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Writer Capt. leon
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Lost in the swamp
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
8 Mins Read
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LOST IN SPACEcopyright protection3PENANAHOfzL58Eme

Capítulo 2: Lost in the swampcopyright protection3PENANAf3bYZjWsDA

"Lost in space, lost in space.... Lost in space!" was thinking angry, Penny, the Robinsons' 16-year-old daughter. She was upset because of the fact that at the time she was welding part of the inner hull of the ship. Frustrated, the beautiful black-haired girl took her multimedia clock and began filming herself.copyright protection3PENANAjaNUKwWBdX

“After an adventure that almost ended in disaster, the courageous space heroine Penny Robinson is forced to perform tasks that are not up to her standards....” the young girl said, when the screen of her watch recorded the image of her mother who was approaching her.copyright protection3PENANATVM8uxeCcB

“Stop complaining as if you were Dr. Smith," said her mother and Penny turned off the clock.copyright protection3PENANARrE3qDmn6Z

Maureen smiled warmly at her daughter. Of her three sons, she, the middle daughter was the only one who inherited her family's black hair, in fact Penny's hair was darker because Maureen had hair that tended to be ochre in color.copyright protection3PENANAXqaLkUihwv

Maureen hid a sad look when she saw her daughter. The worries worried her, worries that had to do with Penny, and that was that she was old enough for her hormones to get out of control and start staring at the boys. Penny was slim and petite, which made her look much younger than she looked and scared away potential boyfriend candidates for her daughter, who thought Penny was only fourteen.copyright protection3PENANAepq1yVzMxL

“They haven't found an asteroid belt yet?” Penny asked, interrupting her mother's thoughts.copyright protection3PENANAnpc2sDFP0M

“Not yet, that's why everyone is working so hard.”copyright protection3PENANAOYcZJxU1Oq

“Everything would be easier if we had asteroids at our disposal, so we could process the materials to repair the ship's hull.”copyright protection3PENANAx3QX4pSDcq

“The captain informed me that we are heading for a planet, we will land there and look for materials to repair the hull.”copyright protection3PENANApzQCCjfi8g

“But won't the entry into the atmosphere further damage the ship? The friction in the atmosphere is too strong and the heat-blocking panels will not hold.”copyright protection3PENANA4XegWXNQZC

“That's why everyone is working, even Dr. Smith is working.”copyright protection3PENANAhwF7uJxnnJ

“I heard, Mom, that most of the crew died. Major Miller lost all his men and Captain Gonzales now has only five men, including himself.”copyright protection3PENANANMjEoVXDd5

“It is true, we lack hands for all the work we must do, so let us continue.”copyright protection3PENANATh38yZ6mQ5

“Yes Mom," Penny sighed, wishing once more since she woke up from the cryosuspension to return home.copyright protection3PENANAY8CDg7nNuK

.copyright protection3PENANAwhwPWVKTyY

.copyright protection3PENANAZsf2AO2GbT

The ship arrived in the vicinity of the planet which seemed to have the same characteristics as the Earth.copyright protection3PENANAMa1pOhwb40

“It reminds me of the planet Eden," Perez told Captain Lopez and Captain Gonzales of the Marines.copyright protection3PENANAWBitqeoa8X

“Well, as we planned, I want the Robinson family and their two companions to get to the safest area of the ship, finish armoring that room and then we'll go down.”copyright protection3PENANA87qoa0ddHo

“Where do you plan to descend, Captain?” Perez asked.copyright protection3PENANA6uz7Unpqyu

“I would have liked to have landed, but we have no idea of the acidity or salinity levels of the water, and with the damage to the hull I don't want to risk it, so we will descend into a small granite plain which will support the weight of the ship.”copyright protection3PENANArv5KYvZmG7

In the Robinson room, Major Don West was securing Judy's seat belt.copyright protection3PENANAjPfJeqKsDs

“I want you to hold on tight to the protection bar, I don't want anything bad to happen to you.”copyright protection3PENANARJXqRRNghm

