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Writer Capt. leon
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Lost in the palace
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
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LOST IN SPACEcopyright protection4PENANAaB7xEYzROA

Capítulo 4: Lost in the palacecopyright protection4PENANAPoBbYdgQVl

The Robinsons headed for what was the military command's air base and were asked to board a kind of decorated, antique barge in the middle of the place.copyright protection4PENANAe3Pt2mdlU6

At first the Robinsons didn't understand anything about it, but once they approached the barge, they noticed that it was equipped with propellers, it was a kind of glider airframe!copyright protection4PENANAc5HjCmhbd6

A catgirl named Alia would be in charge of taking them to the capital.copyright protection4PENANAM2voeuCvkx

“The ascent and descent are a bit rough, so sit still," Alia said, "then you can walk on the deck.”copyright protection4PENANARyBG1E3fZX

The ascent was intense due to the strength of the thrusters, but after the ship reached a certain height, it sailed across the sky at a pleasant speed and without any vibration.copyright protection4PENANAmc24wFqORE

The Robinsons were looking around when a giant white pterodactyl flew over them. The magnificent creature shrieked and made the Robinsons feel intimidated, then dozens of normal birds approached the giant and began to surround it and flew alongside it.copyright protection4PENANAUEHq2VUEqf

“You saw it Mom, you saw it!”  Will shouted excitedly.copyright protection4PENANAchONYQs15r

The Robinsons were watching the gentle giant walk away and began to laugh, only Smith seemed unsure of being with them at the time.copyright protection4PENANAZsE2waHXYz

The journey continued smoothly and the Robinsons could see that beneath them the towns and cities followed one another more regularly.copyright protection4PENANABTdijgdeUE

“We will soon arrive in Chenrinsu, the capital," Alia told them.copyright protection4PENANAu7ViVU8nVe

“What does Chenrinsu mean?” John asked.copyright protection4PENANAPVGtXdDFaC

“It is a conjunction of the name of two of the three founders of the empire," replied Alia, "the warriors Chen Koshka, Rin Koshka and Nekoi Koshka. They brought together the various races of catgirls and catboys and formed an empire, yet Chen died before being crowned empress by the tuberculosis that afflicted her for years and Rin was crowned empress in her place.”copyright protection4PENANAfMvs4PJi3D

“Rhin," Alia continued, "died two weeks after her coronation in the war against the Reptilians. The younger of the Nekoi sisters then took the reins of the empire, but she never lived in the capital, because she spent the rest of her days fighting the reptilians and other warlike races of that time. She never married or had children, so her niece Bagi, Rin's daughter, was crowned the first true empress of the empire and in gratitude to her ancestors named the capital Chenrinsu and named her territory the Nekoi Empire.”copyright protection4PENANAWxLSQGMY4I

“Robinson's family I detect that we were approaching a large city” the robot was communicating with them.copyright protection4PENANAdTDUnB71gi

The Robinsons were impressed to see the city, it was huge with a huge river snaking through the middle. The houses of oriental architecture had their ceilings finished off with material that seemed to be made of ruby sheets.copyright protection4PENANADv58Y9XHs1

The capital is also called the ruby city and if you are now impressed, expect to see the city at sunset, then the reflection of the sun makes all the ceilings light up with their own light and the flash can be seen for miles and miles around," said Alia, full of pride.copyright protection4PENANAloz6hpN4oS

The ship descended to the airport and the Robinsons were greeted by a small entourage.copyright protection4PENANANBLqv92Dai

“So you are the Robinsons, welcome to you!” They were greeted by an old woman with a white tail and ears. She was a fox girl.copyright protection4PENANAWOO1XMbVuD

“Minister, I didn't know you were going to be part of the party!” Suddenly Alia said, and it got stuck in a martial stance.copyright protection4PENANAWP2wWkVJok

“At ease, soldier," said the old woman and proceeded to introduce herself. Her name was Blair and she was the minister of war and defense, as the situation warranted.copyright protection4PENANABbVnCrxE5I

