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True Evil!
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True Evil!
Submission Closed
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Dinner is Served
May 8, 2018
3 Mins Read
712 Words
No Plagiarism!BX1NX1tirQv2yBggfnX3posted on PENANA

*sniffle*copyright protection54PENANABDqFrot3ds

Even in my deep sleep, I could hear the sound, a human sound. A whimpering, crying sound.copyright protection54PENANA1Oq2Co46Gw

The sound annoyed me.copyright protection54PENANAWbyvNPM3dJ

*sniffle*copyright protection54PENANA6OnwtOVXR8

I heard quiet footsteps echo off the walls of my cave. My cave. Where humans should not enter.copyright protection54PENANAqTXQWAe0GV

*sniffle*copyright protection54PENANAxC768UVUY8

Rolling my eyes at this annoying interruption, I stretched my serpentine neck, yawning as I forced myself to stand up on my four powerful limbs. Coins and treasures shifted around me as I moved my long tail, clattering to the stone floor with a lovely sound.copyright protection54PENANAD4W0BqPxoG

"Hello?" a voice asked shakily, hearing my movements. It sounded small and weak. Helpless and afraid.copyright protection54PENANAGPzDFveUwU

And delicious.copyright protection54PENANAQ3xX9FR5zQ

"Hello? Is someone there? I'm lost. Please help me," the small human continued, mistaking me for someone who cared.copyright protection54PENANAddUadwB34Z

I walked through the cave, following my nose.copyright protection54PENANAJKOjouPCpm

My meal must have heard the sound of my scales scraping against the tight corridors, for I heard it run. I heard it trip. I heard it scream.copyright protection54PENANAxfp4czK4Ek

It's screaming intensified as I grabbed it in my jaws and swallowed it whole.copyright protection54PENANAUSxP2LlDOp

The taste was heavenly, so salty and sweet and reminiscent of better days when the tender small humans were a common treat. My mouth watered with an insatiable lust for more, trails of drool dripping off my deadly serrated teeth.copyright protection54PENANADyasRyWGal

I felt it kick and scream and claw uselessly as it moved down my throat - such a fun and feisty morsel! - until the fires inside of me incinerated it before it even reached my stomach.copyright protection54PENANA2HAsMN2wRH

I didn't care. I emerged from the cave under a moonlit sky. It felt so great to stretch my wings again after such a long time underground.copyright protection54PENANAQLzoAC9WgX

Sniffing around, I soon found the scent I was searching for. Fire. Sweat. Humans. A village?copyright protection54PENANAmUvwmn4j3f

I tested my wings briefly before lifting off the ground. It was not long before I found the settlement.copyright protection54PENANAF6XgzJ3BgU

Dinner.copyright protection54PENANAj6GTvhvEeM

I circled around, the night sky hiding my majestic form from the weak eyes of the humans below. A few grew startled and nervous, undoubtedly hearing the sound of my powerful wings cutting through the air. It did not matter.copyright protection54PENANACAG873vbmz

I continued to circle, focusing on my sense of smell. I knew from experience that small humans often slept together in guarded buildings, safe from the attacks of monsters.copyright protection54PENANAr1Gohf8lRo

Nowhere was safe from me.copyright protection54PENANAgavX31eyFs

Catching the scent, I immediately located the building. Idiots, I thought as I went into a nosedive towards the wooden building, don't they know how easy a target this makes them?copyright protection54PENANAli31qa5Wmr

I came out of my nosedive, spreading my wings at the last second and tilting up, much to the surprise of the foolish humans around. I could hear the satisfying screams of terror as I landed delicately on the roof of the building. They swarmed around me, running to grab weapons. Couldn't they see how pointless it all was?copyright protection54PENANAvNtccLrl6i

With a massive claw, I tore a hole in the roof of the building and peered inside. The small humans were huddled in one corner, whimpering pathetically. A few adult humans stood guarding them, clearly terrified at the sight of me. Weaponless and powerless, it was nothing for me to swat them aside and enjoy my feast.copyright protection54PENANAKmsgjvhy4W

My mouth was full of squirming and screaming small humans - how delightful they are! - when I spread my wings and lifted off, satisfied. Through the shouting and the wailing from the humans below, a few spears and arrows were launched in my direction. My thick scales protected me, of course, and so these meaningless projectiles bounced uselessly off me.copyright protection54PENANA1qe4sFexBB

I took great care to swallow the small humans individually during my flight, savouring the taste of fear and flesh.58Please respect copyright.PENANAClcqe9yIkr
copyright protection54PENANAY7osjBdLWj

One. Two. Three. Four.58Please respect copyright.PENANA9OnhZRmanE
copyright protection54PENANA3GGwW02dy7

All slid down my long throat with a bloodcurdling scream before the fires inside me silenced them.copyright protection54PENANAazxpEZ4TwG

With the last one, I allowed myself an added treat. I bit down on it, severing what I assumed was a leg. The small human's screams grew even louder as the taste of blood mixed with it inside my mouth. How glorious a taste!copyright protection54PENANAuvNTX7uaSr

Satisfied at long last, I returned to my cave to sleep, wondering when the next small human would wander into my lair and wake me.copyright protection54PENANAuW7at4aviJ

I cannot wait.58Please respect copyright.PENANAT07cbZalV1
copyright protection54PENANADsjaRXaWQG

Comments ( 8 )

Tenshi no Yami - I know it's a dragon(?) but I legit started thinking about Attack on  Titan like halfway through. Nice job
3 months agoreply

Imascribble - I meant for it to be ambiguous :P
3 months agoreply

Butterfly Mu - I have goosebumps. Amazing!
3 months agoreply

Imascribble - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
3 months agoreply

Jhanvayyy - Savage yet blood-curling! Bow down to @Imascribble peasants!
3 months agoreply

Imascribble - Lol thanks! I've been waiting for an excuse to write something like this for a while :P
3 months agoreply

Jhanvayyy - @Imascribble,  Anytime! Well, I'll find you more excuses soon enough. Lol
3 months agoreply

Imascribble - @Jhanvayyy, I'll hold you to that ;)
3 months agoreply