“Don't worry, Major, I'll be fine," Judy said, suppressing a smile as her father and mother (especially her father) watched them frowning.copyright protection3PENANALJRQuPmtc2

“Don't you remember what I told you, Major? You should not procreate, my opinion not personal, but medical," said Dr. Smith.copyright protection3PENANABwSRf7h0zU

Don approached Smith and fastened his seat belt tighter than necessary. Making the despicable man moan.copyright protection3PENANAtqEqQvhEMz

“Let me know if you want me to tighten your seat belt more, preferably around your neck.”copyright protection3PENANA1xjSoNIKhV

“The ship is already descending," Will reported, and Don rushed to his seat, fastened his seat belt and lowered the safety bar.copyright protection3PENANANSrFJHM1Hm

On the bridge of the ship everything seemed to be in order, when suddenly, lots of red lights and alarm sounds appeared suddenly.copyright protection3PENANAWaMABD5ShS

“Captain, several of the ship's thrusters exploded!”copyright protection3PENANAripLbOyUyP

“We're going down very fast, the heat-resistant panels won't hold!”copyright protection3PENANAPlIg1sXOtF

“We're missing the scheduled course!”copyright protection3PENANAapPWZqA5jR

“Keep the ship steady, and when we're about to collide, divert all remaining power to the remaining thrusters for braking!”copyright protection3PENANAYLanwmc4gK

The ship was shaking hard and small fires broke out all over the interior of the ship.copyright protection3PENANAU56Cl74iVy

"Hell, we're not gonna make it, we're not gonna make it! I just hope the Robinsons make it somehow!" thought the captain, as she held on tightly to her seat as the red emergency lights washed over her face.copyright protection3PENANAX6XN3XeD3x

“Mom!”copyright protection3PENANAv1jFpP1BUi

“Penny, kids, hold on!” shouted Maureen.copyright protection3PENANAlOnrqIzv1v

“We're going to die, we're going to die!”copyright protection3PENANA3YB1MEY0h2

“Shut up, Smith!” shouted John.copyright protection3PENANAyM3RstGu4B

The ship was heading for what appeared to be a swampy area and the captain ordered all the retro-propellers to be activated to slow down the collision speed to some extent.copyright protection3PENANAMqp9SQRrlT

The tip of the ship crashed into the muddy ground of the swamp and continued to advance at a dizzying rate, then several explosions shook the battered hull, spreading a fire through several areas of the ship.copyright protection3PENANAWpRxqEbpEt

The main thrusters exploded, causing the entire structure to lean at a dangerous angle to the left side, but the ship finally stopped.copyright protection3PENANArdfv4IYLc3

“Captain, the integrity of the ship is compromised by the fire in the main engines!”copyright protection3PENANAmZtL8lC0NX

“Madam, we're sinking!”copyright protection3PENANATJnLhNpsd4

“How much time do we have! Captain Lopez ordered.”copyright protection3PENANAVFhbbmU976

“Ten minutes at this rate!”copyright protection3PENANAct6Gfe2RfP

“We won't last ten minutes, the ship will explode! shouted Lieutenant Perez.”copyright protection3PENANAP9ydUP0kie

“Emergency evacuation signal, the Robinsons have priority! shouted Lopez.”copyright protection3PENANApeTGq42kea

In the armored room prepared for the Robinsons, the family rushed to vacate the ship.copyright protection3PENANArrDx7TMaL1

“Will, what are you doing! John yelled at his son.”copyright protection3PENANAZBaxO5nPqF

“I have to rescue robot!”copyright protection3PENANA3PTXwj2zEg

“Forget it, Will!”copyright protection3PENANAJ5InCQgo02

“I can't leave him, he's my friend!”copyright protection3PENANAqZDBxrGUg7

Seeing that he couldn't convince his son, he helped move the robot to one of the emergency rafts where his family was already waiting for him along with Major West and Dr. Smith.copyright protection3PENANAzkXtitNk2r

“Fools, you risk our safety for that piece of rusty junk!” Smith criticized them.copyright protection3PENANABMxk99apya

