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Writer Capt. leon
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At last a family
Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!WqYiPDOeh8GmyAzknt2hposted on PENANA

LOST IN SPACEcopyright protection2PENANAfxgme1N7iG

Capítulo 7: At last a familycopyright protection2PENANAgf7fxXTmca

“Send full force against the pirate base, space fighters, cover us!” Coyori ordered furiously and several of Nekoi's ships were ready against the robotech base.copyright protection2PENANAuSw3s5nPzq

The pirate base was badly damaged because only a couple of torpedo boats and missile launchers fired at Nekoi's fleet. All robotech ships parked at the outer anchorages of the base did not move from their site.copyright protection2PENANA7OYnbcpYjI

Some mechas, whether veritechs, zentrans or meltrans, came out of the base, their power was impressive and they began to destroy several Nekoi ships.copyright protection2PENANAFAYMPvKIRW

Char's fighters were no match for the robotech enemies, however, the mechas were few and the Nekoi fighters outnumbered them by a thousand to one, in the end all the robotech mechas were destroyed, although they killed several fighters.copyright protection2PENANATmOqphvN75

Several Nekoi assault ships crashed into the pirate base and then the invasion began. Communications reported that the pirates killed several warriors from Nekoi, but these were veteran, tough and experienced warriors, and eventually managed to take over the fortress.copyright protection2PENANAdeTcC4o22I

“How about Robinson, if you come with me to the robotech base,” Blair invited them.copyright protection2PENANAKHiIu8eeR6

“Thank you, Minister, but I think my family and I prefer to stay on this ship.”copyright protection2PENANAaKsZaRgGEn

Blair was disappointed that neither the Robinsons, Don, nor Dr. Smith accepted the invitation. In the end Blair, along with Coyori, went to inspect the base.copyright protection2PENANALSCE4eJsgM

“This is much better than I expected!” Blair shouted euphorically as she inspected the robotech base. “Dozens of ships at our disposal! Each with enough power to bring down the best of our ships as if they were made of paper. And the robotech mechas! What a display of military technology and destructive power! All at our complete disposal!”copyright protection2PENANAb1utJYBYds

“The whole place is a mess," Coyori told her as she watched the devastation of the battle.copyright protection2PENANA4odxonoE43

“It can be fixed, general, we'll send our scientists and we'll do reverse engineering to be able to adapt robotech technology to our needs, no, we'll beat the humans!”copyright protection2PENANA2PWEu0Tdt9

“I suppose the whole army is now obsolete.”copyright protection2PENANAZEat8UsKSG

“You saw the battle, our ships were like ducks with broken wings, even our fighters must be seized. A pity since we spent a lot of money to build them and they are new.”copyright protection2PENANAdX4qutOT8S

“It's easy for you, huh? If it's obsolete, you'll easily throw it away. You'll also get rid of Char and me now that we're obsolete, will you kill us like you did old Professor Garcia?”copyright protection2PENANAXaHTPbTIpn

“I don't know what you're talking about Coyori...”copyright protection2PENANASo13R9XkTQ

“Stupid fox, don't underestimate me, I am General Coyori of the Nekoi Empire. I know that Professor Garcia poisoned Lieutenant Juan thanks to a poison undetectable by our doctors, poison provided by that Dr. Smith.”copyright protection2PENANA06N5xiylbG

“So Smith is also involved.... I didn't know it...”copyright protection2PENANAd9RV2H7Wpw

“Shut up! You knew about the old man's intentions and after he carried out the murder, you poisoned him with another undetectable poison from Smith, who would suspect? After all, Smith was the one who performed the autopsies and you were supposed to be the one to lose the most from those deaths, but the photographs of the pirate base you obtained before the arrival of the Robinsons and Lieutenant Juan's reluctance convinced you that organizing their deaths would be in your best interest. You'd get the robotech fortress and no longer need the help of humans.”copyright protection2PENANAjiUklMui6n

