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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!jTigdOkxdCjupw3h9HuXposted on PENANA

This is a not-for-profit crossover fanfic that does not attempt to infringe the rights of anyone who owns "kick ass" and "gunslinger girl", by the way, "trovo" means " meeting " in Italian. Translation done with DeepL and myself, sorry for any mistakes, thank you.copyright protection2PENANAqQC34ldhms

KICK ASS 3copyright protection2PENANAHGl0XzOh62

Chapter 1: Trovocopyright protection2PENANAUpwkWzB5h6

In a sleazy bar that didn't honor the beautiful city of Tampa, Florida. Several parishioners of dubious origin consumed alcoholic beverages in dirty glasses as if it were the last day on earth. Next to them was a teenage girl of about sixteen years old, wearing a purple motorcycle suit and with a blond hair that wore a pair of children's ponytails.copyright protection2PENANA3IWGM12Zjo

You may wonder how such a girl could get into a bar and start drinking, well, it wasn't really difficult since the blonde with the little boy's face showed a fake ID and the bartender didn't care about shit as long as the girl paid for the drinks.copyright protection2PENANAr15N12mQks

"Luli McMullen" put the fake ID of Mindy Macready, known in New York City police records as "Hit Girl", who was wanted by New York City police on the charges of drug thief, vigilante avenger, multiple murderer in the first degree, illegal possession of assault weapons, illegal possession of explosives and police wiretapping equipment, and various other crimes that added up to a hundred or more years in prison if caught in one of the states of the United States that prohibited capital punishment, or execution if caught in Texas, for example.copyright protection2PENANASeSoyPYaUf

Mindy was drinking her beer with water when suddenly a huge guy sat next to her at the bar. The guy suddenly pulled a gun on the blonde's head, but the girl was quicker, blowing the guy's brains out with her gun.copyright protection2PENANAhYXeFJfHJz

"Good thing I got my Heckler & Koch compact out in time," thought Mindy, who was already feeling the effects of the drinks. "This guy's gotta be mob, he's got shiny shoes."copyright protection2PENANA6bAbYBekry

Mindy's situation was becoming more and more critical, not only was she being chased by the NYPD, she was being chased by the Federal Police (FBI), and she was also being chased by Interpol (International Police) as the most wanted woman on the planet.copyright protection2PENANANkNGImvGxp

"Anyway, I know how to be careful of the police, however, it's the mobsters I'm worried about, at this rate they'll start hiring simple hitmen who kill for two thousand dollars and if that happens I'll become paranoid in the end. I'll have to go to Italy and finish off Ralph D'Amico."copyright protection2PENANAWOoU23EiLn

Ralph D'Amico was Chris D'Amico's uncle and the real "godfather" of the D'Amico family, when Chris' father died in the face of Kick Ass, Ralph "came out of retirement" and fled to Italy, making a fool of the American prison system.copyright protection2PENANARRys2x4hRw

“Here's 20 bucks for the mess.” Mindy handed him over to the bartender, who remained calm as if he had seen the same scene many times. “Although, I think it's an improvement on your dump in the end.”copyright protection2PENANAQFQDly0Qfx

Mindy was carrying a backpack of three million dollars, a "donation" from the late Frank D'Amico, Chris' father. With that money, she boarded a drug-dealing plane that couldn't go to any airport with interpol on its tail.copyright protection2PENANAgclE7oILGt

"Once I get to Europe, Interpol will no longer be a problem because they will surely continue to look for me in North America," Mindy thought. "Getting to Italy will be easy with my fake passport, then it'll all be a piece of cake, I don't think I'll find any trouble there."copyright protection2PENANA9ylI1of5F7

.copyright protection2PENANABvNr9809Zg

.copyright protection2PENANAGft2UAqDm7

As Mindy predicted once in Europe, her passport assured her a free pass through the European Union, the plane and passport had cost her a lot of money but it had been worth it, in the end she had no trouble getting into Italy and made it to Rome.copyright protection2PENANA7vGseHQtNv