“Hurry up, Dad, Will! shouted Penny.”copyright protection3PENANArYa5zHwgBN

The whole family was already on board and began to move away from the ship.copyright protection3PENANAob8lFqPtLS

The robotech structure was swallowed up by the swamp waters and the entire surface became calm after a minute, however, the liquefied greenish surface rose as if a giant bubble was rising and then collapsed on itself, returning the surface of the water to its normal, completely calm position as if nothing had happened.copyright protection3PENANAVmEsGNCRda

“I cannot believe it, I cannot believe it, we are in the middle of a fetid and deadly swamp, in the middle of the cosmos.... Lost in space," Smith whimpered.copyright protection3PENANA2E9cKIUgZw

John and Maureen hugged Penny and Will for encouragement, while Don did the same with Judy.copyright protection3PENANA4nHcInDyQo

“Hey, everybody's fine!” the Robinsons heard someone yelling at them. It was the members of the robotech ship who approached them in their own evacuation rafts.copyright protection3PENANAqML4erRRi4

“Captain Lopez, we're fine, but what are we going to do now?” asked John.copyright protection3PENANA2lJbxtUrKT

“The first thing we'll do is to get out of the swamp, to higher or at least drier lands, I don't trust the mosquitoes here, we don't know what kind of diseases they can transmit.”copyright protection3PENANAXOgF1Z3ExT

The group of rafts headed north, thanks to the moss growing on only one side of the trees on the site.copyright protection3PENANA3YGO2UgTMz

The heat was stifling and the birds flying around emitted deafening and threatening squawks, which mixed with the incessant buzzing noise of the various insects that flew low and sometimes crashed into the bodies of the survivors of the crash.copyright protection3PENANAYOUHZraTTV

Both John and Maureen, once children, had been in Florida's mangroves before they had been drained into building land, and they handled the situation better than their young children, including Judy, who looked around in apprehension and fear.copyright protection3PENANANRJ4wL4AqC

“I hate all this noise," Judy complained as she hugged Don tightly.copyright protection3PENANAutAahC5xwR

2Be careful what you wish for, that your wish may come true," Smith said enigmatically and at that moment all noise in the swamp suddenly stopped.copyright protection3PENANA7uF1bEsmym

All the survivors of the ship looked on nervously from all sides when suddenly a dinosaur emerged from the rotting waters, on its back seemed to be the figure of a humanoid-shaped reptile.copyright protection3PENANAhld1pKMtkc

The dinosaur pounced on one of the rafts and attacked its occupants. Everyone began to use their weapons against the dinosaur and its rider, but new dinosaurs with their masters began to emerge everywhere.copyright protection3PENANA5OFGYXi3vO

“Don't be an idiot, West, give me a gun to eliminate those things!” Smith shouted at Don, and he reconsidered and agreed to the doctor's request.copyright protection3PENANAUCiADue6RN

“Don't be afraid, Smith is here," said the man, and then he fired into a huge tree, which when it fell, blocked several of the rafts trying to escape from the monsters, which were fattened with the flesh of the robotech defenders.copyright protection3PENANAt88GayrW2L

In the end, of all the rafts, only two had managed to escape. The Robinson raft and the Captain Lopez raft, however, the soldiers' raft had remained at the rear to protect the civilians and this had cost them dearly. Except for the Captain and Perez, they were all dead.copyright protection3PENANA98APOzM7Ci

“Juan.... Juan, take care of the Robinsons... I don't trust Smith, don't let anything bad happen to them..." said the captain, agonizing over a spear, which had pierced her chest.copyright protection3PENANAVxUe7yImFz

“Don't worry, Captain, I'll take care of protecting the Robinsons," promised Lieutenant Juan Perez, while closing the woman's eyes.copyright protection3PENANAa8IiOSRfPU

"What are we going to do now?" thought John. "We are lost... lost in the swamp... Lost in space."copyright protection3PENANA1Y2BNRbzYO

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection3PENANARUlM8tlRQ0

Thanks for Reading, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty pleasecopyright protection3PENANAq089jW2bcR

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