“I underestimated you Coyori, I should have taken care of you first, but that is a mistake I plan to make right now.”copyright protection2PENANA96uWb1fKnq

Coyori took a step toward Blair, but then paused to watch as her body was pierced by two swords through her back.copyright protection2PENANAqAziwCZDyp

“Damn ninjas, they had to attack from behind and with poisoned weapons," Coyori cursed as she saw the green glow of the swords.copyright protection2PENANA9RH4b3QGmX

The assassins drew their blades and returned to the attack, but this time Coyori was ready.copyright protection2PENANA3v3ysfAH0X

The massive, muscular cat girl stopped the attack with her ornate spear and with one stroke killed one of the attackers, but the kunoichi was more agile than her companion and dodged the blow, then threw several poisoned projectiles at Coyori's body, but she lunged at the assassin and lifted her by the throat and snapped it to pieces.copyright protection2PENANA8ryIJ4kIIS

“Damn why don't you die," Blair spat on her as she discharged shrapnel fire at the General.copyright protection2PENANA8SJQWVTNBf

Coyori was hit and lost her left arm in the process, then struggled to get close to Blair.copyright protection2PENANAKFLOdd4NU4

“Impossible, what kind of monster are you!”copyright protection2PENANAL2vjKfo4Y6

“I understand you, Minister, I understand that my time has passed... Cof, and I accepted my fate with honor Cof... but still... I will take you to hell with me!” Coyori shouted and lunged at the old woman, holding her with the arm she still had.copyright protection2PENANAX6YHWUCQHe

“No, if you're going to hell, go alone!”copyright protection2PENANA6sURg84kWY

Coyori ran into a wall with Blair trapped in her deadly grip and pulled down the thick wall as if it were made of lego's pieces. Thus, both women fell into an abyss within the fortress.copyright protection2PENANApH0V0LaoP8

“JE... cof.... For the honor....”copyright protection2PENANAvNftuco725

.copyright protection2PENANAl8ygZOo39k

.copyright protection2PENANA2z23u2OFrE

Coyori and Blair's death took everyone on the mission by surprise, and the whole thing was more questions than answers. Was Coyori responsible for the death of the two humans?, if she was responsible for why she was not arrested?, why did Blair insist on going alone with Coyori?, who were the two dead killers and who were they serving? Coyori always attacked head-on, never using assassins to do her job. Everything was so confusing.copyright protection2PENANANWr3qWfO3h

“Madam, what do we do now?” A catboy asked Char, who had assumed the mission mandate because of her rank.copyright protection2PENANAUpqsFph3tr

“...No matter who is in charge, we have a mission to accomplish, let's secure the robotech base, let's take it to the orbit of the fifth planet where the space portal is," ordered Char, who was disturbed by the events, but still took on the role that corresponded to her with military professionalism.copyright protection2PENANAow0qzvtoaU

“Dad, what's going to happen to us?” Penny asked.copyright protection2PENANA2YRu1hqg6t

“I don't know, but I hope there are no more deaths.”copyright protection2PENANAy0TZsyoKCS

.copyright protection2PENANAb0obrXGUlR

.copyright protection2PENANAPoPHSRZj85

Once back in Meowtis and after a month, the emperors sent for the Robinsons. Apparently the pirates, due to their furtive nature, had more star charts than the UN SPACY forces, and by bringing the two sources together, they discovered a route that led to the robotech humans. Now it was up to the Robinsons whether they wanted to stay in Meowtis or go and meet other humans.copyright protection2PENANANG5GFye4iR

“Mom, Dad... I want to stay in Meowtis, I have many friends in this place and.... I don't know how robotech will treat us, once we make contact with them," said Penny.copyright protection2PENANAXtSlFjjmeF

“I want to stay too," said Willy, "unlike Earth, I have many friends here.”copyright protection2PENANAd433LWULg2

“Robot also wants to keep the Robinson family," said the robot as he waved his arms ridiculously.copyright protection2PENANAQ3JWJpuYtN