Next to Blair, there were two other women. One was huge, two metres and ten centimetres long, called Coyori and was the commander general of the army.copyright protection4PENANAX2wL4tyfo2

Coyori seemed to be in his mid-thirties, very muscular and had a look and a face that seemed to say: "I'll beat you to death just for the pleasure of doing it", a cold smile accentuated the whole of that dangerous psychotic face. Her garments were of oriental mediaeval style and she had a brown tail and ears that were barely noticeable due to the tangled and wild style of the catgirl's hair.copyright protection4PENANATlSWROgNyE

On the other side of Minister Blair, there was a young catgirl, she seemed to be in her early twenties and her name was Char. The catgirl was the captain of a new force newly formed in the army and for that reason she was with the entourage.copyright protection4PENANA79Q3xsv56A

Unlike Blair and Coyori, Char had a face and a cheerful, hopeful look. Her clothes were lighter than the general clothes and she had orange hair.copyright protection4PENANAN4DjPHNoWb

John introduced Minister Blair to the rest of the group and they proceeded to the palace.copyright protection4PENANAqQxiMp62dF

The capital was very clean and they noticed that some birds and animals, such as horses, were the same as their counterparts on their worlds, with the exception that they seemed to have cat ears.copyright protection4PENANAHkOxomZTr6

Penny, Judy and Will whispered very amusingly about this point, but the men, especially Don and Jose, were nervous at the sidelong glances of the huge Coyori catgirl, it was obvious that she was challenging them.copyright protection4PENANAufa7y0OloL

They arrived at what appeared to be the imperial palace and were amazed at how colossal the architecture was.copyright protection4PENANAxPC57ouerH

Both the Robinsons and Lieutenant Juan Perez were accustomed to seeing colossal structures, but these were warships or spacecraft or very tall buildings, but in front of them was a massive eastern structure topped with a western-style dome.copyright protection4PENANAT82IFr5Flx

“For all the dark hells and skies of creation. What's that?” Smith exclaimed in front of the large architectural complex, wondering how he had not seen such a giant when they approached the city.copyright protection4PENANAMPMWXlXMGl

The white marble dome was topped by three huge statues resting on top of it, each larger than the Statue of Liberty with its included pedestal.copyright protection4PENANAyebajizOx0

“Impressive is not so," Blair said, "the dome has no secret in itself, but to hold the statues requires the use of magic.”copyright protection4PENANAwr8yaO0ftl

“Magic?” John said incredulously and set out to contradict the minister because there was no such thing as magic in this or any other universe, all these things were just mirrors and fumes.copyright protection4PENANANgbzd8UaUB

“Actually, magic does exist," said Juan, who had apparently guessed the Robinson father's intentions. “In my universe we find several species that used something that could be called magic, scientists are very interested in knowing its source of origin but so far only have guesses.”copyright protection4PENANAwsPHD90cXy

“These three statues represent the three founders of the empire?” Penny asked.copyright protection4PENANActZl2aa2qE

“What a clever young lady! You John must surely be proud of her," said Blair amused, frizzing her long, white hair as well as her snowy, fluffy tail.copyright protection4PENANAndUzN7HIhC

“You heard Mommy, "What a clever young lady"," said Penny to her mother, but she gave her a warning sign and then everyone looked at the dome and the statues.copyright protection4PENANAkO59vIivVf

Each one represented not an image of war and glory but one of peace and harmony, they were sitting with their backs to each other and gently looking at the horizon, wearing long kimonos and their arms were stretched out as if they were singing.copyright protection4PENANA48J3tLeDNE

“Unbelievable," said Judy and everyone came in next.copyright protection4PENANAhbRcKFjsnB

The interior of the place had an oriental style and there were several small gardens strategically scattered.copyright protection4PENANA4Hp9RUSaqN

“In reality, the "imperial palace" serves more as a collection of government offices, of course we will soon see the emperors, but they live in the Four Seasons Cherry Tree Fields.”copyright protection4PENANAquV9ypUM3I