“Unbelievable," Mindy said to herself when she saw the colossal city. New York is intimidating, but Rome, well, there's so much to look at that I don't know where to start.copyright protection2PENANABp1oRaxSjw

The first thing Mindy did was check into a picturesque hotel in the city, it was very noisy because of the many children present but the little one who caught her attention the most was a lovely little girl with brown hair and a little short, she looked like she was eleven years old and she was wearing a violin case of a very expensive brand.copyright protection2PENANA80LB3Gcujy

The girl was hiccuping because she had apparently been crying.copyright protection2PENANACq3iTh0JLO

“Henrietta, you were here, the others are waiting for us," said another 11-year-old girl who wore glasses and had long, black hair in light tones of blue.copyright protection2PENANAfndgL4qiXK

“Claes...... what for... it's best to die...”copyright protection2PENANAP5KAHOhTiA

“Don't say that, you don't want to sadden Triela, Angelica and Rico, do you?”copyright protection2PENANAsU1vdUNdDz

Henrietta shook her head and continued walking with the help of Claes, who held her by the hand.copyright protection2PENANA1SWf8Ikz1h

"The Italian little girls are very pretty," Mindy thought, as the two girls passed by. In that, something caught Hit Girl's eye.copyright protection2PENANAjQn4r5SIZa

“What the hell... these girls smell like gun oil.”copyright protection2PENANAir5kWieKvR

Henrietta was very depressed due to Joseph's death and did not notice anything strange, however, Claes fixed her peripheral vision on the sixteen-year-old blonde teenager.copyright protection2PENANAjxKgNTY7sZ

“...This girl smells like blood.”copyright protection2PENANApMQNQhSJZR

Claes held Henrietta's hand tighter and hurried through a corridor of the hotel.copyright protection2PENANAUiiZCfhQZN

Mindy was looking at the place where the two girls lost sight of each other and after a couple of seconds she rushed to her room, which had a window overlooking a side alley.copyright protection2PENANAIjltA8mygP

“The best thing is for me to prepare my Heckler & Koch and my Sauer," said Mindy as she cursed from underneath, "I have a feeling that there will be a party in this place soon, maybe those girls are after me, but little girls using guns?”copyright protection2PENANAyGBotsGlbF

Mindy cursed herself out loud, after all, she was already a trained assassin by the time she was thirteen and had killed Frank D'Amico and his men.copyright protection2PENANAc6Yv5AKnrK

Mindy stood up as best she could in her room and waited for the attack, but nothing happened, just the incessant noise coming from the alley of a team of men who were apparently breaking the concrete on the floor, apparently making a repair.copyright protection2PENANAb93wCDFYcW

"Hell, for road workers, they've got their hands pretty well taken care of. All this is just a distraction, the noise will prevent the sound of gunshots from being heard in the surrounding area," Mindy thought alarmed after seeing the alleged bricklayers. "These guys aren't mobsters, they're sure to be interpol... The attack will start any minute."copyright protection2PENANAOLCpa6RQr3

The attack began, but it wasn't directed at Mindy's room. The shots sounded as if they came from across the hotel.copyright protection2PENANAwEauag4UDv

"I will try to intercept the signal with my signal-tracking equipment," Mindy thought as she pulled out her illegal gadget.copyright protection2PENANAFOFIlhm0gz

“...The five girls are in the back room... understood, no survivors...”copyright protection2PENANAW4lzuvFml7

Mindy cursed aloud when she heard this, did they mean the two girls she had seen before?copyright protection2PENANAqRMAmWQqRt

Without thinking twice, Mindy Macready took her purple costume and became Hit Girl.copyright protection2PENANAWwiBfDTCEa

“Well hit Girl, I know it's none of your business, but you can't just let a couple of assholes die.”copyright protection2PENANAcBfxbJ2Q5o

Hit Girl carefully opened the door to her room and then headed for the shooting. The first thing she saw was a guy in a shiny, expensive suit talking on a cell phone, carrying a gun.copyright protection2PENANAYvgK6CHW3z