“Guys, I don't know. You also have to see what your sister Judy wants," said John.copyright protection2PENANAQqhIMW26jg

“I want to stay, too, Dad," said Judy. “Don wants to be in this place too.”copyright protection2PENANALwkPA6MuR2

“John, Maureen, on Earth I would be an obsolete pilot, and I want to be in the same place as Judy," said Don and hugged Judy.copyright protection2PENANAwI6gEQF9P8

John looked at Don frowning and turned to see his wife, who glanced at him as if to say: "we can't win this", John had lost, apparently those two were soon to be married.copyright protection2PENANAWFzdnmapst

“Don't make the same mistake as my father and Professor Garcia," Maureen whispered to him. “Don's a good boy and you have to admit, he looks so much like your father.”copyright protection2PENANAGe014A7R5Z

“That's what I'm afraid of.”copyright protection2PENANAUBH0RlRxuG

“Please, John, stop being a child, you adored your father. Besides, since we came to Meowtis, we finally managed to be a family, I don't think we would have achieved that on Alfa Prime, if we had never gotten lost in space.”copyright protection2PENANAFrlfEJCP95

John agreed to his family's request and all his children embraced him. Penny was very happy and went out to share the good news with her catgirl friends. The cherry trees were in bloom and the girl found her group.copyright protection2PENANAiPkjQoUYfZ

“I'm staying, my family and I are staying!” Penny said and all the girls shrieked loudly, the passers-by looked at them but they didn't care.copyright protection2PENANAX9BEat010v

“Penny, now explain to Chitori how those dresses are worn by girls on your Earth," said one catgirl and the others encouraged her friend.copyright protection2PENANAHGW3WBMyqV

“All right, look Chitori, you have to draw them well and then we'll make them, so we'll all have modern dresses and...”copyright protection2PENANADJLY2BmWAC

Away from the girls, in the "imperial palace", Char reviewed the paperwork relevant to her rank.copyright protection2PENANAWxMxcW0cY1

“In the end it all ended as planned," said Dr. Smith.copyright protection2PENANAHGHEJDfwcF

“It was good to meet you Smith, in the end Blair underestimated the little importance your species places on honor. I was the one who suggested that Garcia poison poor Juan, I was the one who also suggested that Blair end the professor's life and use you to perform the autopsies, I was the one who gave the clue to that stupid Coyori to discover Blair and think that she was behind all this.”copyright protection2PENANAsQodOrPanp

“To come from a race that respects honor, you are very Machiavellian," Smith said with a smile.”copyright protection2PENANANkWzR8wSlu

“New technologies came to this planet, or we must adapt to the changes or we will disappear. Coyori insisted on staying in the past and Blair was wasting a lot of the empire's coffers. I'm more practical, we'll adapt robotech technology without rushing it, but with enough speed to deal with the robotech as an equal, in the end, we'll all lose if there's a war, it all comes down to the economy.”copyright protection2PENANAT3aAHUeWqq

“And speaking of economics, I thank you for the astronomical pay for my services, I promise you that I will be a grave with respect to our arrangement, and congratulations on your new position as Minister of War and Defense and Minister of Aerospace Development," Smith bowed to her and then left the room.”copyright protection2PENANABSg054rUfP

“Is it wise to leave that man alive?” asked a catgirl who appeared from the shadows, she was a kunoichi.copyright protection2PENANAj29gB0p7TK

“There's already been a lot of blood, not that I care, but Smith will keep his promise with all that money involved, by the way Eris, I need people I trust in my new position, I hope you'll agree to be my right-hand man.”copyright protection2PENANACMNMnuHBq7

“Of course, Minister Char, after all... What would the world be without trust?” Eris said and together with Char, they laughed sinisterly.copyright protection2PENANA220j26nu1D

FINcopyright protection2PENANAjlGsBht0pn

To all who have read this far: thank you very muchcopyright protection2PENANAL29yPx2w9t

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