“Four Seasonal Cherries?” Maureen asked.copyright protection4PENANAqlTixEXQ6l

“Yes, in that place the cherry trees are in bloom all year round because of the magic," Blair explained, "a beautiful and gentle setting indeed.”copyright protection4PENANArb2RkULd4c

“Well, I found out that the maids are more than fed up with having to sweep all the petals 24 hours a day," Coyori said with a sarcastic smile, "they don't look pretty when you sweep them off the floor, with all that dust and dirt.”copyright protection4PENANA0uHVEfky2n

Char gave the muscular catgirl a poisoned look, so did Blair.copyright protection4PENANAgtIaLgOI6V

“Good thing we're being led here," Penny whispered to her brother Will, "that's all that's left, apart from being lost in space, to be lost in the palace.”copyright protection4PENANA4y66pr1bE5

They arrived at a restricted hall and met the emperors.copyright protection4PENANAoEA5AelVNn

“You are in the presence of Nekoi's most noble and beloved sovereigns, Emperor Chaton Koshka and Empress Merilo Koshka” said an imperial halberdier with pomp.copyright protection4PENANAj4Q2eBi3kp

The emperors had thin and graceful features, long and black hair, as well as long tails and ears, and to top it off, they had the blackest eyes they had ever seen in their lives, eyes that contrasted with the very white skin of their faces.copyright protection4PENANAYoY4vowwza

Minister Blair introduced the group of newcomers ceremoniously and the emperors welcomed them.copyright protection4PENANACYOc3proke

The Robinsons and John explained their situation to the emperors and they offered to give them all the help they could, which included access to all their star charts, but they were told that they would most likely stay on the planet forever because an individual from the Robinson universe had already arrived earlier and by consulting the star charts, they realized that he was not in his own universe, perhaps Juan would be luckier than the rest of the group.copyright protection4PENANAMDjCGxeYAz

The Robinsons asked to know the subject's name and this turned out to be Dr. Miguel Garcia. John and Maureen were surprised because they knew the subject in question, he was the former professor of the couple when they were still studying (and hated each other to death) in college.copyright protection4PENANAnzYmEtKa0k

“Professor Garcia? I thought she had died in one of his experiments at La Vaina University," Maureen told her husband.copyright protection4PENANAkDi9PlyhKT

“His body was never found, but it is strange, the old master should be, I don't know, a hundred years old?”copyright protection4PENANAwwwP9cnobX

“Ninety-eight years, seven months, and two days to be exact, young John, you were never very accurate with numbers," said an old character with small, dark glasses suddenly smiling maniacally.copyright protection4PENANAXzxWVbpFlq

“Professor!” Maureen suddenly shouted and couldn't help but run to her former professor and mentor.copyright protection4PENANAZF3iOTEnbo

“Maureen? My dear girl! What are you doing in this place?”copyright protection4PENANAgHVNx5ZUtb

“So you and the old man knew each other," Don whispered to John.copyright protection4PENANASrKpnGANlV

“This is going to be a very long stay," moaned John, holding the bridge of his nose tightly.copyright protection4PENANAelBhDpbhNm

“What's the story between you two?” Don asked.copyright protection4PENANAG33CQBHQvb

“The teacher always saw Maureen as his favorite student and considered her as a daughter, I, on the other hand, was the rebellious and idealistic young man who never set foot on the ground. To sum up: the man hated me and like Maureen's father, he didn't approve of me courting his daughter at all.”copyright protection4PENANA1oDMN0soOO

“Well, history doesn't have to repeat itself, I mean, you can be more understanding with me and my relationship with Judy," Don said with a stupid smile and John looked badly at the older man and went to meet his former professor.copyright protection4PENANAj29VkNkv58

“Yep, history repeats itself," said Don disappointed.copyright protection4PENANARLbVo1w5R2

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANAhTqUFdV7CJ

Thanks for Reading, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty please.copyright protection4PENANAVVM5Q6SbBY

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