"This guy's not interpol, he's not a mobster either, since he's carrying a small-caliber revolver, I wonder who the hell he is."copyright protection2PENANAq05JBkmvX1

The man discovered Hit Girl, but then he was shot between the eyes.copyright protection2PENANAF9CUGNEJEJ

“Well, let's move on," said the heroine without super powers to herself, when around the corner she was surprised by a man wearing an armored jacket and a mask, along with a whole outfit that made him look like a member of an American SWAT team.copyright protection2PENANA7Dfnol05i3

The man discharged shrapnel fire on hit Girl and Mindy almost didn't count it if it wasn't for her quick reflexes.copyright protection2PENANAEI3KrF5Ob2

"Shit, this guy dresses just like SWAT, but he's not one of them, his gun's not the statutory weapon."copyright protection2PENANAPQcsLSgpBV

Hit Girl and the man exchanged shots, but in the end the girl won the game so she could move forward.copyright protection2PENANA9Jyp7WK722

Hit Girl arrived at the scene of the shooting and was impressed by what she saw. No fewer than five girls were involved in a crossfire against adult men who were reportedly part of a police group of suits and SWAT-like forces but were armed by a paramilitary command.copyright protection2PENANAbHLercUw15

“Damn it, Henrietta, react!” shouted a thirteen year old girl with blond hair and long pigtails on her sides, but with very tanned skin. This girl wore clothes that were more like a boy's clothes and carried a SIG Sauer P232 SL, which she shot with fury.copyright protection2PENANAzRWLkHEB7f

“Triela is right, please, Henrietta, we need your help!” shouted another 13-year-old girl who had short blonde hair. The girl had a CZ-75 gun and tears streamed down her young face, which looked much like Henrietta's.copyright protection2PENANAwhZ5G62qe5

“...Rico...” replied the brunette-haired girl to the short-haired blondecopyright protection2PENANAtpMfEdsyKt

“Henrietta, we need you....”copyright protection2PENANAEjkA5FiJgp

“Beware!” shouted a beautiful girl with long black hair this time, who covered her two friends with the firepower of her AUG A2.copyright protection2PENANAZMGYSn5VOj

“Nice shooting Angelica, but you have to cover yourself too," Claes told her, as she was downloading her H&K VP70M. Like Henrietta and Rico, Claes and Angelica were very much alike.copyright protection2PENANA0hIMxn0ZVK

Henrietta seemed to get her act together and screaming wildly, she killed several guys thanks to her double SIG Sauer P239.copyright protection2PENANAtA4Na9ssSJ

Hit Girl whistled in awe as she cursed the girls' expertise, and new men entered the compound and carried even heavier weapons than those carried by the men before them.copyright protection2PENANASSwzQoWVjK

The girls exchanged worried looks, their ammunition was running out and it was obvious that these subjects were not intent on taking them prisoner.copyright protection2PENANAfj2Y5zl6zh

“I want you to finish them off by shooting them in both eyes, tell the backup team to have the body bags ready to take the bodies to the Social Happiness Agency," one man ordered when a bullet entered his neck and went out through his left eye.copyright protection2PENANAQ2RVQ15juY

The SHA men did not notice the possibility of being attacked from the rear by a strange teenager who wore a purple, cloaked suit like an American comic book superhero and shot with a lethality that was nothing to envy the girls in front of her.copyright protection2PENANA2nQyWGXTCg

“Who's that?” Triela asked no one in particular when she saw the girl with the purple hair and the mask, who had just killed several SHA men.copyright protection2PENANADSAGQGgcMQ

“Hi, fuckers little ones, I'm Hit Girl and I just saved your asses.”copyright protection2PENANAtDSlyJnD2S

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection2PENANAB4fsDb8A5L

Luli McMullen, is the name of the star of the film Hick, which stars Chloe Grace Moretz (hit Girl/Mindy Macready).copyright protection2PENANARJDrpu7GGT

As you can see this fanfic is based more on kick ass movies than violent comic books. The same thing happens with gunslinger Girl, who in this fanfic is based more on the animes than the depressive mangas.copyright protection2PENANAwaxov57TJa

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