come with me for a moment. I just want to show you my personal gallery and workshop. Not many get to see such art. Not many would understand, you know? But you’re different. I can tell just by looking at you that’s why I brought you here. Why am I locking the door? Why, this is my private room you see. I don’t let just anyone in here.copyright protection34PENANA9syuc1xRNt

Why?copyright protection34PENANA3KMo9DPMVr

Well, I love painting as you can see. I make all the paints myself. The models in the pictures, well, let’s just say that some put their blood, sweat, and tears into my pieces. I couldn’t have made such art without them. You see, it’s quite hard to find such a rich shade of red; it’s hard to obtain such quality canvases as well. so I treasure the beauty of it all once my works are complete.copyright protection34PENANAF2u71aXAdG

Oh, yes!copyright protection34PENANARn9qRlrpce

Before I forget, let me show you my doll collection. I am proud to say that I’ve made them myself. Don’t be shy. Please have a look. They’re quite lifelike, aren’t they? Depending on material at hand, it usually takes me a few months to make one. I only use the best material, you know, and good material is so hard to come by.copyright protection34PENANASgZFF8juVe

Now, if you would follow me - my, you don’t seem too well. Is something the matter? Pardon? Did you say that one of the dolls blinked? No, no, my dear. You’re sadly mistaken. My dolls don’t move.copyright protection34PENANAWAhrHjBFTO

Wait, where are you going? You must get going, you say? Well, that truly is unfortunate, my dear. The door is locked, you say? Of course it is. Don’t you remember me saying that I couldn’t just have random people entering this place? Well, I just can’t have people walking out of here either. How else could I get my resources.copyright protection34PENANAlLcub4QDt2

Come now. Don’t look at me like that. I brought you here because you have potential. I wouldn’t dare let just anyone come in here without a purpose.  You’re of rare quality after all. Please don’t look at me look like that, love. I am a lover of beauty. I just want to make you into a work of art that will last forever. I want to make you into something that no one else could ever achieve.copyright protection34PENANASmiR1Y0ksV

You say that I'm trying to play God?copyright protection34PENANAzovRQdarS3

I really do wish you would stop looking at me like that. It’s distasteful. You’re starting to look at me like the commoners do. You're just being closed-mindedcopyright protection34PENANAgePsJ0wzEZ

I’m not crazy. You’re just uncultured. If anything, that alone just makes me want to use you even more. Now, doesn’t that sound nice?copyright protection34PENANABwlUonToHl

I’m not crazy. I wish you would stop acting like those undignified people outside.  I’m not crazy.copyright protection34PENANAjhKP8A2i2V

I’m a connoisseur and you have the honor of being my latest work of art.copyright protection34PENANAmi9bLTchsR

Comments ( 3 )

E.E. Cullen - I got chills just reading this. Great job!
1 month agoreply

Tenshi no Yami - Thank you. I really enjoyed "Red"!
1 month agoreply

Jhanvayyy - Arty, indeed. 
1 month agoreply